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1. #DARPA > #LifeLog=Facebook, You Tube, Twatter,#23 and Me, #Alphabet, #Google, Internet, M-I6, Robotics, #FVEY GMO, GPS,NASA, #AI and much more all have in common??
Let us take a look at DARPA it creation, its ‘inventions’, and it’s history…
Thread 1/45 >#WeAreTheNewsNow #Q
2. It was created in 1958 after the Sputnik launch from Russia in 1957 #Alphabet #BigTech 🤡
What Is #DARPA?…
3.They have been at the forefront of the creation of #AI #Qanon
#DARPA Artificial Intelligence Colloquium Opening Video via @YouTube
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#Unity4J Online Vigil 34.0 in support of #Assange - live now

Suzie Dawson @Suzi3D hosting the final livestream

First 2 arrests made in Melbourne yesterday against grassroots supporters

@Unity4J discord & social media channels will continue

#Unity4J Online Vigil 34.0 in support of #Assange - live

Host @Suzi3D speaking to founding members of @Unity4J vigils @CassandraRules @raymcgovern @JohnKiriakou. Emmy Butlin @greekemmy will join discussion soon…

#Unity4J Online Vigil 34.0 in support of #Assange - live now

Host @Suzi3D on throwing our collective weight @Unity4J behind @JA_Defence efforts lead by @greekemmy who joins the livestream now…

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1/ #Assange l'avait prédit pendant qu'on le calomniait et qu'on le maltraitait. Il disait que le monde changeait et que les soi-disant démocraties libérales devenaient des #autocraties. Une #démocratie qui envoie sa #police contre les journalistes et emporte leurs notes et
2/ leurs disques durs simplement parce que ces journalistes ont révélé ce que les gouvernements ne veulent pas que les gens sachent n'est pas une #démocratie.
3/ le #harcèlement d'Assange et l'#intimidation d'autres personnes tournent en dérision le Premier amendement de la #Constitution des États-Unis, qui dit que vous avez le #droit de publier ; vous avez le droit de "#publier et d'être damné".
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1. today it will be Julian #Assange vs USA, but essentially it will be Julian #Assange vs @cpsuk: it's the #CrownProsecutionService which is in charge of the extradition process
2. there are important things you need to know to assess where @cpsuk stands when it comes to Julian #Assange
3. as an investigative journo, I've spent the last 4 years in a litigation against @cpsuk to defend the right of the press to access the full docs on Julian #Assange using #FOIA to reconstruct his case FACTUALLY
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1. la 1a udienza di sostanza per l'estradizione di Julian #Assange negli USA è a minuti, vi spiego: sarà JA vs USA, l'autorità inglese che agirà per conto degli USA in Tribunale è il #CrownProsecutionService: è l'autorità che gestisce le estradizioni x la Giustizia di Sua Maestà
2. è cruciale capire che Julian #Assange NON è "accusato di spionaggio",è accusato ai sensi dell'#EspionageAct, che è la legge draconiana del 1917 pensata per punire i traditori della 1a Guerra Mondiale che passavano informazioni al nemico
3. l'#EspionageAct punisce QUALSIASI violazione nellla gestione delle informazioni e documenti segreti in modo draconiano, proprio come fosse un atto di spionaggio, senza alcuna possibilità di distinzione
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THIS is YUGE!! Google insider states "People are going to Prison"-Internet outages a couple days ago was allegedly Google move/archive massive data, shutting down/destroying evidence. Q team stopped them!
Q was on to something Google in North Korea! READ!
2/Was Snowden part of the NK team? What's the chances that the HAMR or similar super computer & data storage facilities are located in NK? Was Russia Snowden's true destination? Who helped him besides Brennan get thru Hong Kong security? #Assange? #QAnon
3/Who is Eric Schmidt? Alphabet>Amazon>Google>In-Q-Tel>Freescale (Motorola-missing Malaysian Flight MH370)>GHWB>Bin Laden>(DARPA/1958- created Google/Twitter/FB/Apple-Alexa-Ring)>Bezos/China/Feinstein/HRC
Who really controls NK/Iran/Vietnam/Venezuela? #CIA
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Actions For #Assange: Ideas And Examples Of How To Help

A resource to help people start somewhere if they can't think of what to do - not intended to be an exhaustive list.#FreeAssange #NoUSExtradition #ActionsForAssange #ProtectJulian #Unity4J #WikiLeaks…
If there are no vigils near you and you feel a new stand-alone event in your area would be unsuccessful, you can always raise your voice by participating in other events, like Pride Parades as @Reikilass did -

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Detention proceedings against Mr. #Assange in #Uppsala. #Sweden today.

The @Wikileaks founder is expected to be detained in his absence at Uppsala District Court.
SVT Uppsala sends directly from the district court starting at 9.30.
Hearing begins at 10.00…
Per E Samuelson,- the lawyer who represents Mr. #Assange arrived a little while ago at the Uppsala District Court.
The detention hearing at Uppsala District Court has begun.

The Public Prosecution previously submitted an application for a detention order, in which @aklagareSE requests the court to detain Mr. #Assange in his absence.
After the hearing, Persson will answer questions from media
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Reasons we need @wikileaks and #Assange. Cable shows that the US knows that Iran does not supply Houthis with weapons even though Pompeo would like you to think the opposite
Reasons we need @wikileaks and #Assange. The Rendition and Detention of German Citizen Khalid al-Masri, who was kidnapped and tortured unjustly by the CIA because of a mistaken identity
Reasons we need @wikileaks and #Assange. Email attachment discusses the DNC Strategy of using candidates to be “branded people who engage with it feel like they created and own it as opposed to feeling swallowed by an organization” (thread)
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Se uno vuole rendersi conto del ruolo reazionario e di propaganda del Potere svolto da #Wikipedia, esatto opposto funzionale della Encyclopédie, può per esempio leggere la seguente, impegnata a smontare l'unica tesi logica, quella giornalistica:…
La voce, frutto di un ventennio di elaborazione, sta dalla parte del Potere e della sua Propaganda di Guerra e contro il rasoio di Occam.
Quando #Wikileaks pubblica #CollateralMurder con documenti originali del Potere, il giochino usato dalle fonti predilette da Wikipedia, crolla
E quali sono le fonti predilette da Wikipedia (e dalla antitesi del giornalismo di inchiesta che sono i debunker professionisti)? Le veline dei governi occidentali distribuite dalle Betulle e le dichiarazioni, prese face value, degli stessi politici rappresentanti del Potere.
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e ora lo SCANDALO: avete letto che l'inviato speciale dell'ONU contro la #Tortura ha visitato in carcere Julian #Assange? Ecco la sua dichiarazione (Inglese):… leggetela. E' UNA VERGOGNA quello che sta succedendo nel cuore dell'#Europa libera
spero che i nostri media si rendano conto che se #Assange verrà estradato e condannato ai sensi dell'#EspionageAct, OGNI giornalista italiano che riceverà documenti segreti sugli #USA (es. le #atomiche #Aviano, i #droni a #Sigonella),potrà essere estradato e incarcerato a vita
E' chiaro il concetto? Se con il caso #Assange, gli USA riescono ad affermare la giurisdizione su un giornalista australiano che ha rivelato crimini di guerra e #torture e riescono a incarcerarlo a vita, qualsiasi giornalista, in Italia e ovunque nel mondo, sarà in pericolo
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A subscriber of mine has sent me this:

"Just spoke to Belmarsh Prison 0208 331 4400 and was told the following:
1. You can send Mr Julian #Assange a money order of up to £250.00, out of which he will be allowed £15.50 a week for in prison purchases and this: phone calls...
2. You must make the money order out to HM PRISON SERVICES
3. Mail the money order in an envelope addressed to: Mr Julian Assange DOB 03/07/1971 HMP Belmarsh Western Way London SE28 0EB
4. You must write on the money order your name and address, most important!
Also, ensure you write for Mr Julian Assange’s Account DOB 03/07/1971 on the actual money order.
5. If you wish to send him books or items of clothing (no logos allowed) one can post them/have them delivered in the first 28 days after his conviction.
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The whistle-blower @xychelsea Manning is in jail.

The publisher Julian #Assange is in jail.

It has long been clear that the only way Julian could walk free from the embassy was if the world changed for the better. Sadly, it has continued changing for the worst. #FreeASSANGE
The President who gave asylum to Assange, @MashiRafael, is in exile.

So is his former Foreign Minister, @RicardoPatinoEC.

His former VP @JorgeGlas is in jail.

Ecuador's peaceful Citizens Revolution has been betrayed by the traitor, @Lenin Moreno, under pressure from USA.
Edward @snowden is in exile.

Reality Winner is in jail.

Daniel Hale, who allegedly leaked US drones info to @theintercept, is in jail.

Terry Albury, who gave them FBI info, is in jail.…

@JohnKiriakou spent 2 years in jail.
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#Qanon cultists should be ashamed of themselves. They aren't, because they care more about preserving hope - and denying reality in the process - than about truth, #Assange, or the freedom of the press.

Lying to yourself is no less harmful than lying to someone else.
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Matthew Hoh told #Unity4J shortly before #Assange's arrest:

“When they get their hands on him, they will do things that will be criminal, it will be immoral, it will be torture.” #FreeAssange…
Prior to #Assange's arrest, Chris Hedges also told #Unity4J

"Everyone has a breaking point, and they will attempt to psychologically destroy him, and we have seen with #Guantanamo that several of these detainees, are emotionally crippled for life. It will be scientific torture."
Hedges added: "I used to cover the Stasi state in East Germany, and the joke in the Stasi state was that the Gestapo broke bones and the Stasi break minds, and that’s what they’ll do. That’s what will happen."
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3. The Legacy of US UK France Canada Germany Italy Poland Australia Spain Portugal New Zealand Turkey Romania Denmark Belgium Czech Republic Norway Bulgaria South Korea Azerbaijan Singapore Nato in Afganistan

#Afghanistan #CrimesAgainstHumanity #WarCrime #CrimesAgainstChildren
Invasion of Afghanistan (2001-present) - War crime 🤨👇🏼
1. The Legacy of US UK France Canada Germany Italy Poland Australia Spain Portugal New Zealand Turkey Romania Denmark Belgium Czech Republic Norway Bulgaria South Korea Azerbaijan Singapore Nato in Afganistan🤨👇🏼
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