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Finished watching the entirety of the Senate Banking Committee hearings today.

@Libra_ is so screwed.
Let's ignore the funny parts for now, like "we're really really a non-profit because we'll figure out how to make less money later" or "we want to keep America competitive by setting up shop in Switzerland."
The crux of the issue is that Marcus has no idea what he is building, while also conflating FOSS with open permissionless systems. @Libra_ can't be everything for everyone, and it can't be both open and closed at the same time.
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Abro hilo con algunas lecturas -tanto texto académico como ensayo-, para empezar a entender mejor temas financieros y #monetarios. Abro con 4 clásicos contemporáneos de @GeorgeSelgin (#must). #money #libros
Otro clásico contemporáneo y quizás la mejor puerta de entrada a la materia para el lector español es "Dinero, crédito bancario y ciclos económicos" (@UnionEditorial1) de J Huerta de Soto (en inglés disponible PDF en @mises). #money #banking
La temprana Teoría del Crédito y del Dinero de L von Mises (1912), que parte de la base trabajos previos de Bhöm von Bawerk, y especialmente de "Capital & Interest" (1880s), están disponibles en PDF en @mises son los dos grandes pilates Ta moderna crédito y ciclos económicos.
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1/ Draft of a Congressional bill titled "Keep Big Tech Out of Finance" Act is significant.
Note out this announced is right on the heals of Trump tweeting his feelings about #Bitcoin and #Cryptocurrency in general and specifically called out #Facebook #Libra...
2/ FB jumping in the financial industry with their 2billion userbase to tap into *is* a wakeup call. They laughed at #Bitcoin because it was small, but with FB they see a threat.

I'm no fan of #ZuckBucks but I think the #Crypto industry needs to get on #TeamFB with this bill.
3/ This knee jerk reaction to #BigBanks not liking their domain being disrupted by #BigTech, so they're getting Congress involved. It's clearly an overreach in govt trying to coddle #BigBanks, a relationship that needs to seperated more through disruptive tech, not less.
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#41burda Günlük ve 240 dakikalık.
#hodrimeydan 240 dakikalık ve günlük.
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#Bitcoin scammers on Twitter: there's a few:

(topic suggestion for @replyall, maybe? 🙂)

To search for them (tweets with images):
• "thing is that it" "stuff. And the "
• "There's something" running
• "I know" sounds but true
#Bitcoin 😅
[Wonderful|Good|Delightful|Marvelous|Great] stuff.
And the [amazing|best] thing is that it [totally|really] works.
[See for yourself.|Try it out.|Check it out.|Give it a try.]
[Only for VIP users]
#Bitcoin 😅
There's something
[right now|today],
just got mine x coins[.| ,]
[See for yourself|Give it a try|now you try|now it's your turn|Check it out].
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#Livestream #bankenlive zu #Libra läuft. Bankenverbands-Chef Christian Ossig. begrüsst unsere Gäste @Techquartier. @osanten hat Moderationsposition schon eingenommen.
Wer unser Diskussionspapier zu #Libra nachlesen will, findet es hier:…
Stellen Sie Fragen, Moderator @osanten erinnert daran, auch gerne hier an uns via @bankenverband unter #bankenlive.
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~Introducing #Wormhole~
A protocol to transfer #bitcoin, without the receiver gaining knowledge of the inpoint of the sender, and without the sender gaining knowledge of the outpoint of the receiver, while generating equal value #coinjoin anon set outputs.…
This is a minor change to the brilliant zero link coin join protocol implemented in @wasabiwallet and @SamouraiWallet.
It enables Alice to send money to Bob, without any one of them revealing any past and future transaction history.
The coordinator does not know this is happening
I think this works, but am not certain about the nuances of implementation.

May I request peer review and feedback on how this might be broken, how we can improve it and how it should be implement!
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Thoughts from a #Bitcoin Bull-Bear-Bull-Bear-Bull market survivor:

I discovered Bitcoin in 2013, it was $30. Bought my first few at around $150 later that year. Bought a lot, spent a lot, made money, lost money, started a company, and learned a lot of lessons along the way.
Lesson 1: Stop thinking it’s too late. We haven’t even seen the tip of the iceberg. Even in 2013, people would say "Those that bought in 2012 were so lucky, we are too late." You wish you bought when it was cheap, but would you? Probably not. Why didn’t you buy more at $3K?
Lesson 2: Stop thinking about the 50 BTC you lost on satoshi dice, or the 5 BTC for that bag of herb that you smoked. It’s gone. Stop thinking you should have sold at $20K and bought back in at $3K instead of hodling all the way down and capitulating “to buy at $1.8K”. ---
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#BTC #Bitcoin Introduction Guide:

(1) Buy & Read:
* "The Bitcoin Standard" by @saifedean

(2) Listen:
* Interview by @stephanlivera with Saifedean Ammous (helps clarify "The Bitcoin Standard" for you)
(3) Read:…
* @real_vijay's "The Bullish Case for Bitcoin"

(4) Listen:
* @stephanlivera interviews Vijay Boyapati (author of "The Bullish Case for Bitcoin")
(5) Listen:
* Stephan Livera gives a beginning education on true economics = "Austrian Economics"

(6) Listen:
* Understanding the Bitcoin Ecosystem with Jeff @theonevortex
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All eyes on 0.025 $ETHBTC 👀
2/ If $ETH holds 0.025 BTC and rebounds then it could kick off a strong “alt season.” Especially if $BTC treads water or even sells off slightly (though the corn’s looking pretty strong over the last 24 hrs+).
3/ But $ETH holding the 0.025 level is also relevant to its recent SoV narrative.

If it breaks down against $BTC, this will signal a marketwide re-pricing of #bitcoin vs. everything else, which would likely signal more pain for the long tail of cryptoassets.
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👇Meta-Thread compilation of my threads on "Why #Bitcoin?"👇

I'll add new threads as they're released.

First up:
What is #Bitcoin and what are the implications of it growing? Are we in a new paradigm?
Inflation keeps poor poor and props up the wealthiest:
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So True Story.....

Walk into bank in London (the epicentre of "open banking"), looking to open a bank account, such that I can better participate in local commerce and also accept local payments in GBP..

Thread 👇🏽

Bank: Sorry - we can't help you. You need to reside here in the UK.

Me: But I'm happy to provide my passport & ID, etc. Would be nice to just have a local bank account.

Bank: Sorry, can't help you.

Me: But Open Banking?

Bank: LoL...
Turns out Open Banking actually means "this is our closed banking system, and unless you're our subject, you can piss off or just use your international funds & pay us conversion fees, currency exchange fees & overseas expense fees"

Walked outta there, laughing inside..
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#bitcoin could ossify today & still win the SoV use case based on its existing characteristics (scarcity, censorship resistance) & network effect / ubiquity.

Many “dev-centric” minds miss this b/c they only view #blockchain from a developer mindset & not a financial/social one.
“Do not try and do everything. Do one thing and do it well.” - Steve Jobs

#bitcoin is the 1st uninflatable, uncensorable, unconfiscatable asset the worlds ever known. It’s also the best tool to ever exist for each of those characteristics. It’s VERY GOOD as digital gold.
Hash rate at an ATH. Price is returning to ATH w/ a market capitalization of >$200B (6x+ its closest competitor ETH $31B).
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Organizers said no photos of the Hayes vs Roubini debate so I’ll use this stock photo of Nouriel. #ABS2019 @aba_summit
@CryptoHayes: I don’t even want to call you professsor.
Roubini: He’s just making money off of retail suckers.
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0/Bitcoin is better money. It does not rely on appropriated authority. Bitcoin is the sum of all our unique, individual actions working against a fiat fueled, credit crazed world. Why is this important? Read on ⤵️ #bitcoin
1/Fiat monies need little to no input from the public at large. They prohibit the public from participating in determining its issuance, value and utility. As a debt instrument, fiat is a socioeconomic liability that zeros out accrued value.
2/This passive/static relationship with money allows politicians and bankers to effortlessly issue money at will. They then excise enormous amounts of “rent” from these baseless monies. A domineering, entrenched class of fiat elites holds the public in thrall.
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1/ Things I frequently say to founders who pitch me:
2/ Read @paulg's "Do things that don't scale"
3/ Don't build walls before you have a castle. Solve the problem in front of you.
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22/ Here I focus on an exploration of common attack vectors inherent in blockchains, & what solution(s) can combat them (to the best of my knowledge). Will use project-specific examples to keep this as tangible as possible.

For a recap of Part One, see below👇
23/ Some people have asked about hybrid PoW/PoS - I'm going to hold off on that for this Part Two to stay on course, but will touch on this in an appendix after Part Three.
24/ First up: Sybil attack. This seems to be tossed around pretty loosely on #cryptotwitter. This is a type of attack seen in p2p networks in which a node in a network operates multiple identities actively at once & undermines/subverts the authority/power in reputation systems.
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1/ Introducing a three-part thread on the current state of distributed consensus & the engineering tradeoffs therein in PoW & PoS (as I understand them) for anybody (particularly non-technical folks) seeking to enhance their technical expertise within #crypto.

Here's PART ONE:
2/ What follows isn't for everyone. This was inspired by an observation of people seeking to broaden their knowledge of #crypto yet getting frustrated when things get too technical, resulting in plateaued learning curves & in some cases, lost interest.

3/ Let's begin. If you haven't already read @iam_preethi 's piece on distributed consensus, I highly recommend you give it a read. It offers terrific coverage of the basics of distributed systems + their history, & is a fantastic starting point for this:…
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Thinking negatively and tragically is underrated.

Hitting bottom is more transformative than self improvement.

Chew on that for a bit. (1/x)
The positive people that believe in progress, are the ones keeping society as it is.

Look at politics (in Mex and all over) right now: idealists that believe in human nature. ie: “El pueblo bueno”.

Will their revolution come?
I’m an unreasonable optimist, but I don’t believe in “progress”. We are animals, violent and greedy.

Changing the status quo involves hardship and massive energy expenditure.

Improvement is a kind of war (not always literally), but it’s messy and very violent.
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If you struggle to understand which Bitcoin is what, check with Satoshi!
Satoshi mentioned that templates can be added in the future for more transaction types! He saw no limitations in blocksize nor in sorts of transactions!…
To Gavin he mentioned that the design had to be locked down!
That lockdown is part of why Bitcoin is decentralised! Nothing in the crypto space today is locked down! BsV will be once they are ready to do so, protecting it’s core design from v0.1!
Satoshi said official version!
So from that point of view BSV is without doubt Bitcoin, the rest is hijacked and being sold as Bitcoin through mass media takeover propaganda and themes like HODL. Driven by greed and tether.

How about future proofing?
Block rewards half, miners drive the security of the
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1/ No, it's not @facebook's "crypto" experiment. My trading instincts say it's dollar weakness.

Earlier I had the pleasure of sitting down with @lisaabramowicz1 and @ptsweeney on @Bloomberg to discuss what's fueling bitcoin recent run:…
2/ Contrary to many headlines, so far Libra / Calibra does not appear to be a "cryptocurrency."

Rather, it represents fiat value transported on cryptocurrency rails.
2/ Contrary to many headlines, so far Libra / Calibra does not appear to be a "cryptocurrency."

Rather, it represents fiat value transported on cryptocurrency rails.
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1/Last week's №1news was not the >10kBTC breakout or #Facebook's #Libra announcement, but release of the #FATF(Financial Action Task Force) Guidance on Virtual Assets(VAs) and Virtual Asset Service Providers(VASPs, anyone professionally dealing with crypto, inc. natural persons)
2/Libra and FATF news represent the "old", centralised world's most powerful-yet attempts at fencing the global crypto phenomenon. One year US Presidency in FATF ending Jun30, effectively helped extend the recent FinCen crypto guidance ( globally
3/And market clearly isn't yet pricing in any of the potential outcomes entailed in this development.We suggest monitoring it in the context of state-by-state implementations, which will end up harmonised - i.e. similar. Here's what we wrote to our Research subscribers in March
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#bsv #bitcoin #craigissatoshi
Remember the locked in Bitcoins of Satoshi?

You may want to read this and question yourself what world do you want to live in!

BTC is greed, BCH is anarchism, BSV is Bitcoin!

Learn, teach, create, build, back the power of honest money!
Bitcoin is brought back by Satoshi, it functions as Satoshi envisioned it. It is because Satoshi is Craig Wright!
Decentral (meaning no people exerting power), simple, secure, capable of doing anything, thrives on competition and work!
Miners are the guardians of Bitcoin,
protecting Bitcoin from change. Change is not always good, decentralised protocols can only be decentralised if people can’t enforce their will upon it. If a protocol is easily changed, people in power can easily transform into something they want, BTC is a living example of what
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Will history repeat itself? The @TraceMayer Multiple indicated 4 major trend changes during the last two cycles: (1) Cycle low, (2) Correction #1, (3) Correction #2, (4) Cycle top. If history repeats, we might be close to Correction #1 at around $13k.

#BTC #Bitcoin

Thread 👇
1/ During the last two bull markets, 3 of the 4 major corrections came in exactly at 2.5x the 200 DMA. Assuming that the low is in at $3150 and we are in a bull market, a current 200 DMA of $5070, suggests Correction #1 to take place at around $12,7k. Considering that
2/ the 200 DMA keeps increasing on the way up to 2.5x, the more realistic target would probably be around $13k. What would be the retracement target? During the last bull run, Correction #1 and #2 both came in at around 40%. This would put the downside target at around $7.8k.
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