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Healthcare firm settles allegations of paying bribes in 13 countries to get govt. healthcare contracts.
Fresenius self reported some of the misconduct to DOJ in 2012, but nothing happened, publicly until recently! #ButNothingsHappening
HT to @Ford0519
This may be connected to healthcare cartel in Brazil that was bribing officials to get contracts for many years. Comey's FBI gave Brazil the evidence to dismantle corruption in the healthcare, banking, construction & extractive industries!
Several major companies including Johnson & Johnson have been implicated in the corruption in Brazil & are also under investigation for violations of the FCPA!
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Another #PonziScheme uncovered 👇👇

The SEC filed an emergency complaint against Robert Morgan and his companies, Morgan Acquisitions, LLC, and Morgan Mezzanine Fund Manager, LLC for stealing investor funds worth over $91 million.

I wonder if this is connected in any way to the big Vermont bust yesterday.
Here is the actual SEC complaint:…
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Looks like they are going to get more receipts!
Court orders law firm to identify clients who used off-shore accounts to hide money! #taxevasion #MoneyLaundering
The IRS convicted one of their clients for tax evasion from 1996-2000 by using the firms services to set up off-shore accounts & shell companies. So the IRS filed a "John Doe" summons for the records of all their similar customers from 1995-2017!
The law firm has lost it's legal fight as of last week & will have to provide the identities of the clients to the IRS. Piercing their claim of attorney client privilege as they were acting as accountants/tax preparers not attorneys!…
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Wow, this was so quitely done I missed it for a week!
JPMorgan, Citigroup, RBS Barclays fined a billiion Euros for currency exchange for currency exchange cartel. Profiting off #moneylaundering!
Swiss bank UBS flipped on the other banks & revealed the existence of the cartel controlling the trading market for Euro, British Pound, Japanese Yen, Swiss Franc, US, Canadian, New Zealand and Australian Dollars, & Danish, Swedish & Norwegian crowns.…
Their traders set up chatrooms & would discuss insider information allowing them to manipulate the value of those currencies in the spot trading market. Rigging the system for fun & profit...
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It is amazing how things keep connecting to other things...
So Comey's FBI feeds information to Brazil on corruption in 2014-16. Johnson & Johnson & other companies get busted for their role in a government run healthcare cartel giving bribes for contracts. #ButNothingsHappening
Here is a short thread on the bribery in Brazil by J& J. The companies are also under investigation in the US for violating the FCPA or Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. US companies paying bribes in other countries for business is a big no-no, if enforced!
Now we learn that Chairman Elijah Cummings (who regulates the prescription industry) was taking lots of many from J& J using both a tax exempt corporation & a for profit one that tended to mix money!…
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Well, Johnson & Johnson, GE, Siemens, Phillips part of 20+ companies running a healthcare fraud cartel in Brazil. Those are some big time players...
All would also face charges in the US & Europe for paying bribes in Brazil under foreign corruption laws.
Much of this goes back to the Comey FBI & Lynch DOJ taking evidence from Swiss banks that they flipped & using it to hand foreign prosecutors cases to bring. This case began in Brazil in 2014 focused Petrobrason state oil company bribes which lead to construction firm Odebrecht.
Investigators have confirmed that the FBI is now investigating these companies too! The global swamp is being drained & has been since 2014! There is a reason the Swamp was desperate to stop Trump, they needed a President who would stop the FBI & DOJ from finishing these cases.
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Hmmm, yet another separate global scandal involving medical equipment sales and Brazil #HealthcareFraud.

They said more than 20 orgs may have been part of a bribery "cartel," Looks like they've been known as the #ProstheticMafia.

Have you tracked this one @DawsonSField?
Here's a 2017 article from an orthopedic website. Ohhh, lordy, it looks like there are tapes! Undercover tapes of bribery participants offering secret commissions to a reporter posing as a surgeon.…
There were also accusations that device distributors were paying commissions to surgeons who used their products and "and often performed unnecessary replacement surgeries."

Looks like a few companies settled w US DOJ & SEC in 2017 for violating the FCPA.

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Witness: Deutsche Bank must have known about the bribes from an affordable housing provider in the Netherlands. The company lost more than 2 Billion Euro in derivative trades handled by Deutsche Bank. #ButNothingsHappening…
Deutsche Bank officials wined & dined that companies finance officer who made the trades & paid him 1.75 Million Euros in Commissions along with another individuals who got the other half as a cut from the deal.
Basically the bank paid him a commission to make losing investment deals between his employer & the bank. But paid the commission through a third company who kept half. Wonder how much the "affordable housing market" is subsidized with taxpayer dollars?…
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Looks like McCabe wasn't the only person trying to set up Comey as their fall guy in case the coup plot blew up in their faces.
Brennan & Clapper both swear Comey wanted the dossier in the ICA. But there appear to be FBI emails saying the opposite.…
Or there is the possibility that CIA wanted to put the material from the dossier in the ICA but didn't want to put the actual dossier in the report to expose it to fact checking. The worst thing that happened to the coup (so far) was Comey giving Buzzfeed a hook to print it!
We know that Strzok & others involved DID use the #DodgyDossier to write the ICA report, but tried to hide that fact because they know the dossier is nothing but false information. Wanted to use the claims without verifying them, just like the FISA application!
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Looks like they got some of the receipts! German police raided 11 banks for records on 8 #Deutschebank customers, 6 of their homes, 4 tax accountants & 6 wealth managers! #ButNothingsHappening…
In other words, since they got raided in November, Deutsche Bank has been handing over the receipts to save their own skins!
Shady banking units in tax havens, shell companies, accountants & wealth managers. The usual roles for off-shore tax evasion schemes!
Maybe Germany will be able to pay for it's promised share of NATO defense spending if the Trump DOJ finds them enough Euros in tax evasion cases!
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WOW! Now it spreads to corrupt government banking regulators!
A former Danske Bank official who became Denmark's top banking regulator was one of those raided & arrested last week! #ButNothingsHappening…
Triggered by the Trump Department of Justice investigations into the global money laundering networks!
He became the Chair of Denmark's Financial Supervisory Authority from 2016 until 2018. Resigning in May 2018 on the same day the FSA issued a report critical of Danske Bank & FSA failures to properly regulate the bank.
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When student newspapers outdo the professional media! @SFFoghorn
University of San Francisco invested $2M in a Cayman Islands shell company into a Royal Dutch Shell project! #ButNothingsHappening…
USF now has more than $30M invested in the Caribbean & Central America with interesting information being found in the #PanamaPapers.
How do you think the folks on the left are going to take it when they figure out their 'green' universities are investing in shell companies? So that they can fund fossil fuel activities that are linked to corrupt deals stealing from poor nations?
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NY Times reveals devastating news!
AG Barr has assigned the US Attorny for Connecticut to investigate the origin of the Russia Investigation. Which means there is sufficient evidence of criminal activity to predicate the investigation!#ButNothingsHappening…
This US Attorney has been assigned previous cases involving government misconduct by FBI & CIA personnel. This investigation is not likely initiated by Barr but by a referral from Inspector General Horowitz.
Most OIG misconduct reports end with the OIG referring the individuals involved to the agency for disciplinary & criminal prosecution decisions. So it is likely that Horowitz referred misconduct to DOJ, DOJ determined that crimes were probably committed & assigned a prosecutor.
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Continuing to Drain the Swamp in Philadelphia, which is older than the Swamp on the Potomac River! #ButNothingsHappening DOJ prosecutors not backing down in union city government corruption case.…
116 counts in this indictment of a half a dozen IBEW union officials including one who was a city council member. Dougherty has run the union for almost 30 years.
You know you are toast when the US Attorney is beating down you filing by saying, we didn't accuse you of offering a bribe to a a government official. We accused you of paying a bribe to a government official!
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Nordic banks formed a watchdog group to identify their crooked customers who are #MoneyLaundering
This is how incremental changes change the landscape, Danske Bank, Swedbank, & 4 others funded the creation of a watchdog group in 2018
They reached this agreement before any of the banks were charged & in response to the fact that they were being investigated. Essentially they formed this group to identify the money launderers so the banks could stop handling their money & notify law enforcement.
Of course, it is being slow rolled & will not be functioning until 2020. But then the group wants to start enrolling other banks to help find all the crooked customers. This is a major change, as in the past, the banks rarely had to turn over the #receipts.
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Interesting, while this looks like small fines to individual companies, Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs agency saw a 91% increase last year in the fines it collected last year. Seems like this is an effort to gather the #receipts from small companies.…
This is a focus on regulatory compliance, allowing the authorities to detect #MoneyLaundering in financial transactions.
Seems like this is a continuing trend as fines have risen from 200k Pounds in 2014/15 tax year to 2.3M Pounds in the 2017/18 tax year. #ButNothingsHappening
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Here's a good thread that gets into much more detail about many of the other players and others that might also be linked to this scandal. There are LOTS of them with many familiar names.

H/T and thanks to @dawsonsfield

And another mega thread, H/T to @TheChiIIum, that contains more in-depth research.

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Campaign finance charges linked to #1MDB money being laundered into the Obama Campaign in 2012. Charges that were previously dropped by the Obama Admin....
#ButNothingsHappening HT to @codyave
This charge relates to other pieces of the puzzle in many ways. Pras was involved in an effort to influence Trump to kill the #1MDB investigation. That effort included a DOJ lawyer assigned to support Congress & Republican Fundraiser Elliot Broidy.
Broidy is part of both the DC Swamp & the Hollywood Swamp. He was co-chair of the RNC finance committee & was probably a target of Michael Cohen's FBI stings.
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Seems the DOJ has asked to disqualify Huawei's lead defense lawyer from the case! If you think that is big, it gets bigger! Motion is sealed & classified, with a public version due tomorrow. Huawei was under US surveillance, explaining the classification!…
The bigger news is the attorney, James M. Cole was Obama's Deputy Attorney General of the United States from 2010-15. Wonder what he did in classified communications intercepts to have the DOJ move to disqualify a former DAG from representing a Chinese intelligence front company?
Cole was apparently a controversial appointment when Obama nominated him in May of 2010, because the Senate would not move on his confirmation. Obama gave him a recess appointment in December of 2010 & Senator Harry Reid pushed through a cloture vote to get him confirmed in June.
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Brazil is also now switching over to arresting the bank executives in their corruption charges. And also raiding the offices of companies who received the money! #ButNothingsHappening Looks like they go the receipts!…
Yep #MoneyLaundering disguised as contracts & invoices. We have seen this before, but looks like they have the receipts! Looks like the bank has flipped and is cooperating making that much easier to do!
This links into corruption cases in a dozen Latin American countries. This started out of Comey lead efforts in 2014 to go after #MoneyLaundering to Swamps around the world. US cases are being run out of SDTX & SDFL. I imagine Texas juries won't be kind to Swamp creatures...
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The angle of attack changes once more...
Now that the banks are all implicated in the money laundering, they are using the evidence the banks handed over to switch to prosecuting the leadership of the banks! #ButNothingsHappening…
Danske Bank's CEO until September 2018 & rant their international banking from 2009-2012 had his home raided in March & was charged this week by Danish authorities for #MoneyLaundering
He becomes the first individual charged directly for this decade long money laundering scheme that was broken up last year. The case keeps spreading to all the major banks who looked away as Russian & Ukrainian cash flowed.
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Change is coming for the #CanadianLaundromat
How much damage with #JustinTrudeau's party suffer in the fall elections? Depends on how many of these stories continue to break! #ButNothingsHappening
Oh look, there is Trump Inc. in the middle of exposing it!…
Canada is currently laundering about $120B per year, so easily more than $2 Trillion since 2000. How did it get exposed? By money laundering at casinos British Columbia. Followed by revelations of real estate money laundering through shell companies!
Like every Trump property, he comes in to the region as the FBI begins an investigation into money laundering. The networks get exposed some time later but Trump is implicated in the press, not the indictments. Why because Trump Inc. is an FBI Honeypot!…
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Much of the losses were incurred by Regents' own customers, pension funds for state railway workers.
Betting against your own customer's pension fund to charge them to steal their retirement money.

Nice guys at these investment firms....
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