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This Week In #Cannabis Research: There was a whole lot of Discourse on a subject I'm sure none of us is tired of hearing about - cannabis and psychosis. I'll summarize the juice in this thread 👇🏼
It all started with this paper by Di Forti et al. published in May that found a substantial link between cannabis use and psychotic disorder incidence across Europe and Brazil, and that reported many of these cases were attributable to the cannabis use…
Specifically, from the abstract, Di Forti et al. stated: if high-potency cannabis were no longer available, 12·2% (95% CI 3·0–16·1) of cases of first-episode psychosis could be prevented across the 11 sites, rising to 30·3% (15·2–40·0) in London and 50·3% (27·4–66·0) in Amsterdam
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I hope everyone who can, across the US, does everything they can to signal boost and protect @AOC. The CongressWoman is breaking norms and is therefore an existential threat to unchecked power.

Remember when the 'real ones' would call out injustice - until they got elected?
@RepJimmyPanetta my local congressperson is all about dialogue while refusing to be bold. I remember having a conversation about it with a friend, grousing about 'Jimmy', the friend said Panetta can't do anything because he doesn't have any power - yet.

His dad was #CIA,
Chief of Staff, SecDef, and a beloved congressperson from MoCo.

His mom and dad are multimillionaires who have the Panetta Institute where THE most powerful come and normalize power (I enjoy the lectures though, guilty pleasure)

Their homebase is #Carmel, where absent AG titans
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Un sujet planant. Ou pas ? #thread du mercredi. On l’appelle déjà le nouvel or vert, celui qui sauvera l’agriculture, il fait l’objet de débats infinis et d’annonces fracassantes. Bienvenue dans le monde du #cannabis. Fais tourner.
Le cannabis donc, c’est un des dossiers du prochain Sesame. Lucie Gillot est allé regarder ce qui se passait en France autour des usages thérapeutiques, de la Creuse… Mais ne spoilons pas le papier.
En début de semaine, nous avons publié l’entretien que nous a accordé Emmanuelle Auriol sur l’intérêt de la dépénalisation comme outil d’assèchement de l’économie parallèle qui en tire ses revenus.
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Lifetime risk of getting #melanoma for an American is high. This is particularly true for caucasians. One in 38 white Americans will get skin cancer during their lives. Stats are better for African-Americans at 1:1000, but worse for Latinos with stats showing 1 in 172.
There is a paucity of research on cannabis & cancer. For skin cancers, there are not any clinical trials investigating the question of #cannabis medical efficacy. Rick Simpson was one of the rare patients whose basal cell carcinoma metastasized.…
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THREAD: Yesterday I spoke to Cat Packer, head of the LA Dept of Cannabis Regulation, about the status of LA’s social equity program, which aims to help people from communities targeted by the war on drugs get a leg up in the legal biz. #socialequity #cannabis
There was talk last week about whether LA’s social equity program had been de-funded, or if funds allocated for social equity had gone instead to pay LAPD overtime. Here’s what’s happening as Cat Packer explained it cc @msamandalewis
Packer said that in Nov, DCR requested $2 million for fee deferrals for social equity applicants from an unappropriated balance fund from expected cannabis tax revenue. The @MayorOfLA approved $250K for that, but Packer says it hasn’t hit their account to her knowledge.
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Cannabis and Cannabinoids (PDQ®)–Health Professional Version

#Cancer information summary. Overview of the use of #Cannabis and its components as a treatment for people with cancer-related symptoms caused by the disease itself or its treatment.…
#Cannabis #Cannabinoids #Cancer…

No ongoing clinical trials of Cannabis as a treatment for cancer in humans were identified in a PubMed search
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Hello & Happy Spring! (Thread) If you haven’t been on here til 1am EST, I’m going to unpack recently announced #opioid bill S-724 (named for John McCain). For reax check out threads by @erinbiba and @AnaMardoll (call @gillibrandNY ASAP to protest bill.) Onto the breakdown:
Sen. Gillibrand introduced this bill with a flip referral to dental work and a misunderstanding of the term “acute pain”. #AcutePain does not mean ‘severe’ in medical terms, it means pain lasting up to/less than 6mos. If you’ve ever had a gunshot wound,
been in/had a serious accident, needed extensive surgery, had #fibromyalgia #arthritis #endometriosis or #pelvicpain #backpain -just to name a few-you may know that sometimes one needs more than 7 days of pain meds.
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#MDSideNote: As "outside" #cannabis comes in, a natural counter-balancing occurs. Receptors receiving too much “cannabis signal” reduce in number (turning the signal volume down) BUT: “this reduction of CB1-R[eceptor]s in daily users can be reversed with sustained abstinence.”
..But when? #MDByte: One study “no longer detected significant reductions in CB1-Receptors after 2-to-4 weeks of cannabis abstinence.” Another study “no longer detected a statistically significant reduction in CB1R availability in cannabis users after 2 or 28 days of abstinence.”
#MDByte: In another study, “the average time of abstinence []was 4 days when the effect of cannabis on CB1R levels was significant. Thus, the reduction in CB1R availability in cannabis users appears to begin to normalize within a period of 2 days to 2 weeks of abstinence.”
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Salvini: "Legalizzare la Cannabis non è nel Contratto di Governo".

Milano, 11 Gennaio 2019 - "C'è qualche parlamentare che si preoccupa di legalizzare le canne. Sinceramente non mi sembra una priorità, non è nel Contratto di Governo".

A prescindere dal fallimento degli scopi prefissi dalla liberalizzazione della cannabis (la forte domanda a regime alimenta maggiormente i traffici della criminalità) e la stigmatizzazione da parte di chi si occupa di recupero dalle tossicodipendenze (San Patrignano docet)...
esistono numerose evidenze scientifiche in letteratura, sull'uso ricreativo della cannabis, concordi nell'affermare i rischi per la salute e gli effetti negativi sul cervello derivanti dalla dipendenza al principio attivo tetraidrocannabinolo o THC. Nella fattispecie:
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In response to the recent @NYTimes editorial on cannabis and as a committee member on the @theNASEM #cannabis and #cannabinoids report we did NOT conclude that cannabis causes schizophrenia.

What Advocates of Legalizing Pot Don’t Want You to Know
We found 1) an #association between cannabis use and schizophrenia and 2) an #association between cannabis use and IMPROVED cognitive outcomes in individuals with psychotic disorders (not mentioned in the editorial).
Since the report, we now know that genetic risk for schizophrenia predicts cannabis use, shedding some light on the potential direction of the association between cannabis use and schizophrenia.
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1️⃣ Glossary: Bring your own cannabis #BYOC
Or Cloud ⛅️😎
#patient experience is not scientific by itself
I agree retrospective studies will not be easy
Especially with so many patients buying Street #cannabis
Now #medicalCannabis legalized in some states
Can studies ask?
2️⃣ Are you Using?
Does it Help?
Are you giving blood for research anyway?
Why not screen for levels?
Correlate with Symptom relief?
I have recently had 12/10 to 15/10 pain.
That does quite a number on my well being, mood, sleep, function, relationships. A Silent Scream 😱
3️⃣ Is my brain MRI the only way to monitor my
#MultipleSclerosis ?
Or is a more Comprehensive approach needed?
My Cervical spinal cord was sliced as if by a knife.
Spasms continue, haze in my Optic Nerve persists.
If I Slept better, would that lead to better disease management?
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THREAD: The FAANG-ification of 🇺🇸 #cannabis

There's blood on the streets in #cannabis-land, the latest twist in what's been a turvy year. I could choose from a lot of charts here but chose a global lens and zoomed out to paint the complete picture. Talk about vol. #woof 👇
2/ A few things jump out to me on that chart. The first is the bubble and bust; boy I've seen a few of those in my day. Scary as all hell, all sorts of wealth destruction; never fun. But I also notice the uptrend, which remains in tact. That's sorta a big deal given the vol.
3/ Context matters too. #Cannabis is mind-numbingly a schedule I narcotic-- ILLEGAL. So the growth driving that uptrend has occurred *despite* the best efforts of governments / ruling bodies. Not only is that changing but it will be driven by SCIENCE / EFFICACY / WELLNESS...
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Alright, #CSPC2018 @sciencepolicy, it's time to build some #HYPE!

Fuel up on ☕ & head up to panel #506 in the Capitale room at 3:30!

Great insights from panelists incl @tgruos @DSP_SPE & @MadisonRilling #CIÉ @SciChefQC and *news* (hype!) on the way for #nextgen in 🇨🇦 #scipol.
Here goes! Still time to join us #CSPC2018!
@BelislePipon @HarvardSciPol #FRQ introduces very first panel organized by #CIÉ @SciChefQC, w/ @BlakeFreier @tgruos @DSP_SPE @DLEKirkwood @MadisonRilling. Paul Dufour, as always, is our guide!

#CSPC2018 @sciencepolicy
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THREAD: a technical look at global markets. Start w $SPX 1-year and we see the obvious damage this month. Sliced thru the 50- 100- 200-day moving averages and 'bounced' to back-test the 200-day. Oversold, but we know the sharpest moves are from oversold conditions. 👇👀
2/ Pull back the aperture to a five-year lens for broader perspective...

3/ And a long-term $NDX to put the current pullback in perspective.
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I am fascinated by the #cannabis industry. It offers massive growth potential and represents a standard against prehistoric regulations. However, prices of public companies make no sense. Latecomers will get butchered. Valuations are not justifiable.
Revenue numbers of these multi billion dollar cannabis companies make me think of the number of ethereum daily users.
I attempted to short $TLRY today. Close to the top, after $300. My first attempt to short cannabis. Trades would not go through due to unavailability of shares to borrow for short-selling. Tried various brokerage accounts and all. Price was at $170 a few minutes later.
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Friends this week calling me out of nowhere to ask about how to invest in #cannabis stocks. The same happened with #crypto in Dec/17- Jan/18.
To be fair, calls last year started rolling in waves in early December ... $XRP was still trading in the cents back then.
In January $XRP was briefly worth more than JP Morgan chase $JPMC, the largest bank in the world. $TLRY is now 1/6 the size of Altria (Philip Morris). It can continue going up for a while with all the media attention and retail investors diving in FOMO.
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Seriously sounds like Ripple back in December. #cannabis
XRP is not Ripple, I know.
Seems that for Cannabis investors receiving a permit to export Canadian weed to Germany = taking over the whole German weed market. Also, don't forget, a competitor talked to Coca Cola.
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THREAD: The #cannabis market

Been managing 💰30 years. $MS, the buy side, etc. etc. Seen lots of volatility; the Asian contagion / Russian ruble, Y2K, financial crisis. Big two-sided swings lots of wealth and plenty of false hope. Which brings me to the cannabis market...
2/ The #cannabis evolution is part-prohibition repeal in that there is existing end-demand that is moving into a taxable realm. It's also part-Y2K in that stocks will be valued on potential rather than what's tangible, especially as more people understand the #truth...
3/ And the #truth is that #cannabis and #hemp are *ingredients* for a wide array of end-products and use-cases ranging from beverages to tobacco to CPG, food, clothing and what is really going to rock everyone's world: #medicine.

Yes that's right, #cannabis is good for you...
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#Cannabis stocks up 50%-80% in the last 10 days.

Key event: Constellation Brands, maker of Corona (the beer!), increased its stake in Canadian cannabis company Canopy Growth $CGC by $4 billion.

Weed in a bottle anyone?…
A ballpark estimate for the market cap of all 350 public cannabis companies is USD 60 billion. Crypto's current market cap is USD 210 billion. Apples and Oranges I know.
Calculated aggregated market cap using month old numbers. Should be about 30% higher given the ongoing pump.
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A major difference bt conservatives & the rest of us is that conservatives, for some reason, prioritize hypothetical violence above actual violence.

E.g. A woman MIGHT be assaulted in a bathroom > forcing #trans ppl to use the wrong bathroom actually IS dangerous for trans ppl
Militarized police are justified and necessary, because cops MIGHT get hurt during an occasionally dangerous job they agreed & are paid to do > people of color actually, currently being killed by cops
A not-yet-baby MIGHT experience SOME primal form of pain for a moment > Rates of death during childbirth are higher when women don't have access to legal abortion
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@ShawnMcGuirk @CFAMMcan @mcgillu @santecannabis @trinafraser #ACMPR highlights #WeedLikeToKnow :
- limit of <30-day supply or 150g
- LP delivery by mail only, no retail point of sale
- medical doc lasts 1 year
- storage limit (to be removed soon with #CannabisAct )
- Soon, might be able to transfer from one licensed producer to another
@ShawnMcGuirk @CFAMMcan @mcgillu @santecannabis @trinafraser #CannabisAct Bill #C45 removes #cannabis from #cdsa, separate act will be created for regulation of cannabis
- Can grow up to 4 plants (debated) in dwelling
- legal limit up to 30g in public
- anticipate royal ascent by end of June, coming into force Sept/Oct 2018
@ShawnMcGuirk @CFAMMcan @mcgillu @santecannabis @trinafraser There is still reluctance in prescribing #MedicalCannabis, and there is lack of point of sale (still will have to be by mail), excise tax and HST/GST upcoming, lack of drug plan coverage.
#WeedLikeToKnow #SPEforum
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