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It wasn’t an Act of God. It was an Act of Chevron. An Act of Exxon. An Act of Big Oil.… #NewOrleans #Louisiana #HurricaneKatrina #Barry #BigOil #Pollution #Environment #ClimateChange
Take a look at these numbers dug out of #Louisiana state records:

Conoco 3.3 million acres
Exxon Mobil 2.1 million acres
Chevron 2.7 million acres
Shell 1.3 million acres

These are the total acres of wetlands removed by just four oil companies over two decades.
#NewOrleans used be to a long, swampy way from the Gulf of Mexico. #Hurricanes & storm surges had to cross a protective mangrove forest nearly a 100 miles thick. Then Standard Oil, Exxon’s prior alias, began channeling pipelines & tanker routes thu the soft delta prairie grass.
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Need a quick overview of our new report assessing progress in preparing for the impacts of climate change in #England? Look no further! Read the full report…, take a look at our new infographic… or check out the following #thread
[1/10] Ministers must strengthen policy on adaptation & put resources in place to drive action to prepare for climate impacts in #England. Our report finds that support services/funding have been eroded over past 10yrs & latest National Adaptation Programme is not strong enough.
[2/10] There are many examples of dedicated officials+organisations doing great work to try to build resilience to #climate impacts. But a better, strategic national framework to underpin and drive action on the ground is needed. Piecemeal action does not match the scale of risk.
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#ClimateAlarmists ignore the fact that all of their propaganda efforts to scare people into submitting to expensive CO2 reduction schemes are having less than no restraining effect on the one & a half degrees of #GlobalWarming over the last two centuries.…
Nothing being done now is having any effect on reducing CO2. We could help Nature do it the old fashioned way by planting a trillion trees. But that takes time.
#ClimateAlarmists prefer preventing the poorest people from trying to stay alive during winter.…
Scientists are proving that active geothermal sources around the globe are causing most of the glacier melting & ocean warming. And more of that heat should be harnessed to benefit humanity, as has been done throughout human history.
#GeothermalGlobalWarming #ClimateChange
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Some of them are companies that would stand to make MAJOR $ Profits for forcing this crap on everyone and some of them, like Shell, are literally in cahoots with #Russia regarding #ClimateChange.

Shell's been lobbying for a #CarbonTax and is partnered with Russia's #Gazprom.
And Russia, who has also been FUNDING many of the #ClimateChange and #GlobalWarming protests, would love nothing more than the US, their major oil competitor, to stop our dependence on oil.

Of course, the Democrat House has since deleted or moved this document, but here's a thread on it, thanks to @TheChiIIum

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So we couldn't have a debate about #ClimateChange, but apparently the next debate is going to be about #segregation and #busing. In 2019. So here is some data.
This issue was decided by the US Supreme Court in 1954 in Brown v. Topeka Board of Ed, which desegregated the schools. But since white people still refused to integrate the schools, we needed another #SCOTUS ruling.
In 1971 the #SCOTUS ruled--UNANIMOUSLY, in an opinion written by conservative Chief Justice Warren Burger-- in Swann v. Charlotte-Mecklenberg Board of Ed that busing was essential to speeding up the process of desegregation mandated in 1954 by Brown.
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The greatest conceit of our age may be the belief that we have more time to address #climatechange than we do.…
We don’t see more than a fraction of climate change in our daily lives, but the signs are all around us. @Climatologist49 & other Anchorage-area residents saw this yesterday.
If there were a #climatechange debate among Democratic Presidential candidates, @drvox has some thoughts about what the questions should be — aimed at policy (which is in dispute), not science (which has been clear for decades).…
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2015ஆம் ஆண்டு டிசம்பர் 1 மற்றும் 2 தேதிகளில் சென்னையில் சுமார் 50மி.மீ மழை பெய்தது, கடந்தாண்டு ஆகஸ்ட் 14 முதல் 17ஆம் தேதி வரை கேரளா 570மி.மீ மழை பொழிவை சந்தித்தது, இப்போது மும்பை 24மணிநேரத்தில் 400மி.மீ மழையையும், கடந்த 4 தினங்களில் சுமார் 700மி.மீ மழைப்பொழிவையும் சந்தித்துள்ளது.
காலநிலைமாற்றம் இதைப்போன்ற அதிதீவீர மழைப்பொழிவை கொண்டுவருமென்றும் அதை எதிர்கொள்வதற்கு இந்திய நகரங்கள் தயாராக வேண்டும் என்று பல்வேறு விஞ்ஞானிகள் தெரிவித்துவந்தார்கள். தமிழகம் மற்றும் மகாராஷ்டிரா மாநிலங்களை ஆளும் அரசுகள் இதுகுறித்து கவலைப்பட்டதுபோல் தெரியவில்லை.
இன்னமும் நதிகளுக்கு காம்பௌண்ட் சுவர்கள் கட்டப்படுகின்றன, சதுப்பு நிலங்கள் ஆக்கிரமிக்கப்படுகின்றன, கழிமுகங்களை சரிவர தூர்வாராமல் சாம்பல் கழிவுகள் கொட்டப்படுகின்றன, எதுவும் எங்கேயும் மாறவில்லை.
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@msnweather Notice this chart shows deviations from NORMAL, or expected climatic temperatures. Yearly deviations, like in 2012, show no relationship to any human efforts to restrain the minimal #GlobalWarming of less than two degrees in two centuries.… #GlobalCooling
@msnweather Most of the fires burning in Alaska [2018] are far out in wilderness. There is no need to send out fire crews to try containing them. The majority of the fires were started by lightning. Officials keep track of them but otherwise let nature run its course.…
@msnweather 2018 “Overall #Alaska has seen half the number of #wildfires it gets in an average season, with significantly less acreage burned."
“It’s one of our lowest years in the last ten years,”
It's the third year in a row with a low fire season for the state.
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THREAD. The record heat in #France got #ClimateChange #AGW #deniers lying again. Here are some examples.

In this thread, they claim that there were 50°C in #Paris in 28th August 1930:

Official records say 34.2°C (and of course the deniers immediately made up some conspiracy theories):

Also a French newspaper says nothing about 50°C, only 34°C:

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‼️#G20 5 takeaways‼️

The trade war with China has shifted.
After meeting China’s leader on the side lines of the G20 summit, Mr. Trump told reporters on Saturday: “We discussed a lot of things, and we’re right back on track” with trade talks.
Trump also said that the United States would not impose any new tariffs on Chinese exports while the talks were underway, and that China had agreed to resume broad purchases of American farm products and other goods.
Trump he would visit the Demilitarized Zone and publicly invited Mr. Kim, the North’s iron-fisted leader, to meet him there.

North Korea indicated on Saturday that it would welcome such a meeting.
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The business of the state is not done until significant #climateaction is in place. Cap-and-invest is not dead for 2019. It’s what we voted for. Thousands of Oregonians, from every corner of our state, call on our elected leaders for a special session to pass this bill. #ORleg
Bold action is necessary for our state to combat and prepare for the #climatecrisis. Make no mistake, Senate Republicans are coming back under their terms after walking out on Oregon’s children twice this year. This is not how our democracy is supposed to work. #ORpol
Continuing to capitulate to demands of a small minority, which has taken our legislature hostage, will only lead to more of the same because there are no consequences. It was never just about a climate protection bill, but a long list of Senate GOP demands and grievances.
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"We are witnessing what could only be considered the sixth era of extinction on our planet because of an accelerated loss of biodiversity. The leading cause of this massive loss of plants, insects, and animals is our current choice of animal products as food. 1/n
And regardless of whether the animals you eat are grass- or grain-fed, it is not sustainable for your own long-term health to eat them."

Oppenlander, Richard. Comfortably Unaware:

The book brings to light many such aspects of factory farming of animals & modern agriculture which have led to un-sustainable life choices, leading to #ClimateChange. Unless we wake up now, we are on a race to the bottom.


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At #TheTimeIsNow lobby I was reminded of the huge positive effects of the fight to stop #ClimateChange 👇

🌿 Crucial one is clean air. Air pollution is responsible for more deaths than smoking. Eliminating fossil fuels will clean up our air & improve our health 1/4
🌿Fighting #ClimateChange helps us fight poverty. Advances in renewables means electricity can be extended to the poorest parts of the world enabling development & growth

Find out about my plan to direct £trillions investment into renewable tech at 2/4
Turning our economy green means we can take on vested interests

Home grown, clean energy takes money out of the hands of vested interests & puts the future of UK energy back in our control 3/4
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Coming up at 9:00 PM, Live Tweeting #DemDebates for @ShipUSlate Everything will be on this thread...
So before the debate gets started... lets do this what is one question you want answered in these debates? #DemDebates
DNC Chair @TomPerez Speaking right now before the Debate... firing up the Crowd #DemDebates... also I think the @ShipUSlate Should send me to the next Debates!
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@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper In the U.S. at least, air pollution is down since 1992 for every single pollutant the EPA measures. And our CO2 emissions are down since the mid-1990s, yet #ClimateCatastrophists claim NONE of that improvement has slowed global, or U.S. #ClimateChange.…
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper For more than forty-five years the Clean Air Act has cut pollution as the U.S. economy has grown.
Carbon dioxide is not pollution. It’s colorless, odorless, and tasteless.… #ClimateAlarmism #ClimateChange
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper Watch the animated version & see how average global temperatures continually vary and move around erratically with no relationship or response to any nation’s #GlobalWarming prevention policies or actions.
#GlobalWarmingism #ClimateAlarmism #AlGore
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Der heutige #Klimakrise #Klimawandel Thread: Lebensmittel. Da haben wir nämlich auch ein Problem. Diesmal eines, dass in Ö anfängt, aber global verkackt wird. 1/
Durch die Industrialisierung der Agrikultur geht die Artenvielfalt zurück - Heuschreckenfirmen wie Monsanto hätte es da noch nicht gebraucht, aber helfen tun sie natürlich (Monokultur). Auch Österreich baut (im großem Rahmen) extrem wenig Arten von Obst/Gemüse an. 2/
Viele Produkte werden - wie beim Fleisch - subventioniert, weil der Markt davon abhängig ist. Sprich: Die Produktion ist davon abhängig, dass es produziert wird, also fördern wir die Produktion. Das absurdeste Beispiel ist die Zuckerrübe. 3/
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1. #News ~ BOOM! Hannity Asks Trump About Italy, UK, Australia Officials Spying on his Campaign, President Trump adds, “And Ukraine” (VIDEO)…

#Trump #Qanon #TickTock #Hannity
2. #News ~ Tucker Carlson Warns President Trump on Tech Censorship: You Will Not Be Reelected if Your Supporters Cannot Speak Freely (VIDEO)…

#Trump #Qanon
3. #News ~ 4 Suspects Charged Nearly 5 Years After Malaysian Airlines Crash Killed 298 People…

#Trump #Qanon
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137. #News ~ In what appears to be a WIN for President Trump, a bipartisan agreement reached in Senate Appropriations Committee on a $4.6 billion funding package to address the "humanitarian crisis" at the southern border with Mexico.…

#Trump #Qanon
138. #News ~ Diarrhea In The Dominican; Group of 7 Oklahoma Teens Fall Ill At Same Hotel Where Tourists Mysteriously Died…

#Trump #Qanon
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Re: CPC ‘real’ climate plan (tl/dr spoiler: it’s not). Here’s @cleanenergycan take:
It fails to live up to its billing as a comprehensive plan—in fact, it’s not really a plan at all.
We’re left wondering:
How much pollution would it cut? 1/ #cdnpoli #climatechange
@cleanenergycan How close would it take us toward our pollution reduction target?
How much would it cost?
In short, it fails to provide Canadians with a clear apples-to-apples comparison.
@cleanenergycan The Conservative document is built on three pillars, none of which do much to reduce Canada’s carbon footprint: research and development, environmental protection (a separate issue from climate change), and global emissions.
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"I don't consider these people migrants. I consider them refugees. Some of them are climate refugees. The climate is changing in that part of Central America as it is at equatorial latitudes all around the world." — @Thom_Hartmann #Mexico
There is massive deforestation, which is one thing that leads to #ClimateChange. The deforestation has meant less rainfall, the crops are failing, drought is intensifying, and the storms and flooding are getting worse. #Mexico #Guatemala #Honduras
Drought and flood go together. You have a drought, the vegetation dies, the soil hardens, and then you have floods and mud slides the minute it rains. #Mexico #Guatemala #Honduras #ClimateChange #Environment #GlobalWarming
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But armed insurrection can also make tactical sense in particular contexts. Here I am at an international meeting held by the armed #Zapatista movement in Mexico two years after their armed insurrection - their armed rebellion worked /9
The Zapatista rebellion happened in a context of extreme repression & although they used the armed rebellion to open a space they put a halt to violence as soon as a deal could be negotiated. Their practise is mostly NVDA with the guns far in the background just in case /10
Here I am a couple of years later at the Prague World Bank protests in September 2000. Hours of intense rioting saw most IMF delegates panic and flee the city, ending the conference. This rioting wasn't violence as categorised by WCRW research /11
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Thread on #nonviolence theory and in particular the way #ExtinctionRebellion have over simplified 'Why Civil Resistance Works' research (WCRW) to short circuit important discussions around diversity of tactics that any #ClimateEmergency movement must have #NVDA #XR /1
XR uses unsourced claim from WCRW that non violent movements are twice as successful in many XR places including FAQ but assumptions in original paper make its claims irrelevant to debate around tactical diversity in radical environmental movement /2
First off violent movements are defined in WCRW as those in which 1000 or more battle deaths between armed combatants. This not only excludes every environmental action ever described as 'violent' but also armed groups like the Zapatistas & even Red Army Faction /3
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1. #News ~ ‘Not True!’— President Trump @realDonaldTrump Calls New York Times Report on Russian Cyber Attacks ‘Virtual Act of Treason’

’These Are True Cowards… The Enemy of the People’… #Trump #Qanon #Treason #EnemyOfThePeople #TickTock
2. #News ~ “Mental health crisis" declared: 3 NYPD officers commit suicide in 10 days:

*Joseph Calabrese 58, homicide detective

*Deputy Chief Steven Silks 63, was retiring in a month

* NYPD officer Mike Caddy, 29…

#Trump #Qanon
3. #News ~ CNN reporter suggests that CIA agents shouldn't be subject to federal investigation…

#Trump #Qanon #TickTock #EnemyOfThePeople #FakeNews #PROPAGANDA
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