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A fantastic thread on specific examples of breeding applicable interdisciplinarity.

In fact, I think we can go further, and designers can help.
There's a trend here.

In a lot of different environments, designers are realizing there's useful and powerful theories, insights, and communities from disciplines they never considered; and there happens to be a reactionary clash from the communities who live in that space.
We have an opportunity here.

Sometimes that clash is valuable, because it offers space for people to acknowledge, voice, and catalyze a community to make their knowledge known.

But sometimes, we can connect without friction, and towards a collective goal.
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1. I'm working on a new book that teaches design to everyone - and I've read over 40 "design books" as research.

One major observation is how frequently design is described as a solitary activity, taking place mostly in one person's mind. Despite how rarely that happens in life.
2. At the same time, designer's frustrations frequently focus on the other people they have to work with (including clients!).

Which makes for a professional trap: the major challenge of design (collaboration/persuasion) isn't seen as part of design education.
3. For some, when project management, or team politics comes up, it's out of bounds - "that's not design!"

But I'm here to say YES IT IS. What good is a design plan if it can't be built? Or the team won't build it? A design can't change the world if it doesn't get made.
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Great thread. Parts of it I agree with, others make me concerned.

Let’s unpack.
Clearly, the point of the discussion offers an opportunity to widen the tech pipeline; to ensure accomplished black CS HBCU students get their foot in the door. Critical. Essential.
However, it also offers a question that @peterme brought up: so, is Stanford then just an expensive trade school?

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1. I stopped by the Good Design exhibit at @MuseumModernArt and was reminded how strange it is to put everyday objects up on a wall.

When you take something like a fork, which is meant to be held, and put in up like art, the way it looks is the primary way you evaluate it.
2. It's a good exhibit, but passively the effect of evaluating lounge chairs, typewriters and fishing rods without ever feeling them in your hand or experiencing them for their designed purpose, shallows what design is, and how visitors think about design.
3. In other words, there's nothing ugly here since aesthetics is the primary way visitors can evaluate what they see. But some great designs aren't necessarily all that stunning to look at. They will never be shown here.
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1. When designers get frustrated working with people who don't understand design, the tempting wish is to CONVERT THEM, ideally in one fell swoop, to GET IT. But this rarely works. Here's why. #design #ux
2. Persuasion works best on the other person's terms, not the designer's. You have to put aside how much they don't know and start somewhere small, in their worldview, where there is a clear problem, in their language, that design can help them solve.
3. It's the difference between "you don't understand this big important abstract thing" (what they hear) and "problem X is important to you and I will help you solve it". Which is a better-designed way to get what you want?
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I'm a few years behind the curve; y'all still do follow trains?

Well, I'm starting one. Let's do one about #equitydesign.

@albanvillamil asked if I knew people, places, and tools for equity and design, and I wanted everyone to know everyone.

Spread the word! (1/million)
That being said, like equity work, this isn't (and arguably can't be) the definitive

Equity is a verb, like @_ChristineOrtiz says, so my hope is this is only the beginning.
I tried to get everyone's resources and descriptions correctly, but if there's anything wrong, feel free to correct me! (Crit's in our blood, right?)

Feel free to add, amend, include, and let's get to know each other. Cool? Cool.
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“As a product do you earn the respect and trust of your team?”

A couple things
1/10 - Don’t hide things from your team in an effort to protect/shield them. That’s weird. It’ll come back to bite you.
#prodmgmt #ux #design
2/10 - Do actual work. Meaningful work. Context-building work. Analysis. Research. Design smart experiments. A good test is whether the team would pay you if they controlled the budget.
3/10 - Act like a member of the team, not as a manager of the team. The second you create a wall...the team will create a wall as well. Consider inviting a facilitator in so you can express your own needs (instead of juggling facilitation and team membership)
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In Dec 2018, @WeAreSparklin introduced a new series - One thing at a time.

Think of ‘OTAT’ as a bite-sized modification to a platform, to heighten the user experience.

We have written fortnightly about 8 different products including Uber, Whatsapp, Zomato

A thread👇🏼
One easy to way to skip the thread and read about One thing at a time in better detail is to review our post…

If you’re interested in quicker learning, let me begin with the very first OTAT product improvement 🚕

Search is usually found at the top

A desktop vs a smartphone have different dimensions. 50% users prefer one-hand approach to mobile.

Why must we move forward with a search-on-top approach on mobile?

What if we moved Uber’s search to lower 40% of the screen?

Next 🍔
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Wondering ... do you have an example of something product development related where you actually “changed” your mindset and/or perspective? What was the catalyst? #proddev #ux #design #agile
Reading @DReinertsen certainly gave form/fuel to hunches, and helped me think more in terms of first principles ... but I’m not sure I “changed”. I could be wrong.
I could intellectualize how mobbing might work. But probably didn’t believe it / feel it until I saw it happen.
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Thanks to @turo I'm renting a #TeslaModel3 during my visit to Silicon Valley - certainly a different experience than traditional #carrental agencies #future #zeroemission #electriccars
Gone to Tesla's HQ in Fremont, California to try the supercharging there. It's supposed to be much faster than before.
I had hoped the Model 3 would charge at the new rate but it didn't happen
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Fascinating q on an @Amplitude_HQ office-hours call today:

"At what stage is it important to worry about measurement?"

Specifically, they were asking about making information accessible & usable to/for front-line product development teams. So...(1/5) #prodmgmt #ux #design
My answer was that anytime you're making decisions under conditions of uncertainty ... it will probably help to have trustworthy/usable data. Imagine a team making 10-15 major decisions each year, each driving 10-15 medium decisions, each driving 10-15 small decisions..(2/5)
That is 3375 decisions driving 16,640hrs of team hours. I saw @gibsonbiddle give a talk recently about a string of decisions at @netflix ... and the punchline is that it took a couple tries. No one is perfect. So...(3/5)
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Great question Wojtek and thanks for the chance to answer Sorry it'll need a (massive - take a toilet break, grab a cuppa and a comfy chair) threaded response as my tweet kept growing !! 👇👇
So #SAtSD is an attempt to create a shared collaborative approach to designing public services in Scotland. We are co-producing the approach based on collective thinking and actions across orgs and sectors that design and / or deliver public services in Scotland.
That currently includes many people and service design champions from @scotgov @DigitalOfficeLG, various parts NHS in Scotland, as well as many different public bodies, local authorities, private and third sector orgs.
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Le mois de Mars on va beaucoup parler ensemble, si vous permettez, d'une de mes passions sinon la + grande:


On va essayer de parler de façon zen et joviale d'un sujet pertinent et bcp plus intelligent.


Nous avons promis un échange intelligent mais easy going sur ce sujet du LEADERSHIP FÉMININ...

Quelques règles:

Un thème sera abordé tous les matins. Respectons le process svp

Déjà, que vous renvoie cette image?
Vos réponses sont intéressantes de ouf!

Petits stats: 57% de femmes hésitent à postuler à un poste à responsabilité tandis que seulement 12% des hommes se posent la question...

Alors si on essayait de définir clairement ce que c'est que:

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1. It’s a privilege to be a designer, but it comes with a burden. We will always be explaining what we do and what it means. We could choose to be a lawyer or a plumber where no explanation is necessary, but we don’t. Why? Because we know #design is special.
2. When someone is baffled by “what design is” ask them what car they drive and WHY, or what clothes or shoes they choose. Or their favorite software or phone. Then say “a designer designed the thing you love, and that is what I do."
3. It doesn’t take much creative energy to explain #design or #ux and to be an ambassador of the craft, instead of complaining about their ignorance, passively, after they walk away. And when you do it you’ll be paving the way for the next designer they meet at a party. /fin
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As designers we need to help develop the voices of underrepresented groups, women, & POC. The quality and the richness of ideas will be broader. Events will reflect the reality of our diverse society. #DiversityandInclusion #speaking #ux #design…
Looking to hire or bring great speakers to your event?
Here are some great resources:
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1/ Organisations need generalist advisers who are not attached to their experience and expertise. Fresh eyes + deep understanding of individuals across cultural divides will mark emerging consulting paradigms. This will put pressure on business schools.
2/ In the words of @davidsrose "All companies designed to succeed in the 20th century are doomed to fail in the 21st century."

Several reasons -

The new world is digital. The new generation is digital. Change is on an accelerating curve. Learning is not. #futureofwork
@davidsrose 3/ Companies are led by people trained on industrial age methods by industrial age academics in industrial age institutions. Leadership is about growing existing portfolios by scaling. #Innovation means disrupting existing mindsets and methods. This is new. #futureofwork
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👋 I started a 9-week coding bootcamp mid-Jan. Learning HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript ES2015,
SQL, git, GitHub, Heroku and Ruby on Rails 🖥️🔰 . I'll document the rest of the program. Let's start with day 14 right now 😊:
cc @dizzda @kytwb @UX_hugo @pascualin
Day 1-13 recap: set up with the Terminal, Git, then 6 days on Ruby with arrays, iterators, blocks, hash, symbols, regex, parsing (scraping was fun!). Last 6 days the focus was on Object Oriented Programming: classes and instances, inheritance, self 🏃
☔Day 14. Started with Database & SQL 🥞

➡️drew DB Schema (mind maps for databases)
➡️ran a ton of queries thru patients' lists, playlists & songs, incl. Eric Clapton's 🎸
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How Magicians #Design A Trick, And Real-World Applications

Design Thinking is all the rage lately, and it's great to see the general population waking up to its power but y'all are late to the party.

Magicians have been doing this whole "design thinking" thing for 10,000+ yrs.
Let me pull the curtain back and show you exactly how we go about making the impossible happen. It's a very logical process that gets phenomenal results, but it's been shrouded in secrecy for thousands of years.

First Question: What effect do I want to have on my audience?
This is powerful focus.

Out of everything that is possible, what SPECIFICALLY do I want the audience to experience? Do I want them to believe I can fly? Do I want them to think I can make tigers appear out of nowhere? Or, do I want them to think I can read minds (my specialty)?
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Nem sei se tenho seguidores o suficiente pra brincar disso, mas vamos lá...

1 like = alguma coisa que aprendi ou curiosidade sobre design / UX design

#ux #uxdesign #design
1 É mto importante entender como uma empresa se organiza. O resultado de um design ñ é apenas as decisões feitas pelo designer. A maneira com que as pessoas se relacionam, com que os não-designers priorizam coisas e até as decisões que ñ são tomadas influenciam no design e na UX
2 PO, PM, Devs, Clientes... essas pessoas ñ são inimigas do designer nem querem piorar a qualidade do design. Troque ideias com essa galera e faça delas seu aliado. Todas essas pessoas querem o melhor resultado possível. Entender as expectativas dos stakeholders também é design.
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Time this Monday for a few thoughts on voice-driven "conversational" digital products. (Oh, btw, come hear me talk about them on Wednesday in #Seattle: ) #voice #design
1 - Speech recognition technology often gets labeled as == "conversational". That's incorrect and misleading. Being able to identify the parts of the human anatomy is necessary to be a doctor, but doesn't enable understanding of how bodies work and don't.
2 - Recognition identifies words and phrases. It does not understand the context and define the meaning that the words and phrases represent. It can't. This is why vocabulary and comprehension are both taught in schools.
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It's time for my 2018 #design recap! Less writing, more @ideaplatz speaking and podcasts, and a job transition to boot. I expanded my public talks to include not just VUI but conversational UI, artificial intelligence, and improv for creativity. Here's my year... 1/
My first 2018 post was aimed at #VUI #design job seekers. Rather than reply to a series of 1:1 inquiries, I look for patterns to inspire published pieces. A VERY common question: "Any tips for my Amazon/Google/etc voice design interview?" #voiceFirst… 2/
In February 2018, I had the honor (+challenge!) of following @MrAlanCooper on the #Ixd18 mainstage. In my early days on the #EchoLook, I daydreamed about speaking to @ixdconf attendees about that product #design process. A literal #ux dream come true. 3/
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Must be something in the (thread)

If an org has a coherent model for value creation, a way to address uncertainty & assumptions, an actual strategy, and all of that has been communicated/processed...then OKRs are easy/an afterthought (1/4)
#prodmgmt #ux #design
The problem is when OKRs become “the thing”....overloaded to try to do all of the jobs above and more (performance management, even). They are not fit-for-purpose for these jobs, and pretending that they are can be damaging to the team. (2/4)
A big problem is uncertainty. I can give you an OKR for carrying bricks across my parking lot. Or increasing avg shopping cart $ size.

Many prod dev efforts aren’t that neat and tidy. OKRs are context-less. There’s not a one-pager attached to an OKR (most of the time) (3/4)
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here's a little thread on roadmaps and roadmapping

1/8 Roadmaps are almost *never* enough as standalone artifacts. There is no possible way one "thing" can communicate so much nuance: assumptions, risk, vision, "the bet", nesting, etc. #prodmgmt #UX #design #Lean
2/8 The need for a "solid roadmap that everyone understands" (without additional conversation/context) is a race to the bottom on some level. You'll succeed, but almost by definition everyone will be missing *something*.
3/8 PMs know this...go low level, people will ask you to go high. Go high, they say get more specific. Get solution based, people will ask for "the problem". The problem... "we need specificity". It is a never ending cycle.
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