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For two decades now, I've been on the vote theft beat, originally for The Guardian and BBC Television out of London and later for Rolling Stone, The Nation and, of course, @Buzzflash.…

#VoterSuppression = #ElectionFraud
It started in 2000, when I cracked the code and found out something that should have shocked people who cared about democracy — and the real winner of the Bush v. Gore election.…

#VoterSuppression = #ElectionFraud
Unfortunately, nearly 20 years later, the same racist vote-purging is going on all over this country and almost no one is standing in the way to stop it.…

#VoterSuppression = #ElectionFraud
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Dear @WSJ,

Sorry, Mr. Rove, but #StaceyAbrams’ claim that the 2018 gubernatorial election was corrupted is hardly "unsupported." Our team found a half million-plus Georgians were purged from voter rolls by #BrianKemp in the year before the election.…
They lost their vote on the ostensible grounds they’d left the state or voting county. We found 340,136 of those voters had never moved from where they originally registered. But Kemp took away their right to vote — while he was running for Governor.…
Mr. Rove is correct in stating these citizens were purged in accordance with #Georgia’s "Use It or Lose It" law. But that law only acts as an "alternative means" recognized by the National Voter Registration Act for determining if a voter has moved.…
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Once respected now suspected #ChiefElectionCommission of India #SunilArora -the electorate of India and political parties in opposition were apprehending foulplay at your end, thereby, caught you red handed and found clear evidence that there is a mismach in 373

2. Constituencies between votes polled and votes counted by the EVMs. Problem with Indian #PeoplesRepresentationAct is that thief in this case (you) are handed over the evidence against yourself, of fraud committed by you for interpretation and destruction at will by you.

3. Election results were declared on 23rd May, on the basis of total numbers of votes polled which, now you are calling provisional. Does it mean you have facilitated to install a #ProvisionalGovernment in India. Your website stated ‘Final numbers, which do not agree with-

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🚨 Democrats rigged Bernie Sanders in 2016. Don't believe it? Here's the evidence for #ElectionFraud. We can't let them do it again in 2020. 🚨
Allegations Of Election Fraud Follow Clinton Campaign Across The Nation…
Officials demand answers after more than 118,000 people were left off L.A. County voter rosters…
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Is BARR Doing his job?! If not .. what next asks @neal_katyal and @SenatorDurbin .. WHAT DOES MUELLER THINK?
Real Americans want to know @SenSchumer @SpeakerPelosi @RepCummings you have Oversight. @SenWarren @SenKamalaHarris @RepAdamSchiff @FBI @NewYorkStateAG @SethAbramson
@neal_katyal @SenatorDurbin @SenSchumer @SpeakerPelosi @RepCummings @SenWarren @SenKamalaHarris @RepAdamSchiff @FBI @NewYorkStateAG @SethAbramson @realDonaldTrump @CREWcrew @maddow @lauferlaw @GuardianUS AND REMEMBER.. via @CREWcrew AND @LincolnsBible .. apparently it was to #CoverUp his ? Russian payments?! Eg #TaxEvasion just like #AlCapone and #Flynn #Cohen and #Manafort etc etc.
LOOKS LIKE THERE’s a story there to me #journos ESP since Current Rep committed #ElectionFraud
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DID YOU SEE WHO #SPOKE ? @MoveOn does for their members and candidates. TY @MoveOn I knew American tech could beat warmed over Russian #BernieBot tech. TY again cuz we liked all these FINE NEW House Reps. JUST GOTTA catch em up w #corruptTrump 2020 #ProDemocracy #ProNATO rhetoric
@MoveOn @MoveOn GOT THIS ? Go for it .. FIND AND JOIN YOUR LOCAL @MoveOn chapter. I did to help Obama get elected and win #MarriageEquality.
@votevets @iava @VFWHQ @LGBTMilPartners @TaraCopp @HRC @emilyslist @VictoryFund @womensmarch @Womenworking @PFLAG @NARAL @NationalNOW @NCADV
@MoveOn 2018 THIS makes a lot more sense now cuz we saw #Bernie2020 Anoint #RandyBryce in #WI01 and saw his RussianBOT tech used for #HarleyRouda in #CA48 .. #CADEMS were warned and vetted Candidates and chose RealAmerican #HansKierstead .. Then we saw #GovHowardDean illegally buy #CA48
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Kris Kobach’s #Crosscheck voter purge program is inherently racist. Under the guise of catching so-called double voters, it crudely matches the first and last names of voters across states.… #VoterSuppression #ElectionFraud
U.S. Census data shows that minorities are overrepresented in 85 of 100 of the most common last names.…
And now #KrisKobach is trying to add a citizenship question to the US #Census2020 that could result in even more legal minority voters being illegally purged from the rolls and/or deterred from voting.… #InterstateCrosscheck #Census #VoterSuppression
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One paragraph of the #MuellerReport proves a quid pro quo between the Trump Campaign and the Kremlin to have the Kremlin commit #ElectionFraud during #Election2016, to benefit #DonaldTrump.
Here is the paragraph, found on page 14 of 448 in the #MuellerReport:
Let's examine how this paragraph proves a Quid Pro Quo was established between Trump and Putin for the Kremlin assistance for a fraudulent Trump win on November 8, 2016.
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As I said on @JuliannaForlano's radio show a few days ago, there is no way in hell that Kansas Republican senators would vote to confirm #KrisKobach. That’s why Trump wants to name him "Immigration Czar" which does not require senate confirmation.…
It’s time we stop “misunderestimating” Trump. That’s how Bush got reelected in 2004.… #KrisKobach #Crosscheck #VoterSuppression #ElectionFraud #Immigration
Listen to my full interview with @JuliannaForlano here:…
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Q Drop 3/20/2019
Obama WH counsel faces possible prosecution in Mueller-initiated probe
Former Obama WH Counsel and Clinton-linked attorney Greg Craig maybe charged by the DOJ for illegal unregistered overseas lobbying…
@POTUS @GenFlynn #QAnon McCain
Increase in attacks (de-platform, shill infiltration, MSM/Fake MAGA direct, link(s) to terrorism/acts of violence) only demonstrates validity and close proximity to JUSTICE [PAIN]

Ukraine influence #ElectionFraud 👇

@POTUS @GenFlynn #QAnon McCain
The attempted 'COUP' [TREASON] opens the 'public' door to more serious
The PILL must be easy to swallow
The PUBLIC must be prepared for what is about to come
"THE CLINTON FOUNDATION" +++++++++++++++++++++++++

@POTUS @GenFlynn #QAnon McCain
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I am writing to express my profound disappointment in you. Not as a person because I have never met you, but as a so-called elected “representative” of #WeThePeople. Your recent assault and mockery of #ForThePeople HR-1 Bill finally prompted me to write.
You swore an oath to uphold the #Constitution, which states in the 15th Amendment:

1. The right of citizens of the United States to vote SHALL NOT BE DENIED OR ABRIDGED by the U.S. or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude
I know bills are complicated and may sometimes contain elements that the opposing party finds objectionable. But you’re not even interested in debating or improving the package. By not doing so, you're betraying #WeThePeople but also that God you claim to revere.
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#ImpeachTrump #Corruption

Trump cheered Kraft’s team to Super Bowl victory with founder of spa where he was busted:…
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16) #QAnon drop No. 2854...
#Q link 2 #Forbes ==> The Top Four Reasons California Is Unsustainable…
The text continues & relates 2the #CA political dynasty. Californiacan't lead by ex., the state is $2tril in debt, even w/legalised marijuana. Actually, the
17) #CADems have 0 intent of showing what they actually know & subsequently, won't act in response 2what is best; for anyone, save themselves [ ! ]
If your home base is screwed up, how R Ppl supposed 2believe you can fix their states? #CA has been, & continues 2be, unsustainable
18) #QAnon drop No. 2855...
#NorthCarolina orders new #USHouse election after 'tainted' vote…
There appears to have been some form of fraud involving absentee ballots & llegal activity by Republican political operative #LeslieMcCraeDowless. While #Q notes
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Imagine the pressure put upon this man, who told the truth, about his father’s fraudulent acts. This is what courage looks like. He did the right thing in the face of the possibility of suffering huge personal consequences. This is a man of character. Will @NCGOP acknowledge it?
The cry baby pic’d here is the evangelical pastor who got caught committing #ElectionFraud. Sorry if my tweet implied differently. 😁 I’m sure he’ll pray about what he’s done though. 🙄
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1) New day #QDrop... #Qanon post No. 2745... @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#Q links to #FoxNews & says "Buckle up!". It's looking good for a D5 info drop on the others that met secretly to plot against #POTUS with the use of a 25th Amendment scam.…
2) Stepping back 4 an interesting footnote re: #QAnon post No. 2744...
When the verse numbers are totaled, they equal 55:17. If you've been watching #QDrops or any time you know the significance of 5 x5 & the number 17😉
3) #QAnon post No. 2746...
#LisaPage was removed from the #SC on 15th July 2017. July 21, 2017, The #Mooch was appointed #WHCommunicationsDirector. He began work on 25th July 2017 & was fired on the 31st. It's clear [5:5] that #Scaramucchi was a hired (& disposable) gun. Most all
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1) @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon post No. 2688...
#Q on the reality about the dissemination of #propaganda via the #DSMedia orgs. They have to attack what they fear. The largest #CorporateMedia conglomerates have the most to loss, so engage heavily in #FakeNews.
2) Fresh #Q coming thru! #QAnon post No. 2689...
1st link was hammered & is toast. Will return...
#LooksGood [ ! ] 👇🏽…
The #Dems only use rhetoric aimed at #ElectionFraud when it may or has affected them. They continue to rally around #Foreign interference
3) & coverup their ongoing domestic #VoterFraud operations. #Q lists the various methods employed to such ends & points to how the #Immigrant map & #D voter books overlap.
In an 11 yr old article from #Reuters, #Q points to the #DSMedia effort, backing the #DemAgenda, & saying
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1) #AAGWhitaker & #DHSNielsen drop report, albeit short on details due to "#NationalSecurity". This is the direction the coming reveals are going to take. Soon we'll get the #ElectionFraud findings & those that gamed the system (criminally) will find they are being ushered out
2) of the halls of #Congress! As always we're looking at a slow drip of intel, so that the citizenry can slowly absorb the coming data. I find this very telling ==>
"the infrastructure of political organizations, including campaigns and candidates in the 2018-midterm elections."
3) 🤔When these reports come out it will be big [ ! ] Presuming it will be acted upon that is...😉…
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#DemocratVoterFraud is most egregious Civil Rights problem Today
You read this correctly: it is a “Civil Rights” issue
My vote being nullified by illegal alien is a violation of my Civil Voting Rights
ONLY U.S. Citizens have the Right to Vote #VoterFraud

#Retweet to Educate those Criminals who are Falsely telling NON-U.S. Citizens it is ok to Vote in ANY U.S. Elections

If you do not have a U.S. Citizenship & you Vote in ANY U.S. Elections it is a Federal CRIME

We Need to Stop illegal Aliens Voting NOW
U.S. President @realDonaldTrump Has the Authority & Duty to sanction Restrictions of entry of illegal Aliens/Immigrants from entering the U.S. Borders, No matter what @SpeakerPelosi Says

8 U.S. Code 1182:…
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Liberty U CIO John Gauger created software to rig Online Polls for Donald Trump, & created the @WomenForCohen twitter account that posted, "Love to see good #Christian people on board the #TrumpTrain #Liberty #Trump2016”:…
"Freeping"; Stacking polls by direct persons online to the poll:
The Alt-Right, and the practice of freeping polls before #Election2016:

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2019: GMB’s “sister”, AminaZakari to head presidential election collation centre of @inecnigeria

This is a blatant illegality Distinguished, the Chief Returning Officer is the Chairman & this CANNOT be DELEGATED. All well meaning citizens MUST rise against this. #ElectionFraud
I believe it is only fair for the @inecnigeria Chairman to tender his resignation if he has finally decided to hand over and cede his duties to a member of GMB’s family (Niece - Amina Zakari). @CatrionaLaing1 @PaulTArkwright @OfficialPDPNig #ElectoralAmendmentAct2010 @CNNAfrica
VIDEO evidence of Election fraud perfection here 👉🏽
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BLINDMELON @BlindMelon1967

My father was part of the greatest generation. He was 17. A Marine. He only knew he was poor and needed the money. He learned later how important his service was. He taught me how dangerous fascism is. We must fight for freedom.
Bellatrixx2020 @Bellatrixx2020

Christian, Mum, Granny, Spoonie, WWW Resist, DemsWork4USA, BOF, Blue Initiative, Heroes Persist, Starfleet Intelligence, PRU, PAResists, NCResists
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2/ Some of #HRC’s circle worked directly with her Russian connections Re: Oleg Derispaska ($400MM improperly funneled to #ClintonFoundation & #MarinaButina (ex-Russian Central Banker w/World Bank dreams)
That's why Putin's directly involved! PAIN.
3/ Traitor John McCain Associate Gave Dossier To BuzzFeed 😡
A crime like this is Punishable by Death 🤔 The Things that make you go hmmmm #QAnon #WWG1WGA
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DOJ Cannot Stop The Grand Jury From Indicting Donald Trump. /1

The Grand Jury, effectively, is The Fourth Branch of government. It belongs to The People.
There is probable cause to charge a criminal conspiracy by Trump and The Kremlin to commit #ElectionFraud .
Grand Jury Can Indict Trump /2

Justice Powell, in United States v. Calandra, 414 U.S. 338, 343 (1974), stated: “The institution of the grand jury is deeply rooted in Anglo-American history.
Grand Jury Can Indict Trump /3

U.S. v. Calandra
“..the Founders thought the grand jury so essential to basic liberties that they provided in the Fifth Amendment that federal prosecution for serious crimes can only be instituted by ‘a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury.”
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👉🏼 Incoming THREAD

#Q has told us many, MANY times to read the Executive Orders. So, I decided to do a deep dive.

#POTUS Executive Orders show clear plans for MASS ARRESTS & MILITARY TRIBUNALS

#QAnon #TheStorm #WWG1WGA
2. Below I lay out the evidence for President Trump’s plan to issue mass arrests of DS traitors, then try them for treason under military tribunals.

These EO's clearly spell out the timeline, and WHY we haven't seen arrests.. YET.

It's coming! But when?
Buckle up & read on👇🏼
3. Executive Order 13825: March 1, 2018 - "2018 Amendments to the Manual for Courts-Martial, US"

The Deep State's attempt to start WW3, kill 90% of humanity and create a coup on the government has been axed.

Thank you #POTUS 🙏🏻

#MAGA 🇺🇸 #QAnon
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