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Yesterday Florida's governor said FBI told him that 2 counties were hacked during 2016 election season, but he isn't allowed to say which ones.

So I filed public-records requests with the election supervisors in ALL 67 Florida counties.

I'll post results here...
As each county election supervisor responds to my request, I'll post their responses to this thread, and to this page on my site:…
BTW if you want to support my adventures in forcing transparency, please help me keep the lights on as I obsessively file loads of FOIA and other public-records requests:
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News Analysis 🔎 | The author of the #SteeleDossier told a @StateDept official that his client wanted allegations against Trump out before elections, and claimed #Russia had an agent planted in @DNC.

(Thread 👇)…
A recently released @StateDept memo revealed that #SteeleDossier author #ChristopherSteele met with Kathleen Kavalec, then-deputy assistant secretary for European and Eurasian affairs, on Oct. 11, 2016—10 days prior to the @FBI obtaining a #FISA warrant on Carter Page.
Noted in a May 10 letter by Sen. @LindseyGrahamSC to @SecPompeo & IG #Horowitz: “Ms. Kavalec’s contacts with Steele may have been the most significant and memorialized communications with him by a U.S. government official prior to the issuance of the Carter Page FISA warrant.”
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1. My first Trump related @FBIWFO #FOIA foray was Sept 1, 2016, to prove Fred Trump was a Nazi. That might be about Chapter 5 in my Trump book.

Chap 1 was in '76-9 when I first met Russian emigres in NYC.

'82 I was a Plaza Hotel Nt manager. Everyone knew who Trump was
2. especially folks in the Hotel business.

In '89 my big sister whooped him in his failed AMR hostile takeover attempt.

2009 to 2011 while practicing under DOJ supervision, I investigated a Trump project. Clearly started as securities fraud.
3. They fixed that Re-did the offering. IMO it was 100% money laundering. Not just Russians. It looked like Mexican cartel and Yakuza. Trump doesn't discriminate when it comes to the mob.

The boy's a mobster. I told you all that on May 24, 2016, and how it would go for him. TimInHonolulu May 24, 2016 about Trump the mob and FISA.
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NEW from @a_cormier_ and me: The Justice Department just released a new version of the Mueller report in response to a #FOIA lawsuit by me/@BuzzFeedNews and @EPICprivacy. This version was processed in accordance with #FOIA…
@a_cormier_ @BuzzFeedNews @EPICprivacy It appears the version of the report is identical but clearly identifies what info was withheld in response to ongoing investigations, etc.
@a_cormier_ @BuzzFeedNews @EPICprivacy In a letter to BuzzFeed News, DOJ said the material in the Mueller report was withheld under FOIA exemptions:

3, 5, 6, 7(A), 7(B), 7(C), and 7(E) of the FOIA,
5 U.S.C. § 552(b)(3), (b)(5), (b)(6), (b)(7)(A), (b)(7)(B), (b)(7)(C), and (b)(7)(E).
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1/ If American oversight followed, they would have known this last August. Original tweet to follow
3/ end of parody twitter account thread .
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The FBI just released a cache of documents related to Justice Brett Kavanaugh's nomination, in response to a #FOIA suit filed by @JasonLeopold and @BuzzFeedNews — it includes several hundred pages of tips and comments sent to the FBI
The unredacted parts of this collection of records is largely made up of general statements in support of Kavanaugh, opposing Kavanaugh, and calling for an investigation, or comments that aren't really related to Kavanaugh or are unintelligible
I also counted 65 submissions to the FBI where the comment text is completely redacted, meaning we don't know what the person said. Some include notes from the FBI employee who reviewed the tip indicating it was non-actionable opinion, but in others all of that is redacted
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NEW on this #FOIAFriday: For 8 yrs, Ive been receiving docs from FBI via #FOIA on Samir Khan, the US citizen & editor of AQ's official magazine killed in a CIA drone strike w/radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki

Here's the latest, heavily redacted batch…
Fascinating disclosures in this new batch of FBI records, which coincides with Samir Khan's travels to Yemen and also includes a number of 302s of people who knew him and al-Awlaki.

Also, how a CIA related movie called Traitor taught some how to share emails without sending it
I've been writing about Samir Khan, based on these FBI documents I've obtained via #FOIA for six years.…
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(Thread 👇)
@RepMarkMeadows referred former @CIA contractor #NellieOhr for prosecution on the basis of “demonstrably false” statements she made during congressional testimony.

Article by @PetrSvab…
#NellieOhr was a major player in efforts to formulate the #RussianCollusion narrative in 2016, when she worked for #FusionGPS, the opposition research firm paid by the @DNC and the @HillaryClinton Campaign to deliver information damaging to rival candidate @realDonaldTrump.
#FusionGPS also hired former #British spy Christopher Steele, who produced the infamous #SteeleDossier, a collection of unsubstantiated claims about Trump & Russia that was spread through the media and among high levels in the Obama admin to seed the Trump-Russia narrative.
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1/ The forecast may say 73 and cloudless here in the Bay Area but our office is ☃️☃️☃️!!!

Luckily, our staffers are sporting some smart winter lewks on this, the ... uh ... [checks notes] ... 44th day of spring?
2/ Digital designer @ghongsdusit may not be camping at the moment, but he's ready for anything in this smart red parka and jeans.

Dust off that East Coast relic, cuz this office is COLD, COLD, COLD!
3/ @vdbaranetsky, our general counsel, is a First Amendment whiz.

But she always finds time for fashion – including this elegant jacket, which is almost certainly designed for a different climate than the one here in California. Yet here we are.

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NEW: @BuzzFeedNews and I just filed two additional massive #FOIA lawsuits against, DOJ, FBI, ODNI for pretty much every document (302s, those summaries, Barr emails and more) related to Mueller's report & investigation. Gonna be an epic battle. Thanks to #FOIA atty @mvtopic
@BuzzFeedNews @mvtopic NEW: Here are the two #FOIA lawsuits @BuzzFeedNews & I filed against DOJ, FBI, OIG, DNI for a wide-range of documents (302s, Mueller report summaries, Barr notes and more) related to Mueller's report & investigation & internal discussions referring to it…
Thank you to @mvtopic and team for the heavy lift
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The Senate has just opened hearings to consider whether Daniel Jorjani should become the Interior Department's new top lawyer. Jorjani is a former adviser to Charles Koch and a key ally of Secretary David Bernhardt:…
As a top aide at the Interior Department since the early days of the Trump administration, Jorjani is the one who took a meat cleaver to the Migratory Bird Treaty Act:…
He also helped initiate the Trump administration's drive to open lands near the Boundary Water wilderness in Minnesota to new metal mining:…
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If you’ve ever wondered why one of the most secretive organizations in the world is committed to #transparency, or how we go about protecting American’s privacy & civil liberties, keep reading.
Ben Huebner runs CIA’s Privacy & Civil Liberties Office.

His job is to look at our programs & practices to make sure we’re living up to our commitment to safeguard American’s privacy & civil liberties.

He’s also leading CIA’s efforts to increase #transparency.
CIA’s mission & the safety of the men & women who contribute to it will always require certain information to be #classified.

The key is there needs to be a real, identifiable, justifiable reason why that fact, that method, or that source needs to remain secret.
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1. The #MuellerReport is a subterfuge. Any prosecutor could charge both conspiracy and obstruction. But 52 USC 30121 analysis is a joke. Doesn’t even address June 9 vis-a-vis crimes of accepting receiving or soliciting foreign help. It’s a silly whitewash. The question is why?
2. My best guess is buried in the text where Mueller qualifies his declination on lack of “admissible evidence.” I think this does not mean “admissible” in a purely legal sense, as in evidence that complies with the Federal Rules of Evidence. I think it may be more related to
3. Mueller is punting because a much more comprehensive look at the Trump Russia conspiracy is still ongoing and relies on evidence that a charge under 52 USC 30121 would expose, open to discovery and jeopardize the larger Trump Russia conspiracy that has as underlying
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Find Public Records & Leaks
An Online Database of the left and its Agendas
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“[T]he investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.”

I #FOIA-d only the completed sentence.

Treating this as requesting Mueller's report, DOJ calls it "complex."
Does @TheJusticeDept read the #FOIA requests that it receives?
I thought that perhaps narrowing my search to a fragment of a sentence of an identified document would be narrow and targeted enough for expeditious processing.

Perhaps not.
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The FBI confirms in a no-longer-secret court filing that former Director James Comey was a witness in special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, and that his notes about his meetings with President Trump were "of interest to that investigation."
More on what was in the Comey memos - most likely the ones that were not leaked to the public and later released by the FBI.
The FBI expressed concern that if it revealed any details at all about Comey's memos of his interactions with Trump, other people who knew about those conversations might "try to hide or fabricate information."
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🇷🇺 #Russia|n Air Force #RuAF Tu-154M-ON #OpenSkiesTreaty plane RF-85655|#194E97 conducted ops over the United States March 25-29 2019. Here is a dynamic map so you can name what they were looking at. #MLAT

(Green = roughly correct altitude to take pics)…
Remember, the #USAF and #DTRA go out of their way to ensure the American public don't know what the Russians are looking at with their yearly observation flights (blocking #FOIA requests for the same data) so for god sake don't retweet this far and wide. 😏
The green dots show you where the plane was triangulated (MLAT) by ground stations, and the altitude is a tell for where they might be taking pictures, but to further refine your guess, check the speed with which they are flying.

They should be ~10,800 ft AGL doing ~300kn.
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This is what #FOIA torture is like.

After 5 yrs IRS finally produced records responsive to my request. They sent me a CD with the files. But I cannot access them!

They said they are going to mail me a separate letter BY MAIL containing the password!!
The IRS #FOIA ransom letter containing the password to access my documents, which were .exe files, just arrived.
NEW: 5 years ago, I filed a #FOIA request with IRS for certain documents on #Bitcoin (see pic). IRS finally produced the records (969 pages)

Here they are for anyone who may be interested

To say this was a painstaking process would be an understatement…
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The FBI's #FOIA office is the worst, perhaps the worst of all federal government agencies. Just opened a letter in response to request I filed five years ago. Instead of searching for new records responsive to my request, the bureau gave me a set of records it already released 1/
Now I need to file an appeal challenging the integrity of the FBI's search and wait for DOJ Office of Information Policy, which is also terrible, to decide whether to remand the request or affirm. This will take many more months. The process is broken 2/2
I literally spend years fighting with these agencies, especially FBI, trying to get them to follow the law and release records under the #FOIA. What these agencies do in response is try to figure out ways to thwart requesters and violate the law.
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For 5 yrs, I've been trying to pry loose docs via #FOIA abt CIA's secret program to arm Syrian rebels. CIA issued me a GLOMAR

2 yrs ago, Trump tweeted he ended program, thereby declassifying (IMO) the program. I then sued CIA for docs

Judge said Trump not specific enough 1/
Often, I pursue these #FOIA lawsuits, especially ones pertaining to classified intelligence programs, because I believe there is an overwhelming public interest in getting the info declassified and released in an effort to inform the public about what these agencies are up to 2/
In this case against CIA, I believed we made solid arguments to overcome the agency's GLOMAR because Trump tweeted he was ending the "wasteful" program. But the govt went to court arguing that Trump's tweet did not name an agency despite the fact we all know it's CIA. 3/
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[9/2016] The State Dept has refused to make public that & other emails Clinton exchanged w Obama. Lawyers have cited the "presidential communications privilege," a variation of executive privilege, in order to withhold the messages under the #FOIA…
[2016] “If the FBI wanted any other American’s laptops, they’d just go get them..They wouldn’t get an immunity deal, but everyone associated w Clinton gets a different set of standards applied to them..It’s the strangest stuff I have ever seen" Jim Jordan…
[2016] "It’s no wonder that at least 5 individuals tied to the email scandal, incl Clinton’s top State Dept aide & attorney Cheryl Mills, secured immunity deals from Obama Justice Dept to avoid prosecution,"…
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Not sure if anyone is aware, but for more than two years, I//@BuzzFeedNews /@_rshapiro have had a #FOIA lawsuit against multiple intel agencies for documents on their assertions that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential campaign/collusion. 1/
The agencies identified thousands of pages of documents and withheld the vast majority on national security grounds. Still, some were released and we are the only ones who have been successful in prying loose some of these records via #FOIA. 2/
So in light on the 4-page Barr memo characterizing the Mueller report (which we still haven't seen) I am reupping some of the stories I wrote from the cache of #FOIA docs on Russia interference in the 2016 campaign. These documents are from DHS, CIA, FBI, ODNI and State Dept. 3/
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1/ Reporting from @WillCIR and @Cynduja, along with a #FOIA request that accompanied it, has been cited in a brief submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court as part of Food Marketing Institute v. Argus Leader case.…
2/ It's the first time the Supreme Court is officially determining what "confidential business information" is.
3/ The brief cites our experience with tech companies who tried to conceal their EEO-1 records, which provide the clearest available picture of their internal diversity stats.…
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