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The #GreenNewDeal is a NON-biding Resolution🤨👉The #OFFAct is an actual Bill
"@AOC was one of the 1st Congressional candidates to pledge to support @TulsiGabbard's #OFFAct, IF SHE GOT ELECTED" ~@mschlos from @foodandwater
#TulsiGabbard is the ONLY candidate & in Congress that has put forward comprehensive legislation how we ethically get to 100% renewable energy by 2035:…👈#OFFAct

#ClimateAction #Tulsi2020🌺#GND
#GND combines a vision of renewable energy w/ good paying jobs & social equity. The backbone for what must be inc. in any #GND exists in the form of the Off Fossil Fuels for a Better Future Act (#OFFAct), which was introduced in Sep 2017 by @TulsiGabbard👇…
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This interview!
Apparently there's no one under 65 on Biden's team with any influence to tell him that 71% of Americans support #M4A among other things.
Exclusive: Biden expresses skepticism of Democrats' leftward tilt and AOC's mass appeal…
#Biden seems not to have even read the demographics from 2016 or the issues voters prioritized in 2018 (climate, healthcare, immigration, guns). He resorts to referring to AOC as "bright" but "not representative," which is how he famously referred to Obama in 2007.
#Biden also says he wasn't prepared for #KamalaHarris to come after him because she knows him & knew his late son, Beau. (He needs to stop using Beau for sympathy points. He should reference his living son, Hunter, who gave a heart-wrenching interview about his addiction.)
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The latest @BloombergNEF New Energy Outlook dropped Tuesday morning:…. My take here and few thoughts follow:… via @bopinion 1/11
This time last year, BNEF expected CO2 emissions from the global power sector would peak in 2027. This time around, they think peak emissions has occurred already 2/11
But while BNEF is optimistic about the power sector traveling a <2C path to 2030, much more needs to be done to stay on it past that. BP's latest statistical review of 2018 provided a warning in that regard ... 3/11
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We need a #GreenNewDeal and #JG. Most people aren't socialpathic. In their jobs, they don't want to work on making the planet unlivable for their children, they don't want to engage in fraud or corruption, they don't want to stand by while their coworkers are harassed and abused.
Most people don't want to build systems of mass surveillance, psychological manipulation, and autonomous weapons. Most people don't want to work on how to exploit others more and more. But fear, fear of unemployment and loss of livelihood gets people to work rapidly on all these.
This fear is real. Whistleblowers are completely destroyed in this system. This is a system of socialpaths, by socialpaths, for socialpaths. With impending climate catastrophe and massive concentration of autonomous means of violence, we need a new system immediately.
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Response to #Biden skipping the California Dems is scathing.

Biden's "refusal to show up only reinforces the idea that he’s an elitist and he is more interested in collecting big checks in CA than being in genuine touch with grassroots activists."…
#Buttigieg and #Warren took Biden on.
Buttigieg said that "the riskiest thing we could do is try to play it safe.... In these times, Democrats can no more promise to take us back to the 2000s or 1990s than conservatives can take us back to the 1950s.”…
#Warren: “Some Democrats in Washington believe the only changes we can get are tweaks & nudges.If they dream at all, they dream small.Some say if we’d all just calm down, Republicans will come to their senses. Our country is in a time of crisis. The time for small ideas is over.”
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Donella Meadows once wrote that you don't cure a fever by taking your temperature...

A thread in honor of the 'milestone' of reaching #415ppm CO2 in the thin layer of gasses that support all life on earth, aka the atmosphere.
415 ppm CO2. It is excellent to know this number, and a testament to scientific excellence and persistence since the 1960s. It's also a measure of our cleverness as a species.
We know we live on a planet (yay for us), we can measure things about that planet with great precision (yay again).
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A bazillion times this.
While researching my investigative piece on #ClimateChange for @damemagazine, I interviewed families whose kids had died or nearly died from the impact of environmental racism.
This isn't some future event.
This is r
Half the Midwest is underwater.
I wrote about who is leading on #ClimateChange. Also, every woman running supports the #GND. Biden claiming the working class do not is false--many working-class women are leading #ClimateAction.
Here's the correct link:…
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There is tons of cash behind this group’s version of the #GND. There is an entire network of bundlers & c3’s whose BOD’s are paid hefty salaries. This is all about money and always has been. See: Al Gore. Sad part is, these kids believe the hype.

They like to yammer about dark money in politics. I promise you, there is a whole network of dark money & directed donations through bundlers in the climate cabal. Two of the leaders I found have investment funds for sustainable businesses. What would jack up the value of /2
those funds? Mandatory government investment in sustainable products businesses. Raise a generation to believe the world is emding in 12 years & they will work their butts off to get you what you want. It’s both disturbing & sad. /end
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More of @/karolcummins sowing seeds of doubt and division by amplifying post of fellow #TeamPatriot connection @/Counterchekist, adding her own bits - notice the commenter seems puzzled for good reason - then used the Politico article to round things up.
Remember, Politico recently compared Trump to John F. Kennedy.

And notice how Politico chose to characterize Congresswoman Omar in image two.

Does Politico have a "thing" against Democrats? See image 3.
Framing the @justicedems as EXTREME left and opposite the extreme right GOP on the "horseshoe" is a common theme with @/karolcummins & #TeamPatriot.

Here, Karol is "teaching" us about the big, scary "CONTROLLED OPPOSITION" conspiracy by the "INSURGENTS!" OMG! 😱

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1. Climate 'Scientists' still can’t even predict tomorrow's weather yet they want us to keep believing in future doomsday disasters that they claim are being caused by us that somehow have all failed to materialize as they predicted. #GreenNewDeal #GND #qanon #MAGA #ClimateChange
2. The Left & the Democrat party wants everyone to believe the climate is going to kill us and the only way to save ourselves is through socialism. #GreenNewDeal #qanon #MAGA #ClimateChange
3. With Climate Change as the key 2020 issue for the Dems, I've traced the last 50 years of climate change angst from 1970-2019. History PROVES that the climate change narrative is FALSE. #MAGA #qanon #GreenNewDeal #ClimateChange
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Thread: Friends, Climate Change is a Global existential crisis. A threat to the very habitability of human and non-human life on Earth. We simply cannot achieve what is necessary to address this urgency at the scale and speed required with something like "low-interest loans" 1
Lending is not going to mobilize our country to transform and revitalize this economy away from fossil fuels in time to avoid catastrophe and ensure a #justransition. Here in the U.S. only the Federal Government and the power of the purse can make this happen as needed 2
Using Direct spending via #FunctionalFinance on millions of new good-paying union Green jobs, renewable infrastructure, renewable technology, and a #jobsguarantee, we can make the kind of shift necessary to overcome the paradox of economic development and eco-sustainability 3
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Senate Rejects #GreenNewDeal

Today the Senate considered #GND, a plan to drive greenhouse gas emissions to zero, among other things, at a cost that could reach nearly $100 trillion over 10 years. No one voted for it, 57 senators voted against it and 43 Democrats voted “present.”
Question: When the author of a Congressional bill/resolution encourages members of her own Democratic party to not vote Yes on it, have we reached peak Democratic insanity already or is there more to come?
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Today, #OilMoneyMitch @senatemajldr brought the #GreenNewDeal to a vote in the Senate. Once more, McConnell prioritized his fossil fuel campaign donors over the American people--who overwhelmingly support the GND. @SenateDems showed him they weren’t falling for his tricks.
@senatemajldr @SenateDems The votes officially fell against the resolution because Democrats voted “present.” Both GND supporters and skeptics see that real leadership in 2019 means having a plan to protect life on Earth as we know it, not jamming through unfinished legislation to score political points.
.@AOC and @SenMarkey catalyzed the conversation about the catastrophic climate change and rising inequality that threaten all Americans. Now, thanks to our movement and our allies, a growing number of our country’s lawmakers are going on the offense for bold climate solutions.
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SOCIALISM! The Green New Deal socialism monster under your bed…
SOCIALISM: “A theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.”
The words ownership and control are bolded because they are key. When the government owns and controls something, for instance, a Veterans Administration hospital, that is an element of socialism.

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1. At a glance. The real reason for the climate strikes, Green New Deal(s) (as the Trojan horse for the New Deal For Nature) – all being unveiled as the necessary solutions for our collective survival - lies bare for all to see in the links below. #GND #NewDealForNature
2. The aforementioned "solutions", presented in tandem w/ the climate emergency campaign unleashed last fall, swiftly inundating our collective psyches – have been brought to you by the ruling class (World Bank, WEF, European Commission, etc.) & the NGOs that serve capital.
3. This is nothing to do with concern over the climate nor the environment. This is about propelling economic growth (by any and every means necessary) – to save (then expand) the capitalist economic system that is failing - and nothing more.
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So much to enjoy in this long 1958 Fortune story "The Highway Billions", about the U.S.'s great interstate building binge. It's a Sunday must-read in the light of the current debate about the green new deal.…
"The new national highway program has been proclaimed “the greatest public-works program in the history of the world,” yet it has been undertaken without partisan dispute."

Wow - those were the days, eh?!
"Within the span of a single generation, the the 41,000-mile Interstate network will cost some $40bn, bringing the total spend to enlarge, improve, and maintain roads to over $100bn."

That's around $1 tr in today's money. Building the same thing today would cost 10x as much.
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The climate détente of the past decade (whereby action is to be energetically pursued, but only if it doesn’t jeopardize the recovery from the great recession, upend the neoliberal economic model, or damage any powerful incumbents) is fracturing.…
The world of 2019 is not the world of 2009: 1) We know far more hard climate science; 2) In 2009 it was still plausible to claim there were no alternatives to fossil fuels; 3) A decade after the financial crisis, many are still struggling economically.…
The #ClimateStrike movement, sparked by the preternaturally determined 16-year-old Greta Thunberg, has now spread to 14 countries. Anyone who thinks it will fizzle out any time soon has forgotten what it is to be young.…
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#economics thread

@aoc's expansionary, unconstrained domestic spending proposal #GND (Green New Deal) is based on #MMT (Modern Monetary Theory).

It argues only regulating inflation & unemployment matters, not

Some of my problems with MMT...…
I'll let @paulkrugman handle MMT's explicit problems. Mine are with its implicit presumptions:
1—We know how to manage long term vs short term
2—Global interdependencies don't matter
3—permission for uncapped spending
4—ignoring effect of aging
5—We can control inflation post-MMT
1) LT vs ST
Even w/traditional keynesianism, we are terrible at ½ the theory. SAVE during booms, spend during downturns. We've got the 2nd half down. Not the first one. Is there anything in our history that might suggest we are capable or willing to make good LT rate decisions?
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Some who claim to be Democrats have stated pretty definitively that @AOC is backed, favored, influenced, or funded by Russia. Well, that was worrisome, so I just went and took a look for myself.

I Googled "Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Russia," and the results were disturbing.
Three top results confirmed the rumors.

The only problem with that is, ALL THREE are conservatively-biased, at least two propagate both misinformation and disinformation, and one was used by the 🇷🇺Russians as a weapon in the cyber attack on the United States.
Fox News is an 👀entertainment channel. More than half of its content is false/misleading. Its bias is far right.

The article confirming the rumor that Putin favors @AOC is an 👀opinion piece:…
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1. Here's a thread on this thread. The @SenFeinstein video needs to be viewed 2 ways, on the optics and the substance. On the optics, there's clearly a gulf between the edited and the full video.
@SenFeinstein 2. All of the conflict occurs after @SenFeinstein agrees she might vote YES on #GND, and spends several minutes engaging substantively on the issue. That's important context that they left out.
@SenFeinstein 3. OTOH, provoked or not, her reaction is open to fair criticism, and they also didn't show the part where she and her staff were like "Nah, you don't need to read this mess out loud, thx." But she then engages them for a very long time more and offers one of them an internship.
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@DerWouter @HoarseWisperer Doubt the usually smart people bashing @SenFeinstein for being rude to 10 year olds know anything about the Sunrise Movement, the not-for-profit, who ambushed her......
The registered name of the Sunrise Movement is US Climate Plan Inc . The officers are Evan L. Weber, Michael Dorsey & Matt Lichtash. Revenue in '16 was a whopping $116k.....
Evan L. Weber (@evanlweber) Sunrise Movement president & executive director, won't attach his name to the SM website but he does list his amazing accomplishments in his bio on the Next Systems project website..
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😡 I was SO mad I had to write something! We need to understand the attacks on climate striking students as a deliberate strategy to undermine them, their message & their demands. It's gaslighting, and we are the intended victims.
Thanks for reading my early morning rants! If you want more of this sort of thing, well I did a podcast with lovely Quinn and dazzling Brian from @Importantnotimp and I think it'll be out tomorrow? Anyway, check them out. Here's them on #GND @VarshPrakash…
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@JadeRhinos @Proverbs1_7 @WoundedLiberal @brianefallon @AOC So there are two separate things here. The actual reducing CO₂ emissions because of climate change, of which electricity generation is the (most) important but not only factor. And a bunch of other things that are related but don't need to be part of the same bill ultimately.1/x
@JadeRhinos @Proverbs1_7 @WoundedLiberal @brianefallon @AOC On the latter, just briefly, the Dems want to be careful of only messaging to the woke, and ignoring all those people in historically Republican suburban districts that they won in 2018. I mean Virginia Beach is now held by a Democrat. 😮
That aside does #GND reduce CO₂? 2/x
@JadeRhinos @Proverbs1_7 @WoundedLiberal @brianefallon @AOC Given the fairly clear intentions signalled by @AOC & co in that FAQ, one has to seriously doubt it. But the data matters. So here is what California looks like on a typical day (& night):… 3/x
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"Today we started a big, beautiful wall right on the Rio Grande," says @POTUS at start of #MAGA rally in El Paso, #Texas.
"Hopefully we do as well with the second summit as we did with the first," says @POTUS of his upcoming meeting in #Vietnam with #DPRK leader Kim Jong Un.
For his #MAGA rally tonight in El Paso, @POTUS says 69,000 signed up to attend but fire marshals allowed only 10,000 inside.
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