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Gold: Steady at the start of the week and trading around $1427/oz.

#Gold had a volatile week but posted some decent gains despite trading down to $1400/oz on Wednesday 17th July.
The robots from Bloomberg, @business, report inflows of 224koz yesterday into physical #gold-backed ETFs for Friday.
@business Our own, more comprehensive database, shows mtd #gold flows dominated by US-listed funds, a change from the early part of the year when European funds saw the lion's share.
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Abro hilo con algunas lecturas -tanto texto académico como ensayo-, para empezar a entender mejor temas financieros y #monetarios. Abro con 4 clásicos contemporáneos de @GeorgeSelgin (#must). #money #libros
Otro clásico contemporáneo y quizás la mejor puerta de entrada a la materia para el lector español es "Dinero, crédito bancario y ciclos económicos" (@UnionEditorial1) de J Huerta de Soto (en inglés disponible PDF en @mises). #money #banking
La temprana Teoría del Crédito y del Dinero de L von Mises (1912), que parte de la base trabajos previos de Bhöm von Bawerk, y especialmente de "Capital & Interest" (1880s), están disponibles en PDF en @mises son los dos grandes pilates Ta moderna crédito y ciclos económicos.
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Dear all 🙂Hope you enjoy the weekend! We are still in the Twilight Zone. Despite continued deteriorating economic fundamentals across the globe, US stock market continues to rally. But for how long...? Stay tuned for some #HZupdates
Indicators and signals across the globe continue to suggest economic slowdown - which slowly but surely spreads to all geographical regions and industries. It is my firm belief, that US will not decouple and US #equities will realize this at some point #HZupdates
#WTI sends clear signal from major Ending Diagonal. We may rally further in wave (B) - but soon we will see a reversal, which will send #Oil towards its LT-target of <20USD #HZupdates
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Thread 7.9.2019!!
Good Morning Warriors!!
Stand and Fight in His Mighty Power!!
Deut. 20:1 When you go out to battle against your enemies...don’t be afraid of them: for the LORD your God is with you!

#Warrior #ArmyOfGod #DigitalSoldiers
President Trump and General Flynn’s current Twitter banners!!
#QAnon #TwitterBanners
@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
In case you wondered, as time permits I add Q drops tha match the deltas (time between tweets) & timestamps on President Trump’s Tweets as a way to re_read drops & to see if they are deliberate on POTUS part, possibly pointing to a specific drop. Sometimes they seem to be! 😊
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Good morning all! 🙂 Morning in Copenhagen - listening to Ludovico while I'm updating analyses and family sleeps. Fantastic piece of music: #AllisGood
Time for some #HZupdates. Let's take a look at the market from the way I see it. Where is that deflation, I have been forecasting? Did CBs succeed to do their magic and eliminate that threat? What about the Kondratiev's winter - over/done? Stay tuned! 🙂
AUDUSD is inflation gauge. Rally=inflation up; Decline=inflation down. LT perspective looks like this. Decline in 2008 = wave A. Rally up to 2011 = wave B. We have since been in wave C. Wave 5 will take us to ~0.5. Note the horizontal line. When this goes -->free fall #HZupdates
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The Pebble Mine project has the potential to provide critical American resources that will strengthen our economy.
It would be an important source of copper, gold, molybdenum, and critical rare earth metals and create thousands of jobs in an economically-depressed region in Alaska.

#copper #gold #molybdenum #RareEarthMinerals
Why is our Trump EPA delaying a response to nixing an Obama era ruling made erroneously before the Army Corps of Engineers study was even started?
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1. It appears there may have been an attempt to start #WorldWarIII today by the #DeepState. The operation has failed!

#Putin #RedOctober
2. It is being reported as an accident aboard a Russian submarine where several sailors have died... including several high ranking officials.…
3. However, note that the price of #Gold has spiked significantly in the past six hours...

This may be indicative that this was no accident!
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So - #Gold is rallying towards AT - right? Bulls have won! Somebody should send the memo to #Silver. While #Silver normally leads or peaks with Gold - Gold has been on its own spree. Man - I would love to join the Gold Euphoria 😉 Bear Flag - perhaps? #HZupdates
Somebody should also send that memo to #GDX. Notice how GDX bottoms and supports Gold in Bull market. New high in Gold = New High in GDX. Not what we see now! #HZupdates
But....#USD is breaking down as Fed will cut rates.... No - it is not! #DXY is CORRECTING in a clear stairs-like structure. We can see 95 or 94 - perhaps lower. But this is no breakdown #HZupdates
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Perhaps....? No - it couldn't be....! I must be wrong - as everybody knows, that #Gold has broken out and is en route new All-time-highs - despite the fact, that we will see deflationary bust and Silver is not been supporting😜 Take care!
I know, I know....Gold has broken out - and will rally to All-Time-Highs #Euphoria #GoldBugs 😉
Headline in Danish Newspaper. Gold Fever - How to score big! 😉😄#Euphoria
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Gather round, #gold bugs, while I tell the story of how a $13 trillion pile of negative-yield sovereign debt explains the recent surge in bullion prices (thread):…
The very idea of negative-yield debt feels a bit Through-The-Looking-Glass. You're supposed to *earn* money from lending cash, not *spend* money for the privilege of doing so.

And yet from zero five years ago, negative-yield debt now accounts for almost 40% of government bonds:
The value has risen particularly fast in the past month -- roughly $2 trillion, of which $1 trillion has happened since the start of last week.
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Gold: Back in the office after a sojourn in Barcelona (and no hard feelings about the run in with the police at all, honest), gold had a good time of it while I was away, breaking higher in Wednesday’s US trading and making gains every day since then.

Currently $1407/oz
Updating my re-indexed chart of #gold in some important currencies, I’ve had to extend the Y axis to account for last week’s performance, which is always good to see.

Note that #gold in US dollars continues to lag the performance in other currencies since May last year.
Buying via the Comex futures market has been part of this move, although its worth noting that the COTR chart below is as of Tuesday - before #gold broke higher.
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I've received several (SEVERAL 😅) emails, texts, DMs etc over the last 24 hours asking me if I'm ready to throw in the towel on the strong #dollar thesis and admit I was wrong on #gold because it is "clearly breaking out now" (and I said it was not yet ready to do so).
So I thought I'd write a thread so I can answer everyone at once.
First of all, nothing has been definitively proven one way or the other yet on either gold or the dollar.
Second of all, if you think being wrong is something I'm not capable of handling, I assure you I am.
I have been wrong many times in my life/career. And I will undoubtedly be wrong many times going forward. Nobody gets it right all the time. Getting things wrong from time to time is part of this job. To think you are not going to get things hubris, pride, etc
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1 to 24 - Attempted coup in Venezuela with support from the US - 2019🤨👇🏼…
25 - Attempted coup in Venezuela with support from the US - 2019 🤨👇🏼…
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Nice find by the team today! Titanites sp., a giant ammonite fossil from south eastern British Columbia! This site is known, just crazy awesome to see it for real!

#geology #consulting #exploration #minerals #BritishColumbia #gold #silver #teamwork
It crazy how popular this image is!! Not suprised tho, it's super cool!!! This is part of a geological heritage project we are doing, so follow us on Instagram @below_bc or the website for more rocks, fossils and minerals!
Also going to thank @GeoscienceBC and @AME_BC for the funding for the heritage work this year! 1000+ likes on a geology tweet is something I never thought we'd get! Fossils rule am I right?!
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Good morning FinTwit 🙂 Trust you are well! Stay tuned for some #HZupdates
I hear #Gold has broken up and out - and we are now on the way to new highs.... Gold Bulls are VERY confident - and we see very creative charts to prove the break out. Well - this is how I see it #HZupdates
#Gold has been in a long correction phase starting 2011. Corrections develop in ABC-patterns. Wave B often is a triangle - which get's all the Gold Bulls excited about new highs - just before the major last plunge #HZupdates
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Just wrote a 10 msg response to a long chat we've been having around the Fed/Powell, same old stuff, hence my long response to lay it all out there. Thought I'd share with the rest of you, please do share your thoughts as well. Here we go. For those ready for a book. #Dollar #Fed
1\ Did you read the report from the NYFed issued in Jan? Doesn't suggest NIRP anytime soon, the opposite actually. Here's the facts: 1) the Fed is backed into a corner and can never actually "normalize" rates, & 2) Powell's intentions are relevant only in S/T because, 2\
2\ as we all know, we will (ultimately) have another painful sell-off in equities. The Fed is horrified by the prospect of such an event due to the resulting implosion of underfunded (an unfunded) pensions, entitlement programs & retirement funds across the US that'd result. 3\
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Gold: At $1326.50 in early European trading on Monday, #gold is some $20+ off Friday's intraday high.
I think it's fair to say that this is one reason why #gold is lower today (although I'd also argue that trading on presidential pronouncements is a dangerous game).
Gold: But this is another contributing factor - the change in Managed Money #gold futures positions reported by the CFTC for the week to 4 June (i.e. last Tuesday).
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omg #BOOM Following '10 Haiti earthquake & w Bill Clinton co-chair of the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission, Rodham & some partners proposed a $22 million deal to rebuild homes in the devastated nation, w funding to come from the Clinton Foundation…
MARRIED to Nicole Boxer in 1999 at the White House. #BARBARA #BOXER #SUNANDLAW #Haiti #RIPTony #LockHerUp
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1/16 ~ Themes Thread ~ Enjoy History? Like Researching?
Always looking for the Truth?

Here's a Gold Mine For You To Dig In To.



#Qanon @realDonaldTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr #History #Gold #Truth
2/16 ~ Themes Thread ~ Enjoy History? Like Researching?
Always looking for the Truth?

Here's a Gold Mine For You To Dig In To.



#Qanon @realDonaldTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr #History #Gold #Truth
3/16 ~ Themes Thread ~ Enjoy History? Like Researching?
Always looking for the Truth?

Here's a Gold Mine For You To Dig In To.



#Qanon @realDonaldTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr #History #Gold #Truth
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domani i nostri questuanti vanno a chiedere l'elemosina a bruxelles
in genere bruxelles è prodiga di brioches fresche, ma sono rimaste quelle secche e scadute
e non è detto che siano commestibili così oltre scadenza
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After spending the preceding month around $1285/oz, #gold has moved quickly higher since 31 May, currently trading around $1322/oz after approaching $1330/oz earlier today.
And this strength is not just a USD denominated #gold phenomenon: gold’s been strong in other currencies too, as this chart shows.
Inflows into #gold ETFs have also been noted, particularly yesterday, when 609koz of gold flowed into global ETFs according to Bloomberg, the biggest one-day inflow since Boxing Day 2018.
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1. #News ~ Nervous Jim?… Fired FBI Chief James Comey Pens New Oped in Far Left WaPo — Tears into President Trump, Calling Him a ‘Liar’…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #Spygate #ItsHAPPENING #JusticeComing #SOON #ReleaseTheDOCS #TickTock #PANIC
2. #News ~ Mark Meadows Blasts Comey WaPo Op-Ed Over Tearing Into President Trump, “He Knows His Actions Are About to be Exposed by the Evidence”…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #Spygate #ItsHAPPENING #JusticeComing #SOON #ReleaseTheDOCS #TickTock #PANIC
3. #News ~ Crooked Democrat Senator Mark Warner Sounds the Alarm Over Barr’s Declassification Powers in Letter to Intel Chiefs…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #Spygate #ReleaseDeclass
#ItsHAPPENING #JusticeComing #SOON #ReleaseTheDOCS #TickTock #PANIC
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Gold Supply ⛏ vs Bitcoin💰tweet storm. Buckle in.

1/ Something I’ve been pondering about Gold vs Bitcoin. If Gold supply could have been mathematically frozen around 1860, Gold would trade at $26,040/oz today. More:
2/ Gold supply unlike bitcoin is not fixed at 21 million. More gold is produced each year. Currently, 192,000 tons or 6.144 billion ounces of gold exist in circulation. 50% of which was mined in last 50 years. See chart ⤵️
3/ Had Gold supply been fixed at its initial use as money ~3000 years ago, it’s price/ounce would be exponentially higher than what it is today.
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Good morning all! 😎 Trust you are well. #Oil declined hard last week. The deflationary environment is unfolding, as it has been laid out in #HZupdates. Please stay tuned for more!
Anybody who has been following my #deflationary scenario remembers my #Oil chart. The bounce, we saw from end 2018 until April 2019 was a wave "B" bounce in this wave 5 of the great Ending Diagonal. We will see Oil plummet to min. 22USD pot. all the wavy to ~10USD #HZupdates
This has not come as a surprise! #AUDUSD (Inflation gauge) had for a long time been flirting with LT-trendline from 2008. This was a sign of weakness in inflation - which could only play out, if Oil dropped (like the Ending diagonal suggested) #HZupdates
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