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Flynn Could Fry 4 Treasonous US Presidents
@GenFlynn exposed the world’s biggest terrorist sleeper cell headquartered in US-Radical Islamist Fetullah #Gulen’s network net worth $200B
The real reason Flynn was targeted #ClearFlynnNow…
@Potus #QAnon #WWGIWGA
▪️Whistleblower @GenFlynn Exposes the $50B Gulen Network: More
▪️Powerful Than George Soros/Gulen Throughout America/CIA Backed ▪️Mullah Behind Failed Turkey Coup
▪️How Clintons Gave Birth to Mullah #Gulen’s Terrorist Network
@Potus #QAnon
👉@GenFlynn exposes Gulen Terrorist Network inside the US
👉@sibeledmonds explains how #Gulen was brought into the US during the Clinton Admin. & given immunity/protection
👉Gulen donates to Clinton Foundation
👉Operation Gladio=False Flag Attacks
@Potus #QAnon #OperationGladio
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#Breaking- “Fmr Head Of #Turkey Top Counterterrorism #MIT #Intel Warned #USA #CIA of #911 Plans 40 Days Prior to Attack!” - - - This is credible & I can vouch for it. All part of my #FBI #911 counterintelligence Case & gag orders.
Maybe now, with #Turkey #USA recent rifts, more “previously kept quiet” Intel nuggets will see the light of the day. This includes #SeptemberEleven related “facts”, since Turkey happens to sit on top of “much” explosive Intel secrets. Let’s hope so. See my bio & history via Wiki.
In the past Mr. #Eymur had also divulged explosive facts on #Gulen #FETO. He is credible & solid. Let’s be thankful for his courage. I am going to buy his book today- as in right away!
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This may be a new era for #Turkey? #imamoğlu for the end to censorship & oppression gives a passionate speech. I am still in disbelief: #AKP shed all it’s positives & good advisors and turned into the worst governance since the 1980’s military despot regime era in #Turkey
If I were to list the worst steps/moves by #Turkey #AKP gov to date: 1- Bringing in corrupt & incompetent advisors in Since the 2016 coup attempt; 2- Destroying the Media; 3- Collaborating with #USA on #Syria & #ISIS creation; 4- Assault on Free Speech
If I were to list some of #Turkey #AKP best moves/steps of the “past”: 1- Improving Infrastructure (Including roads & transportation);2- Improving Healthcare (it is excellent in Turkey);3- Giving importance to rural Turkey; l4- Going outside #USA sphere 4 international relations
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You won’t see this news in English-language all State-Controlled #Turkey media outlets!! Several other political parties are willing to remove their candidacy for the new elections in favor of #İmamoğlu!!… #Cumhuriyet #cumhuriyetgzt via @cumhuriyetgzt
Just like #Gulen media #Zaman the majority of English-language medya outlets in #Turkey (#TRTWorld; #Yenisafak; etc) are currently under the Gov directive & control issuing one-sided pamphlets. Ignore them, and don’t pay attention when they are quoted by the Western media either
Btw: the Gov here recently sent several journalists from this paper to jail for exercising their right to free speech and engaging in journalism.
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I’ll have an in-depth analyses of #Turkey and this tomorrow via #Newsbud. Considering the current climate & post-coup-attempt hubris doing anything via social media could be characterized as #Gulen #FETO terrorism. It has become the new “Scarlet Letter” In #Turkey
In the last 8 months Reporting on the ground from #Turkey I’ve been Warning about new set of “Bad & Poisonous” Advisors. Well here it is: They have ensured the downfall of the current admin. They have turned the short-lived post-Coup unity to a divided polarized nation ...
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Just Out- “The “Real” Gulen Deal in Turkey & RT Documentary Series- The Rise & Fall of the House of Gulen” By Sibel Edmonds ONLY at #Newsbud #Turkey #Gulen #Coup #RussiaToday
Sibel Edmonds- “Attempted #Coup in #Turkey: Was it real? Was it carried out by the #CIA’s Gulen network?” The latest for my #Newsbud Community
#Turkey #Gulen- “Mind-Boggling: Thousands, including progressives & journalists, are quashed & jailed, while many “Real” Gulen-ists still remain in positions. So what’s the “Real” deal?”
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Rosenstein with Kavanaugh-Ken Starr Special Counsel to indict Bill Clinton
Rosenstein-worked in the US Office of the Independent Counsel under Ken Starr
Kavanaugh-assisted with investigations of Bill Clinton, under Ken Starr
@Potus @GenFlynn #QAnon #WWG1WGA #FridayFeeling
Peter Strzok's uncle James Strzok was a Jesuit who worked in Kenya
Did Jim Strzok meet Obama around 1988
Strzok's Father lived in Iran
Who promoted Strzok in the midst of the Hillary Clinton email investigation? Brennan, Obama, Hillary?
@Potus @GenFlynn #QAnon #FridayFeeling
➡️The $50B Gulen Network: More Powerful Than George Soros/Gulen Throughout America/CIA-Backed Mullah Behind Failed Turkey Coup
➡️WikiLeaks, How Clintons Gave Birth to Mullah Gulen’s Terrorist Network
Sibel Edmonds👇

@Potus @GenFlynn #QAnon #FridayFeeling
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Turkey’s Military Coup…
Following this #RT Documentary Series On #Gulen with a Great Interest. Relatively Speaking: It is good. Far better & more factual than anything produced & marketed by #Turkish Media. Also, watch @MarkHallFilm #KillingEd. #Turkey been censoring this great film exposing #Gulen.
Today, after almost 3 years since the #AttemptedTurkeyCoup many questions remain. The #Purge has been very #selective. The #media in #Turkey at its lowest & worst point historically. The “REAL” #Gulen related facts are covered-up & censored here. Why? That’s the question; no?
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This is why #YeniSafak is considered junk propaganda outlet. - - - “The people’s will, the election coup, and the ‘matter of survival’ in Turkey”…
This Front Can No Longer Milk Terrorist #Gulen (#FETO) Angle. This is the”Same” front that has actually been “Protecting” the “Real” #Gulen Network. Many in #Turkey are awakening to this fact.
#Türkiye: Artık Bu Sahte #Gülen Pisliğini mazeret olarak kullanmak taktiği sona ermiştir. #ABD ve tüm dünyada #Gülen teroristi 18 sene önce ifşa eden biri olarak bu gerçeği #Türkiyeye gelince anladım. Esas #Gülen’i koruyanlar bunlar. Manevralar sadece dış süs İçin.
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Well, THIS is quite interesting.

I saw a post where someone said the FBI Task Force for crimes against children was involved in the Jussie Smollett case.

Being very skeptical, I wanted some corroboration, but could only find this:…
In that article, there is a small blurb that Chicago police shared info with FBI agents. One agent mentioned was SA Greg Wing.
It did NOT mention anything about Crimes against children.

However, I did a search for SA Greg Wing and found something else very curious.
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#OperationGladioB: What is it? How and why was it implemented? By whom? Read My Book “The Lone Gladio” (Hardcover & #Kindle). #TheLoneGladio #SibelEdmonds
#GladioB Operasyonunun İlk Olarak #ABD’de İfşa eden bendim. Bu Operasyon nedir? Neden ve Nasıl Uygulanmakta? Kimler Tarafından Uygulanıyor? Hepsi 2014’te Amazon en çok satan kitaplar listesine giren “The Lone Gladio” kitabımda. #OperationGladioB:
Not to gloat, but read the reviews- enlightening. So glad to see that there are those who are awake- they get it. And as long as we have people like them we have “HOPE”! #OperationGladioB: The (Hardcover & #Kindle). #TheLoneGladio #SibelEdmonds
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#NewZealand: Look, I said this yesterday, and have to emphasize it strongly again today: The Timing Of #AEI Running This Piece by Michael Rubin Warning Of Attacks on “Jews” in #Turkey With #NewZealand Terrorists’ #Manifesto on #Turkey!!- - -
#NewZealand : I generally hate all the drama-based politically motivated “heightened alert” business by governments (Everywhere!)-However, if I were #Turkey government authority I’d watch out for possible #GladioOps targeting synagogues/Jewish centers here. Something may be up...
#NewZealand: This Guy has come to #Turkey several times for extended stays. He includes #Turkey & Turkish Pres. In his warnings (Manifesto). #Israel lobby’s #AEI issues this insane warning ... I’d say “Heightened Alert” In this Case: would be warranted.
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Car bomb kills 8 people in Syria’s Afrin: monitor…
And this as well: Turkey says Trump working on extraditing wanted cleric Gulen…
Inducing protests (Under Econ-Related Guise) + Synthetic Terrorism in #Kurdish Section Of #Syria + #Gulen Terror Head Extradition Talks ... Is #Turkey Being Targeted Again? If so, Who & Why?
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Important- Please Share: This #Flynn #Gulen #Turkey & #Mueller Operation Coverage From Over A Year Ago: Concocting the Flynn Scandal: Clinton-CIA-FBI Conspire & Collude in A Co... via @YouTube
#Mueller & I Go Back ... 18 Years. We covered #Flynn-#Mueller “Real Story” via Newsbud: Breaking: FBI Whistleblower Exposes Special Counsel Mueller's Conflict o... via @YouTube
From #Khashoggi PsyOp to #Flynn-#Mueller & #Gulen Exposes #Newsbud Has Always Been The Fact-Based Independent News Source With Integrity. Please Do Your Share & Support Newsbud:
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#Türkiye #Soros Tekmelenip Türkiye’den Atıldıktan Sonra, #ABD Medya Yavrularını Türkiye Aleyhine Promosyonlar için Devreye Soktu. İlk Adım #DemocracyNow Radyo-TV’den (Nede olsa Senede $1.5 Milyon #Soros Bahşişi Alıyor;-)!
O #Gülen maskelerini yeni maskelerle değiştiren #Türkiye’deki yobaz sahte medyalara bakın. Hiç birisi bunları yazmaz. Onlar #Türkiye’nin imajını bozup rezil etmekle meşgul- #Türkleri içeride birbirine saldırtıp ülke birliğini bozmak ile meşgul (Divide & Conquer!)!!
Ben bunlara (#Gülen ağı) #ABD’de 16 senedir savaş yaparken bunlar kalkmış burada, #Türkiyede bana savaş açıyor. Bana kalkmış İslam dinini saptıran Sahte Şaria vaazları verip neden “Harem” içine girip 4-karılı yaşam tarzı promosyonu yapmıyormuşum! Esas İslam & Türk Düşmanı Bunlar.
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#Khashoggi #BREAKING BIG!The Former Director Of #Turkey Intelligence Just Announced the Case as : Concoction & Operation Carried Out By #MI6-#CIA. He Also Confirmed The Shady Fiancé as Fake-Operative (Honey Trap)!Please Share & Save the Clip!!Reporting from #Turkey @sibeledmonds
Isn’t It Amazing How #US #UK MSM Quickly Picks Up & Disseminates Fake Narratives From Illegitimate Media sources in #Turkey In support of this #Khashoggi PsyOp. Yet They Censor & Blackout Bombshell News from a Legitimate (and actually with a Named Source) News Like This??!!!
Please Share This Bombshell #Breaking News in #Khashoggi PsyOp- Because, Despite This Coming (For the First Time) From an Actually “Named” Source- A Source Who Happens To Be A #Turkish General & The Former Head Of the Entire Military Intelligence In #Turkey, #MSM is Censoring It!
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For Those Ignoramus Who’ve Turned #Khashoggi into a #Saint & Been Attacking Me for Exposing “Real” Facts On Who He Was: A Multi-Face Chameleon Who Posed as Liberal-Progressive While Funded by #Soros #ArabSpring & Alcoholic, Posing as Pious #Sharia Muslim When Collecting Women
Just to be clear he was hugging two wife and one self-declared Fiancé simultaneously;-)
Here’s an example of how ignoramus wage jihadi attacks because I list facts & ask questions re:Who was #Khashoggi? Why select coverage?Why conflicting & contradicting info?For doing this, just like #Gulen operative: He calls me #CIA, anti-Islam & Just Like #Gulen Baseless Attacks
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#Breaking #Gulen: Check my reply to This tweet (Coming Up)!—- “Trump administration officials last month asked federal law enforcement agencies to examine legal ways of removing exiled Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen”… via @NBCNews
Target #Trump via #SaudiGate & #Gulen Tied Together!- Check Out the Screenshots From My #Khashoggi Coverage Pinned Thread @sibeledmonds.Weeks ago I concluded that one of the 3 Objectives in a khashoggi narration: To target #Trump, replace now fizzled #RussiaGate with #SaudiGate !
This entire Concoction on #Khashoggi-#Gulen has #CIA M.O. Signature. Again, look at what I reported on the ground, from #Turkey covering Khashoggi Case.
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#Khashoggi Case Thread: I am going to ‘pin’ this post to use it as an ‘Info Thread’ on the #Khashoggi Case. I am in #Turkey. I’ve been following the case closely and with access to sources & experts here. This is a very ‘sensitive’ criminal case due to ‘Diplomatic Booby Traps’!!!
The Evidence Obtained Outside Cameras will not show any evidence of ‘tempering’ but other than license plates of dozens of diplomatic cars (Many with tinted windows-large trunks) with related time stamp, drivers Info, model/year: Nothing.
#Turkish Intel-Investigative Bodies also have the list of all Diplomatic & Private Saudi & “other significant’ Planes in #Turkey for the period of ‘interest.’ Many of the Target airports have their own security cameras & related evidence.
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#Turkey cancelled passports of hundreds of thousands of #Turkish nationals mainly #journalists, teachers, #judges, and academics.
As #Erdogan sent a flood of requests to #InterPol, Interpol not only removed the cases from its database but also suspended the authorization of the #Turkish Interpol section to enter new filings in the system. 😂
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