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If they arrive, send them away.
1)#Netanyahu #Tlaib #Omar #Trump #Congress #Antisemites
Both are virulent antisemites & haters of the State of Israel. They support BDS Boycotts, dismiss & joke about the 9/11 attack that killed almost 3000 Americans in New York, & have made it very clear that they want Israel & Jews gone. 2) #BDS #terrorism #FromTheRiverToTheSea
Tlaib & Omar have shown support for Hamas, Hezbollah, and ISIS (Da'esh).
If allowed into Israel, where Israelis may think it is an opportunity to educate, these 2 Congress members will turn it into a circus & a platform 4 their anti-Israel agenda. 3 #Tlaib #Omar #terrorists
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The clergy behind #Iran's Islamic Republic and the #Muslim_Brotherhood have much in common ideologically—wanting a state governed by the shari'a, pan-Islamism, a hatred of the West, and antisemitism. The two developed links long before the 1979 revolution.…
Sayyid Qutb, the ideological godfather of the #Muslim_Brotherhood, met in Egypt in 1954 with Navvab Safavi, the creator of the first Islamist terror group in modern #Iran. Qutb's ideas influenced Safavi, and Safavi's followers later joined #Khomeini to carry out the revolution.
The current Supreme Leader of #Iran, Ali Khamenei, is an admirer of #Muslim_Brotherhood ideologue Sayyid Qutb's idea of a totalised Islamic state, and even translated two of Qutb's book in the years before the 1978-9 Islamist revolution in Iran.
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There is nothing peaceful about the “march of return”. In the following videos you’ll hear it from their own mouths, children, on what it’s all about. The link for the video will be at the end.

“ frighten the Jews so that they will run away. To kill Jews.”
“We will return by force, without giving up our arms”
“By force, weapons, bombs, and our unity.”
“Jerusalem is our capital and we should take it by any means”

Reminder again these are children saying all of this
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For me, as is known: the international community cares only when its interests are directly threatened.

Never ever think that the international community has moral principles.

Iran has been killing & displacing millions in the Middle East & only
the Arab coalition cares.
Iran has been spreading terrorism globally but the international community rushed to sign agreement to protect #Mullahs terrorism because the it’s Middle East people bloods.
#Iraq, #Syria #Yemen etc.

Only President Trump stood up with Arab Coalition.

Thank you Mr. President.
The terrorists #Mullahs of #Iran regime have been bragging about accusing 🇸🇦 #SaudiArabia with all planet issues in public and almost no one stood up to expose Iran evil except 🇸🇦 #SaudiArabia.

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The Trump Regime approved the transfer of #nuclear technology to #SaudiArabia seven times!

Trump is risking #War with #Iran because he states, “we just don’t want them to have nuclear weapons - not too much to ask.” 

How can Americans believe this lie?
2015 Hillary Clinton's email.

What Israel military leaders really worry about -- but cannot talk about is loosing their nuclear monopoly!

The Yinon Plan, a strategy intended to ensure Israel’s regional superiority in the Middle East that involves breaking apart the Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia & Egypt into smaller & weaker sectarian states.…
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20. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey,Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Jordan, Nato in Syria

#RegimeChange #FakeNews #FalseFlag #terrorism #SyriaInvasion #WarCrimes #CrimesAgainstChildren #CrimesAgainstHumanity
1. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Jordan, Nato in Syria 😉👇🏼
2. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Jordan, Nato in Syria 😉👇🏼
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1. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world 🤨👇🏼
2. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world🤨👇🏼…
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#THREAD. Saudi Arabia, Palestine and a cause of a nation:
1-#PALESTINE 🇵🇸 Since the 1948 UN partition plan, Saudi Arabia supported the right for an #Arab state in the #HolyLand. The Kingdom supported the Arab cause and sent its troops in #Arab-#Israeli conflicts In solitary with #Palestine cause.
2-#PALESTINE 🇵🇸 , In the 70s, an embargo was led by Saudi against countries that backed #Israel. Moreover, King Fahad led the peace project during the 1981 Arab summit. It demanded rights for the Palestinians, with a similar peace project launched by King Abdullah in 2002.
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#Breaking: Just in - A 20-year-old New Jersey man was arrested on charges for money he send to fund Hamas based militants in #Gaza, and discussed of wanting to bomb the #TrumpTower in #Manhattan in New York.
#Update: Just in - The 20 year old men from New Jersey wanting to bomb the #TrumpTower in #Manhattan in New York. Is being charged as terrorism and funding of a terrorists organisation, when he send funds to #Hamas based militants in #Gaza.
#Update: Just in - The 20 year old has live streamed a event on Instagram waving a Hamas flag, and discussing the bombing and the shooting of a Pro-Israel event on the day at #TrumpTower in #Manhattan in New York.
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The Nakba: the disaster, the catastrophe, and the shame #Nabka (1…
The anniversary of the Nakba is May 15.
"What kind of people promotes killing children, and then memorializes the murderers? 2) #Palestinians #JewHate #Antisemitism
And when wars and their terrorism failed they tried words. They tried to promote Israel as an apartheid state like South Africa. (3 #Terrorism #libels #smears #propaganda #Jewhate #InverseReality #IdentityTheft
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#MuslimBrotherhood front group thanks @stripe for depriving Patriot Prayers of income, and now challenges @GoDaddy to deprive it of an Internet existence. #CAIR #censorship
Note to @GoDaddy: You are being targeted a group that a federal court found to be tied to #HAMAS terrorists and the #MuslimBrotherhood, and an unindicted co-conspirator in a terrorist funding operation. That group’s name is #CAIR. Don’t back down to CAIR’s demands.
Note to @stripe: You caved into a request by #CAIR, an unindicted co-conspirator in an international terrorist funding effort. CAIR demanded that you de-fund a critic, and you submitted. #Stripe should not be assisting those who fund terrorism.
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THREAD. Nell'indifferenza dei media internazionali, il quotidiano Israel ha-yom ha pubblicato i possibili dettagli del "piano del secolo" di Donald Trump per porre fine alla decennale questione #Israele - #Palestina, che sarà annunciato probabilmente dopo il ramadan. Dettagli 👇
Resta la soluzione dei due stati, figlia di Oslo, con la nascita di un nuovo stato chiamato "Nuova #Palestina", sulla base di un accordo tripartito che sarà firmato tra #Israele, l'OLP e Hamas. Lo stato comprenderà striscia di Gaza e Cisgiordania, insediamenti israeliani esclusi
Fondamentale il nodo #Gerusalemme. La città non sarà divisa tra Israele e "Nuova #Palestina" ma i palestinesi che la abitano saranno cittadini del nuovo stato. Il controllo municipale resta allo stato ebraico. Le due comunità si impegnano a non acquistare case e suoli degli altri
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Mohammed Morsi pranced around Egypt proclaiming "Jihad is our path,"
He thought there was nothing better than to die in the cause of Allah

terrorists mindset?

Praised Morsi when he was elected President of Egypt.

When Morsi was deposed, the #Egyptian military discovered a treasure trove of documents linking the #Obama admin with the illegal activities of the #MuslimBrotherhood.

#Watch Uncovered MB Documents about Obama





But who was managing all of this money?

Did the Muslim Brotherhood walk around with hundreds of 1000's of $$ in their pockets?

Obama’s half brother.

According to Egyptian television!…

Hints why #Obama
Didn't fight #ISIS

$8 Billion
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Radical Islamic terror groups #Hamas & #IslamicJihad in #Gaza are *right now* firing rockets at Israeli civilians. They want to kill as many Jews in #Israel as possible.

Their propagandists & apologists will try to tell you it is Israel's fault.

A few things worth remembering:
Before Israel disengaged from Gaza - withdrawing its forces, dismantling settlements and removing its citizens- terrorists from Hamas & Islamic Jihad were busy trying to kill as many Jews as possible - like March 7 2002, when one crossed into Israel and killed 5 teenage Israelis.
Even when Israel & the PA were talking peace - terrorists from Islamic Jihad & Hamas were busy trying to kill as many Jews as possible. They explicitly wanted to stop peace talks & kill Jews. The brutal 1995 Beit Lid attack during Oslo was carried out by two terrorists from Gaza.
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Rockets are NOT missiles! Dissecting #IDF propaganda👇😡
Fatalities from rocket attacks in #Israel from the #GazaStrip, 2001–present: 23
Which came 1st? Palestinian rockets or Israeli violence⁉️
Before ANY #Rocket was EVER fired into #Israel:
From Sep to Dec 2000: 91 Children🇵🇸
*The Largest Single Cause of these Children's Deaths was Gunfire to the Head‼️…👈
#Hamas calling for the destruction of #Israel⁉️
Don't be fooled 👇😡
The Hateful Likud Charter Calls For Destruction of Any Palestinian State‼️
Bibi’s Party Charter 'flatly rejects’ #Palestine as a State:…👈LINK
Hamas Charter:…👈LINK
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1/9 Given the possibility of another major #Gaza war, I put together a quick reporter's guide for how to properly cover the #Israeli-#Palestinian conflict. I hope this will be useful not just for rookies but also old hands, who may need a refresher course.…
2/9 Reverse chronology and causality. It's crucial to lead with the #Israeli response and burry somewhere deep in the text the barrage of unprovoked #Palestinian rockets that preceded the response. Under no circumstances must the headline reflect the true course of events.
3/9 Accept unchallenged the #Palestinian casualty figures provided by the #Hamas-run #Gaza Health Ministry. This applies both to the total numbers and those alleged to be civilians. Ignore or shroud in doubt #Israeli estimates, even if later confirmed by Hamas.
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#Breaking: Just in - Reports of a massive explosion in Khan Younis in #Gaza, as #Israel air force strikes a position in the region,
#Update: The responds from #Israel came after a house got hit hit with a mortar shell in Hof Ashkelon which was directly hit earlier today by #Gaza.
#Breaking: Just in - IDF fighter jets did strike one #Hamas, and one Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror targets in the #Gaza Strip. After a barrage over 90 mortars were shelled into #Israel today, and hit one house,
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Analysis on #Gaza - #Israel situation:
1. Yesterday's violent cross-border riots were planned to escalate the situation. They resulted in 2 Palestinian deaths.
2. #Hamas proved it controls the extent of the riots after the last round.
(image Amnon Ziv) ...... >
3. Hamas is attempting to draw #Israel into a higher level of friction in order to increase its gains from the negotiations.
4. It's failures of the last year, civilian strife that continues, rift with the PA and the internal political pressures remain its core interest --->
5. #Israel is at a turning point after shots fired and wounded IDF officers. The retaliation was clear but measured.
6. #Israeli leadership, is free of elections but doesn't want an escalation before Eurovision. Hamas sees it as a bargaining chip. (Image social media)
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29/4/2003. Sixteen years ago today, I was chatting to a friend of mine Dominique (Dom) in Tel Aviv. She was excited & planning to go into business by herself. We had a talk and as she walked away, I said 'I will see you later'. That was the last time I saw Dom alive.
I'd known Dom for about 6 years. We became friends - both working with tourists around Tel Aviv. We knew the same people, went to the same places. When 'Mike's Place'- a new live blues bar opened on the beachfront in 2001, she went to work there.
That Tuesday evening was 'jam night' at Mike's Place and it was busy. Just after midnight, two men approached the bar - Avi Tabib, the security guard became suspicious- there was a struggle, an 'alluha akbar' and then an explosion. It was a suicide bomb attack
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NO: 1
@SecPompeo: On #SriLanka, radical #Islamic terrorism remains a threat. The President & I have been very clear on this. #ISIS has been weakened, yet this evil continues in our world. Our coalition is committed to defeat this terrorism.
#IranRegimeChange #USA
NO: 2
@SecPompeo: Any country not abiding by these sanctions will be sanctioned.
The President & I have had conversations & we're confident they will provide the oil needed for the world market.
The waivers will expire on May 2. No #exemptions.
#IranRegimeChange #USA
NO: 3
@SecPompeo: U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo:
Every Iranian (regime) leader including @HassanRouhani & @JZarif has accepted the fundamental nature of this regime. Therefore, in our view, there is no logic behind the moderate/hardliner distinctions
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👇😡@realDonaldTrump's "DEAL OF THE CENTURY"‼️
#Palestine - Plan to make #Apartheid & Settler Colonialism Official
Special #US Envoy/#Israel 1ster #JasonGreenblatt said to Sky News Arabic that a 'two states' solution means different things to diff. people.…
Zionist Puppet,@realDonaldTrump is a con-artist
#RussiaGate⁉️It's always been #IsraelGate😡Doh!

Birthright American Jewish youth visiting #Israel were given maps that COMPLETELY ERASED #Palestine, inc the #WestBank — one traveller called it into question
"Two-State Solution"👇😡It's always been a farce to enable Israel to claim #Democracy while keeping #Palestinians in Ghettos, denying even their basic #HumanRights‼️
Settlements thread: 1/21 From the very beginning #Israel planned to usurp #Palestine.
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In 2009, #CAIR was listed as an "unindicted co-conspirator" in the largest #terrorist #fundraising operation in the history of the #USA, known as the #HolyLandFoundation to be To be cont...
.#TheHolyLandFoundation (#HLF) was the largest Islamic charity in the USA & headquartered in #Richardson, #Texas.
Founded in 1989 by #PalestinianAmericans:
Mousa Mohammed
Abu Marzook
*it was originally known as #OccupiedLandFund
The 2008 trial of HLF was the "largest terrorism financing prosecution in US history" for among other things, funneling $12mil+ to #Hamas a US #DesignatedTerroristOrg
A jury found all defendants guilty on all counts & sentenced 15-65yrs
*The defendants were also HLF’s founders.
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#IsraelElections2019 #GolanHeights
Israel #sovereignty must prevail over all the Israeli territory with no exception! It's the only way to protect innocent Israelis from being slaughtered +Israeli land from being stolen by #Hamas

#Israel creates

Hamas moans kills begs for money
Fascinating talk this morning with Rabbi Professor Jeffrey Woolf. What's going on with American Jewry vis a vis Israel?
#IsraelElections2019 #Israel #USA #Jewry…
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