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What a total reframing of what actually happened to try to damage @KamalaHarris.
#Biden raised the issue of segregation.
#Booker---WHO IS BLACK---asked for an apology.
Biden doubled down and claimed Booker should apologize to him.
This went on over a week before the debate as #Biden's history was revealed by journalists like me.
In the debates Biden lost badly to #Harris when he couldn't address his own record.
Biden's numbers plummeted, Harris's rose.
Then Biden went on CNN to attack Harris.
Chris Cuomo gave #Biden TWO WHOLE SHOWS to attack #Harris with no pushback. Biden claimed he was "blindsided" by Harris, who commented on the issue Biden raised 10days earlier.
Biden revealed all his terrible policy ideas he never talks about & also attacked progressive WOC.
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Here we go now. Anons have been calling #dyncorp "#DINEcorp" for almost 2 years...
This would mean that both #dyncorp & #epstein were flying w/ #diplomaticimmunity under the #clinton #statedepartment. Which would obviously be clear 2 the GLOBAL INTEL COMMUNITY (complicit in silence), helo =/= plane. Appreciate vastness of the criminality yet? #trafficKINGS
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Just watched #ACapitolFourth. It was everything Trump's authoritarian event was not: Diverse entertainment (including Muppets singing G-d Bless America). #JohnStamos saying cool things about America. Vanessa Williams singing #AmericaTheBeautiful. Sousa. Fireworks. #July4thPBS
#AmericaTheBeautiful was written by #KatherineLeeBates, a #lesbian professor at #WellesleyCollege--alma mater of my mother and #HillaryClinton.

Bates was partnered for 30yrs with #KatharineComan, who founded the economics school at Wellesley.
#KatherineLeeBates wrote #AmericaTheBeautiful for #FourthofJuly.
My favorite line "mend thine every flaw" "thy liberty in law." Our #Constitution is meant to grow and breathe and fix what is wrong with this nation.
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@rlefraim wrote, "I REALLY HATE HYPOCRISY

#electionmeddling #internationally
#Hypocrisy #election
Yes, Russians tried to interfere in a US election in 2016, by using social media and by planting phony stories.
2) #Russia #socialmedia #phonystories #Hillary #HillaryClinton
If you look at what was planted, it is clear they wanted #HillaryClinton to be elected POTUS, because what was planted followed the left’s agenda of convincing the voters that Trump & the “right” was going to divide Americans & that #Trump was all sorts of #Negative things. 3)
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1. Wickedness in High Places watch 👉🏿 #Qanon #Evil #SkullAndBones #ThesePeopleAreSick
2. Wickedness in High Places watch 👉🏿 #Qanon #Evil #SkullAndBones #ThesePeopleAreSick
3. Wickedness in High Places watch 👉🏿 #Qanon #Evil #SkullAndBones #ThesePeopleAreSick
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Establishment Turned Against @TulsiGabbard👇TIMELINE
Nov 2015
- Criticized Pres. Obama Strategy Removing Assad from Power
- Criticizing the Head of the #DNC for Leaving her & other Com. Members out of the Debates Schedule
Feb 28, 2016 Endorsed #BernieSanders
Jan 26, 2017 #Syria
The Civil Beat Poll - May 24, 2018
Civil Beat Poll: @TulsiGabbard Is Hawaii’s Most Popular Politician
Only former President Obama gets higher marks than the Hawaii congresswoman.

#Tulsi2020🌺#TulsiGabbard @TulsiPress #Hawaii…
Before the Establishment Turned on #TulsiGabbard for Standing Firm Against #US' Regime Change Strategy in #Syria
2013 VOGUE ISSUE 👇Glowing Editorial Full of Praise
Making a Splash: Is Tulsi Gabbard the Next Democratic Party Star?…
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Excellent Read... The NXIVM Trial was just one small part of a very big goes deep & ties to Elites going back decades! #NXIVM, #KeithRaniere, #HillaryClinton, #Seagrams, #MuslimBrotherhood & #TheCabal Explained #Pedogate #GreatAwakening…
People must be getting nervous about TRUTH & Lawsuits coming out?
Hillary Clinton’s NXIVM connection emerges, validating whistleblower claims…
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How is this not disqualifying on its face?
Eastland never called #Biden "boy" because he wasn't black. I guarantee you he called black men "boy" and worse.
Why are we on a nostalgia tour of the Jim Crow era with Biden?
This is as terrible as #Biden's stance on abortion, his assurances that Pence and Cheney are actually really nice guys and that #AnitaHill should just get over herself already.
My parents--Biden's generation-- were Civil Rights workers. Talmadge and Eastland who #Biden invoked with fondness tonight, were notorious. These were not names to drop with nostalgia. These men were purveyors of white supremacy. They were no different than Trump. Just smarter.
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@Alyssa_Milano Why #Hillary paying for the #SteeleDossier as #OppositionResearch “dirt” was technically legal, but #tRump taking opposition research “dirt” for free (IF it had demonstrable value) from a foreign “adversary” was technically illegal.… #SplittingFakeHairs
@Alyssa_Milano If he hasn’t yet resigned and fled to Russia, #tRump won’t need to resort to “free” foreign #OppositionResearch against the Democratic opponent next year. The Democrats will have provided millions of dollars of “paid-for dirt” during the primaries.… #DNC
@Alyssa_Milano Don't bother saying #HillaryClinton has too many enemies to win the next #POTUS election. All wannabe Democrat candidates have potential enemies waiting to hate them when they hear about them for the first time. #Hillary already knows who hers are.… #DNC
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1.On his financial disclosure report, #Barr notes that he earned anywhere from $5,001 to $15,000 in dividends from the #VectorGroup

#Barr #Russia #MuellerInvestigation
2.#VectorGroup´s President is Howard Lorber who brought #Trump to #Moscow in the 1990s to seek investment projects there. The trip is widely seen as the first of many attempts to establish a #TrumpTower in #Moscow.

#Barr #Russia #MuellerInvestigation
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#Biden slumps, #Buttigieg soars, tied with #Sanders and #Warren, #Harris next in benchmark #Iowa poll…
Critical point here is that the MSM is claiming that #Sanders "came within a handful of votes" of #HillaryClinton, when he lost in a landslide of 4M votes, 1k pledged delegates (not SDs) and a dozen states.
This false narrative harms #Sanders--it's meant to highlight how badly he's doing in 2020 and prop up #Biden. But Sanders is actually doing better than in 2016. There are just more players. And Biden is being replaced by a younger centrist, #Buttigieg.
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I have been trying to get answers from top tier candidates for several months on their stance on #disability. #HillaryClinton had broad policy & #disabled people on her team in 2016. ONE in FOUR Americans has a disability. We are THE largest minority in America.
For those who need a template for a candidate on #disability, here was #HillaryClinton in 2016. We should expand on that, not move backwards.…
And there is #HillaryClinton's archived policy, which included #autism, #Alzheimers, #disabilityrights, #mentalhealth, universal healthcare for all, #HIV/#AIDS, paid medical leave, Social Security and Medicare protections, addictions & substance abuse.
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This is exactly why Hillary lost. #Democrats put out fake poll numbers, making media had them. Later while reading #fakenews they started to believe those numbers. They dropped their guard. The lever to release the fraudulent votes failed. Afterwards, #Democrats scrambled
2/ on both coasts to add votes they said they “found uncounted,” or ballots filled in fraudulently by a third party. But the election was over. #HillaryClinton had been beaten as fairly as can happen when the computer system is controlled by Soros software in 36-38 states.
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Thread 5.31.2019!!
Good Morning Family!!
Here’s My Life, Lord!!
Romans 12:1 Present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God!

#Surrender #LivingForHim
President Trump and General Flynn’s current Twitter banners!!
#QAnon #TwitterBanners
@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
In case you wondered, as time permits I add Q drops that match the deltas (time between tweets) & timestamps on President Trump’s Tweets as a way to re_read drops & to see if they are deliberate on POTUS part, possibly pointing to a specific drop. Sometimes they seem to be! 😊
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👇😡@charliearchy, writer of the @HuffPost hit-piece about Niko to smear @TulsiGabbard, a regime-change aficionado who has devoted years of his life to attacking the anti-war left, is a serial liar
Read this article by Ben Norton from @GrayzoneProject:…👈🤨
The dishonesty was so clear that #GlennGreenwald publicly spoke out. The Pulitzer Prize-winning journo wrote,“Even for him, what @charliearchy did in manipulating that screen grab to delete the key info of the exchange was shockingly deceitful”👇
Not surprising @TulsiGabbard is being smeared by👇😡👉@charliearchy, who claims to be a journo & frequently contributes to @thedailybeast, owned by IAC, & #ChelseaClinton SITS ON THEIR BOARD OF DIRECTORS, is gifted in the art of fabricating ludicrous lies.…
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Charging Julian Assange Under the Espionage Act Is an Attack on the First Amendment…
The irony in this indictment is #HillaryClinton would never have done this. So #Assange's (misogyny-driven) decision to take a giant step to the right and work with Putin to elect Trump has backfired horribly.
Having spent three years covering the #Manning case, it was always my contention that #Assange manipulated Manning to get the documents, and my in-depth research on that case underscores that.
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11. Holocaust in Yemen caused by US, France, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAEmirates, Israel, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Senegal, Sudan, Qatar, Morocco, Canada, Australia, Germany
#Yemen #CrimesAgainstHumanity #WarCrime #Holocaust #YemenCantWait #YemenHolocaust #WorldHypocrisy
1. Holocaust in Yemen caused by US, France, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAEmirates, Israel, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Senegal, Sudan, Qatar, Morocco, Canada, Australia, Germany 🤨👇🏼…
2. Holocaust in Yemen caused by US, France, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAEmirates, Israel, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Senegal, Sudan, Qatar, Morocco, Canada, Australia, Germany 🤨👇🏼…
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Like what she and her friends did about Benghazi (2
#Pelosi #Benghazi
Like What they have done to hide Hillary Clinton's illegal server and obstruction of justice by destroying evidence. 2) #HillaryClinton
#ObstructionOfJustice #illegalserver #bleachbit #destructionofevidence
Like how Obama colluded with Russia by promising he would be more flexible after reelected - in exchange for what, we can only guess. #Obama #Russia #flexibility
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This is sick👇😡@neeratanden's McCarthyist smears of @TulsiGabbard, a major in the national guard, and Congresswoman with higher security vetting than any of the candidates, a veteran who has literally put her life on the line to defend this country, losing friends in the process
President of the Center for American Progress (#CAP) & @TulsiGabbard's smear-merchant, Neera Tanden👇🤨
On Mar 26, 2019, during #AIPAC’s festivities, #NeeraTanden & the #Israel lobby held another event at the offices of the Center for American Progress.…👈
#NeeraTanden's other donors👇
On issues related to the M.E, #CAP has worked hand-in-hand with reps of #SaudiArabia & the #UAE. Who have increasingly relied on funding think tanks like CAP as part of their lobbying efforts in Washington.

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#AbigailFillmore created the WH library.
#EdithWilson basically served as POTUS after Woodrow had a stroke.
#EleanorRoosevelt desegregated the WH, was on the board of #NAACP, helped create the UN, and was the first chairman of the UN Human Rights Commission.
#BeBest 1/
#JackieKennedy restored and refurbished the WH and was a style icon.
#BettyFord fought for the #ERA and abortion rights, raised awareness for both breast cancer and addiction.
#RosalynCarter attended all Cabinet meetings and advocated for mental health awareness.
#BarbaraBush raised awareness about literacy.
#HillaryClinton was head of the Task Force on National Health Care Reform and created #CHIP. Her speech on women's rights as human rights at Beijing was an international sensation. She also won a Grammy while in the WH.
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Alamoudi was (is?) one of the top #MuslimBrotherhood operatives in the US. He set up the Iftar dinners & Muslim military chaplains under the Clinton administration; #Bush43 welcomed his operatives into the US government after 9/11, setting the stage for what we have today.
Early photo of #MuslimBrotherhood operative and future convicted Alamoudi (third from left) with a more youthful #HillaryClinton.
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Instead of having a woman or POC candidate on @ThisWeekABC, it was @BernieSanders AGAIN. But he DID weigh in on women & POC:
ABC: #CoryBooker says he will name a woman as his running mate, will you make the same pledge?
BERNIE: I would give very serious consideration to that.
ABC: Person of color?
BERNIE: I think it's premature. It would be silly to make that statement right now.

Premature? Sanders has intimated he'd choose Nina Turner for four years. She may be surprised to hear this as she dumped Hillary for Bernie to rise through his ranks.
In 2016 Sanders claimed he and #HillaryClinton disagreed "on most things" although they had a 97% same voting record in the Senate and were both ranked in the top ten most progressive senators. He refuses to say this about Biden, with whom he has only 82% same voting record.
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This thread epitomizes the problems male pundits who were wrong in 2016 have with self-awareness of their fault in mischaracterizing #HillaryClinton through their own misogynist lens.

Biden wishes he had Hillary's acumen, focus or actual progressive bona fides. He does not.
While #HillaryClinton has decades of groundbreaking work for women & POC on her resume, that includes working undercover to expose racism in the schools & working for the Children's Defense Fund, Biden had a wholly different history.(See @rtraister's brilliant piece on Biden.)
Biden wishes he were Hillary 2.0-- was somehow the history-making candidate she was rather than the guy who despite having money and name-recognition, never generated enough excitement in his 1984, 1988 & 2008 runs to get out of Iowa. HRC won the popular (real) vote in 2016.
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