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Pakistan welcomes the re-election of India PM Narendra Modi to a second term. He makes Indian history. In this #thread, I explain why Islamabad is pleased to see #Modi win & how a historic opportunity emerges to resolve #Kashmir, make peace./1
Ahmed Quraishi @AQpk #AhmedQuraishi
During the dogfight over #Kashmir skies in Feb 2019, when a #Pakistan-#India nuclear war became a possibility, unprecedented international diplomatic intervention diffused tensions & averted war. But unlike previous crises, many things changed this time. One: world listened to
#Pakistan this time instead of just listening to #India. The 6-times smaller country was always smothered under the attention that India received globally. This time, #NewDelhi overreached, crossed int'l borders to conduct airstrike inside Pak. Strike failed, pilot captured.
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13 Reasons Why India?

Hello World,

If you are currently thinking about which country you should be doing business with/in the world? Your answer is India 🇮🇳

[Thread] 👇👇👇

#IndianElections2019 #Business #India
1. We still have the youngest English speaking workforce. Yes, our population needs jobs & you can cut a sweet deal.

2. Our population needs manufacturing jobs to pull the lower income into the middle-income. Poverty eradication is helpful for the whole of the world.
3. We have the best minds in the service industry and you can see our stalwarts running some of the most profitable companies in the world like Google, Microsoft etc.

4. Our Fintech is second to none. If you doubt this please read about UPI in India.

#IndianElections2019 #India
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Thread on some #KeyTakeaways from #LokSabhaElections2019 results:
1. There was always a #Modi wave but the #LeLi Commentariat insisted it was an undercurrent against Modi and #BJP.
2. Losses in Rajasthan, MP and Chhattisgarh in 2018 were an aberration and not a trend. 1/n
3. Vote transfers do not happen between historically hostile parties. Anticipated vote transfer did not happen in #UP. SP-BSP #MahaGathBandhan was nonstarter.
4. Never mind the bunk peddled by pop political analysts. #India would prefers Government with single-party majority. 2/n
5. Mamata Banerjee underestimated Hindu backlash to her brazen Muslim appeasement and pandering to illegal Bangladeshi immigrants.
6. She overestimated the ability of party goons to strike fear among voters. It took 34 years for LF to unravel; TMC less than 10 years. 3/n
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In initial interview before reaching ambulance, @MsNazContractor, playing the Muslim councilwoman whom Detective Carisi (@PeterScanavino) has already informed us is famous for anti-Semitic remarks, tells him & Detective Rollins (@KelliGiddish) that "those people" are responsible
for her assault. Thus, she confirms her antisemitism. The councilwoman is an barely concealed stand-in for Ilhan Omar, a representative to the US House of Representatives from Minnesota's 5th District. @nbcsvu @SVUWritersRoom
Min 0458: A reporter asks Chief Dodds (@petergallagher): "Councilwoman Nasar is an on-the-record anti-Semite. Can you comment?" Chief Dodds doesn't contradict the reporter's assertion, thus implicitly confirming it.
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India (Bhārat), aka Republic of India (Bhārat Gaṇarājya) constitutes a mosaic of paradoxes and contradictions starting with the existence of gigantic socio-economic disparities which are in sharp contrast with the spectacular technological development in most productive sectors.
Such contradictions reflect significant measurement discrepancies which, in India's case, could be on the order of hundreds of millions of people.
Furthermore, there is the problem of Islamic terrorists, who are trained abroad and find easy fuel in the contradictions within it.
Finally, there’s agriculture which, by some estimates, accounts for 90% of India’s water consumption. Farmers meet irrigation demands by indiscriminately extracting groundwater, which some say accounts for a quarter of the world’s groundwater usage.
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#India wants to use advanced #Israeli defense technology but is unable to use it properly, which frustrates the #Israelis. The SPICE 2000 system that #Indian airforce used in its botched Feb. 26 violation of #Pakistani airspace hit trees. A bad demo for a good Israeli product.
#Israel should give the SPICE 2000 to #Pakistan. We can make a better demo of the weapon system in action than #India airforce did on Feb. 26.
An Israeli source tells @Office_AQPk without attribution in response to this tweet: "SPICE 2000 is available to some international buyers. The scope for Pakistan acquiring this system is immense and open."

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#Thread Family Doctors (Primary Care) Vs Speciality Care in #India
A few weeks ago, in response to a different thread ( ) there was a comment from @spinesurgeon that we need family physicians. (1/31)
Another comment in that thread by @VaradhKrish referred to the issue of patients going directly to specialists, bypassing primary care doctors. (2/31)
The problem of patients going to specialists directly, rather than to primary care/family doctors first and then being referred by them to specialists is one that requires a more in-depth analysis. (3/31)
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A revival of Pakistan-US strategic partnership. Situation in Afghanistan, Asia, and Gulf is leading to this. This is a chance for both to repair ties. Islamabad can regain influence lost after Cold War. #Thread by #AhmedQuraishi @AQpk
It is important for US interests in the region & for Pakistani interests that these two countries revive their strategic coop on equal footing ASAP. The US & PK, who won in Afghan war four decades ago, are on the retreat today thanks to regional players pushing a US & Pak defeat.
#Iran & #India have revived their 30yo plan of pulling Afghanistan out of American influence & failing Trump's Afg peace/pullout project. New Delhi & Tehran are working to end any Pakistani role in Afg peacemaking. #Chabahar is a key component of this project, and so is scuttling
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Despite all the tough rhetoric, #Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic, tells top political & military officials in a religious-type meeting an hour ago in #Tehran that #Iran does not want a war with #America.

Nothing surprising here. The ayatollahs long abandoned the slogan Great Satan for the #US and actively sought strong ties with #Washington under #Obama WH. In #Afghanistan & #Iraq, the #IRGC & Gen. Soleimani quietly cooperated with US military & intelligence, until recently.
In return, again under #Obama WH, the #US turned a blind eye as #Iran/#IRGC/#Hezbollah expanded influence from #Nigeria to #Malaysia, thru #Yemen/#Gulf, and hosted elements of #Taliban+#AlQaeda as guests inside Iran, but without allowing them to be operational.
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Graphic 18+
#Pakistan releases pictures from PC Hotel in #Gwadar, 3 terrorists killed but bodies held for identification. Max effort was made to capture them alive to know where they came from. Sea is likelier route but unconfirmed yet. #India #Afghanistan #ChabaharTerrorNetwork
There are only two places where the #Gwadar attack terrorists came from: Iran and Afghanistan. In both cases, #Indian representative offices in #Zahedan, #Chabahar, and #Kandahar are suspects. @AQpk

#India #Iran #Afghanistan #ChabaharTerrorNetwork
1 #Pakistan Navy soldier killed, 2 Army captains & two Navy soldiers injured. This is the second attack & casualties of Pakistan Armed Forces soldiers in less than a month. Last attack was in #Ormara, where militants from #Iran executed 14 Pak soldiers. #India #Iran #Chabahar
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"Endgame" -- May 11, 2019
Operation Disclosure…

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)
The Earth Alliance's plan to collapse the fiat debt-based financial system is nearly complete.

These plans were in the making after the events of 9/11 and were set in motion after the collapse of 2008.
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TRUMP & GIULIANI just broadcast to the entire planet they are looking for foreign help to win the next election. 🇮🇷 #IRAN, If You're Listening... WHY SHOULD GIULIANI HAVE ALL THE FUN?
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Prime Minister of #India Mr. #Modi blames the botched #Indian airstrike inside #Pakistan that hit trees, the downing of two Indian airforce jets, one Indian pilot captured by Pakistan, on "bad weather"! He gave a TV interview tonight. #BJP tweeted this 3hrs ago then deleted it.
BREAKING #India's military planners advised PM #Modi against the botched airstrike inside #Pakistan on Feb. 26 where trees were bombed in a 'precision strike'. But Modi said "I suggested clouds could actually help our planes escape radars!"
BREAKING | #Modi's admission in a TV interview that he overruled his military advisers & that he gave a bad advise on using clouds to dodge #Pakistan radars makes him responsible for the single biggest military blunder & embarrassment in #India in recent years. @AQpk
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#Breaking: Just in - A Air #France airplane has gone off the radar and is reported missing after making and declaring an emergency call while flying over #Iran airspace. Developing...
#Update: Just in - The airplane of Air #France had been taken of from #Parisi in France, after a emergency call had been made over the airspace in #Iran, and went into landing towards a airport where it then had gone missing from of the radar. #AirFrance
#Breaking: Just in - Air France spokesperson confirms on a statement that the plane of flight #AF218 from #Paris to #Mumbai made an safe emergency landing in #Isfahan International Airport, East of #Iran "for security reasons".
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With #US sanctions on #Iran, this is the time for #Pakistan to squeeze #Tehran on #IRGC's destabilization inside Pak+alliance with #India in #Afghanistan+#Chabahar. #Islamabad should leverage IRGC's use of Pakistani markets/ports for smuggling and evading
#US sanctions. #Pakistan should not look away this time as it did during #Iran-#Iraq war in 80s when #IRGC used Pak facilities to dodge sanctions. Let's remember how the Pasdaran, who are #India's allies in Iran, bluntly threw Dr AQ Khan under the bus in 2003 creating the biggest
crisis for #Pakistan's nuclear program, and how #Iran joined #India diplomats in openly lobbying #China to end #CPEC part of #BRI bcz "#Balochistan is not safe" while sponsoring terrorism to ensure #Beijing changes its mind. This is the moment to isolate
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#Shias and #Ahmadis led the #Pakistan movement to vivisect #India.
#Jinnah, a Shia, led the riotous partition and was Pak's 1st GovGen.
Zafarullah Khan, an Ahmadi, headed Muslim League in 1932 and was Pak's 1st Foreign Minister.
Both sects are hounded now.…
Since 1974, when #Pakistan declared #Ahmadis as non #Muslims and began to punish them for calling their places of worship a mosque, they've become global refugees.
#Shias, declared heretic by Wahabi militias like SeS, are routinely hunted in their mosques, pilgrimages and events.
#NamaSudras of Bengal, under Scheduled Castes Federation led by Jogendra Nath Mandal, were also the founders of #Pakistan
Mandal became Pak's 1st Law Minister.
Soon these hapless dalits faced riots, rapes and conversion.
Mandal quit in 1950, came to India.…
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These Top 10 Weapon Systems signed under #NarendraModi will give slepless nights for both #Pakistan and #China .Massive Update - 2019 . #India is on Beast Mode #IndianArmy #IndianNavy #IndianAirforce #Ind4Ever ...

Share your thoughts below 💪🇳🇪

In 2012 : Fake seculars and Fake News - #Modi is dangerous to #India.
In 2013 #Pakistan - Good if #NarendraModi get elected he will be disaster
In 2015 - Can #Modi handle #Pakistan?
In 2019 - @narendramodi is a nightmare for #PakistanArmy #China 😂 media

#China and #Pakistan are seriously worried about these news weapon deals signed by #NarendraModi Number 1 #AK203 : 750000 units of made in India will be produced. To modernize the security forces who are guarding the Indian borders.#Indian gov has hastened the process.
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See how @YouTube is getting involved in political process of #India under the garb of "fact check"

1. I searched for BJP in YouTube
2. On top of results page,a "fact check" by @TheQuint appeared which 'demolishes' some prediction about @BJP4India
3. Surprised I looked for more..
There is no option for general public to counter this biased and targeted "fact check" promoted by @YouTube , it asks users to contact @TheQuint

This is ridiculous!

I strongly feel not just party media managers @amitmalviya but people like @manakgupta @ShefVaidya must see this
Such actions hint at the level of engagement by several foreign players which are hell bent on playing with the thought process of India Voters. I will be writing to the EC about this and it's impact on voters if unchecked.

Request @muglikar_ @Abhina_Prakash @shivsBHARAT to see
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#Samosa ,a very popular dish in India was actually originated in middle East.
Abolfazl Beyhaqi (995-1077) an #Iranian historian mentioned it in his book" Tarikh-e Beyhaghi"
It was introduced to the #Indian subcontinent in the 13th or 14th century by traders from #CentralAsia.
#Samosa A dish with a savoury filling, such as spiced #potatoes, onions, peas, or lentils.
It may take different forms, including triangular, cone, or half-moon shapes, depending on the region.
The #Indian style, often accompanied by a chutney, is probably the most widely-known
The word #Samosa
समोसा /Urdu سموسہ )
can be traced to the #persian #sanbosag ( سنبوساگ)
The #pastry's name in other countries can also derive from this root, such as the crescent-shaped #Sanbusak or sanbusaj in the #Arab world. Or
"#Sambosa" in #Afghanistan
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#India might cause the collapse our economy as the #US did with the #USSR- #Alarm bells are ringing.We have no choice but to #beg.I fear starvation, #poverty and unemployment.” Dr #KaiserBengali, Dean of Science and Tech in #Karachi Warned #Pakistan 😏🇵🇰
Pak Economy dead!
2: Dr Bengali, a former advisor for Planning and Development to the Chief Minister of #Sindh province, spoke yesterday at a hotel in #Lahore at the launching of his research titled State of the Economy 1990-2015; Economy on a Roller Coaster –And Stuck in the Mud
3: #Pakistan’s economy over a quarter of a century, examined three sectors: major crops, minor crops and large-scale manufacturing.
“Average #GDP growth of 4 per cent cannot be expected to raise the per capita income sufficiently to reduce poverty,” the study states.
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PM #ImranKhan conducts effective+innovative visit of 'Religious Diplomacy' to #Iran. #Tehran's role in #India's policy of containing #Pakistan & role of groups using Pak soil agst Iran, loom large. My observations in this #Thread./1 #AhmedQuraishi @AQpk
Four main questions emerge from #Pakistan PM #ImranKhan's #Iran visit:
1. Are #Pakistani groups committing terror in #Iran?

2. Will #IRGC stop terrorism inside Pakistan?

3. Are Pakistan & Iran equally responsible?

4.Was PM's visit helpful?


#Thread by #AhmedQuraishi @AQpk
Fact: There are no #Pakistani groups committing terrorism in #Iran. All #Iranian groups run by Iranian citizens who move across Ir/Pk/Af border triangle. No state effectively controls this area. Main hideouts of Iranian grps are inside Iran, supported by Iranian citizens /3
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Dear @Uber_India
I have observed that some Uber Drivers in Pune have the habit of speaking on mobile phones while driving.
Please stop this dangerous practice.
@Uber_Support @Uber

#Uber #Pune #Ethics
Uber must intruct its drivers not to speak on mobile phones while driving.
They have long personal conversations on mobile phone with friends/relatives throughout the journey.
Request @Uber_India to stop this dangerous practice
@Uber_Support @Uber
#Uber #Pune
It is not the duty of customers to educate Uber Drivers that they must not speak on mobile phones while driving.
Uber must ensure that Uber Drivers follow Road Safety Rules
Uber must train Uber Drivers in Road Safety and Traffic Discipline
#Uber #Pune #Ethics
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