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The nationwide strike by the teachers takes place as truck drives wage their own strike & the bazaar is protesting. The main problem is the Supreme Leader & the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corp (#IRGC) as they steal the wealth of the entire nation. Thus people call for #FreeIran
The teachers' strike is taking place, in addition to Capital Tehran, in Isfahan, Shiraz, Karaj, Ahvaz, Kermanshah, Bushehr, Hamedan, Sanandaj, Ilam, Ardebil, Baneh, Saqez, Babol, Sari, Yazd & Marivan to name a few. #Iranian_teachers_on_strike is the expansion of #IranUprising.
In many cities in #Iran, such as Isfahan and Shiraz, the students have joined the teachers in support of their demands. In some cities, like Sanandaj, the parents of the students have joined the teachers' strike. #Iranian_teachers_on_strike
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August 2- #Isfahan (Shahpur district) central #Iran
Protesters gathering for today's rally
ُThey are chanting:
"No fear, we're all together."
August 2- #Isfahan (Shahpur district) central #Iran
large number of security units dispatched to quell protesters.
Fearing Isfahan Protests erupting again today
August 2- #Isfahan (Shahpur district) central #Iran
First groups of protesters & demonstrators setting tires on fire.
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1⃣July 2 -Karaj, west of Tehran, #Iran
The municipality burned down a local small market by the name of "Golshahr". where many people were selling goods to make ends meet.
Following this brutal act, People are protesting & attacking security forces.
2⃣June 2- #Karaj #Iran
The burned "Golshahr" market where many people had small stores to sell their goods. The city municipality sought to close this area & finally resorted to burning the place down as people refused to close their shops.
More reason for #IranUprising
3⃣June 2- #Karaj #Iran
Image of the local Golshahr market set ablaze by municipality authorities.
This is the situation of the people in the rule of mullahs
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1⃣June 30 Khorramshahr, SW #Iran Today
Locals demonstrating for the second day, protesting poor water quality.
Protesters chanting:
"We will not succumb to humiliation"
#Iranprotests #FreeIran2018
2⃣June 30 #Abadan, SW #Iran
Abadan also joint to Khorramshahr
Protesters chanting:
"Our enemy is right here; they lie & say its America"
This is the people's answer to the regime's ridiculous "Death to America" chants.
@nikkihaley @Appsame @ClareMLopez @MPPregent @RJBrodsky
3⃣June 30_ #Abadan, SW #Iran
Protesters are booing & forcing riot police to leave the scene out of their fear of confronting the angry crowd.
Interesting is how people are overcoming their fears and no longer tolerating such measures.
#Iranprotests continue
@FoxNews @AP
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Khamenei Wild Animals under the name of Ethical or moral Police do like this with Iranian girls and women every day. What do you think the response of these criminals is?
Pls share
#FreeIran #Iran #HumanRights
A painful scene!...
The mullahs regime have turned Iran to a hell for Iranian women
These measures will lead to the Iranian Uprising.
#FreeIran #Regimechange
This is the regime forces brutal behavior with the people of #Iran
Accepting Zarif is tantamount to legitimizing the suppression of the #Iranian,s #women.
#IranProtests #RegimeChange #FreeIran
@realDonaldTrump @nikkihaley @StateDept @usmissiongeneva @statedeptspox
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March 10 - Varzaneh, central #Iran
More incoming footage of farmers continuing their protests today, demanding their plundered water resources.
March 10 - Varzaneh, central #Iran
More incoming footage of farmers launching a major rally demanding their plundered water resources.
"Incompetent officials, shame on you"
March 10 - Varzaneh, central #Iran
More incoming footage of farmers continuing their protests today, demanding their plundered water resources.
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1) We are now in the endgame for the Iran regime. The people have finally figured it out. Protests, strikes, attacking IRGC banks, and now, full withdrawal of their savings. They're INTENTIONALLY creating bank runs. #IranProtests #IranUprising
2) See, NORMALLY, bank runs are mob mentality. One bank which is a complete fuck-up runs out of cash. That bank collapses. Suddenly, people believe that ALL the banks are in danger, and start withdrawing their money in mass.
3) That's not happening here. Iranian banks were already in dire straights, and several government or IRGC-owned banks had collapsed at one point or another, screwing investors and depositors out of millions.
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Activists posting video of people rushing to banks, such as this Bank Melli, demanding their money as there is word of #Iran's state banks possibly going bankrupt.
#IranUprising is kicking in, terrifying the ruling regime.
Jan 30 - Rasht, N #Iran
Investors demanding their money back from the IRGC-affiliated Caspian credit firm, chanting "Hidden hands, where is our money?"
#IranProtests continue.
Jan 30 - Borujerd, W #Iran
Municipality workers rallying & protesting not receiving their paychecks for the past 8 months.
#IranProtests continue.
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Activists posting this image of Vida Movahed, the brave woman who took off her scarf in public during #IranProtests in Tehran's Enghelab (Revolution) Avenue. She was arrested & has disappeared. Demands are raised from #Iran officials about her whereabouts.
Help spread the word.
Amnesty has called for #Iran to 'immediately and unconditionally release' Vida Movahed.
#VidaMovahed, known in #Iran as the "Enghelab Avenue Girl," risked her life to be the voice of all the oppressed women under the mullahs' misogynist and reactionary rule.
Join us in raising our voice: #Where_Is_She
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Poverty, resulting from the mullahs' destructive economic policies, is forcing the homeless to resort to such conditions, sleeping in carton boxes in #Tehran's parks...
This is #Iran under the mullahs' rule...
More reason for #IranProtests #IranUprising #تظاهرات_سراسرى
Tabriz, NW #Iran
Activists reporting how poverty is forcing the homeless, with their children, to sit in streets next to the snow in freezing cold winter temperatures...
This is Iran under the mullahs' rule...
More reason for #IranProtests #IranUprising #تظاهرات_سراسرى
Jan 18 - Karaj, W of #Tehran, #Iran
Activist says an old woman sleeps in the streets in the winter cold, with a small can begging bystanders for money.
This is Iran under the mullahs' rule, with an ocean of oil & gas...
More reason for #IranProtests #IranUprising #تظاهرات_سراسرى
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You will be able to stay home, my man.
You will be able to boot up, log on and tweet out.
You will be able to lose yourself on Xanax
and check the latest Hollywood pervert outting.
But the revolution will not be televised

#IranUprising #IranProtests
The revolution will not be brought to you by McDonalds,
because Ben Rhodes, Susan Rice and John Kerry will not be "lovin' it."
The revolution will not show you pictures of Obama blowing a bugle and leading a charge by "Echo Chamber" hacks of the New York Times to tune out while they sell you a travel package to Tehran.

The revolution will not be televised.
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(1) New year, new #PhotoThread.

Enjoy seeing Team Trump in action and please RT to share the love.🍸📸🦁🇺🇸
The previous thread ran from Dec 18 to 29:

Info & links to 16 other photos threads since June 2017:…
(2) POTUS stopped to troll the media after playing golf with members of the USCG at Trump International Golf Course, West Palm Beach, FL.
(3) USCG members in West Palm Beach with their Commander in Chief.
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