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[Revelation states the mark of the beast, 666 (6+6+6=18, 1+8=9)]

Why does #trump use letters, numbers, words always equating to [3,6,9] if they represent evil in the Bible?

[why does he use masonic hand signs, have his apt on 66th flr?]

JESUS followers wake up!

#news #qanon
[they] want you to follow the stars

JESUS-CHRIST will destroy all evil followers of the [3,6,9] beast system who practice sorcery, ie @realdonaldtrump, & sold their souls to receive earthly riches and travel via stargates.

game over

#qanon #qarmy #greatawakening #darktolight
@realDonaldTrump JESUS-CHRIST and the HOLY-SPIRIT have all the power in all dimensions/realms. all believers pray and declare the magick-game of the [Irate, Immature] beasts will be Destroyed And Exposed by the Glory of JESUS-CHRIST. [18-9] all pray will feel BAD PANIC soon. #news #usa #trump
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5. Holocaust in Yemen caused by US, UK,France, Canada, Australia,Germany,Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Senegal, Sudan, Somalia, Qatar, Morocco,
#Yemen #CrimesAgainstHumanity #WarCrime #Holocaust #YemenCantWait #YemenHolocaust #WorldHypocrisy
1. Holocaust in Yemen caused by US, UK,France, Canada, Australia,Germany,Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Senegal, Sudan, Somalia, Qatar, Morocco,…
2. Holocaust in Yemen caused by US, UK,France, Canada, Australia,Germany,Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Senegal, Sudan, Somalia, Qatar, Morocco, 🤨👇🏼…
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👇😡@realDonaldTrump's "DEAL OF THE CENTURY"‼️
#Palestine - Plan to make #Apartheid & Settler Colonialism Official
Special #US Envoy/#Israel 1ster #JasonGreenblatt said to Sky News Arabic that a 'two states' solution means different things to diff. people.…
Zionist Puppet,@realDonaldTrump is a con-artist
#RussiaGate⁉️It's always been #IsraelGate😡Doh!

Birthright American Jewish youth visiting #Israel were given maps that COMPLETELY ERASED #Palestine, inc the #WestBank — one traveller called it into question
"Two-State Solution"👇😡It's always been a farce to enable Israel to claim #Democracy while keeping #Palestinians in Ghettos, denying even their basic #HumanRights‼️
Settlements thread: 1/21 From the very beginning #Israel planned to usurp #Palestine.
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Sure hope @UNESCO is going to raise hell about ISIS’ latest act of iconoclastic destruction and ethnic cleansing — by which I mean China and the Uyghurs.

— Some human lives are more “human” than others.
— Some universal cultural heritage is more “universal” than others.

Give a moment of thought for what that means.

#China #Uyghurs #NotreDame #AlAqsa #Paris #Jerusalem
On NPR right now, the French billionaire funding Notre Dame’s reconstruction:

“I was in China when I heard...I woke up, crying.”

“I am so glad this was an accident and not terrorists.”

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Today #NotreDame, in flames.
Today #AlAqsa, in flames.

Today #Paris burns.
Today #Jerusalem burns.

Both accidental.

But the striking absence I do not need to point out is...glaringly apparent, with all of its implications.
Two cities close to my heart.
Two sacred spaces close to my soul.

Two parts ripped in half, my heart going up in smoke.

Speculation about the “real cause” of one, the entire world in mourning. But almost nothing about the other. At all.
Hyperbolic hysteria, the expected equation:
Cathedral/France + Destruction = Arab +/- Muslim

But Jesus was not Parisian.

Al-Aqsa in flames. But that’s normal - “for them,” after all.
Which “them,” then, was and is Jesus?
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Here's a lesson for @chrislhayes in what online "incitement to violence" looks like.…

Palestinian children in #Gaza learn "Stab stab stab"

@chrislhayes where's your outrage?
"13-year old Israeli girl stabbed to death in bed by 17-year old Arab terrorist"…

@chrislhayes where's your outrage?

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By @MuhammadSmiry
Am I allowed to be outraged by this, or does that make me "antisemitic" ?

- Video of a Palestinian child being assaulted by Israeli police this morning.
By @syedakif17

Isreali goons dressed in uniforms violating basic human rights of Palestinians 24/7.

Constitution of Israel is based on Talmud where Goyims have no rights.

If a Zionist kill anyone, he's not to be punished, he's owns gentiles.
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#Pakistan should de-link #Palestine & #Kashmir, and #Israel/#India, in its foreign policy dictionary.

The foreign policy overhaul should cover this subject smartly, rationally, and with focus on maximizing #Islamabad's gains and limiting losses. /1

#AhmedQuraishi @AQpk
We in #Pakistan have grown used to casually mentioning #Palestine/#Kashmir & #Israel/#India in a way that hurts our position, limits our options, and leads us to inaccurate conclusions and policy positions. It's more emotion and less logic. /2

#Palestine & #Kashmir are two different conflicts/disputes legally & politically, with separate trajectories, solutions & end results. Pal/Isr reached peace agreement & recognized each other in 1994; differ now on implementation. Kashmir is invasion/occupation/annexation./3
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The philosophy of science seems distant from political & everyday life. But it maps the fuzzy border between faith & rational thought about facts. "When you tell me I'm wrong you prove that I'm right!" Witch-finders & Freudians unite! You have nothing to lose but your brains:
An example from @Jonathan_K_Cook: "McCarthyism is not just the hounding of someone because their views are unpopular. It is the creation...of a perfect, self-rationalising system of incrimination...the modern political parallel of the witch hunt."…
In UK politics an epidemic of accusations of antisemitism against @jeremycorbyn & the #LabourParty seems to be a proxy indicator of awareness & fear in some parts of our political world that #JeremyCorbyn's fairly relentless focus on #Austerity & Tory misdeeds does get results.
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#IsraelElections2019 #GolanHeights
Israel #sovereignty must prevail over all the Israeli territory with no exception! It's the only way to protect innocent Israelis from being slaughtered +Israeli land from being stolen by #Hamas

#Israel creates

Hamas moans kills begs for money
Fascinating talk this morning with Rabbi Professor Jeffrey Woolf. What's going on with American Jewry vis a vis Israel?
#IsraelElections2019 #Israel #USA #Jewry…
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The Invention of Palestine as a Psychological Weapon for Conquering Eretz Yisrael is almost 2,000 years old! (1) #HadriansCurse #Palestine…
Almost 2,000 years ago, the Roman Emperor Hadrian cursed the Jewish People and decreed that Judea should be henceforth called "Palestine" after the Philistines, an ancient enemy of Israel that had disappeared from the world's stage more than 600 years earlier. (2) #Judea
It was his final twist of the knife and legacy after wars, massacres, persecutions, and exiles that had largely extinguished the Jewish presence from Judea. (3) #Jewish #Judea
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1️⃣ The son of the extremist #Brazil president @FlavioBolsonaro attacking #Hamas, because it rejected the unlimited support 2 the #Israeli occupation from the new #Brazilian administration, in contradiction 2 historical Brazilian supportive stance to the #Palestinian Rights, but..
2️⃣ but also in clear contradiction 2 international law, which guarantees the right of people under occupation to resist, with all available tools, including armed resistance, what #Hamas is only doing. We r struggling 4 our right of Freedom & independence,like all people on earth
3️⃣ #Jerusalem is an occupied territory according 2 intl law, & no one, including the @jairbolsonaro, have the right 2 legitimize the #Israeli occupation 2 the city. What he is doing isn’t harming only the historical relations between the 2 people of #Brazil & #Palestine, but ...
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1. #News ~ 34% of People at Trump’s Michigan Rally Were Democrats: Campaign Manager. “Almost half had only voted once in the last four elections.”…

#Qanon #Trump @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #WINNING #Trump2020
2. #News ~ LIBERAL HEADS EXPLODE: President Trump Reportedly Says He Will Replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg with Catholic Judge Amy Barrett…

#Qanon #Trump @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
3. #News ~ President Trump: The New York Times, The Washington Post Should Be Stripped of Pulitzers for ‘Collusion’ Reporting…

#Qanon #Trump @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #FakeNews
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#Breaking: Just in - Reports that some fighter jets of the Israeli airforce have been taken of just recently, and that #IDF drones and helicopters are entering the airspace of the #Gaza strip right now! #Israel
#Update: #Israel's ambulance service has raised it's alert level to the highest possible across southern #Israel as continued systematic preparation of escalation continues. #Gaza.
#Update: All night confusion protests of #Hamas at the #Gaza/#Israel strip border this night will be cancelled!
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#DemocracyNow #Israel #GolanHeights
Human Rights Attorney @4noura to Trump: “Israel Is Not Interested in the Golan Heights for Security.

#Syria #UN #Jerusalem #Trump #IsraelGate
I wish that @4noura had not compared Russia's annexation of Crimea to would be scenario of Trump recognition of #Israel's land grab of the #GolanHeights.
1. #Crimea held a public referendum and voted by a big majority to leave #Ukraine and another referendum to join #Russia.
2. #Crimea in its entire history bf 1954 (that's when Khrushchev unilaterally decided to give Crimea to Ukraine), had never & repeat NEVER in its entire history been part of Ukraine
At the time the transfer to was largely symbolic, as both #Russia & #Ukraine were part of the USSR
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'Make #Israel Great Again' should be #Trump2020 slogan. #Jerusalem #Golan
I guess #LindsayGraham has already pardoned #Trump for disparaging the memory of his friend John McCain now.…
Friends, let's not despair. All these developements, while highly hostile and disprespectful of the rights of Arabs, Syrians, Lebanese and Palestinians, are formalising the de facto rogue status of the #US & #Israel in the international community #USrael #Golan #TheGolanIsSyrian
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#Breaking: Just in - Sirens heard in Tel Aviv in central #Israel - Via: @yosefyisrael25
#Update: The Loud explosion reported in #TelAviv are the result of multiple interceptions of the #IronDome in #Israel.
#Update: Video of other locations of Sirens heard in Tel Aviv in central #Israel. Via: @AmichaiStein1
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1/ This thread will be the start on my thread on the Holy Roman Empire.

Yes, The Holy Roman Empire Still exists. Their Symbolism is everywhere.
Since the days of Charlemagne 25th December 800 AD, to the present day, the Nobility of the Holy Roman Empire are still in charge.
2/ Their Need For Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall .
3/ This thread will include All the Nobility, their Family names , their titles, Countries & Free Imperial City States of the Holy Roman Empire including the Members of the Holy See & The Imperial Ecclesiastical Nobility !
#HRE #Vatican #HolySee
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Je lis pas mal de bêtises et mensonges sur un soit disant "pink washing" de la part d'#Israel. Je voudrais expliquer quelques vérités sur les #LGBT dans le pays, basées sur ma propre vie de papa gay en Israel.
Merci de partager ce thread: ⬇️ 🇮🇱🏳️‍🌈
(Oui, c'est moi sur la photo)
1. J'ai 2 enfants, nés de #GPA à l'étranger (la GPA est réservée aux hétéros en Israel). Dès la naissance les deux ont obtenu la nationalité israélienne.
2. Sur leur état-civil sont notés leurs deux pères, sans distinction biologique ou non ⬇️
(Non je ne suis pas sur la photo)
3. A l'inverse, 3 ans après leur naissance, je galère encore (le mot est faible) pour qu'elles obtiennent la nationalité française, sans parler de faire reconnaitre le conjoint comme père sur l'état-civil...
4. En #Israel nous avons eu congé paternité, réduction d'impôts etc.⬇️
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#Roseanne said President Trump loves the Jewish people and has a Jewish daughter and grandchildren and declared that is why they hate him. (1) #Trump #POTUS #TrumpLovesTheJewishPeople #JewishDaughter #JewishGrandchildren #TDS #TrumpDerangementSyndrome #JewHate
#Roseanne also addressed the thousands of years war against the Jewish people that rises again every 70 years. She said BDS is the current incarnation of that war. (2) #AntiSemitism #Genocide #DestructionofJewishPeople #DestructionofJewishState #Holocaust #70YearCycle #BDS
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