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🔥"Gloria Vanderbilt", Heiress, Jean Queen and Mother of Anderson Cooper, Dies at 95
▶️A. Cooper family background?
▶️Why is this relevant? #ProjectMockingbird
▶️Symbolism will be their downfall…
@Potus @GenFlynn #QAnon #Vanderbilt #MondayMotivation
Q Drops on 'Gloria Vanderbilt'
Symbolism will be their downfall
Focus on her necklace
Bottom 'charm' has SIGNIFICANT meaning
Find the match "Red shoes"
They use charms for magic spells
A. Cooper=C_A=Mockingbird Media🐦
@Potus @GenFlynn #QAnon #gloriavanderbilt #MondayMotivation
Vanderbilt’s Biltmore Pool mimics Biljana Djurdjevic’s Pool Painting #PodestaArt
Q tells us to look into red shoes. In pedophilia circles, red shoes are associated with #childsacrifice

@Potus @GenFlynn #QAnon #gloriavanderbilt #MondayMotivation
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I get lots of questions about the flag I have on my background.

I'd like to give a little history (factual) on the first flag of the United colonies of which the USA was birthed by devine providence.
#darktolight #MondayMorning #MondayMotivation #USA #USArmy
The flag is called

"An Appeal to Heaven" and is the first national flag.

Amazing I never learned about this in history, school, Sunday school, church, boy scouts or any other shapings of my youth.

So much incredibly rich history is unknown.

In the fall of the year 1775 the colonists created a fleet of six ships know as “Washington’s Cruisers.” These brave little vessels sailed forth to capture British stores and ammunition bound for America’s shores.
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Wow, @JoyceWhiteVance and @BarbMcQuade are doing a terrific job. Both so articulate & clear, neither wasting a single word, a single second of available time. THIS is how it's done, kids. We are so lucky to have these great women! #MondayMotivation
2-Joyce Vance said: "If Trump were not president, "the facts contained in [the Mueller] report would be sufficient to prove all of the elements necessary to charge multiple counts of obstruction ... I would be personally willing to try the case and indict the case."
3-@BarbMcQuade well said. It's always the cover-up, isn't it?
That was really well done. Thank you so much for the clarity!
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Trump is crying victim to whomever will listen. Prepare yourselves, kids, he's going to have a week long temper (twitter) tantrum and it will escalate once the hearings begin. DO NOT stroke his behavior. He's done this to himself. #MondayMotivation…
2-As Trump's MX "deal" has been exposed as a tremendous hoax this is what he's done so far: "In the span of three days, he fired off more than a dozen angry Twitter messages complaining about media coverage. He promised there was more to the deal than meets the eye, teasing a
3-"“very important” part of the agreement that will be “revealed in the not too distant future.” And he called into CNBC for a 27-minute, impromptu interview in which he bashed the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for criticizing his approach to trade negotiations while offering few new
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What will happen at the hearings this afternoon when Republicans are confronted with witnesses describing obstruction? This is something that no one should miss! Get your popcorn, kids! #MondayMotivation…
2-It appears that the GOP are set to torture the Dems, the witnesses and the American people with Roberts Rules HELL today. Still, I wouldn't miss these hearings for the world. 100s of ppl showed up today, and 100s were turned away bc they ran out of room.
3-"WE WERE TOLD that the GOP, using committee rules, are going to work to keep personal attacks on the president at bay. Remember: The House Judiciary Committee is stacked with staunch Trump allies like Reps. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) and Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.)."
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Yesterday I was invited by a group of young adults to discuss preparing financially and emotionally for marriage.
It gave me reason to think.
I will share some of those thoughts in today's #MondayMotivation I hope it helps the singles and even the married.
I will start off with Emotional Preparation because it is more important than Financial preparation from all fronts....

Contrary to what many may think

I want to ask a hypothetical question..

How Emotionally Vacant are you?
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.@POTUS Message in the Westminster Abbey guestbook
“Thank you so much. This has been a great honor. Special place.”

Notice: "Special Place"
GS=George Soros

We have a Special Place picked out for GS
Really special

Soros MIA Bilderberg

.@GenFlynn #QAnon #SaturdayThoughts
Q Proof
Sidley Austin Offices Evacuated After Manhattan Helicopter Crash
Representing VTB a Russian Bank Contributed 385,000 to Hillary Clinton
The Law Firm of the NWO+Dirt on Rosenstein
SidleyLaw partner Stephen Cohen w/Rod Rosenstein
@POTUS .@GenFlynn #QAnon #MondayMotivation
Michelle Obama was employed at the law firm #Sidley Austin along with Weather Underground terrorist Bernardine Dohrn, where she met Obama. Valerie Jarrett worked for Mayor Richard Daley, offered Michelle Robinson a job as Assistant to Mayor Richard Daley
@POTUS .@GenFlynn #QAnon
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President Trump and First lady Melania were greeted on the grand lawn of "Buckingham Palace" by Queen Elizabeth II and inspected the Guard of Honor formed by the Grenadier Guards wearing the bearskin hats

👉Notice who's walking behind @POTUS

@GenFlynn #QAnon #MondayMotivation
Trump calls London Mayor Sadiq Khan a “stone cold loser”
Before @POTUS even arrived in UK, he called Khan the "twin" of New York City’s liberal Mayor Bill de Blasio “except shorter.”😂…
@POTUS @GenFlynn #QAnon #MondayMotivation "Buckingham Palace"
☑️Corintha Hotel: Ground Zero for #Spygate
☑️President Trump is staying at the Corinthia where the DS planned the #Dossier & #InsurancePolicy
☑️Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, McCain, Gina Haspel, Carlin
☑️Bill Clinton at the #Corinthia
☑️Brilliant @POTUS #trolling 💗DS
@GenFlynn #QAnon
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Are you awake?

Pay close attention.

What does @POTUS say. America first.

If DS cries out against Trump and he's a WH what does them crying out RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA mean?

Think logically.

Q do we have the gold?

Gold will end the fed. -Q

If we have the gold then America will be cared for through transition....
By that very same gold.

Who is in charge during martial law.

What responsibilities are they charged with during ML?

What if ML was used for good.

What resources are freed up to be used to serve the public?

Trains of supplies?

Road n rail?


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1-Just saw the first Ep of Hulu's "Catch 22" loosely based upon Heller's 1961 novel. The premise of Catch-22 says that a concern for one's own safety in the face of dangers that are real & immediate is the process of a rational mind. So, a pilot continuing to fly combat missions
2-without asking for relief is regarded as insane, but is considered sane enough to continue flying if he does make such a request. WWII Section 22 is a mind blowing metaphor not only for Trump but also for ALL Americans-we're at war with ourselves now.
3-I'm @ to interview my group of Trump voters, I'll be applying this premise during this afternoon's session. Just fascinating.
And this Hulu series looks like it's excellent. #MondayMotivation
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That which one man knows can be taught to others.
(PART 2)

-Start thy purse to fattening.

If you select one of your baskets and put into it each morning 10 eggs and take out from it each evening 9 eggs, what will eventually happen?

It will become in time overflowing.

-Control thy expenditures.

What we call our "necessary expenses" will always grow to equal our incomes unless we protest to the contrary.

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#MondayMotivation Do not tweet when you are cranky. Here are some flowers for everyone.
Also don’t tweet during PMS. I can say that on here, right?
Cc @KCDurling 👆🏻
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Ahead of you stretches your future like a road leading into the distance. Along that road are ambitions you wish to accomplish... desires you wish to gratify.


This #thread was inspired by THE RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON BY George S. Clason
Money is the medium by which earthly success is measured.

Money is governed today by the same laws which controlled it when prosperous men thronged the streets of Babylon, 6,000 years ago.
Money makes possible the enjoyment of the best the earth affords.

Money is plentiful for those who understand the simple laws which governs it's acquisition.

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1. Bedsheet/Beddings Production.
Pay a visit to VI or Aba where they sell bulk materials, pick good designs. The guys who'll sew it for you are just within the same Market. You can start will less than 100k and diligently grow your money.
2. Shirt Production:
A sweet side hustle.
There are tailors around you or better still learn the skill, it will save you all the heartbreaks imaginable.
Materials ranging from 700–1k per yard, sew for 1500/2k, Sell for 5-7k.

3. Boxers:
Schedule a trip to Aba Market, You can get one for as low as N200, all you need is to package it in 3s, and appeal to your friends on twitter for RTs, we buy 3s pack boxers for 1500-2500 sell yours for 1200 gradually grow.

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Chairman Nadler & House Judiciary took formal steps to file CoC charges against Barr. This am, before these steps were taken, AAG Stephen Boyd invited Nadler to a negotiation session to give Congress more access to the rpt. Interesting. #MondayMotivation…
2-What the moves taken by the DOJ this morning re CoC mean is that they KNOW they have no grounds to withhold the report,& Barr's testimony, and that they are EXTREMELY worried, Don't listen to the bluster, WATCH WHAT THEY DO! #mondaythoughts
3-Judiciary scheduled a markup of a contempt citation for Barr over his refusal to provide Mueller’s full report to Congress for this Wednesday morning, DOJ are working furiously to try to prevent it from happening. SO interesting! #MondayMotivation…
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1/ - Fitnescity form: “Were you referred by a trainer?”
2/ - Customer: “Not really, but I’m twice Olympian, national champion, world master swimming champion.” .
3/ - Me: 😲 Ok.
For anybody who needed some #MondayMotivation #HappyMonday!
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1. #TeacherAppreciationWeek is complicated for me. Not in the abstract--U.S. teachers are woefully undervalued--but on a personal level as an alum of right-wing evangelical Christian schools.

I started the hashtag #ExposeChristianSchools b/c these schools have major issues.
2. In parts of America public schools often fail to be this, but schools should be places where kids learn to be good citizens of a democracy, a prerequisite for which is acceptance of pluralism. Christian schools explicitly teach rejection of pluralism:…
3. I went to Christian schools from 1st through half of sixth grade, then 7th through 12th. Mine were of the more "rigorous" kind. They teach creationism but still want high SAT scores and high college placement rates; they embrace Billy Graham rather than find him "too liberal."
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Excellent piece from WaPo about Trump's profound corruption as evidenced in the Mueller Report. #MondayMotivation
Thanks @johnlundin…
2-"Now that we finally have the (redacted) report from Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation into the Russia scandal, we have many questions to confront, such as whether President Trump should be impeached. But the report has also given us many answers, and it’s worthwhile to
3-"step back and take careful note of what it has clarified. There are some things that were matters of dispute or insufficiently documented before, but are no longer in question. Let’s run through them: Vladimir Putin very much wanted Trump to become president of the United
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Hey @Chase, try paying your workers more. Families aren’t spending frivolously; they’re trying to pay rent.
Mr. Dimon, you couldn’t figure out how to balance an example JPMC teller budget but said you’d “think about” how one might make ends meet. Is this what your crackerjack leadership team came up with?
.@Chase, this isn’t #MondayMotivation. Unless this condescension reflects Mr. Dimon’s view of his customers, I’d suggest an apology. We can call it #ToneDeafTuesday.
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This is fascinating.. it doesn't bode at all well for Trump that's he already being given such a powerful run for his money THIS EARLY in the election cycle.. This is the first really GOOD sign of what could happen... #MondayMotivation…
2-"Texas has long been in the eye of Democrats longing to make the state competitive. Winning the Lone Star State would greatly ease the chances of a Democrat winning the Electoral College, but no Democratic presidential candidate has won the state since Jimmy Carter in 1976."
3- These TX numbers are only part of why Trump's attacking Biden in a vindictive way already, but it's a big part of it. Biden has put that criminal on alert, and Trump hasn't even BEGUN to deal with his GOP challenger(s) yet! #MondayMotivation
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Barr's primary objection has been @ testifying before the Counsels of BOTH parties in re the redacted portion of the Mueller rpt., regardless, Nadler is moving forward, they'll vote Wed @ the counsel questioning, & it'll pass. #MondayMotivation…
2-Nadler is sticking to his guns, saying that this will go forward & he's not allowing Barr's threats to cause a second of hesitation. This would make Thursday's hearing potentially just explosive. Nadler took formal steps toward this result. Saying, "if the attorney general
3-"fails to appear, they’ll conclude by issuing a subpoena for his testimony"...The GOP-led Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday morning gets the first opportunity to question the attorney general, a session that will include its own share of theatrics with three Democrats
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