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Citgo gets grand jury subpoena for Venezuelan corruption probe by DOJ Southern District of Texas.

Not a location where the Swamp would prefer to go on trial!
Citgo claims it has flipped, replaced it's board & to be actively cooperating & helping the DOJ in it's efforts to find corruption within the corporation!
Which means they knew how busted they were & are trying to throw the guilty under the bus to survive!
There has already been 17 guilty pleas in the Citgo case, so they had little choice! In addition to the new board, they brought in an outside legal firm to investigate the corruption & they have 20 separate internal investigations running to then pass off to the FBI/DOJ.
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1.On his financial disclosure report, #Barr notes that he earned anywhere from $5,001 to $15,000 in dividends from the #VectorGroup

#Barr #Russia #MuellerInvestigation
2.#VectorGroup´s President is Howard Lorber who brought #Trump to #Moscow in the 1990s to seek investment projects there. The trip is widely seen as the first of many attempts to establish a #TrumpTower in #Moscow.

#Barr #Russia #MuellerInvestigation
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Why did Putin call Hope Hicks at 3am #ElectionDay2016? How did Putin get her personal cell #? What did he say? What did she say or promise? What did Kushner say to Putin? What did Ivanka say to Putin? What did Trump say to Putin? #SIGINT #muellerReport read it, listen to it!
Thank you!! I feel like my ranting seems crazy and annoying at times, your words help me continue to fight the good fight 🙌🏾🙋🏾‍♂️
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It looks like a restaurant called Vapiano may be under investigation for a global money laundering operation.

Here's another article w/ more detail. Looks like their locations have been suddenly closing their doors without explanation for at least several weeks.

Looks like a complaint was filed in CA by Plutos Sama Holdings, who bought shares of their parent co.…
Plutos Sama Holdings complaint mentioned that there were people trying to take control over the Vapiano chain of restaurants.

One of the accused is someone named Jurg Widmer, and they claim he worked with others to launder money thru one of their locations in Florida.
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Now the bankers at Deutsche Bank are under criminal investigation for their roles in tax evasion & #moneylaundering
HT @JarradKushner for the link!…
Finding flaws in the tax plans & helping customers evade taxes with fake deals that triggered the flaws...
Deutsche Bank already settled a similar suit with another prosecutor's office in German.
German taxpayers lost at least 5.7 billion Euros on the schemes from 2001-2011. Have they lost more since?
Again, the banks plead guilty & agree to cooperate, then they move onto the bankers!
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The head of oil trading for Glencore, founded by corruption magnate Marc Rich, has resigned due to the multiple corruption investigations occurring around the world targeting the company. #moneylaundering #ButNothingsHappening…
I think this likely means that indictments are expected in the near future so they are stepping down to try & claim the problem is now fixed...
Several other division heads at Glencore are also stepping down including those running the copper & agricultural divisions. Both of which also face corruption allegations in various parts of the world!
Does this mean they are getting close to Glasenberg?…
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Even Buzzfeed has started to notice that something is happening! Like the same #MoneyLaundering networks being used by ISIS, Kremlin stooges, organized criminals & politicians! #ButNothingsHappening…
Big name American legal & accounting firms trying to keep the dirty bank afloat! Revelations of Deutsche Bank running much of the dirty money for Putin's pals.
Now the police are moving on to raids to gather the #receipts!
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The @nytimes blindly stumbling over another FBI honey pot operation that is using Trump Inc. as the bait. You'd think they could figure this out after 40+ years of identical stories... #ButNothingsHappening
This looks like another in a long line of stings, where a shady foreign operator partners with Trump Inc. to lease the name Trump only to find out they also leased a bunch of FBI informants! Oh look, they are also talking about projects in U.A.E. & Indonesia!
As usual, the Uruguay project involves a construction slow down as corrupt labor officials try to squeeze the developers. You think they would learn by now!
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DOJ has asked the Swiss authorities to produce the receipts related to $4.5 billion in Venezuelan state owned oil company PDVSA #MoneyLaundering in 2012. #ButNothingsHappening
It's connected to the $1B bribe guilty plea in Miami that was unsealed last year!…
It is a convoluted mess of Panamanian shell companies, loans, & the usual mess involved in money laundering. This one involved trading in US dollars, the loans would be paid in US dollars at a low official rate, then resold on the black market at a higher rate.
I can't find my thread at the moment, but Alejandro Andrade a former Venezuelan official plead guilty in Dec. 2017 for accepting more than $1B in bribes for enabling these trades. He plea was unsealed in Nov 2018 after some of his friends plead guilty too!
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Looks like they are going to get more receipts!
Court orders law firm to identify clients who used off-shore accounts to hide money! #taxevasion #MoneyLaundering
The IRS convicted one of their clients for tax evasion from 1996-2000 by using the firms services to set up off-shore accounts & shell companies. So the IRS filed a "John Doe" summons for the records of all their similar customers from 1995-2017!
The law firm has lost it's legal fight as of last week & will have to provide the identities of the clients to the IRS. Piercing their claim of attorney client privilege as they were acting as accountants/tax preparers not attorneys!…
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Wow, this was so quitely done I missed it for a week!
JPMorgan, Citigroup, RBS Barclays fined a billiion Euros for currency exchange for currency exchange cartel. Profiting off #moneylaundering!
Swiss bank UBS flipped on the other banks & revealed the existence of the cartel controlling the trading market for Euro, British Pound, Japanese Yen, Swiss Franc, US, Canadian, New Zealand and Australian Dollars, & Danish, Swedish & Norwegian crowns.…
Their traders set up chatrooms & would discuss insider information allowing them to manipulate the value of those currencies in the spot trading market. Rigging the system for fun & profit...
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Deutsche Bank employees charged with spotting ILLEGAL activity *repeatedly* encountered transactions suspicious of MONEY LAUNDERING by @realDonaldTrump, his kids, and Kushner.🧐

Bank executives *never* filed reports, as required by law.🤬

A longtime anti-money laundering specialist at Deutsche Bank found money moving from Kushner Co to #Russians🇷🇺and recommended reporting the transactions (they weren’t).

Deutsche Bank has laundered BILLIONS of dollars for Russians.🙄
One Deutsche Bank employee was FIRED for trying to report Trump and Kush’s shady transactions with #Russians🇷🇺to the government.🤬

“They attempted to try to silence me,” she said. “I’m at peace because I know that I did the right thing.”

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Here's another possible scandal involving a Munich-based mobile payment processor, Wirecard.

A whistleblower alerted their compliance team abt suspicious transactions in Asia, & their head of Int'l Finance in Singapore was accused of cooking the books for other Asian entities.
There was an inquiry/internal investigation started in April 2018 of Wirecard's Singapore office and they found evidence of forgery, potential #MoneyLaundering, and other accounting irregularities.
The reports do not mention where exactly in Asia and don't mention who those other entities were.
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WOW! Now it spreads to corrupt government banking regulators!
A former Danske Bank official who became Denmark's top banking regulator was one of those raided & arrested last week! #ButNothingsHappening…
Triggered by the Trump Department of Justice investigations into the global money laundering networks!
He became the Chair of Denmark's Financial Supervisory Authority from 2016 until 2018. Resigning in May 2018 on the same day the FSA issued a report critical of Danske Bank & FSA failures to properly regulate the bank.
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THREAD Realtors have profited handsomely from the skyrocketing property markets in Vancouver and Toronto. These markets have also been hotbeds for dirty money. It's gotten so bad, real estate agents themselves want a crack down on money laundering. #onpoli…
2/ At @TorontoStar we have been investigating tax evasion and money laundering ever since the #PanamaPapers in 2016, and one simple solution to this problem keeps coming up: TRANSPARENCY.… #TorontoRealEstate
3/ A common belief is that tax havens like Lichtenstein and Switzerland have secrecy laws that attract criminals. The truth is that Canada's lack of transparency for land, company and trust ownership makes this country far more useful for organized crime…
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Nordic banks formed a watchdog group to identify their crooked customers who are #MoneyLaundering
This is how incremental changes change the landscape, Danske Bank, Swedbank, & 4 others funded the creation of a watchdog group in 2018
They reached this agreement before any of the banks were charged & in response to the fact that they were being investigated. Essentially they formed this group to identify the money launderers so the banks could stop handling their money & notify law enforcement.
Of course, it is being slow rolled & will not be functioning until 2020. But then the group wants to start enrolling other banks to help find all the crooked customers. This is a major change, as in the past, the banks rarely had to turn over the #receipts.
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Interesting, while this looks like small fines to individual companies, Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs agency saw a 91% increase last year in the fines it collected last year. Seems like this is an effort to gather the #receipts from small companies.…
This is a focus on regulatory compliance, allowing the authorities to detect #MoneyLaundering in financial transactions.
Seems like this is a continuing trend as fines have risen from 200k Pounds in 2014/15 tax year to 2.3M Pounds in the 2017/18 tax year. #ButNothingsHappening
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Brazil is also now switching over to arresting the bank executives in their corruption charges. And also raiding the offices of companies who received the money! #ButNothingsHappening Looks like they go the receipts!…
Yep #MoneyLaundering disguised as contracts & invoices. We have seen this before, but looks like they have the receipts! Looks like the bank has flipped and is cooperating making that much easier to do!
This links into corruption cases in a dozen Latin American countries. This started out of Comey lead efforts in 2014 to go after #MoneyLaundering to Swamps around the world. US cases are being run out of SDTX & SDFL. I imagine Texas juries won't be kind to Swamp creatures...
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The angle of attack changes once more...
Now that the banks are all implicated in the money laundering, they are using the evidence the banks handed over to switch to prosecuting the leadership of the banks! #ButNothingsHappening…
Danske Bank's CEO until September 2018 & rant their international banking from 2009-2012 had his home raided in March & was charged this week by Danish authorities for #MoneyLaundering
He becomes the first individual charged directly for this decade long money laundering scheme that was broken up last year. The case keeps spreading to all the major banks who looked away as Russian & Ukrainian cash flowed.
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A Nigerian man pleaded guilty in another big government #HealthcareFraud case of fraudulent prescriptions for DMEs (Durable Medical Equipment) and #MoneyLaundering.

He was originally indicted in May 2013, but was only extradited from Nigeria to the US in October 2018.
Ayodeji Temitayo Fatunmbi admitted that he, along with others, paid kickbacks to doctors and patient recruiters.... HOLD UP....

WTF is a "patient recruiter?" That alone sounds corrupt.

Anyway, he paid kickbacks for DME that #Medicare users did NOT need.
I found this little blurb about "patient recruiters."

It looks like they work to recruit people into clinical trials.

Hmm, probably another YUGE, swamp filled with fraud and corruption.
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DOJ making a big announcement out of its Pittsburgh office! 2PM today. The last big announcement involving them confused a lot of people. Lets's hope this one clears that up a bit! #ButNothingsHappening
That announcement was about the Russian hacking efforts, with the Western District of PA in the lead because Westinghouse Nuclear was allegedly hacked by the 'Russians'. Biden promoted them a lot in his foreign travels...
Westinghouse Nuclear is owned by Nissan. Their CEO has been sitting in a Japanese prison Since November awaiting trial for financial fraud charges. He made bail recently.… #ButNothingsHappening
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Seems that Deloitte auditing firm has resigned in protest to pressure to certify the audit of Ferrexpo, the largest Ukrainian iron ore producer. Ferrexpo's stock dropped 25% or $1.5B lost in market value in response to the news that Deloitte ran away!…
Seems their board members refused to accept that a major shareholder was controlling a 'charity' that the company was supporting. He was the Chief Executive Officer Kostyantin Zhevago at the charity "Blooming Land." #ButNothingsHappening
Ukrainian authorities are investigating the transactions as potential money laundering & tax evasion. The company's board ruled unanimously that the CEO of the charity, didn't have control of the charity so it wasn't an issue for Deloitte auditors to worry about...
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Great discussion by Brian Cates @drawandstrike. If you look with clear eyes, you can see that there was not a monolithic deep state in 2017. But a mossaic of corrupt & honest people, one that required patience, traps & stings to identify who was on which side.
Wait until people figure out that the Swamp is being drained with global money laundering cases, to stop the flow of dirty money to corrupt politicians & their minions. That without cutting off the money, Trump couldn't cut off the power or prevent the creation of new dirty cops.
It will get even better, when people figure out that most of the FBI did exactly what we would want. That a Sessions DOJ in 2017, allowed honest FBI agents to complete cases begun in 2014 & even earlier that were being blocked. Cases that lead to how the corrupt get paid billions
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This is the most interesting thing that I have seen in awhile. A Brazilian corruption case, with a $30M shady loan to a construction contractor, who was supposed to then 'invest $3M" in a company that rented buildings to the US govt. #ButNothingsHappening…
I will have to do some digging on these companies as theyare all new to me. But the scam of getting bribes to build facilities to lease back to the Feds has been running for decades. Sometimes using US govt. backed loans! This is major Swamp activity.
The indictment is for a loan agreed to in 2013, but the suspect paid in the $3M dollar investment to the GSA contractor but never got the $30M loan. Was it just a ruse to hide the source of the $3M? I will have to do some research...
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