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@realDonaldTrump Another poll that was conducted by #FoxNews and released on Sunday shows that 50 percent of Americans believe the Trump campaign coordinated with Russia.
@realDonaldTrump Pundits TRIED to put the toothpaste back in the tube after you admitted to the world that you'd gleefully accept ILLEGAL help from a foreign country.

Nope - that doesn't equate to GPS oppo research, try as you might to convince otherwise.…
@realDonaldTrump Former Brit intel agent, Steele, created the dossier on behalf of Fusion GPS, a US-BASED oppo research firm that was hired to work for the Clinton campaign AFTER it was originally hired by a CONSERVATIVE website.

Steele WASN'T connected to a foreign govt. & he reported to FBI.
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Now that the pool of contenders seems to have stabilized for the moment, we decided to reanalyze the accounts retweeting each of 23 Democratic candidates. Time range considered: May 31st - June 10th, 2019.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
First, some overall statistics. The number of accounts retweeting each candidate departs from recent polling in one significant way: @JoeBiden is well behind @BernieSanders, @ewarren, @KamalaHarris (and others) in terms of Twitter amplification.

We didn't find much automation.
Media websites most frequently linked by accounts retweeting each candidate. Layout indicates the degree of similarity between the media diets of each group - candidates whose pie charts are closer together have audiences sharing similar sets of news sources.
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THREAD. #MuellerReport, Vol2, Pg33. On Jan 27 (2017), the President called FBI Director Comey and invited him to dinner that evening. Priebus recalled that before the dinner, he told the President something like “don’t talk about Russia, whatever you do”. McGahn has previously
2) advised the President that he should not communicate directly with the Department of Justice to avoid the perception or reality of political interference in law enforcement. When Bannon learned about the President’s planned dinner with Comey, he suggested that he or Priebus
3) also attend, but the President stated that he wanted to dine with Comey alone. Pg34. According to Comey’s account of the dinner, the President repeatedly brought up Comey’s future, asking whether he wanted to stay on as FBI Director. Because the President had previously said
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THREAD. #MuellerReport, Vol2, pg1: Beginning In 2017, the President if the US took a variety of actions towards the ongoing FBI investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election and related matters that raised questions about whether he had obstructed
2) justice. The Order appointing the Special Counsel gave this Office jurisdiction to investigate matters that arose directly from the FBI’s Russia investigation, including whether the president had obstructed justice in connection with Russia-related investigations.
3) A traditional prosecution ir declination entails a binary determination to initiate or decline a prosecution, but we determined not to make a traditional prosecutorial judgment. We recognized that a federal criminal accusation against a sitting president would place burdens
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Busy day in Congress!

9am: House Intelligence Committee on Mueller Report
10am: House Armed Services Commitee on National Defense Authorization Act
10am: House Foreign Affairs Committee on "Emergency" Arms Sales

We've got you covered...
1/4 (including livestream links below)
"Unfinished Business: What Mueller Didn’t Cover, But Congress Can"…

(Your reading accompaniment to Wednesday's House Intelligence Committee hearing on the #MuellerReport) #HPSCI

"What’s in the New Draft National Defense Authorization Act"…

(Your reading accompaniment to Wednesday's House Armed Services Commitee's #NDAA markup hearing)

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1. Less than two weeks after inauguration I feared for national security so I filed a FOIA request with @TheJusticeDept to find out who had my brother's old job. Today was the first time I recall @maddow or anyone on @msnbc mentioning Jody Hunt. That's who it was.
2. He was like Sally Yates. Career justice. So I slept better. When Hunt was replaced by Matt Whitaker it started sleepless nights. So when @maddow showed the list of FBI 302s the @HouseJudiciary was seeking I saw Jody Hunt on the list. I looked at the #MuellerReport and
3. found this interesting nugget from right after Sessions' recusal. IMO firing Comey was Sessions' idea. From page 275 of 448 of the PDF:

"The President said that the recusal was unfair and that it was interfering with his ability to govern and undermining his
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Here are the top 4 take-aways from the #MuellerReport testimony before the House Judiciary Committee today:

1. Trumpgate is Watergate all over again.

Nixon WH Counsel John Dean: “It’s quite striking and startling to me that history is repeating itself. And with a vengeance."
2. There is more than sufficient evidence to indict Trump for multiple counts of obstruction of justice.

Former US Atty Barbara McQuade: "If anyone other than a sitting president committed this conduct, that person would be charged with crimes.”
3. Trump's attempts to obstruct the investigation into his collusion with Russia was more than just a cover-up.

McQuade: “By seeking to curtail the [Russia] investigation, President Trump committed an act that threatened the national security of this country.”
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One must feel sorry for pathological partisans who are so out of sort with the factual world that they must be trapped in a world of lies, distractions and convoluted delusions of gross superiority. Today I read a garbage article from a "Robert Romano" who writes for DailyTorch
In his article, this Robert Romano fellow hopes that William Barr will "take a second look at the DNC server"- "The FBI apparently never took possession of the server," he says. Yes, because there were 140 of them. The FBI would never have done so. It isn't a reasonable task.
He continues, "The FBI was given a copy of the server", no...that is not what happened. This shows Romano does not understand how this works and yet he continues that Crowdstrike provided "the forensic images of the DNC systems to the FBI" These lines show he doesn't get it.
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Happening now: @HouseJudiciary is hosting a hearing on lessons from the Mueller report.
@RepJerryNadler: "There can be no question that Congress must investigate this direct attack on our democratic process."
#MuellerReport #Mueller
Former White House Counsel John Dean: "I certainly hope John McGahn is a key witness before this committee." @MuellerReport #Mueller
Joyce White Vance is explaining every way the president has tried to obstruct the #Mueller investigation, including offering pardons to those who refused to cooperate.
#MuellerReport #Mueller
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Why did Putin call Hope Hicks at 3am #ElectionDay2016? How did Putin get her personal cell #? What did he say? What did she say or promise? What did Kushner say to Putin? What did Ivanka say to Putin? What did Trump say to Putin? #SIGINT #muellerReport read it, listen to it!
Thank you!! I feel like my ranting seems crazy and annoying at times, your words help me continue to fight the good fight 🙌🏾🙋🏾‍♂️
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"#Trump called #McGahn and ordered the Special Counsel to be removed"

Volume 2, Page 78 of #MuellerReport


"There is evidence that at least one purpose of #Trump´s conduct toward #Sessions was to have #Sessions assume control of the #Russia Investigation and restrict its scope"

Volume 2, Page 112 of #MuellerReport


"Substantial evidence indicates that #Trump´s effort to have #Session´s limit scope of #MuellerInvestigation to future election interference was to prevent further investigations into himself and his campaigns behavior"

Volume 2 Page 97 of #MuellerReport

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THREAD. #MuellerReport, pg36: Beginning in March 2016, units of the Russian Federation’s Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff (GRU) hacked the computer and email accounts of organizations, employees, and volunteers supporting the Clinton Campaign. (T)he GRU stole
2) hundreds of thousands of documents from the compromised email accounts and networks. The GRU later released stolen Clinton Campaign and DNC documents through online personas, “DCLeaks” and “Guccifer 2.0”, and later through the organization Wikileaks. The release of the
3) documents was designed and timed to interfere with the 2016 US presidential election and undermine the Clinton Campaign. Two military units of the GRU carried out the computer intrusions into the Clinton Campaign, DNC, and DCCC: Military Unit’s 26165 and 74455.
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THREAD. #MuellerReport, pg26. A number of IRA (front organization for the Russian govt) employees...served as Twitter specialists. Pg27. The IRA operated individualized Twitter accounts similar to the operation of its Facebook accounts, by continually posting original content to
2) the accounts while also communicating with US Twitter users directly (through public tweeting or Twitter’s private messaging). The IRA used many of these accounts to attempt to influence US audiences on the election. Individualized accounts used to influence the US
3) presidential election included @TEN_GOP; @jenn_abrams (claiming to be a Virginian Trump supporter with 70,000 followers; @Pamela_Moore13 (claiming to be a Texan Trump supporter with 70,000 followers); and @America_1st_ (an anti-immigration persona with 24,000 followers).
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THREAD. #MuellerReport, pg29: The IRA (Russian govt front organization) organized and promoted political rallies inside the US while posing as US grassroots activists. (T)he IRA used its preexisting social media personas (Facebook groups and Twitter accounts, for example) to
announce and promote the event. The IRA then sent a large number of direct messages to followers of its social media account asking them to attend the event. From those who responded with interest in attending, the IRA then sought a US person to serve as the event’s coordinator.
3) In most case, the IRA account operator would tell the US person that they personally could not attend the event due to some preexisting conflict in or because they were somewhere else in the US. The IRA then further promoted the event by contacting US media about the event and
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1/ We asked every Texan in Congress: Have you read the Mueller report?

We also asked: Does the report warrant any legislative action? If so, what? #MuellerReport
2/ From Sen. @JohnCornyn's office: "Senator Cornyn and members of his staff have reviewed the Special Counsel’s report."

No response to our second question. #MuellerReport
3/ Sen. @tedcruz did not respond to either question. #MuellerReport
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News Analysis 🔎| The #MuellerReport appears to have been carefully worded by lawyers working under former #SpecialCounsel #RobertMueller, and perhaps #Mueller himself, in a manner designed to inflict political damage on President Donald Trump.

Thread 👇…
What makes these examples particularly notable is that access to the underlying material used in the #MuellerReport is extremely limited.

In instances where information is publicly available, they highlight inconsistencies, raising concerns that the report may be hiding more.
1) #Mueller's Selective Editing of Voicemail
Compare the quote in the #MuellerReport (img 1) to the full quote (img 2).

“…they changed the tenor and the contents of that conversation with [@GenFlynn lawyer] Robert Kelner.”

Read full report:…
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Straight from the #MuellerReport. Required reading for all American voters. This is an #IllegitimatePresident They are destroying our republic and our democracy with the help of every republican in Congress (except Justin Amash). #VoteBlue2020 #DemSenate2020 /1
"Did I say I have a great memory or one of the best in the world?" Trump asked for clarification, to which he was told he'd said he had "one of the best in the world."
"I don't remember saying that. As good as my memory is, I don't remember that, but I have a good memory,".. /2
“And I can tell you, speaking for myself, I own nothing in Russia. I have no loans in Russia. I don't have any deals in Russia. President Putin called me up very nicely to congratulate me on the win of the election,” Trump said. 2/16/17
#TrumpLies #MuellerReport #ReadIt /3
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(#MuellerReport, Vol. II, pp. 115-116)
fyi, I felt it necessary to differentiate between actual quotes listed in the report vs described.
For example, "bullshit" is quoted, but the rest of Trump's dialogue shown above is based on what Porter described to the SCO.
Also, this thread won't follow along with the actual outline/structure of the #MuellerReport. I'm only focusing on illustrating the major events for now, which means we could be jumping back and forth between volumes and such.
Cool? Cool.
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On George Nader's arrest at JFK airport, there is an open Magistrate Judge docket in the EDNY but it has no documents or any information on the charges. @nytimes reports of an unsealed charge but I don't see anything in the docket on them. Anyone seen the charging document?
The case was filed April 19, 2018 in EDVA. Here is the the complaint and the EDVA docket sheet. #nadler
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..submitted to the Attorney General [AG] pursuant to 28 C.F.R. § 600.8(c), which states that, "[a]t the conclusion of the Special Counsel's work, he ... shall provide the AG a confidential report explaining the prosecution or declination decisions

The Russian government interfered in the 2016 presidential election in sweeping and systematic fashion.

Evidence of Russian government operations began to surface in mid-2016.

In June, the Democratic National Committee and its cyber response team publicly announced that Russian hackers had compromised its computer network.

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@mkraju @jaketapper @SenatorRomney @MittRomney @axios Saturday, June 1st at 8PM the entire #MuellerReport will be read aloud by 100+ artists, activists, and citizens. Long Island City #muellerlive #MuellerTime
If you want to read & follow along or miss this event see tweets above for links for both
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Trump did not agree to answer questions because he almost certainly would have perjured yourself. #Mueller found Trump's written responses to his questions inadequate. /1 #ReadTheReport #MuellerReport Vol. 2, Page 149… … …
Trump did NOT cooperate in answering important questions regarding Trump Tower Moscow. We need answers. /2 #ReadTheReport #MuellerReport Vol. 2, Page 155…
Trump refused to be interviewed by #Mueller. Why? Because lying under oath to law enforcement is a CRIME. /3 #ReadTheReport #MuellerReport Appendix C-1…
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In the #MuellerStatement, he told us to look at the Special Counsel's report.
This Thread has easy Graphics with excerpts from his statement followed by
THE 12 parts of #MuellerReport Executive Summary of Volume II.
Take the #MuellerChallenge & READ THEM!
Excerpt from #MuellerStatement
“Let me say a word about the report...."
- Robert Mueller, Special Counsel
Excerpt from #MuellerStatement
“And as set forth in the report, after that investigation, if we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so.”
The introduction to the Volume II of our report explains that decision."
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