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Good morning from New York.

At today’s Jeffrey Epstein bail hearing, will we learn:

* How many new accusers called the FBI tip line since his indictment?

* How much money he has and how he got it?

* Will he stay in jail before trial?

Live-coverage at 10am, @CourthouseNews
Catching folks up to speed:

On Friday, prosecutors spotted curious timing between the Miami Herald's exposé and payments to possibly co-conspirators in Florida. Two days after the series, a $100,000 wire; three days after that, $250,000 to someone else.…
Prosecutors estimated Epstein had more than $500 million tied to one unnamed financial institution from which the government traced $10 million income per year, which Epstein made from "whatever it is he does."

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‼️Jill Stein2.0‼️

Tom Steyer Is Telling Allies He’s Running for President
The billionaire Democratic donor who has led a movement to impeach Donald Trump could be the latest to join the crowded field of candidates.

Watch him run as an Independent..…
‼️Oldie but Goodie‼️


How Billionaire AMERICAN Oligarchs Are Becoming Their Own Political Parties

Steyer has a fortune of roughly $1.5 billion, and his advisers were among the most talented political operatives in the United States.…
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💰Arron Banks - STM Fidecs Ltd

STM Fidecs Ltd was the first to register Leave.EU as a wholly owned subsidiary. Its ownership then passed to Banks.…
🔑Banks was previously a “substantial” shareholder in the firm’s parent company.

📌And the Panama Papers give further details of Banks’s offshore interests. He is listed as a shareholder of PRI Holdings, together with two other people.…
One of them is Elizabeth Bilney, the chief executive of Leave.EU. Documents show Banks owns 25,500 shares in the firm, and Bilney 12,250.…
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💰Bellingham & The British Virgin Islands

Sir Henry Bellingham is the former UK FCO Minister for the Overseas Territories 2010 - 2012

#PanamaPapers #BVI #TaxHavens #GlobalLandromat #TOC
2016:Bellingham in support of the British Virgin Islands Gov’t & financial corporations writes the British Virgin Islands are a 'shining example of a well-regulated, transparent jurisdiction'

🔑Sun, Sand, and the $1.5 Trillion Dark Offshore Economy

🔑The British Virgin Islands is nominally home to 400,000 companies, and desperate to fend off the transparency movement.…
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Trump signals bad news coming out of New York in extended rant against state investigations re Trump Foundation

NYAG: Trump Foundation Will Dissolve, Accused of ‘Shocking Pattern of Illegality’

Or did he confuse Trump Foundation with Trump Org?


New study shows RU propaganda may really have helped Trump

The study does not prove RU interference swung the election to Trump. But it did find Trump's poll #s improved when RU trolls were active.

Ivanka Tests Her Diplomatic Chops and Riles a Legion of Critics

Trump’s Making the World Safer for Autocrats (TOC), Western Liberal Democracy, not so much.

Vladimir Putin, Recep Tayyip Erdogan & Saudi’s MbS, basked in Trump's attention, humor and respect


Ex-Judge Hit With $2.85M Suit Over Probation Power Grab
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COURT DOCS: Prosecutors Ask To Present Evidence That NXIVM Sex Cult Leaders Illegally Bundled Money For Hillary Clinton Campaign▫️…
“NXIVM Whistleblower Reveals #HumanTrafficking From Mexico, Satanism, Democrat Involvement Including @SenGillibrand Dad & Stepmother & Bundling $$ For Hillary Clinton Campaign...Ex-NXIVM Member Frank Parlato States Sex Slaves Will Testify”…
Arizona Mafia Not Fiction, It’s A Group of Democrats from Arizona in DC & They Are Meddling in NXIVM case “Bronfman-Raniere Crime Syndicate, Political Group Known in DC As AZ Mafia”…
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The @nytimes blindly stumbling over another FBI honey pot operation that is using Trump Inc. as the bait. You'd think they could figure this out after 40+ years of identical stories... #ButNothingsHappening
This looks like another in a long line of stings, where a shady foreign operator partners with Trump Inc. to lease the name Trump only to find out they also leased a bunch of FBI informants! Oh look, they are also talking about projects in U.A.E. & Indonesia!
As usual, the Uruguay project involves a construction slow down as corrupt labor officials try to squeeze the developers. You think they would learn by now!
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The U.K.s new Unexplained Wealth Order (UWOs) targets an unidentified "foreign official." It is basically an order to identify how an individual laundered money into the U.K.. Seized $80M in real estate until they explain where the cash cam from.…
It seems they have linked the foreign official to off shore shell companies that own the property. A prime way to launder money...
The #PanamaPapers & other leaks have exposed the connections between many of these off-shore companies, law firms, banks, & wealthy oligarchs in every country around the world.
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investigation revealed connections to companies in many different tax havens, their uses & their real owners, whose identities were sometimes hidden behind layers of secrecy..140+ politicians & public officials connected to 55 countries #PanamaPapers…
[3/14/18] Leaked files from the company were the basis of the Panama Papers investigation in early 2016, provoking a global scandal after showing how the rich and powerful used offshore corporations to evade taxes.…
[3/14/18] “reputational deterioration, the media campaign, financial circus & unusual actions by certain Panamanian authorities, have occasioned an irreversible damage that necessitates obligatory ceasing of public operations at end of current month”…
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When student newspapers outdo the professional media! @SFFoghorn
University of San Francisco invested $2M in a Cayman Islands shell company into a Royal Dutch Shell project! #ButNothingsHappening…
USF now has more than $30M invested in the Caribbean & Central America with interesting information being found in the #PanamaPapers.
How do you think the folks on the left are going to take it when they figure out their 'green' universities are investing in shell companies? So that they can fund fossil fuel activities that are linked to corrupt deals stealing from poor nations?
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THREAD Realtors have profited handsomely from the skyrocketing property markets in Vancouver and Toronto. These markets have also been hotbeds for dirty money. It's gotten so bad, real estate agents themselves want a crack down on money laundering. #onpoli…
2/ At @TorontoStar we have been investigating tax evasion and money laundering ever since the #PanamaPapers in 2016, and one simple solution to this problem keeps coming up: TRANSPARENCY.… #TorontoRealEstate
3/ A common belief is that tax havens like Lichtenstein and Switzerland have secrecy laws that attract criminals. The truth is that Canada's lack of transparency for land, company and trust ownership makes this country far more useful for organized crime…
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#PanamaPapers case update: Two defendants want the government to help locate the "evidentiary needle in the documentary haystack" in a docket spanning 5.6 million pages.

Their motion:…

Background on the indictment, @CourthouseNews:…
It's unsurprising that the case file is so massive.

The #PanamaPapers was the biggest data leak in history, exposing complex alleged tax dodges globally. Attorneys say the conduct here spans three decades and "literally hundreds (if not thousands) of separate wire transfers."
It is remarkable that, in fighting charges of using Byzanthine ruses involving shell companies to launder money and defraud governments, the #PanamaPapers defendants are now complaining that the discovery haul is just too complicated.
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DOJ & IRS get court order to identify Finish residents using bank cards from US banks including Bank of America, Charles Schwab & TD. The cards are suspected of involvement in off-shore tax evasion!
They do not know the names on these cards so they are "John Doe" warrants to get the name for Finish tax authorities. This is a common money laundering technique. It lets you spend cash across national borders without knowing who received the money or merchandise.
So basically, the IRS, DOJ & Finland have the receipts, & they are now demanding to that these banks show them the names on the #receipts. So the effort is not stopping with the banks, but making the banks investigate he customers!
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À boleia da chamada de capa do @Record_Portugal, onde aparece o recém-promovido #FamalicãoFC como possível destino do avançado venezuelano #Cádiz (#VitóriaFC) via #EntrepostoSLB... lembrei-me de ir confirmar as as supeitas sobre um empréstimo do #Wolves em Janeiro.

thread ⬇️
Na altura assinalei a coisa, porque me pareceu logo que era uma espécie de janela entreaberta para um futuro (muito) próximo. Assim parece ser. #Wolves #FamalicãoFC #JorgeMendes #JorgeMendesOfficialTour
Viajemos até Junho de 2018:

"A #Gestifute, empresa detida por #JorgeMendes, estará em negociações avançadas com o #FamalicãoFC para entrar numa futura SAD dos minhotos e poderá levar para Famalicão #MiguelRibeiro, atual diretor-geral do #RioAve."

Parece um check-list.
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#British police confirmed a few hours after the initial arrest that #Assange was arrested for a second time on an #EDVA extradition warrant. @maddow … and if you want to stay ahead of many upcoming cases you must learn some history. SEE #FOICK defined.
@maddow @Womenworking @shaunking @davidhogg111 @MoveOn @votevets @iava @NATO @OCCRP SEE THIS @JoeMyGod @HRC @ACLU @NAACP @amnesty @maddow @NCADV @UniteWomenOrg @DCCC @iava #FOICK IS THE ENEMY NOW bankrolled by #MBS cuz Putin out of $$ after Raping Russia @Europol working #PanamaPapers cases. #MuellerKnowsItAll you should too. #Bernie2020 running to pardon TRUMP
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The #PanamaPapers spurred countries to crack down on tax avoidance and claw back lost revenue. Three years later, $1.2 billion USD has been recouped. Here’s a country-by-country breakdown of that figure:
🇵🇦 Authorities told @laprensa in Panama they’d recouped $14.1 million in properties and cash as a result of ongoing investigations.
🇫🇷 France collected over $135 million in fees and penalties stemming from than 500 inspections. It’s the first time money from France has been revealed to our partner outlet @lemondefr.
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Seems the implosion of Swedbank for their role in laundering money for Russian Oligarchs is accelerating!
The old tacit agreements to not look too hard at #MoneyLaundering are not protecting them from new efforts to #DrainTheSwamp #ButNothingsHappening…
Love it "The money laundering scandal that’s swamped banks..." Swamped is certainly the correct verb! Up to $23B a year from 2010-2016! They even knew it was connected to the #Magnitsky case in 2013, must have concealed that knowledge rather than reporting it! #DanskeBank
The allegations lead to raids, stockholder revolt, firing of the CEO & efforts are underway to fire the Board of Directors.
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1) So, you don't think the Mueller investigation helped lead the investigations into the global money laundering cases & back to the Swamp? Let's look at the trouble found with Swedbank! #ButNothingsHappening
2) Swedbank found itself in the crosshairs of the New York State Department of Financial Services along with a lot of other banks identified in the #PanamaPapers in April of 2016. NYDFS subpoenaed 13 banks for all their transactions that linked with connections to NY banks.
3) Remember that foreign corporation that fought Mueller's subpoena all the way to the Supreme Court? The Supreme Court dismissed their appeal Monday, Wednesday we learn Swedbank (not government owned to my knowledge) lied to NYDFS investigators. Thursday their CEO is canned.
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📌Mueller is a meticulous pro...he has a plan, let it play out.

📌Mueller GJ 'continuing robustly,'
The revelation indicates ongoing cases Mueller HANDED OFF will feature significant developments.

📌Eyes on actions @ EDNY, SDNY, DC, EDVA & other Federal venues

📌”No further indictments” means no further prosecutions conducted by SCO; however the fruits of his probe were indeed farmed out to other venues for prosecution.

📌Any & all criminality will be prosecuted in other Federal & state venues. #SealedIndictments

📌A previously unreported e-mail exchange alleges how Ivanka’s atty Abbe Lowell suggested changes to Cohen’s congressional testimony that would distance Ivanka from the Moscow Tower deal.

📌Butina, the NRA & the Firearms Business of High-Ranking Russian Officials
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Swedbank Laundering Case Explodes With Alleged Manafort Link

Swedish bank allegedly gave misleading information to U.S.

Bank’s headquarters in Stockholm were raided on Wednesday…
Paul Manafort was among those to have received suspicious payments made through the Stockholm-based lender, the SVT network reported on Wednesday, amid intensifying scrutiny of Russian cash that passed through the bank’s Estonian unit.…
📌The bank’s headquarters were raided by Sweden’s Economic Crime Authority, as part of a probe into whether it breached insider info rules by giving its biggest shareholders advance notice of an SVT report on money laundering that was broadcast on Feb. 20.…
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Looks like Swedbank is flipping on it's customers to try & save its CEO! As I've said before, regulators alsways let the banks pay a fine & allow the crooked customers to remain hidden in off-shore shell games. But those are exposed now thanks to #PanamaPapers & other leaks!
So the board is trying to protect their CEO from their investors. Investors don't like to see their stock made worthless due to the criminal actions of a bank or it's customers. So they are highly motivated to stop the bleeding! #ButNothingsHappening
The 50 customers identified by Swedbank moved almost $6B through Swedbank accounts from 2007-2017. One watchdog group says it is $10B, interestingly, the last transaction was May 31, 2017, just as the Session DOJ was ramping up money laundering cases.
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@MindfulnessWins Because they had to develop systems of sources in a hundred countries to track the money laundering through thousands of banks & jurisdictions with bank secrecy rules designed to protect the networks. They've launched multiple operations to drain the Swamp but each got deflected.
@MindfulnessWins Bank of NY case in 1999, Enron in 2003, a bunch of others since then. What will be revealed is that the crooks were using NSA info to spy on the investigators, FINCEN data to warn the targets of investigations, & DOJ word parsing to not go after players that would expose the plot
@MindfulnessWins They would then blame the White Hats for obstructing the investigations so that no one would trust them. They'd let a few scapegoats fall, but make certain the key players & networks were not investigated. 28 years of changes to bank money laundering rules helped the take down.
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Huh, SDNY is filing civil seizure of Nazi looted art from an unidentified "NY Art Dealer" that was purchased in 2013. This may just be a coincidence, but that was back during the time a certain political lobbyist in NY was wheeling & dealing art work.…
This discusses a certain lobbyist that was referred to SDNY in early 2017 by Robert Mueller's team & Rod Rosenstein.
Sounds like a good way to launder money that art dealing business... Donate it to folks & museums for favors...…
He had to sell his NY condo & some of his art when his buddy Paul Manafort plead guilty & forced him to cease business of his lobbying firm. So it might just be a coincidence, but the timing is funny with everthing else breaking now.
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