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Mi tocca fare il riassunto 🤨
Sotto trovate una serie di immagini che ripercorrono l'attacco che il #ddlPillon muove vs donne e bambini. (tnks to @anubi_matt)
Tappezzate tw con queste ma senza dimenticare #Savoini e #Russiagate
Iniziamo con quella #minchia ta dell'Alienazione Parentale: una bieca bugia che provano a rifilarci da anni per giustificare la loro violenza.
L'affido condiviso già esiste e viene applicato.
La bigenitorialità perfetta tutela il genitore più ricco (sarà mica il padre quasi sempre?).
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Dopo essermi letto il testo integrale dell’intercettazione ambientale #russiagate provo a tirare le fila e vi dico ciò che a me traspare... (1/11)
#Savoini appare essere un professionista ben introdotto in #Russia (2/11)
#Savoini si accredita come uomo vicino a #Salvini ed in effetti non mancano immagini di loro insieme soprattutto ad eventi che riguardano #italia e #Russia (3/11)
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Italian weekly magazine @espressonline reporters @GiovanniTizian @StefanoVergine wrote about the October 18 meeting between Salvini’s aide & Russians back in February. They probably had the audio because they quoted from it but didn’t publish it. The news was largely ignored. 1/n
At the time Salvini vehemently denied the allegations. Now #buzzfeednews @AlbertoNardelli published the audio and the media is finally talking about it. Unsurprisingly Salvini denied the allegations again and Savoini (the aide) said the audio is "a manipulated fake scam." 2/n
The opposition asked the Interior Minister to address the allegations in parliament. But Senate Speaker Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati rejected 3 motions saying "the Senate is not a place to discuss journalistic rumors." 3/n
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1/ Scandali, conflitti di interesse e #fakenews, accompagnati da accuse di plagio e razzismo. Ecco tutto quello che c’è da sapere su #BuzzFeed, il sito di "informazione" che ha dato notizia dei presunti finanziamenti russi alla #Lega di #Salvini.


#altotradimento (?)
2/ BuzzFeed nasce nel 2006 a New York su iniziativa di Jonah Peretti, cofondatore de “The Huffington Post” e John S. Johnson III, pronipote del fondatore della Johnson&Johnson e membro della “Henry Crown Fellowship” dell'Aspen Institute.
3/ Dopo alcuni anni di evoluzione il sito (originariamente conosciuto per i quiz online, i “listicles” e articoli di cultura pop) decide di dedicarsi al giornalismo serio e professionale (i.e. giornalismo esteso e reportage). E da subito sono cominciati i guai per BuzzFeed.
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EU’s ‘Russian meddling’ alert system not detecting any meddling…

#Russiagate Hoax
The only "meddling" in US & European elections was carried out by the serial liars in Neoliberal Mainstream Media & US & UK intel - all of which are in the pocket of the Globalist Bankers and are the ENEMIES of all ordinary decent people.
Switch off Corporate Media Propaganda
John Brennan voted for the Communist Party in 1976.
There is very little difference between International "Communists", "Revolutionary" Trotskyites (who are funded by Wall St) & Collectivists.
John Brennan is still supporting America's WORST enemies.
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By @Underground_RT
“Journalism is not a crime”

So why is @Wikileaks’ Julian Assange jailed in a maximum security prison, in which people such as Abu Qatada have been imprisoned in? 🙃
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Don't recall hearing abt her, but there's so many characters in #russiagate A twist in the story of the indicted Russian operative reveals she was actually meeting w Obama Treasury officials while she was allegedly spying on the NRA & conservatives.…
[12/14/18] Federal prosecutors accidentally disclosed Friday that they fear for the safety of Maria Butina, the alleged Russian agent who is cooperating with the U.S. government.…
Maria Butina, Suspected Secret Agent, Used Sex in Covert Plan, Prosecutors Say…
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1) Ik begrijp werkelijk niet waarom er nog steeds hoopies mensen bestaan die na ruim 4 jaar Trump nog stééds niet doorhebben hoe de man te werk gaat.
2) In het midden van alle verwoedde pogingen van de Democraten om het #Russiagate-narratief in leven te houden, en Trump voor nog nader vast te stellen misdaden tot aftreden te dwingen ...
3) ... gooit de man nog eens olie op 't vuur door met droge ogen te beweren dat-ie wellicht "dirt" van buitenlandse mogendheden zou aannemen als hem dat zou helpen in de campagne van 2020.
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1. Research each representative in Congress & the Democrat "cantidates". Except a few in Congress, they are misfits & freaks by design. They are there mostly through corrupt, illegal means & promoted by #FakeNewsMedia. The Cabal owns & manipulates politicians, media & elections.
2. The Cabal:
1. Council on Foreign Relations;
2. Bilderberg;
3. International banks & industrial complex;
4. Intelligence agencies;
5. Military complex.
3. The Cabal, Lord Mark Mallock-Brown, Soros, BO, Killary & their minions pay no consequences for slander, deception, defamation, threats, theft, fraud, abuse, torture, pedophilia, coup, invasions, attacks, murder or treason. #Russiagate #Crowngate @JohnBarnwell888
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MOST FOLKS DON'T KNOW ROSENSTEIN INVESTIGATED URANIUM ONE - HE KNEW MUELLER WAS DIRTY ON THAT - FBI uncovered Russian bribery plot before Obama administration approved controversial nuclear deal with Moscow | TheHill…
Rosenstein brings Mueller to Trump. They spend 4 hours explaining that they have the evidence to put Mueller away over Uranium One. This forces Mueller into playing his role in the greatest political sting in history.

First act of this play is now done. Second act starting now.
Don't any of you doubters find it at all coincidental that the guy Trump picked to be the DAG who eventually took over the #RussiaGate investigation from Sessions just HAPPENED to be the lead investigator on #UraniumOne, something Mueller was dirty on, then he picked Mueller?
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.@Avery1776 .@almostjingo .@CarrollQuigley1 .@GOPPollAnalyst .@StevePieczenik .@stranahan .@sibeledmonds
Could it be this simple? Does #Russiagate have nothing to do with Trump, but was created solely to mask the carnage Hillary's Clinton's server had on US National Security?
Did Hillary Clinton leave her private server without a firewall or threat protection, including the time she was Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013, while the server was in her home in NY & stored 55,000 pages of emails?…
June 2013, server was moved from Hillary's NY home to a data center in NJ maintained by Denver company, Platte River Networks. Platte River hired SECNAP Network Security Corp to run CloudJacket SMB, but security was not up & running until October, 2013.…
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John Durham's Probe of James Comey Helps President Trump Reach Highest Approval Rating
From H. A. Goodman, @H_A_Goodman: 5/31/19
#Q #QAnon #QAnons #QArmy #WG1WGA @Potus #Russiagate #DeepState #EnemyOfThePeople #FakeNews #Treason #Traitors
Adam Schiff Now Opposes Impeachment After 227 Cable Appearances Disparaging President Trump
From H. A. Goodman, @H_A_Goodman: 6/2/19
#Q #QAnon #QAnons #QArmy #WG1WGA @Potus #Russiagate #DeepState #EnemyOfThePeople #FakeNews #Treason
John Durham's Probe is Leading to Indictments. Rush Limbaugh Read My Federalist Article Today
From H. A. Goodman, @H_A_Goodman: 6/3/19
#Q #QAnon #QAnons #QArmy #WG1WGA @Potus #Russiagate #DeepState #EnemyOfThePeople #FakeNews #Treason
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Establishment Criminal Robert Mueller should be spending the rest of his life in jail for Treason - for covering up 9/11, pushing Iraq War lies etc.
Mueller has a 30 year record of corruption and lies.…
Debunking the #Russiagate Hoax and the Mueller Witch Hunt…

Robert Mueller should be in Jail for Treason
The #Russiagate Hoax and Uranium One…

Robert Mueller should be in Jail for Treason
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Opinion: The Last Vestige Of Freedom Is Self-Delusion.

This post stems from a conversation with a #Qanon supporter. I decided to publish it after seeing the bullying and harassment of @caitoz following her criticism of Q #propaganda. #WWG1WGA…
Excerpt: "In such a scenario, there is no objective fact at all, as everything is questioned. That "the sky is blue" becomes a matter of perception rather than fact. This consequence can be witnessed in the statements made by both #Qanon supporters and #Russiagate proponents."
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New From Forensicator: "Transfer Rate Suggests Guccifer 2 used a Thumb Drive in the US Central Timezone"…

#Guccifer2 #DNCLeak #RussiaGate
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In 2017 a group of Never Trumpers & liberal resisters created a 501(c)(3) under the title "RENEW DEMOCRACY INITIATIVE" [RDI] in response to the "threat" to democracy poised by @realDonaldTrump.

Let's talk about this group and it's "manifesto."

#KAG 🇺🇸
It was actually founded by Russian Garry Kasparov who is perhaps the greatest chess player in history and a member of the US neocon elite.

His site discusses the launch of RDI's "Fight for liberty."
Garry is also the chairman of the Human Rights Foundation and attends "PutinCon with people like Bill Browder & Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

Another well published propagandist with tons of books & articles.
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For #Q followers: There is Nothing Concealed That Will Not Be Disclosed [BARR Interview]
The Patriot Hour: 5/18/19
#Q #QAnon #QAnons #QArmy #WG1WGA @Potus #Russiagate #DeepState #EnemyOfThePeople #FakeNews #Treason #TheGreatAwakening
For #Q followers: AG Barr Finds Government Power Used To Spy On Americans
The Patriot Hour: 5/17/19
#Q #QAnon #QAnons #QArmy #WG1WGA @Potus #Russiagate #DeepState #EnemyOfThePeople #FakeNews #Treason #TheGreatAwakening
For #Q followers: Nobody Is Sleeping Tonight [Let That Sink In]
The Patriot Hour: 5/23/19
#Q #QAnon #QAnons #QArmy #WG1WGA @Potus #Russiagate #DeepState #EnemyOfThePeople #FakeNews #Treason #TheGreatAwakening
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The @DNC elected Trump when they rigged '16's primary against his only competition by dbl. digits, @SenSanders, who was beating him by dbl. digits, so as to push '08's loser (to the relatively unknown PBO), HRC, who couldn't win on merit w/her centrist war hawk record.

HRC took control of the @DNC's $$ in Aug '15 per D. Brazile's book. Who get to do that in a "democratic society?"

The @DNC was outed via LEAKED emails for domestic election interference in their own damning words.

They claimed, hyped by 'lib' MSM, that Russia hacked them.

HRC's @DNC, a private entity, refused the FBI access to their server to verify the hacking claim.

Yes, really.

Who gets to do that? Accuse a super-power of election interference but deny US gov't agencies access?

Apparently HRC & estbl. Dems.

So who made the assessment?
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#Retweet - #BillBinney LIVE tonight , 9PM EST on #LaRouche weekly fireside chat

#RussiaHoax #RussiaGate #Binney #NSA

[2] Binney - All timestamps of the DNC email files have been rounded off in their timestamps. This is a clear fingerprint of the FAT (File allocation Table) file system that would be used on a thumb drive or a CDROM. Clear evidence of a physical copy.
[3] Binney- Mueller never asked about any evidence of clear use of local copying that Binney has available. Mueller didnt document it in the #MuellerReport. Mueller went out of his way to avoid any mention of any evidence that is known to exist that shows there was no Russia Hack
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Supposedly, AG Barr appointed Connecticut US Attorney John Durham to lead an inquiry into how #Russiagate started.

Keep in mind, though, it’s coming from an anonymous source, so we’ll see.

Hmm, here’s a tweet from January where Jordan and Meadows asked Durham for info regarding James Baker.

Looks like all the articles about this ar mentioning the same thing:

“Durham has previously investigated law enforcement corruption, the destruction of CIA videotapes and the Boston FBI office's relationship with mobsters.”

Hmm 🤔 #WhiteyBulger????
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Journalists have a responsibility to act upon facts and vetted sources.

Regurgitating #RussiaGate propaganda without clear evidence or even substantial support from the long awaited #MuellerReport, is itself complicity & is proving to bring severe negative impacts, as...

the masses remain distracted & disengaged during:

Recruitment of #WarCriminal Elliot Abrams who is notorious for his role in Iran Contra and multiple coups & seizures in Latin America

Assembly of the Elliot Abrams, John Bolton, Marco Rubio, and Mike Pence #IncursionTeam
Lazy translucent propaganda engagement to attain #ManufacturedConsent for U.S. Coup for Venezuelan #oil

U.S. Coup attempts (and fails and re-attempts) in Venezuela... for #oil

Movement of U.S. Naval vessels and aircraft into operational distance of Iran
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1 to 24 - Attempted coup in Venezuela with support from the US - 2019…
25 - Attempted coup in Venezuela with support from the US - 2019…
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