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D'abord décrit comme membre de la famille des ratons laveurs en 1825 à cause de leur ressemblance, le #PandaRoux a été reclassé dans la famille des ours, comme le #panda géant.

Petit #thread
Des recherches récentes reclasseront ensuite la Panda Roux dans sa propre famille indépendante, les Ailuridés.

Bien qu'appartenant à l'ordre des Carnivores, le Panda Roux a un régime alimentaire omnivore et est essentiellement végétarien.
En effet, il se nourrit essentiellement de bambous, mais mange également des fruits, des oeufs et de petits animaux.

Cette espèce est classée en danger car la population mondiale est estimée à +/- 10 000 individus.
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•This is Masjid Al Jum’a, this is the first mosque in which the Islamic Friday prayer was called. It is also known as Masjid Atikah, Masjid Al Qabeeb, and Masjid Al Wadi.
•This is the well & farm of Salman Al Farsi, one of the companions of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. The Prophet PBUH planted 300 palm trees as a Neck Sealing payment to a Jewish woman who owned Salman Al Farsi.
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Determined to develop & reinforce effective strategies towards addressing security concerns around the country, @AsoRock has begun a series of consultations with a number of leading traditional rulers with the aim of securing the peace and effective maintenance of law and order.
To this end, President @MBuhari has asked Vice President @ProfOsinbajo to embark on the consultations as @AsoRock with the collaboration of the States is working to significantly improve security in local communities while rearranging the security architecture nationwide.
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I was reading about Colonel Munro yesterday and found the exact reason why Devaswom Boards (Travancore Temple) was created and how it helped Travancore Kingdom. Let's bust the Sanghi lie #Thread

Temple Revenue : Rs. 2802 in 1807-08
Temple Revenue : Rs. 446600 in 1812-13
Following the invasion of Tipu Sultan, the Travancore British treaty was signed in 1795, wherein Travancore was to pay the East India Company for military support

Balarama Varma, the reigning Raja of Travancore then had to sign the subsidiary treaty in 1805
Rs. 8 lacs per year. That was the amount that Travancore had to pay EIC as per the Travancore British treaty of 1795.

The King defaulted on the payments many times and the resident Col Macaulay protested. It was at this juncture that the revolt by Dewan Veluthampi started.
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This is my unsolicited but humble REBUTTAL of every assertion made in this thread. I also dig some digging, and my answer is... Well, I'll let you decide. 😉

Warning: Long #thread
Yes, this is the reason Paul gave in 1 Timothy 2:12-13.

About your car analogy, as long as the Bible says a 1957 car model is better than a 2017 model, it is accepted as truth by Christians. So there's that.

What about Genesis 2:18-23? Why didn't you quote that? Doesn't it suggest that the woman was an afterthought to the man, and even contingent on him? Why cherry-pick the one that fits the narrative you want to push?
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La rude soirée que la France a traversée avec le match de l'#Algérie me fait penser à évoquer le livre de Robert Davis, "Esclaves chrétiens, maîtres musulmans", sur la piraterie barbaresque en #Méditerranée et la mise en #esclavage des Européens entre 1500 et 1800. #Thread 1/
Ce livre évoque l'#esclavage qui a visé les chrétiens européens ("traite des Blancs") pendant plusieurs siècles par les États Barbaresques musulmans d'Afrique du Nord (dont l'actuelle #Algérie), un des plus grands tabous et un des aspects les moins connus de notre #histoire. 2/
On estime à environ 1,2 millions les chrétiens européens réduits en #esclavage lors des attaques des pirates barbaresques en mer ou lors des "razzias" sur les côtes méditerranéennes en France, en Italie ou en Espagne, et même jusqu'en Europe du Nord (Grande-Bretagne, Islande). 3/
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Warum so viele Geimpfte an Masern erkranken.

Ein häufiges Argument von Impfgegnern in Diskussionen ist, dass sich ja auch geimpfte Personen infizieren. Gerne werden epidemiologische Berichte zitiert, 1/12
in denen auffällig hohe Quoten an Erkrankten trotz Impfung berichtet werden: „Über 30% waren geimpft!!!“. Das allerdings sagt mehr über den Nachholbedarf der Impfgegner in Sachen Statistik aus als über die Impfungen. Warum? Hefte raus! 2/12
Der Impferfolg der Masernimpfung ist von recht vielen Parametern abhängig. Inadäquate Lagerung, nicht optimales oder vollständiges Einbringen des Impfstoffes … der Weg vom Hersteller bis zur Immunisierung ist lang. 3/12
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Ultime #thread sur les alternatives au stockage géologique des déchets #nucléaire : sommaire, synthèse et conclusion. Nous avons discuté les options suivantes :
2) L'entreposage en surface ou sub-surface :
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Let's look back at a timeline of their 72-days marriage … and prolonged parting.

November 2010: 

After briefly dating male model Gabriel Aubry (Halle Berry's ex), Kardashian meets the NBA basketball player while she's filming "Kourtney & Kim Take New York"
and they start dating. Soon after, she is seen in the stands at one of his Nets games sending him "I love you" signals with her hands.

February 7, 2011: 

They go public with their romance by posing for photographers at a Prince concert in Manhattan.
May 18, 2011: 

Kardashian arrives at her Beverly Hills home to find Humphries in her bedroom, on bended knee, with "Will You Marry Me?" written out in rose petals. He gave her a custom-designed, 20.5-carat Lorraine Schwartz engagement ring.
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The lack of transparency in the award of the TSA management contract to SystemSpecs by @cenbank, and the lack of involvement of BPP is a gross transgression of all extant laws on public procurement.
Our investigation reveals that SystemSpecs, developers of REMITA, have been in charge of a multi-billion dollar contract without a clear record of the terms & nature of said contract.

We've been unable to ascertain the procurement process and records of same as @cenbank is...
...yet to honor a letter requesting for proof of same.

However, the Office of the Accountant-General of the Federation & the Bureau of Public Procurement have categorically stated they are not in possession of nor involved in the entire process.

This points to a possible...
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Don’t be creeped out when I tell you this. I like historic sites. Okay, that’s not the creepy part. This is: Buildings + spaces call to me. No. I don’t hear things but sometimes a feeling takes over and tells me to stop and investigate and when I do...
They lead me to fascinating places. If you’re new here, you should know that I’m currently in Memphis, TN. I’m a part of a fellowship that’s going to assist me in opening my first school. Today, a friend of mine came to scoop me for lunch and on the way there I saw something...
It was an abandoned building and the plants had taken most of the lawn over, but something said: STOP. Here’s my friend @PoeticXposure explaining it...
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Let me ask @realDonaldTrump, should these women have gone home for asking for Freedom?

They were complaining about their status in America?

@realDonaldTrump Should Mohammed Ali been asked to go home for speaking out?

@realDonaldTrump Should the #Irish have been asked to go home?

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There is a long list of reasons why the Eco - the west African single currency promised by EcoWas - is a bad idea in the short to medium-term #thread
Firstly, it is conceptually wrong to assume that a larger currency area will make west Africa richer. If this was right, Nigerians would be the richest in EcoWas, but instead the smallest member, Cape Verde, is the richest. This implies there should be more currencies, not less
Secondly, the CFA countries have interest rates that are half that of Nigeria or Ghana, and their (eg Senegal, Cote D'Ivoire) investment rates are much higher. Merging currencies with Ghana and Nigeria would mean slower growth, less investment, higher inflation and fewer jobs
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Vais-je perdre un moment moi aussi à dire tout le mal que je pense de cette tribune #NoFakeScience ? J'hésite depuis hier, finalement, allons y! #thread (1/X)
Beaucoup de monde a déjà décortiqué, analysé, critiqué, complété cette tribune, mais en réalité peu de journalistes. (Je remarque d'ailleurs qu'il y en a peu qui l'ont signée) (2/X)
Il y a eu le thread fort bien tournée d'@Alice_Mansuy, spécialiste en biologie moléculaire. "J’avoue un sentiment de tristesse à l’idée de perdre la richesse biologique qui nous entoure — j’espère qu’elle ne se muera pas en deuil." (3/X)
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1. “Supporting” LGBTQ or gay relationship is prohibited by the combined effect sections 4, 5 and 7 of the Samesex Marriage Prohibition Act, courtesy of Jonathan/Mark/Tambuwal.
So, you’re committing an offense in Nigeria which may earn u 10yrs jail term if you support or abet LGBT
2. Therefore, in case you want to call someone ignorant for not supporting it first think about yourself.
Don’t read novels and start claiming human rights activists. Rights are a in the law books and not in novels.
Be guided sir/Ma.
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#Thread Senator @HawleyMO With Perhaps the Greatest America First Speech Ever Given:

"I for one am hopeful, because in the heart of this nation American strength has not failed, it is only waiting to be recognized, waiting to be called upon, waiting to be given voice." 1/
@HawleyMO "The great divide of our time is not between Trump supporters and Trump opponents...the great divide of our time is between the political agenda of the leadership elite and the great and broad American Middle, the middle of our society." 2/
@HawleyMO "For years the politics of both Left & Right have been informed by a political consensus that reflects the interests not of the American Middle, but of a powerful upper class & their cosmopolitan priorities. This class lives in U.S. but they identify as citizens of the world." 3/
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How to market any product online.

1. Offer special discounts

2. Create a Video

3. Create Product Reviews

4. Be active everywhere

5. Offer Freebies

1. Offer special discounts:

Most people focus on offering discounts during the holiday season or on special days, but creating them on off days or off months allows you a chance to be ahead.

Example: You sell cakes, offer special discounts to people celebrating their birthdays.
2. Create Videos

If you sell apparels or scarfs or Ankara products, you could create styling tips videos.
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July 16, 2019 marks a milestone in the history for scholarly practice and publishing for #museums because of @GettyMuseum @gettypubs . #digitalarthistory #digpublishing #thread
@GettyMuseum @GettyPubs The Corpus of Ancient Vases (CVA) is significant especially as it among the first by an internationally leading art museum to utilize the #CreativeCommons 4.0 International Attribution License for a publication…. #openglam Screenshot of CC-BY License at Getty CVA Publication
The contents of this digital publication, subject to the license and terms of conditions, may be used with attribution to @GettyMuseum, including for commercial purposes. This extends to third-party applications like @internetarchive @Wikimedia @creativecommons. #openglam
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Ça y est, c’est parti, tous les médias reprennent en boucle le pseudo scoop du @canardenchaine , qu’on a connu mieux inspiré, sur la «contamination de l’eau potable par le tritium » des vilaines centrales nucléaires.

Pur #Bullshit

Mini #Thread
Notez que cette stratégie de la peur a déjà été essayée ailleurs. Aussi le gouvernement canadien avait il posté en 2009 cette réponse à certaines association canadiennes dont l’alarmisme avait également fait les gros titres de certains médias.…
Que disait le gouvt canadien (hormis que le tritium est un isotope de l’hydrogène, ce qui fait tout de suite moins peur) ?
« Les niveaux de tritium dans l’eau potable des collectivités situées à proximité des centrales nucléaires ne posent pas de risque pour la santé ».
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Ok, I promised an osint thread this afternoon, so I’ll give you one. Grab your popcorn kiddos, this one gets complicated.
This one is a two-parter. I had to find both a victim AND a perp.
So, as you know, one of the ways I catch guys sharing nudes without consent is by infiltrating private discord servers created for the purpose. Many are local to me, just because I know the area.
In one of them, dedicated to northeast Ohio, there was one guy who shared a lot of pics. Normally they share with names, other identifying data, but he didn’t. He liked to hint about the girls identities without giving any useful info- he would give initials, or vague clues.
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Insecurity getting worse under @MBuhari, says GEJ Dear @GEJonathan I saw this statement from the @thecableng credited to you, it reminds me of the saying 'don't drink & drive'. I will advise you not to drink & tweet, Let me remind you with this #Thread things you have forgotten
1. Oct 2010 Independence Day bombings which you tried to exonerate MEND even when they had given prior warnings before the attacks. 12 died that day with 7 wounded…
2. May 2011 bomb blasts at Shadawanka barracks mammy market Bauchi with 10 dead & several wounded…
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You know what I find really ironic & sobering about the wave of anti-Fulani bigotry sweeping the country? It’s not new. Only that when it happened, 50–60 years ago, the targets were not the Fulani,but instead the Igbo, suspected/ unfairly accused of an Igbonisation Agenda
This is Nigeria for you. Those who are ignorant or forgetful or disdainful of history rush to make pronouncements where even angels fear to tread. Those who respect history open themselves up to its sobering truth, the sense of measure and nuance that it leaves behind.
Maybe it feels comforting right now, to hold an entire ethnic group responsible for Nigeria’s security challenges. But to successfully do that you have to willfully blind yourself to the simple & obvious truth that no ethnic group in Nig. has ever held a monopoly on criminality.
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If you're Nigerian.. Read this!

Personal Opinion!

African leaders on Sunday voted to choose Ghana as the new headquarters to House the new Africa free trade zone. Coming with the new trade zone is a new airline hub for Africa to be built in Ghana.

14 years ago Donald Duke had initiated discussions on the need for an airline hub to serve Africa to be situated in calabar. Unfortunately the dream died with Tinapa.

It is important that Africa has its own hub, but unfortunately our political leadership just do not understand
how these things work, so they never take it serious. From Nigeria, to travel to most African countries within Africa, you have to first travel either to Frankfurt or Amsterdam before you can connect to headquarters of most African countries.
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Pearson's moving to a digital first publication strategy.

Some thoughts and questions.

Note how this strategy is deeply aimed against used book sales.
"Pearson plans to lower its prices so that fewer students are tempted to buy secondhand books. It will also push its rental program so that fewer books ever enter the secondhand market."

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