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I believe that the dam has broken.

Trump will be removed from office before the end of the year, impeached by the House by the end of the Summer.

So many News stories are breaking every day revealing what we have known to be true for 2+ years to the General Public.
It's only a matter of time before more people turn on Trump and before more comes out.

My only question is this: How huge will the end result be? Will Trump be the fall guy or will we follow the money?

We are winning
3. This is evidence that the dam is broken.

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1/7 "George Cottrell posed as a "financier" on a black market network where he offered to help transfer the ill-gotten gains of drug traffickers, according to court documents.

However his prospective clients were in fact undercover agents–"
2/7 "-and Cottrell was arrested as he and the former UKIP leader travelled back to Britain following a trip to the US.

The former aide, who is in his 20s, was charged with a string of offences including blackmail, extortion, money laundering."
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Cohen told Congress that Sekulow encouraged him to give false info to Congress re #Ivanka

judge denied Trump’s bid to quash DEMs’ subpoena for years of his financial recs from his acct’g firm, & declined Trump’s request to stay his order pending their appeal.

Cohen testified publicly in January before the HOC that Sekulow was among Trump's personal lawyers who reviewed & edited his statement to Congress

Mehta's decision is a sweeping repudiation of Trump's claim to be largely immune from congressional investigation.

The Judge’s argument emphasizes lawmakers have the authority to investigate any of Trump's conduct --even from before he takes office.

After review of 6k accts, Danske Bank admits Estonian branch was the gateway for the largest 💰💦 case in history. $230B
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💥IMPORTANT💥Yuri Vanetik, Spy, NYGOP RNC Co-Finance Chair, EB-5 VISA, and his cast of traitors... Bookmark this doc. @FBI @Billbrowder…
🎩 Tip to @ironstowe ‼️👆Paul Behrends, aide to Dana Rohrabacher also needs more scrutiny. He is associated with ALL the villains in the #TrumpRussia story...…
💥Correction: I saw the link PINNED on @ironstowe ’s twitter account. The Yuri Vanetik research was compiled by 6 AMAZING researchers who will remain anonymous until they are ready to take credit for it🤗
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I think I’m finally at the breaking point with politics.

Full Disclosure: I run 2 FB groups devoted to politics and that’s pretty much all I do there. They are both small groups - friends/family and people they invite, but it’s been refreshing to get out of the twitter bubble
2. In one group, I’m constantly maligned as needing a tin foil hat, blinded by bias, and being a crazed conspiracy theorist - by people I’ve known for DECADES -because of #TrumpRussia - even as I post links to left wing examples of this.
3. So, I tried a different tactic. To counter the bias, I send my end goal was a Pence presidency because at least he’s probably not a traitor and Pence is as right wing as they come...nope, still blinded by bias.
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2. #Maddow @MaddowBlog Rachel: "How is the president not being impeached for #ObstructionOfJustice right now???" So say we all!
3. @MaddowBlog @rgoodlaw Did your office ever provide any assessment of the extent to which President Trump is acting, wittingly or unwittingly to advance the interests of the #Russian Govt; If so, has that assessment been provided in some form to Congress?…
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Some say that elections aren’t as important as other issues.

This attitude led many not to vote for Hillary out of ideological purity. 2 GOP additions to SCOTUS later, and Roe v. wade is in jeopardy.

Remember that when someone says impeachment is more important than elections.
While 70% of Dems favor impeachment, 2/3rds of Americans are against. Most importantly, independents, whose votes we need, are narrowly against, more so in swing states like PA, MI, and WI.…
Will impeachment increase public knowledge of Trump’s crimes? #TrumpRussia is already the most reported story of the past 20 yrs.

As Trump continues to make damaging, unpopular decisions, opinion may come around. Until then, impeachment may be too hazardous a step to take.
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Happy Tuesday afternoon!

Reupping this thread.

"Judgement in Moscow" should be required reading for everyone interested in what is going on right now. If you're a heavy researcher like me, you realize the problem is huge - and isn't just #TrumpRussia. This book is for you.
If you're a liberal convinced that #TrumpRussia is really the only problem out there, read this book. The Soviets funded the Black Panthers. They hired Francis Ford Coppola to make a movie. It goes deep.

Read the book.
If you're a Conservative who believes America is a great country and we need to protect ourselves, read this book to see how they attacked the left....and then see all the same tactics used to go after the right over the past 20 years.

Read the book.
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(Thread) EVERYONE should read this book.

Vladimir Bukovsky is a former Soviet Dissident who spent 10 years in a Gulag. He moved to England after fleeing the Soviet Union and became one of the main leaders in the anti-Soviet Movement.…
2. He was given access to the KGB Archives when the wall fell, and he went in with a scanner and copied a LOT of files.

Bukovsky's main point is that the "West" failed when they didn't hold trials like we did with the Nazis. It let the Powers stay in power.
3. Disclaimer: Bukovsky is a Conservative, and this book mostly targets the Soviet attempts to influence the left.

Buy this book
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Net neutrality demands internet service providers treat all content flowing through their cables and cell towers equally. That means they can't slide some data into “fast lanes” while blocking or discriminating against other…
Remember when the Trumpians stole the web and the main facilitator only got 6 months jail-time?…
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Wait, what?? DEVIN effing NUNES is agreeing with BATMAN SCHIFF on being handed over testimony and briefing materials produced by the Mueller investigation? What is going on? And Nunes ratting out to Trump isn't good reason enough. he knows this will be devastating for him.
2. Even The Daily Beast is all "the plot thickens". I'm not sure what's going on here but the sensible options are: 1) Nunes is desperate to see what's in there bc he doesn't know what legal strategy to adopt (which presumes he knows he's going to be indicted) 2) Nunes flipped.
3. I don't think it's likely that Nunes flipped now, so for now let's assume scenario 1 is the most plausible. IF that's the case, this would show that, of course, Nunes's interest is to save his own skin, not Trump's. Which at this point would be a BIG advantage for us.
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I have tried so many ways to have my story heard. I am so grateful that Ruth Bader Ginsburg would mention Kirchberg v Feenstra, because it helped me to conceptualize that my divorce judge would enable via divorce, a Head and Master marriage, that never existed.
I paid 4 entirety
of childcare
I paid for essentially entirety of an addition to our house,
I paid for all the electronics purchased during our marriage
I paid for most big purchases in our household
I singlehandedly conducted most of the sweat-equity improvements to the house
But in the alleged
divorce, the judge gave my husband essentially ALL the 401k, gave him ALL of 2 other annuity accounts, gave him all the non-marital monies and stocks given 2 me, and then threw me out of my house so that he could fraudulently transfer ownership of house (still held by Entirety)
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Is there any indication of a possible Republican plot to go through the motions of investigating #TrumpRussia, & then concluding that a conspiracy didn't occur?

Let's examine possible evidence of this plot.
On 3/26/2018, (1 year before the #MuellerReport), after 1 year of investigation the then Republican lead House Intelligence Committee released their highly redacted report on #TrumpRussia, "Report on Russian Active Measures, March 22, 2018".…
The Republican members of #HouseIntel shattered their commitment, and rushed to end the investigation after only one year. The same as the Special Counsel investigation was ended prematurely by AG William Barr on 3/22/2019.
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In superb Atlantic article abt Mueller Rept, @benjaminwittes says: “Mueller looks at these through a legal lens; he’s a prosecutor... I found myself reading it through a very different lens: patriotism.”…

I believe in patriotism, as well as rule of law. But my friend Craig likes to say we shd always ask: "Why is THIS a law and THAT isn't?" Or to paraphrase Anatole France, why does the law's infinite egalitarianism ban rich & poor alike from sleeping under bridges but NOT...

...ban bankers & beggars alike from foreclosing on the poor & middle class who were hoodwinked into buying housing w/ mortgages the bank KNEW they couldn't afford? I see the Trump threat as much more perilous & lawless than the establishment seems to.
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Screen-saves from the Mueller Report proving AG #WilliamBarr's "summary" of the Report involved propagandistic deception:
The Mueller Report on the Special Counsel's inability to make Criminal Accusations Against a Sitting President:
The Mueller Report on the Report Listing Crimes Committed by the President without making a Criminal Judgement:
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The #MuellerReport reveals that the #Russians🇷🇺didn't just tell George Papadopoulos that they had Clinton emails. The Russians also *PREVIEWED their plan* for the "anonymous release” of the Clinton dirt.🤨 1/

This corroborates what @RepAdamSchiff told @chrislhayes a year ago: the House Intel Democratic #TrumpRussia🇷🇺memo “discloses for the first time that the Russians🇷🇺 **preview to Papadopoulos that they could help with disseminating** these stolen emails.”

Mueller’s report did NOT comment on an alleged #conspiracy with WikiLeaks/other #Russian🇷🇺cutouts.

Instead, Mueller only noted the “Russian government.” Plus, much of the info about Roger Stone and WikiLeaks was REDACTED.😉

@rgoodlaw @thespybrief
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‼️911 HOLY SHIT‼️EMERGENCY🔥Remember the @BuzzFeed article on the SARS Natalie Sour leak AND the FINCEN infiltration by Russia where they tried to get info on private citizens like the Ziff brothers⁉️ @JasonLeopold @BuzzFeedBen @timinhonolulu @MingGao26 @Holly_not_Dolly
Well... @TimInHonolulu noticed that Geoffrey Berman recused himself from Trump Russia matters - however the Natalie Sour Edwards- NSE matter relates to #TrumpRussia because it relates to Veselnitskaya June 9th mtg‼️Plus Tim notes NSE’s atty was Harvey Weinstein’s atty🤔
So William Barr who wrote a memo against Mueller’s investigation to get hired by Trump and Giuliani have both said that the June 9th mtg wasn’t a crime 🙄 Reminder that Geoffrey Berman who signed the paper on NSE was a partner at @RudyGiuliani law firm...
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1/ Spent the AM listening to @slate's reading of the lowlights of the #MuellerReport. Now waiting my turn watching some of my most disadvantaged neighbors grind through the broken machinery of the #Boston "justice" system.

Sing in me, Muse, of my righteous fucking fury

2/ The #MuellerReport explains in detail how the U.S. President worked to actively obstruct an active and open federal investigation w/o consequence.

Here in the #Boston Municipal Court, a group of young men are about to go to jail for riding dirtbikes on the highway.
3/ The #MuellerReport proves that the Trump campaign was lousy w/Russian contacts, & that the President's son was desperately thirsty for stolen oppo.

Here in the BMC, a DA is explaining to the judge why he needs more time to prosecute a deaf homeless man for a minor drug crime.
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1/Want to drill down on one of the more dangerous parts of this whole disgraceful #TrumpRussia episode - the suppression of any kind of a whole of government response to what should be rightly considered an act of war against the United States by Russia in 2016.
2/We may not yet have the vocabulary or laws to describe, discuss or deal w/the new kind of warfare Russia used against the US in 2016. But that kind of 21st century war, what many in Europe call "hybrid war," is here. And Mueller's report describes its manifestation in detail.
3/What Mueller also describes is Trump's years long effort to obstruct any reasonable investigation into Russia's attack on the US; our President has even said, standing next to Putin, the man who ordered the attack, the attack never happened.…
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Via EUObserver via @Billbrowder and @lauferlaw Opposition MPs in Romania have introduced a #humanrights sanctions law named after late Russian activist, #Magnisky
@maddow @ACLU @HRC @amnesty @UNHumanRights @CJR @ICIJorg @OCCRP @guardian @NatashaBertrand
@Billbrowder @lauferlaw @maddow @ACLU @HRC @amnesty @UNHumanRights @CJR @ICIJorg @OCCRP @guardian @NatashaBertrand #Romanian law is to be named after #Magnitsky, a Russian #antiCorruption activist who died in prison in 2009 and in whose honour Britain, Canada, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and the US have already passed similar ‘Magnitsky Acts’
@latimes @washingtonpost @sfchronicle @PolitiZoom
@Billbrowder @lauferlaw @maddow @ACLU @HRC @amnesty @UNHumanRights @CJR @ICIJorg @OCCRP @guardian @NatashaBertrand The fact #Romania, which holds the #EUpresidency until 1 July, was moving ahead on a national level would lend “symbolic support” to the EU-level action, an EU diplomat said.
@NicoHines @anneapplebaum @carolecadwalla @MaxBoot @jane__bradley @AshaRangappa_ @iyad_elbaghdadi
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Being unable to come up w another Label, PUTIN slapped same one on you he did on #Bernie2020 and #GovHowardDean decades ago. Did you all Know about this #TrumpRussia Deal? Get your cut yet? HAVE #TrumpCrimeFamily FUND YOUR CAMPAIGN
TY TO all who finally noticed we RealAmericans demand #ProDemocracy #FreedomIsPRICELESS #RussiaandSaudisAreEnemy Candidates who support our #Constitution and #RuleofLaw and our #USMilitary and its allies working for Democracies. SO SEND $ to @DCCC and @DSCC to Retake our GOVT
WE EXPECT #ProDemocracy candidates to sound like this and post signs like this and are proud to be full #USMilitary #Veterans and supporters of @USNATO @NATO @votevets @iava @VFWHQ @TaraCopp @cmclymer #Saudis planned and carried out 9/11 attacks and they support BIN LADEN JR now
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🔥@GOP operative Sam Patten—who pleaded GUILTY to steering an ILLEGAL $50,000 donation from a pro-#Russian🇷🇺Ukrainian politician to Trump’s inauguration—gets probation due to his cooperation in “several ongoing, undisclosed investigations.”😎

Patten says he worked w/Konstantin Kilimnik—a KNOWN #Russian🇷🇺spyManafort’s longtime business partner—to help Serhiy Levochkin (the #Russian🇷🇺Ukrainian top aide to Manafort’s client, fmr Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych) route the ILLEGAL donation to Trump’s inauguration.🧐
Sorry for the missing / ....”known #Russian🇷🇺spy / Manafort’s longtime business partner...”
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As Bill Barr will soon learn, the cover-up often gets you in more trouble than the crime. #TrumpRussia #MuellerReport
If Mueller's report *truly* exonerated Trump, it would have been released within hours by Barr, national security and grand jury secrecy considerations be damned.
It wasn't.

Instead, we got a 4-page summary which contained about 40 words total from the actual report... and a media offensive to paint Schiff and other Democrats as loons and liars.
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@brianstelter @elainaplott "Instead, just do their jobs, report the news..." - This is exactly what #CNN stopped doing roughly 6 months before the #Election2016 & ever since, building a #fakenews-case of #TrumpRussia (hoax), constantly telling viewers that #Trump's time was up!
@brianstelter @elainaplott 2. Many moons ago (more 90tis) I considered #CNN "first in breaking news".
Later you became more left leaning, which is still OK, provided opinions are not presented as facts.
With #HillaryClinton running for POTUS you let down your viewers: You mutated to the anti-#Trump-show!
@brianstelter @elainaplott 3. At the end if I see a "Breaking News" item from #CNN, I won't retweet or share it, before I have not verified it with #Reuters or #AP.

Thus you have lost your credibility as a trusted #news-service, because you spend plus 2 years on the #TrumpRussia-#Hoax.
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