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Presley calling @realDonaldTrump #Racist #Xenophobic Omar country was founded on #RadicalIdea (implanting Socialism) #AOC still lies claiming Trump separated Kids, put in cages. Now final Rashib
Repeats Racist Xenophobic Playbook.
#4ApoclaypseFreshmenDems 19
Ummm.. 😂😂😂😂

Promoting Child Trafficking
Promoting #socialism
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🔥Here's a theory I've been developing relevant to why House Democrats are blockingan impeachment inquiry on #TrumpRussia.

1/x Israel - our ally & longtime friend - was involved in the 2016 election interference, an act of war against the United States.
2/x Billionaire Haim Saban is a prolific donor to Democrats. His #1 issue is Israel.

3/x Billionaire donor Haim Saban expects his demands to be met and acts accordingly:
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Secret Audio Reveals How RU Tried To Funnel Millions To the “European Trump” AND Might Explain How Putin Funneled Money to Trump Campaign via Rosneft-Lukoil - Aviation Fuel - @IRA Keene & Butina & ⁦@JerryFalwellJr⁩ ⛽️ or via US State Pension Funds…
🤔Were campaign donations the reason behind all these bizarre aviation deals⁉️
🤷🏻‍♀️Hard to fathom how or why @JerryFalwellJr got involved in aviation fuel...
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🔥BREAKING NEWS🔥William Barr’s former speech writer, John Wauck, is the brother in law of @FBI double agent SPY for Russia, Robert Hanssen AND an Opus Dei Priest. Who else is Opus Dei⁉️Hanssen, Barr, Freeh - who ran the FBI while Hanssen was there... 🤔
🔥⚖️⛪️💰🔥There are significant connections between Opus Dei, William Barr, Robert Hanssen, Trump Russia, Leonard Leo, dark money, SCOTUS etc... After you read the embedded tweet and thread☝️, read this one👇
🔥Leonard Leo is stacking the courts and political appointees w conservative Catholics like him, a member of the Knights of Malta and follower of Opus Dei which has been infiltrated by Russia per the @CIA ...
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🔥Felix Sater—convicted #Russian🇷🇺mobster/longtime @realDonaldTrump partner—to testify Friday before @HouseIntel about the Trump Tower Moscow deal *during* the 2016 election.

Bad news for Trump and his spawn—Don Jr, Kremlin🇷🇺Barbie, and Eric.😎…
I went on @IngrahamAngle on @FoxNews and nailed @realDonaldTrump for laundering money for the #Russian🇷🇺mob for DECADES via his longtime partner, Felix Sater.😎

And now, Sater FINALLY will testify before Congress.🤗

Sater not only helped negotiate Trump Tower🇷🇺Moscow, but also allegedly worked to encourage #Russia’s support of Trump’s campaign.🤬


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Goodbye, Nellie Ohr.

18 U.S.C. § 1001

It’s Habbening!

#QAnon #WWG1WGA #SpyGate @POTUS…
2/ Not only did she lie, she flat out LIED lol. I love the quotation in the House criminal referral when Bruce asked if she’d feel comfortable speaking with a DOJ official, “Sure!”


These people are STUPID.

#QAnon #SpyGate #FISAGate…
3/ So let’s get this straight, Nellie Ohr blatantly lies in the faces of the House Intel Committee with ridiculous lies about some Russian Mob Boss and Trump but gets off on a false statement referral?(granted, a wide spectrum of subsections of code 1001—not a lawyer!)
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Straight from the #MuellerReport. Required reading for all American voters. This is an #IllegitimatePresident They are destroying our republic and our democracy with the help of every republican in Congress (except Justin Amash). #VoteBlue2020 #DemSenate2020 /1
"Did I say I have a great memory or one of the best in the world?" Trump asked for clarification, to which he was told he'd said he had "one of the best in the world."
"I don't remember saying that. As good as my memory is, I don't remember that, but I have a good memory,".. /2
“And I can tell you, speaking for myself, I own nothing in Russia. I have no loans in Russia. I don't have any deals in Russia. President Putin called me up very nicely to congratulate me on the win of the election,” Trump said. 2/16/17
#TrumpLies #MuellerReport #ReadIt /3
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Convicted #pedophile George Nader–who arranged Erik Prince's #Seychelles meeting to form a #TrumpRussia🇷🇺backchannel–charged w/transporting child #pornography.

Authorities found "12 sexually explicit videos featuring boys ranging in age from 2 to 14."🤬🤮…
After Nader got #busted with child porn, he FLIPPED and testified about his ties with Team🇷🇺Trump, including Erik Prince (#Seychelles). Nader also represented Saudi/UAE at a meeting btwn Don Jr and Israeli psy-op firm that offered to THROW THE ELECTION.🤬

Nader is close to Elliott Broidy–a convicted #felon/former RNC vice chair w/#felon Michael Cohen.

Nader & Broidy ILLEGALLY lobbied Trump/@GOP for Middle East policy shifts so they'd get >$1 billion in WAR contracts from #SaudiArabia & UAE in #Yemen.🤬

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Thread: Mitch McConnell is basically the "Evil" Doctor Strange.

This guy must have dozens of slaves working on all the different outcomes of #TrumpRussia and the #GrandOldPutinParty

THAT is why I believe the Senate will vote to remove Trump
2. You see, Mitch just isn't very happy right now. While he has unprecedented success stacking the courts with his American Talibanesque religious fanatics, Roe v Wade may about to be overturned, the economy seems to be doing ok despite and they still control the Senate...
3. No matter what he does, he just can't seem to control the madman in the White House. Trump still can't get above water in his approval ratings.
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1) This thread is about an occurrence during the #TrumpRussia #SpecialCounsel investigation that, even though not popularly recognized, represents a major contradiction within the final #MuellerReport.
2) That occurrence is the failed redaction of #PaulManafort's legal team's release of their #SentencingMemorandum.
3) First, the #SpecialCounsel released their #SentencingMemorandum for the #PaulManafort trial.

That #SentencingMemorandum contained redactions that hid facts from the Manafort investigation from the Public, and Congress.
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🤔Has anyone ever wondered if the Catholic Church was infiltrated just like the Russian Orthodox Church and the pedophilia was caught on video to be used as Kompromat and a way to control the Vatican’s vast wealth⁉️cc @loonyberg @MingGao26
😳Bannon: The Russia investigation has set back efforts to work with Russia "to unite the Judeo-Christian West." Oh really⁉️What was the plan⁉️…
🤔“Bannon, who is Catholic, also lashed out at Pope Francis, saying he should focus on fixing the sex abuse crisis in the church and stay out of politics.” A sex abuse crisis definitely happened - but it’s also interesting that Bannon wants the focus on that- not politics...
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Most Republicans have only had coverage of #TrumpRussia from talk radio hosts and FoxNews. They’ve seen the Barr Memo and assume that’s the Mueller report. They don’t have time for news and it’s all they know.

Once these rank and file GOPlearn more, they are blown away.
2: The Deep State True believers have been in their ears for two years without much pushback because Mueller operates a tight ship.

As they descend further into crazytown and we continue hammering the SAME points, we will see more and more people switch.
3: @justinamash and @Judgenap are the single most important voices in that movement right now - because one is a congressman and one is on fox. All of these other #NeverTrump Republicans have been “strategists” that most of the populace doesn’t really know.

More will come
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The 20 #TrumpAdmin investigations are:

(1 - 10)

1. Tax returns
2. Mueller Report
3. McGahn testimony
4. Trump financial info
5. Deutsche Bank & Capital One
6. Trump-Putin meetings
7. Emoluments
8. Trump Int'l Hotel
9. FBI building move
10. Hush-money
The 20 #TrumpAdmin investigations are:

(11 - 20)

11. Security clearances
12. Family separation
13. Immigration issues
14. Nat'l emergency declaration
15. Obamacare repeal
16. Puerto Rico
17. Census
18. Saudi nuclear transfer
19. White House private email
20. Kushner Saudi trip
The 11 transferred prosecutions are:

1. US v. Rafiekian & Alptekin
2. US v. Michael Flynn
3. US v. Gates
4. US v. Internet Research Agency
5. US v. Kilimnik
6. US v. Manafort
7. US v. Viktor Netyksho
8. US v. William Patten
10. US v. Roger Stone
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I believe that the dam has broken.

Trump will be removed from office before the end of the year, impeached by the House by the end of the Summer.

So many News stories are breaking every day revealing what we have known to be true for 2+ years to the General Public.
It's only a matter of time before more people turn on Trump and before more comes out.

My only question is this: How huge will the end result be? Will Trump be the fall guy or will we follow the money?

We are winning
3. This is evidence that the dam is broken.

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1/7 "George Cottrell posed as a "financier" on a black market network where he offered to help transfer the ill-gotten gains of drug traffickers, according to court documents.

However his prospective clients were in fact undercover agents–"
2/7 "-and Cottrell was arrested as he and the former UKIP leader travelled back to Britain following a trip to the US.

The former aide, who is in his 20s, was charged with a string of offences including blackmail, extortion, money laundering."
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Cohen told Congress that Sekulow encouraged him to give false info to Congress re #Ivanka

judge denied Trump’s bid to quash DEMs’ subpoena for years of his financial recs from his acct’g firm, & declined Trump’s request to stay his order pending their appeal.

Cohen testified publicly in January before the HOC that Sekulow was among Trump's personal lawyers who reviewed & edited his statement to Congress

Mehta's decision is a sweeping repudiation of Trump's claim to be largely immune from congressional investigation.

The Judge’s argument emphasizes lawmakers have the authority to investigate any of Trump's conduct --even from before he takes office.

After review of 6k accts, Danske Bank admits Estonian branch was the gateway for the largest 💰💦 case in history. $230B
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💥IMPORTANT💥Yuri Vanetik, Spy, NYGOP RNC Co-Finance Chair, EB-5 VISA, and his cast of traitors... Bookmark this doc. @FBI @Billbrowder…
🎩 Tip to @ironstowe ‼️👆Paul Behrends, aide to Dana Rohrabacher also needs more scrutiny. He is associated with ALL the villains in the #TrumpRussia story...…
💥Correction: I saw the link PINNED on @ironstowe ’s twitter account. The Yuri Vanetik research was compiled by 6 AMAZING researchers who will remain anonymous until they are ready to take credit for it🤗
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I think I’m finally at the breaking point with politics.

Full Disclosure: I run 2 FB groups devoted to politics and that’s pretty much all I do there. They are both small groups - friends/family and people they invite, but it’s been refreshing to get out of the twitter bubble
2. In one group, I’m constantly maligned as needing a tin foil hat, blinded by bias, and being a crazed conspiracy theorist - by people I’ve known for DECADES -because of #TrumpRussia - even as I post links to left wing examples of this.
3. So, I tried a different tactic. To counter the bias, I send my end goal was a Pence presidency because at least he’s probably not a traitor and Pence is as right wing as they come...nope, still blinded by bias.
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2. #Maddow @MaddowBlog Rachel: "How is the president not being impeached for #ObstructionOfJustice right now???" So say we all!
3. @MaddowBlog @rgoodlaw Did your office ever provide any assessment of the extent to which President Trump is acting, wittingly or unwittingly to advance the interests of the #Russian Govt; If so, has that assessment been provided in some form to Congress?…
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Some say that elections aren’t as important as other issues.

This attitude led many not to vote for Hillary out of ideological purity. 2 GOP additions to SCOTUS later, and Roe v. wade is in jeopardy.

Remember that when someone says impeachment is more important than elections.
While 70% of Dems favor impeachment, 2/3rds of Americans are against. Most importantly, independents, whose votes we need, are narrowly against, more so in swing states like PA, MI, and WI.…
Will impeachment increase public knowledge of Trump’s crimes? #TrumpRussia is already the most reported story of the past 20 yrs.

As Trump continues to make damaging, unpopular decisions, opinion may come around. Until then, impeachment may be too hazardous a step to take.
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Happy Tuesday afternoon!

Reupping this thread.

"Judgement in Moscow" should be required reading for everyone interested in what is going on right now. If you're a heavy researcher like me, you realize the problem is huge - and isn't just #TrumpRussia. This book is for you.
If you're a liberal convinced that #TrumpRussia is really the only problem out there, read this book. The Soviets funded the Black Panthers. They hired Francis Ford Coppola to make a movie. It goes deep.

Read the book.
If you're a Conservative who believes America is a great country and we need to protect ourselves, read this book to see how they attacked the left....and then see all the same tactics used to go after the right over the past 20 years.

Read the book.
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(Thread) EVERYONE should read this book.

Vladimir Bukovsky is a former Soviet Dissident who spent 10 years in a Gulag. He moved to England after fleeing the Soviet Union and became one of the main leaders in the anti-Soviet Movement.…
2. He was given access to the KGB Archives when the wall fell, and he went in with a scanner and copied a LOT of files.

Bukovsky's main point is that the "West" failed when they didn't hold trials like we did with the Nazis. It let the Powers stay in power.
3. Disclaimer: Bukovsky is a Conservative, and this book mostly targets the Soviet attempts to influence the left.

Buy this book
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Net neutrality demands internet service providers treat all content flowing through their cables and cell towers equally. That means they can't slide some data into “fast lanes” while blocking or discriminating against other…
Remember when the Trumpians stole the web and the main facilitator only got 6 months jail-time?…
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I have tried so many ways to have my story heard. I am so grateful that Ruth Bader Ginsburg would mention Kirchberg v Feenstra, because it helped me to conceptualize that my divorce judge would enable via divorce, a Head and Master marriage, that never existed.
I paid 4 entirety
of childcare
I paid for essentially entirety of an addition to our house,
I paid for all the electronics purchased during our marriage
I paid for most big purchases in our household
I singlehandedly conducted most of the sweat-equity improvements to the house
But in the alleged
divorce, the judge gave my husband essentially ALL the 401k, gave him ALL of 2 other annuity accounts, gave him all the non-marital monies and stocks given 2 me, and then threw me out of my house so that he could fraudulently transfer ownership of house (still held by Entirety)
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