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1) This thread is about an occurrence during the #TrumpRussia #SpecialCounsel investigation that, even though not popularly recognized, represents a major contradiction within the final #MuellerReport.
2) That occurrence is the failed redaction of #PaulManafort's legal team's release of their #SentencingMemorandum.
3) First, the #SpecialCounsel released their #SentencingMemorandum for the #PaulManafort trial.

That #SentencingMemorandum contained redactions that hid facts from the Manafort investigation from the Public, and Congress.
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Is there any indication of a possible Republican plot to go through the motions of investigating #TrumpRussia, & then concluding that a conspiracy didn't occur?

Let's examine possible evidence of this plot.
On 3/26/2018, (1 year before the #MuellerReport), after 1 year of investigation the then Republican lead House Intelligence Committee released their highly redacted report on #TrumpRussia, "Report on Russian Active Measures, March 22, 2018".…
The Republican members of #HouseIntel shattered their commitment, and rushed to end the investigation after only one year. The same as the Special Counsel investigation was ended prematurely by AG William Barr on 3/22/2019.
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#Burr Interview #CBS breakdown

#TrumpTreason #TrumpRussiaConspiracy
1.Firstly lets make one thing very clear Senate Intel Chair @SenatorBurr was until October 2016, one month before ELECTION DAY, on #Trump´s National Security Team.

#TrumpTreason #TrumpRussiaConspiracy
2.The headline of this article is both false and misleading, that is if you read the actual interview, which i did.…

#TrumpTreason #TrumpRussiaConspiracy
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Steve Schmidt is a long time #GOP campaign operative who's now working for Mercury Public Affairs.

Mack shows how there's an agreement with Oleg Deripaska's company & Mercury Public Affairs. The oligarch pays them over $100k a month, but that's the beginning of this story.
Mercury Public Affairs is also linked to Paul #Manafort's pro-Russian party lobbying efforts in 2015. Manafort pumped $2.2M into Podesta's group and Mercury.
You know that Chinese telecom company that Donald lifted the sanctions on in July 2018? ZTE? Guess who is their PR firm? If you guessed Mercury, you're right.
Back in May, the company started giving Mercury $75k a month.…
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1.#Putin’s preference for #Trump over other #USA presidents is also pivotal to the oil diplomacy between #Russia and #Cuba. The ‘America First’ doctrine has opened #Russia to advance its geo strategic interests in #Cuba

#Trump #Russia #Cuba #Putin #TrumpRussiaConspiracy
2.The Americas has become a region of economic significance for #Russia ,In countries such as #Cuba, #Mexico, #Venezuela, #Brazil, and #Argentina, especially for #Russian Energy companies

#Trump #Russia #Cuba #Putin #TrumpRussiaConspiracy…
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Want to know which Democrat I will support?
The FIRST one with the guts to stand on the floor of Congress
THEY ARE ALL #GOPTRAITORS loyal to Russia not US
Who will it be?
Let's look at individual #GOPTraitors starting of with the #TrumpCrimeSyndicate
We see that every person INDICTED to date has either been a Russian or Republican
Clearly there is no longer any difference
GOP=Government of Putin
Name one patriotic @GOP that has out Country first?
As @GOPLeader said, there are 2 GOPers paid by Putin
@realDonaldTrump @DanaRohrabacher but do not leave out @senatemajldr @PRyan who funneled 10s of millions of illegal foreign $$$ into GOP PACs
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In December 2015, @DrJillStein attended the 10th Anniversary gala of #RT, along with #Flynn and was seated next to #Putin

@DrJillStein #Russia #Trump #TrumpRussiaConspiracy…
2.Prior to that in August 2015 Experts in National Security raised alarm of big #Russian Military and Cyber activity against @NATO Countries.

@DrJillStein #Russia #Trump #TrumpRussiaConspiracy… … …
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.@SenateGOP are in the #TrumpRussiaConspiracy up to their necks. Kennedy's dubious Citizen's United decision filled GOP coffers to overflowing. Since then, Blavatnik donated:

❄️$3.5m to @senatemajldr PAC from 2015 to 2017
❄️$6.35m into various GOP PACs…
The voter fraud narrative pushed by GOP was, at best, a fig leaf over their own corrupt practices and intentions.

Unlike the groundless claims made against immigrants, Democrats and liberals in general, we now have EVIDENCE of GOP election cheating.
The conservative mvt in the late 80s was hobbled by exposés on leading televangelists. So did they suddenly start practicing what they preached?

Doubtful. The tabloids that exposed naughty clerics practiced "catch & kill" in the last 2 decades.…
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1.Len #Blavatnik owns a company called Al-Altep Holdings and Access Industries, and has contributed vast amounts of money to the #GOP and #Senate Leadership Fund and #Trump, inclusive of 1 Million to the Inauguration of #Trump.

2..#Blavatnik co owns #RUSAL with Oleg #Deripaska and Viktor #Vekselberg, they own together 69 % of the company.
#RUSAL is the second largest Aluminum Company in the world.
#Blavatnik has a net worth of 20 Billion Dollars.
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💥Hey Republicans, see this?

🌏Putin Hails Sunset of U.S. Global Domination Due to Mounting Mistakes

🔪And EVEN PUTIN thinks the U.S. holds "some responsibility for Jamal Khashoggi's death…
"In this regard, the U.S. has a certain responsibility. If someone knows what happens & there was a murder, I hope some evidence is provided. & dependent on that, we will make some decisions.
There's no reason to “harm our relations with Saudi Arabia.”

🇺🇸As for the U.S.: “empires often think they can make some little mistakes ... because they’re so powerful. But when the number of these mistakes keeps growing, it reaches a level they cannot sustain.”
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A mega-thread on why you must #VoteBlueToSaveAmericanDemocracy
Midterm Elections are always a referendum on the job #POtuS is doing
So unless you are one of the willfully ignorant or only watch #FoxRussia
You must Vote for @TheDemocrats
Democrats are a "big tent" group & often our different passions conflict but we have NO room for that this year
Let's start with what America stands for-
As a democratic republic-we elect people to Congress who represent US
Did @GOP just do that with Kavanaugh confirmation?
Or did we see the raw abuse of power of #GOPCorruption where a minority of old white men not only flouted the Rule of Law & squelched @FBI from it's mission but rammed him through despite the fervent opposition of the overwhelming majority of US?
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A friend asked me how I knew this in 2016, during the campaign, before the election, how did I know to raise red flags about #TrumpRussia #TrumpLies #TrumpCrimeSyndicate #PenceKnew #Manafort 1/
She went on: you’re busy, you’re just a normal civilian person, you run a small business, you’re focused on working, your family, how did you figure out and know what was wrong with Trump, Russia, the GOP, why the election was different? 2/
First, let’s acknowledge lots of people knew, too. I don’t just mean the intelligence community, or the co-conspirators and accomplices to treason and illegal activities, I mean lots of other regular people like me. There are some common qualities and habits we share 3/
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all together now.. a variety of thoughts and wisdom on today's Manafort news #ManafortPleaDeal #TrumpRussiaConspiracy #TrumpRussia #muellerprobe this is a meme thread.
#ManafortPleaDeal in memes #TrumpRussiaConspiracy #MuellerProbe The noose is tightening. There's going to be a lot of snarling ..coming up .. watch the R wing propaganda machine go crazy. #Resistance #Resist
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1.Yesterday Pyotr Levashov pleaded guilty, he operated the Kelihos botnet, guilty of intentional damage to protected computer, conspiracy, wire fraud,identity theft, involved in hacking of 2016 elections

#Levashov #Trump #TrumpRussiaConspiracy #Putin…
2.Levashov´s wife has told #RussiaToday that her husband’s arrest was due to his involvement in a “computer virus” that was “linked to #Trump’s win

#Levashov #Trump #TrumpRussiaConspiracy #Putin… … …
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😱Let's face it this whole excerpt from Bob Woodward's book "Fear: Trump in the White House," is disturbing, but something (other than the obvious) stuck out to me.…
Why did Trump's former lead attorney John Dowd say this?
"& you publish that transcript, because everything leaks in Washington, & the guys overseas are going to say, 'I told you he was an idiot. I told you he was a goddamn dumbbell. What are we dealing with this idiot for?'"





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📌In death, Sen. John McCain is about to exact revenge on Trump

📌#GamerGate > #4Chan > Alt R > #QAnon > #Twitchy > (etc) = #TrumpRussia

📌#Religion and #MoneyWashing... Not so strange bedfellows.

In death, John McCain shows a virtuous alternative to Trump

PBO, who beat Mr McCain to the WH in 2008, said they shared a "fidelity to something higher".

GWB described him as "a patriot of the highest order".

Condolences pour in after the death of John McCain

John McCain to Lie in State at Capitols in DC and Az

The death of Sen. John McCain marks the passing of a man, an American patriot & a politician whose record of service to country will always be his defining attribute.

We must ensure his legacy of bi-partisanship & patriotism endures into the future.
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💥💥Somebody Attacked Opponent (Dr. Hans Keirstead) of ‘Putin’s Favorite Congressman’ DANA ROHRABACHER.

🔥Dr. Keirstead lost by 125 votes!!

💥More evidence to back up @NelsonForSenate's claims about Russians infiltrating #Florida's election system!

⚡️Come on, let's get on this! This is ridiculous.


🇷🇺Rohrabacher might have closer ties to Russia than Trump. He has to go, ASAP!

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🚀This new Space Program announcement is very suspicious.

⏲️Such coincidental timing!!

☠️The Trump administration is getting "ready" to implement new sanctions for the poisonings of Sergei V. Skripal and his daughter Yulia.…
😳Actually the deadline was 2 weeks ago.

💌Rep. Ed Royce had to write the administration a letter to remind them.

🚀Now, all of a sudden, Pence is announcing plans for absolute "dominance" in creating a Space Force by 2020. No ordinary space force.

🇷🇺We need Russian rockets!
‼️This is sooooooooo transparent.

🤣And ludicrous.

🔨Just implement the damn sanctions.

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💥Trump's border wall could run overtime and over budget and perform below expectations: Watchdog report:…
⚡️"Simply put, the White House has not done their homework; they are gambling taxpayer money while operating on incomplete information," Rep. Filemon Vela of TX-34 said in a joint statement with Rep. Bennie Thompson MS-02. #Mississippi #Texas
💸Among other things, Trump's claims about the cost of the wall has evolved from $4 billion to $20 billion.

📣This seems to be a recurring them with the Trump administration.…
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🤥Donald Trump didn't tell the whole truth about the Russia investigation 7 times in 1 tweet.

🤥You mean he lied.

🗞️That's up from the calculations from the @TorontoStar that he lied 100x a week in late June 2018.

😳Something's up with 🍊

🤥Lie calculations from the @TorontoStar

⁉️Do you think they're hiding something?

📰The Free Press is not the "enemy of the people."

🍊doesn't read enough to know how egregious that statement is.

🥺Please don't follow his horrible example.

📰If you are still supporting Trump, please just take one hour to read a publication that is not biased.

🕸️Find a website that falls in the middle of this scale and read for one hour.

🥺I'm begging you.…
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⚡️"Putin and Trump are double teaming [Senator] Claire McCaskill. It certainly looks like that." —Chris Matthews on Hardball

Putin ➡️Last night, attempted hacking confirmed by McCaskill:…
Trump ➡️
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🎂Today is the 2-year anniversary that Donald Trump announced at a press conference “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing,”AND also the anniversary of the first time 12 Russian GRU agents broke into Hillary Clinton's servers.
🎂But it's also the 1-year anniversary that Bill Browder testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee about the possibility that the Russians hacked our 2016 election.
⚡️Bill Browder tried to tell the Senate Committee how dangerous Putin is—capable of murder, fraud, corruption, framing him for crimes and—it seemed like they were on the same page, especially the Republicans. Especially, Senator John Cornyn (R-TX).
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🔥🔥🔥@MichaelAvenatti, as usual, was a fantastic guest on @amjoyshow with @JoyAnnReid this morning. Joy Reid was on FIRE🔥!!! Michael Avenatti was on FIRE🔥!!

❗️More from @JoyAnnReid on @amjoyshow

❓Joy Reid: What do make of his [Rudy Guiliani’s] statements attempting to mitigate the impact of this tape?

🚫🧠Avenatti: I thought they were dumb, quite honestly.
🔥More from @JoyAnnReid on @amjoyshow:

💥Avenatti (cont'd): I don’t understand what he’s doing. I continue to be perplexed by exactly what Rudy Guiliani is doing. You know, he used to be a great lawyer; he used to be a good spokesperson.
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A DC Grand Jury has indicted 12 Russian military officers for their role in hacking the DCCC, DNC, state election software & more.

The info obtained was released by Guccifer 2.0 & DCLeaks in order to influence the election.

Several Americans communicated w/them per Rosenstein.
The goal of the conspirators was to influence the 2016 election, per Rosenstein.

By indicting these operatives of the Russian government, the DOJ is backing up the Senate Intel report determining Russia attacked the U.S.

Trump meets w/Putin tomorrow.…
The question for Mueller now is whether Americans who communicated w/the Russian operatives were 'witting' or 'unwitting."

If Americans wittingly cooperated w/the Russian military to influence the U.S. election...that's colloquially called #Treason.
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