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#Breaking: just in - #Toronto police say they are responding to reports that a woman has been shot at Nathan Phillips Square, where the Raptors were celebrating their #NBA victory in #Canada responded in panic at the scene.
#Update: just in - Footage of the panic at the Nathan Phillips Square in #Toronto in #Canada, where a alleged shooting happened at a women.
#Update: Other footage of emergency responders responding in #Toronto in #Canada where a alleged women was shot, at the Nathan Phillips Square at the Raptors #NBA celebration.
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#Breaking: Reports that up to 1,5 million protestors have hit the streets of #HongKong today, this comes after a new extradition law would have been the law, to arrest them and to bring them into mainland #China.
#Update: Thousands of Protestors in #HongKong to occupy the Harcourt Road again this night! This is the road that leads to the legislative buildings in the city. Picture Credit: @HongKongHermit
#Update: Still tens of thousands of protestors on foot in #HongKong tonight at 00:26AM, no police officers on site because of the massive international backlash and from the people of violent behaviour on previous protests. Video: @yc3271
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#Breaking: Just in - Multiple Katyusha rockets reportedly have impacted on a building opposite of the #US Embassy in #Baghdad in #Iraq - Developing... #Iran
#Update: Just in - One Katyusha rocket hit a house close by the #US Embassy in #Baghdad in #Iraq.
#Update: Reports that 1 house in the opposite direction of the #US embassy in #Baghdad in #Iraq, has been damaged by one Katyusha rocket.
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#Breaking: Russian president Vladimir Putin has approved the plans, of the Russian state owned oil company "Rosneft" to exploit and to drill in two gas fields in #Venezuela. #Russia
#Update: On further research the Russian state owned oil company "Rosneft" has managed to get a 25 year drilling license from the #Maduro regime, to drill one well of the state of #Zulia and one of the Golfo de Paria in #Venezuela. #Russia
#Update: A geological picture of where the Russian owned state oil company "Rosneft" will drill, two gas pipelines of the coast from #Venezuela'n waters! The left dot is from the state of #Zulia, and the marker from the right is from Golfo de Paria. #Russia
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#Update on #An32 crash: Eight members of the rescue team have reached the crash site today morning. IAF is sad to inform that there are no survivors from the crash of An32.
Following air-warriors lost their life in the tragic #An32 crash - W/C GM Charles, S/L H Vinod, F/L R Thapa, F/L A Tanwar, F/L S Mohanty, F/L MK Garg, WO KK Mishra, Sgt Anoop Kumar, Cpl Sherin, LAC SK Singh, LAC Pankaj, NC(E) Putali & NC(E) Rajesh Kumar.
IAF Pays tribute to the brave Air-warriors who lost their life during the #An32 crash on 03 Jun 2019 and stands by with the families of the victims. May their soul rest in peace.
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Large crowds of protesters are gathering in Hong Kong for another mass rally against the government's divisive plan to allow extraditions to mainland China

πŸ“· @AntAFP
VIDEO: Thousands of protesters have gathered around Hong Kong's government offices ahead of a planned debate on a controversial extradition bill, with large numbers of police in riot gear surrounding the building
#BREAKING Anti-government protesters block main artery roads in Hong Kong: AFP
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#Breaking: Just in - Reports of a helicopter has crashed into a building in mid-town #Manhattan, New York Fire Department has responded and went out. - Developing... video Credit: @PlantBasedPapii
#Update: Just in - Reports of least one person has been injured after a helicopter has crashed into the roof of a building in Mid-town #Manhattan in New York, massive fire fighters responded on the scene. Video Credit: @CitizenApp_NYC
#Update: Video of the building in MidTown of in #Manhattan in New York, where a helicopter has crashed on the roof of a building. Video Credit: @LHKoonce
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#Breaking: Hong Kong in #China has plunged into a political crisis after a huge protest, about 1.3 million protestors against a new extradition law.
@ZionistGirl18 #Breaking: Update - Reports of minor clashes against police authorities and protestors in Hong Kong in #China. After massive crowds of 1.3 million people marching against a new extradition law.
#Update: Pictures of clashes with police and protestors in Hong Kong, after 1,3 million people marched against a new extradition law. #China
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Huge protest crowds thronged Hong Kong on Sunday as anger swells over plans to allow extradition to China, a proposal that has sparked the biggest public backlash against the city's pro-Beijing leadership in years
The city's pro-Beijing leaders are pushing a bill through the legislature that would allow extraditions to any jurisdiction with which it does not already have a treaty -- including mainland China for the first time
Dense crowds chanting "Scrap the evil law!" and "Oppose China extradition!" stretched for miles
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#Breaking: Just in - A unknown incident happened at the #Rijksmuseum in #Amsterdam, police and firefighters massive on scene. Eyewitness on the ground seen a women full of blood on the sidewalk. #Netherlands
#Update: Just in - Firefighters in #Amsterdam says " there was a light smoke reported in a technical room at the #Rijksmuseum, and no fire broke out", but there is still no word on how the women who was on the sidewalk bleeding out.
#Update: Looks like the Women who was bleeding out outside the #Rijksmuseum at the sidewalk, was a elderly women who fell and started to bleed out badly for her age, she was reportedly in critical condition. #Amsterdam
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#Breaking: This morning a explosion took place, at two apartment buildings in the Swedish city of #Linkoping has left at least 35 people injured. The blast destroyed windows and destroyed balconies. #Sweden
#Update: Police says that the explosion of this morning in the Swedish city of #Linkoping in not "Terror related", but does not exclude gang crime related causes. The explosion took place outside the two apartment buildings that injured minor 35 people. #Sweden
#Update: The number of injured has decreased and updated in Swedish media to 19 people injured in #Linkoping, in a explosion that hit the two apartment buildings outside. #Sweden
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#Breaking: Just in - American President Donald Trump is reportedly planning to declare a "national emergency" to impose the 5% #Mexico tariffs rise this week after #US negotiation failed, to stem and control the flow of illegal immigration crossings over the border.
#Update: Just in - American Vice President Mike Pence says "We will talk further with #Mexico on the next coming days ahead" after talks and deadline failed for today's talk to control the stem of flow, of illegal immigration crossing into the #US with Mexico.
#Breaking: Just in - Talks and meeting about to control the stem of flow, of illegal immigration crossing into the #US from #Mexico, have again failed today! Will again be continued tomorrow as a last effort to get it signed into a agreement.
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#Breaking: Reports of that ISIS terrorists have stormed a district of Tripoli city northern in #Lebanon and are engaging Lebanese security forces.
#Update: Just in - Picture of that a police vehicle that was attacked by ISIS terrorists, and killed the 2 policemen inside the vehicle in a district of #Tripoli city northern in #Lebanon. Picture Credit; @allushiii
#Breaking: Just in - Video of heavy clashed between the military members of #Lebanon, engaging with ISIS terrorists in a district of #Tripoli city. Video Credit; @allushiii
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All I want is for you brilliant people to weigh in on this!

It appears Barr VIOLATED the Special Counsel rules, 28 CFR Β§ 600.9(a)(3)...

It could be incredibly important! I'd be so grateful!

@Mimirocah1 @JoyceWhiteVance @neal_katyal @BarbMcQuade @tribelaw @gtconway3d @rgoodlaw
@Mimirocah1 @JoyceWhiteVance @neal_katyal @BarbMcQuade @tribelaw @gtconway3d @rgoodlaw Oooh, I think @Neal_Katyal may be talking about Barr's apparent violation of the Special Counsel regulations I've been arguing!

@Mimirocah1 @JoyceWhiteVance @neal_katyal @BarbMcQuade @tribelaw @gtconway3d @rgoodlaw #UPDATE: Unfortunately, @Neal_Katyal did NOT cover Barr's potential violation of the Special Counsel rules in his new piece/appearance on @TheBeatWithAri.

BUT...he did get pretty close, by touching on a central issue connected to the argument I've noted.

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#Breaking: A explosive material factory who produces the substance of TNT, has exploded today in the Russian city of #Dzerzjinsk, police are launching a investigation how the factory exploded. #Russia Video: @Bartolomju
#Update: Just in - The shockwave of the factory explosion was felt miles away from the blast, leaving some homes destroyed near it and lots of windows broken and facades crumbling. When a material factory who produced the substance of TNT, has exploded in #Dzerzhinsk #Russia
#Update: Some minutes after the explosion in the Russian city of #Dzerzhinsk saw a huge foot and mushroom cloud rising and the could be seen miles away as the cloud reached miles into the air when the factory with TNT material exploded in #Russia.
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#Breaking: Just in - Reports of an active shooter situation in #Virginia Beach, outside a courthouse leaving multiple people dead and injured. - Developing...
#Update: Just in - Video of police officers responding on the scene, of an active shooter situation in #Virginia Beach, outside a courthouse reports of at least 1 to 6 people dead and multiple injured.
#Update: Just in - Reports of that the suspect has been arrested on the 3rd floor of the #Virginia Beach Courthouse, shooting happened inside the building. Reports now of 3 confirmed dead and 1 critical injured in the head.
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#Breaking: Just in - Five explosions exploded in or near a shopping mall in central #Kirkuk in #Kurdistan. - Developing...
#Update: Just in - The number of Explosions in or near a shopping mall in central #Kirkuk has risen up to seven. #Kurdistan
#Breaking: Just in - At least 3 people reported dead and at least 11 people injured in a number of seven explosions, in or near a shopping mall in central #Kirkuk in #Kurdistan.
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#Breaking: Just in - Three people dead, including one child of 4 years old, after an inflatable boat capsized on the #Rhine river in a small town of Bas-Rhin outside #Strasbourg in #France, the young girl of 4 who died is missing is believed to be pulled under by the current.
#Update: Just in - Some pictures of the rescue service members addressing the incident of the inflatable boat that capsized on the #Rhine river in a small town of Bas-Rhin just outside #Strasbourg in #France.
#Breaking: Just in - A family of 4 were sailing on the #Rhine river, with a inflatable boat in a small town of Bas-Rhin just outside #Strasbourg in #France. The 2 parents are dead and one girl of 4 years old, one girl of 6 was missing but was found is transported to hospital.
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#Breaking: Just in - bomb alert: Tourist hub in #Strasbourg in #France well known Petite France has been evacuated as police and soldiers swoop the streets.
#Update: Just in - Pictures of the Tourist hub in #Strasbourg in #France well known Petite France has been evacuated as police and soldiers swoop the streets. Picture Credit: @bleualsace
#Update: Just in - Police, soldiers and Fire Fighters had evacuated around 130 people, who were around the tourist hub Petite France in #Strasbourg in #France during this bomb scare in the city, the scene is still unavailable.
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#Breaking: Just in - More than 34 people slipped into the water today, after a boat capsized and sunk this evening on the #Danube river in #Budapest. Reports of at least seven people dead and at least 11 people missing.
#Update: Just in - At least 7 people are reported dead and now up to 16 people still missing and at least 8 people saved when a boat full of tourists on the #Danube river in #Budapest capsized and sunk to the floor. Videos from: @gabrielguita_
#Breaking: Just in - Reports says that the vast majority of tourists were from #SouthKorea that had taken a trip on the boat on the #Danube river in #Budapest and capsized and sunk. Reports also suggests that the 7 dead are all tourists from South Korea.
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#NewsAlert: Today - Reports of a Man that have set himself on fire in front of the White House lawn, around 11:35AM this morning in Washington D.C. #US
#Update: Police authorities said the man who set himself on fire, in front of the White House lawn, was transported to the hospital with "life threatening" injuries.
#Update: The man who set himself on fire, suffered burns on 85% of his body. There was also a suspicious package on fire near the man which was also extinguished. Video: @TMZ
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#Breaking: A Tornado emergency is issued for the districts of #Lawrence, #Eudora, and Pleasant Grove, in #Kansas. Reports of that the tornado is half a mile wide and caused damage in #Lawrence, shelter now or go to a evacuation center.
#Breaking: Just in - Video of the half a mile #tornado what is approaching the west side of #Kansas City. You will see vehicles driving into the Tornado. Video Credit: @ReedTimmerAccu
#Breaking: Just in - This #Tornado is rated as a F5 and is heading towards west of #Kansas City after passing over #Lawrence, people who are in that area go in SHELTERS now and stay inside.
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#Breaking: Just in - A defected former Venezuelan army military personnel in #Colombia, claims to be willing to invade #Venezuela as early as tomorrow, and claims to have up to 100 other military personnel to help him and to capture the border town of San Antonio in the country.
#Update: Just in - Even a Reuters news article is backing the information of expelled journalist from #Venezuela, Cody Weddle who was imprisoned and forcefully deported from the Maduro regime. #Colombia…
#Update: Just in - A piece of the news article of Reuters news, ofdefected Venezuelan army military personnel in #Colombia and #Brazil, willing to invade #Venezuela to liberate it having up to 150 other military personnel to die for their homeland with little bloodshed.
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