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(THREAD) There have been reports on Chinese social media these days about police spot-checking people’s phones in Beijing and Shanghai (Beijing PSB denied it). As I looked into it, I came across an app called MFsocket 1/8
I did more research about this app and found dozens of people complaining about finding it installed on their phones after visiting the police station (one went to the police station just to get ID card done, and another was just riding scooter and got stopped by police) 2/8
Found several cases in #Xinjiang, for example this one:…
The person who posted it on HUAWEI's forum is/was in #Xinjiang, as you can read his/her responses to people lower down the page. 3/8
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Struck up a convo w/ what I suspect was a young IC recruit yesterday. They lived abroad in #China, spoke Chinese, called it “#Xinjiang” (not #EastTurkistan), insisted the @USNavy could never challenge the #PLA Navy in the SCS, that the Chinese have no interest in Democracy. 1/3
… & that #China’s rise poses no imminent threat to America. “So you don’t think the #CCP has a plan to supplant the US as the world’s dominant superpower?” “Not in my lifetime,” they insisted. “Really,” I asked, “not even by 2049?” They responding unblinkingly, “oh, no way!” 2/3
… if these are the kind of denialist, can’t-do-attitude types certain intel agencies are now scraping from the bottom of the Ivy League barrel, perhaps #China really will win. Disheartened to see bright young people buy in to orthodox thought that’s been consistently wrong. 3/3
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🔸Indigenocide - Lisu ppl🔸Zomia

1/ "You can only do this in🇨🇳. I’ve never heard of another country in history doing this."

Plans hatched in BJ incl rewards for local officials who exceed their🎯s-->single-minded...
2/ mobilization of resources with little regard for the cost

🔸indigenes - rights
🔸abuseofpower - mass exploitation
3/ 🔸socialDarwinism🔸PRCpostfascism
“Rushing into a socialist society fr the last phases of primitive society, Nujiang has leapt 1000s of yrs in 1 step,” exclaims a promotional video.

- ethnic minority children go to boarding school
counter #indigenocide w/ happy dancing:
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Since the New Zealand shooting we've done really well with calling out and fighting Islamaphobia.

Here's a reminder that if we're fighting Islamaphobia, we *really* need to be talking about China's imprisonment of over a million #Uyghur Muslims in #Xinjiang.
Small acts of racism, like violent posts on social media, harassment on public transport and such are bad.

But we're talking about over a million people kidnapped and oppressed, dozens of foreign nationals imprisoned, and millions more oppressed on a daily basis.
China deserves to be pressured on the national stage. We need to apply much more pressure on China than we are about the comparatively small fringe groups in the west.
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China's positions on the 346 recommendations it received during last year's #ChinaUPR: 284 accepted and 62 not accepted "because they are inconsistent with China’s national conditions, contradictory with Chinese laws, politically biased or untruthful."…
China rejected the US's recommendation to stop interfering in the selection and education of religious leaders such as Tibetan lamas, saying the "reincarnation of Living Buddhas should be consistent with religious rituals, historical conventions and China’s laws and regulations."
#China refused to release and stop persecuting human rights defenders, saying "China is a country under the rule of law, and all its citizens are equal in front of law" and such requests are "an interference in China’s judicial sovereignty." #ChinaUPR
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Here are some thoughts about the recent news that ex-Blackwater founder #ErikPrince is setting up shop in #Xinjiang, and what this means for how we think about and act against the XJ concentrations camps. 1/x
So first, for those who missed the original announcement, it was made on Jan 22 and became news on Jan 31 2/x…
For those not familiar with Erik Prince, it's worth looking into his profile as his personal history and connections are significant 3/x…
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1/x A delegation of Party and govt leadership of the Bingtuan (#Xinjiang production-construction corps) Third Command from Tumxuk (pron Tumshuq) 图木舒克市near Kashgar took a roadshow 考察招商 to Guangzhou and Beijing.
2/x They were looking for companies to collaborate with in developing the Bingtuan center in Tumxuk, part of "southern expansion" effort of Bingtuan, the state-within-a-state formerly paramilitary organization running agr development and settling Han in Xinjiang since 1949.
3/x Bingtuan is now a major agricultural and industrial holding company listed on HK stock exchange but also a socio-political organization with settlements across Xinjiang though mainly in the north. (See Oil and Water by Tom Cliff)
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THREAD: 2018 has seen a diversification of quality reporting and uptick in exposure of the mass repression of #Uighurs and other Turkic Muslim minorities in western #China, by media, academics, and civil society groups across the world.
.@RFA Uyghur Service should be commended for its long-standing and fearless reporting on the situation in #Xinjiang, way before the current human rights crisis began to unfold. See its reporting here:…, esp. the series of interviews w/ victims/families.
Despite government restrictions, major international media outlets have produced several deep-dive investigative pieces, based on satellite imagery, interviews with victims and/or their families, procurement documents on Chinese government websites, and field visits.
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48 Ways to Get Sent to a Chinese Concentration Camp
Something terrible is happening in #Xinjiang @almostjingo @BasedBasterd @CarrollQuigley1 @BabeReflex_8 @BenKTallmadge @SpiceOfOurLife
48 Ways to Get Sent to a Chinese Concentration Camp
Something terrible is happening in #Xinjiang.…
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THREAD: I promised I'd try my abest to #FactcheckChina at today's #ChinaUPR. But I find that's rather hard when the delegation statement isn't available online...

But as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Here are a few choice selections from the China PR campaign.
The whole point of protecting #HumanRights is to ensure equality for those who are NOT "the overwhelming majority". But it appear that #XiJinping Thought would have it otherwise.
A colourful photo of streetlife in #Xinjiang. Which also happens to have seen a massive expansion of camps/detention facilities since 2016, where one might be locked up arbitrarily for simple religious expression. #FactcheckChina
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1/N This year's US-China Forum @UChicago was hosted by @BeckerFriedman w/ theme "China's role in the global economy". I was glad to attend it at my alma mater, but am very disappointed by the glaring omission of human rights from the convo,& deeply troubled by CUSEF's role in it.
2/N CUSEF, China-US Exchange Foundation, is a registered foreign agent in US with deep ties to the Chinese Communist Party's overseas influence operation i.e. the united front. In Jan 2018, UT-Austin rejected CUSEF funding over concerns of academic freedom…
3/N According to @BeckerFriedman leadership, CUSEF's role in #USChinaForum2018 was not only funding, but very much part of the intellectual process, incl. "suggesting and facilitating speakers from China". CUSEF spent over $1m lobbying Congress in '16&'17:…
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马(Ma) is famous surname of Hui Muslim. When our ancestors had to make Chinese name, they tried to hold Muslim memory. The speak sound of Chinese马 is ma, like Mahmoud Malik and Mohammad these Muslim names. So 马(Ma) is the most welcomed by Hui Muslims.
On the other hand, many people are cavalry in Hui Muslim ancestors,they love their partners. The meaning of 马 is horse in Chinese.
Our ancestors ever brought Muslim name from middle East and central Asia. They had to make their Chinese name before 600 years. It’s Ming dynasty(1368—1644). That is a story like what is happening in #Xinjiang today.
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\0 #BRI and its disdiscontents: while in NZ #PwC、United Frontlings、pollies、their families、cacademics tirelessly tout Xi's project, others begin to realise its consequences. How long will it take for them to volte-face & reinvent selves as #nuanceds?…
\1 Take, for the sake of the argument, one Jason Young of @nzccrc. In '15, he was apparently invited to some #Xinjiang BRI event in and liked it just fine. As per 曹参赞's retroactive #CorrectGuidance—“you will listen!” And sit up and listen they did. #WIN…
\2 So that was '15, OK. But not a year ago, he was telling the People's Daily he believed China would certainly “further globalise”. Very stable genius! (It will take one to back pedal from all this BRI-luv.)…
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