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"Unsustainable" -- April 12, 2019

Operation Disclosure…

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not be accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)
The timing of Julian Assange's arrest after Attorney General (AG) Barr stated that there was spying on Trump is not a coincidence. #JulianAssange #AGBarr
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We spent the week in #Zimbabwe finding out how your food donations get to those who need them. Food parcels are dropped off by helicopters. #CycloneIdai #TheNextMile 1/6
#Thread: Local volunteers in the affected areas are ready to offload the helicopters & sort through donations. #CycloneIdai #TheNextMile 📸 @tatendamapigoti
3/6 Helicopters can't land in some areas dues to rocks & debris, so residents make bridges from fallen trees & wire to get to food distribution points. 📸 @tatendamapigoti #CycloneIdai #TheNextMile
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[Video] Zim soldiers didn't help, tried to block us & lied about rescue: St Charles Lwanga students…

*Never came to school
*Soldiers refused to give them food & transport at Skyline saying no permission
*Teachers walked back to school to get food

*Dining hall & dormitory damaged by landslide on Friday evening killing three people (2 students & security guard)
*Slept at school on Saturday thinking soldiers would come
*Walked to Skyline after running out of food

#Zimbabwe #CycloneIdai

*Soldiers refused to help them at Skyline, had come to transport dead & said no command to transport students/teachers
*Waited in the rain whilst soldiers had tents & trucks, so decided to walk to Seminary 2 were they slept on Saturday evening

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Today Ecocash and Econet calling was mostly down. Folks were complaining on here blaming the company for losing them business. This strangely included some who call themselves innovators. Now, how will you survive when you cannot solve such probs?
You see, we do confuse titles and descriptions a lot on here. Many of us are not entrepreneurs. Neither do we run startups. We are small business owners with small businesses. Kuzvigamuchira mushonga mukuru. True entrepreneurs create models that outlast product. Timeless ones.
One of my fav brothers responded to my earlier tweet capturing part of what I wanted to say. The real entrepreneurs minimized losses today, still got business. Because Ecocash is but 1 payment system & being paid isn’t just cash. Also, Whatsapp was still up. So solution:
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RV/Intelligence Alert: "Weaken" -- February 26, 2019…
RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - February 26, 2019

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not be accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)
The Earth Alliance is avoiding war at all costs as humanity is on the verge of a breakthrough. #LiftingTheVeil #Elevate
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RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - February 24, 2019

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not be accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)
All weather control weapons were captured by the Earth Alliance after the last devastating California fires. #HAARP #DEW
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(1/3) #Zimbabwe’s Min. of Fin. #Ncube has just officially blessed a huge devaluation in Zim quasi currencies and said they will float. He should have added that they won’t float on a sea of tranquility, but sink.…
(2/3) With the creation of RTSG dollars, which are simply composed of RTGS balances, bond note and bond coins, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has changed nothing. Bond notes and RTGS$ are cancerous and must be removed from #Zimbabwe's monetary system.
(3/3) By combining bond notes and RTSGs into RTSG dollars, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has only compounded the problem. Instead of adding another currency to its shell game, it should have gotten rid of its quasi-currencies all together.…
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1. A #thread on #Zimbabwe:
- Its currency arrangements;
- The suggestion to allow its currency to float, and;
- The potential impact that this suggestion may have on its banking system:
2. In the appended Twitter Moment, I talked about #Zimbabwe's currency arrangements. I focused primarily on the role that the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) plays, and; the issues that the RBZ creates:…
3. To recap:
i) The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe printed 66%—i.e. the majority—of Zimbabwe's Money Supply (M2). Because of this fact, I argued that Zimbabwe already has "its own currency".
ii) The Reserve Bank of #Zimbabwe's money printing is responsible for Zimbabwe's inflation.
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This 2003 article in @TheAtlantic by @SamanthaJPower about the "pragmatic Mugabe" really didn't age well. How did you get it so wrong?…
Why does Obama's Powers think it's funny when white men get their land stolen from them because of skin color?
Seems kind of bad.

Black government militia attacking an innocent white man with an ax and holding his sons hostage threatening to kill them. All because they have white skin

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1/7 One of our major undoing as #Zimbabweans is our unconscious hatred for information and detail especially for a country & society that prides of high literacy rate. Prof. @ProfJNMoyo had this to say during a SAPES seminar “Whither Zimbabwe’s Nationalist Project” in 2017.
2/7 It’s maybe high time we get serious & forget about the literacy pride. We are in a fix as country partly due to our simplistic approach because there is no direct link between literacy & competency. If anything, competency is more linked to knowledge, skills & abilities.
3/7 Anyway, many argue that @ProfJNMoyo didn’t knew of the Coup, but listening to the seminar, one will have a sense that there was knowledge of it but the how, form & shape of delivery could have been the missing piece.
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1.Some of our readers are saying they still don't get it. Here is a simpler version: Until now you could not pay for anything locally straight from a USD nostro account - you had to withdraw USD cash first because there was no mechanism to transfer locally like you do with RTGS.
2. So zvikafamba mushe with this new system, you will be able to pay for services or goods with USD via transfer. If a bed is being sold in a store for USD200 you should be able to get their account number and transfer it to them. (And hopefully also swipe USD in the near future)
3. Present situation was that if you wanted to pay for something in USD and you bank with X bank but the one you are paying banked with Z bank - you could only withdraw cash then deposit in their account at their bank. So it's a good thing. Convenient, logical. It seems.
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Zimbabwe - The Antecedents of Genocide:

1. Political upheaval: We found that high magnitudes of previous internal wars and regime crises over a period of 15 years increased the risk of genocide during or after a new state failure by nearly two times.

#Zimbabwe: Check
2. Prior Geno-Politicide: The risk of new episodes during or after a state failure was more than three times greater when state failures occurred in countries that had prior geno-politicides.

#Zimbabwe: Check
3. Elite Ideology: Countries in which the ruling elite adhered to an exclusionary ideology were two and a half times more likely to have a geno-politicides.

#Zimbabwe: Check
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1. Amid the chaos & repression in #Zimbabwe, there are few islands of reason & professionalism. One of them is the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission, with a constitutional mandate to protect & enforce human rights. Its remarkable report is essential reading…
2. The ZHRC pulls no punches. This authoritative report is one for the record books. It says “systematic torture” is being used by the military and the police, targeting the opposition and civil society #ZimbabweAtrocities
3. The ZHRC analyses the numerous rights that have been violated and continue to be infringed with absolute impunity #ZimbabweAtrocities
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1/11 Perhaps by some divine coincidence I need not explain, earlier I had a deeply worrying chat with @MDCAllianceZW Vice President #SenatorMorganKomichi who's in Harare over a cell phone line. I cannot live with my conscience without sharing what #SenatorKomichi told me!
2/11 #SenatorKomichi said the second total Internet shutdown was effected around 10pm yesterday. The military & #ZanuPF militia used that Internet shutdown along with nightfall to unleash untold horror upon residents of high density suburbs in all cities across #Zimbabwe!
3/11 #SenatorKomichi said while #Bulawayo & #Harare are the most affected, all cities & towns in the country are suffering the same assaults. He said he & his colleagues have been overwhelmed by desperate #SoS messages of killings, torture, rape, injuries & abductions!
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Guys let mi tell you about my night of terror at the the hands of the hands of the Zimbabwe National Terrorists.#263Chat #Twimbos

Yesterday around midnight l heard sm1 crying. l thought it was a funeral or something .Then my dogs started barking and l decided to check it out
#ZimbabweAtrocities .What l heard next shook mi to my core .Someone was being beaten three houses from mine .l quickly locked the gate and remained as still as l could. As l tried to figure out what was going on the soldiers moved on to the house next to mine @PacheduZW @povozim
They started kicking the gate as it was locked ,frustrated they jumped over the durawall and as soon as they did that.l was startled as someone jumbed over the durawall into my yard .My heart skipped a beat and l dont know how l managed not to shart myself at that very moment.
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Reposting all accounts of #Zimbabwe police brutality during the #ZimbabweShutDown protest under this thread

Check this thread for #shutdownZimbabwe updates from Monday-Wednesday
5 children below the age of 13 are appearing at the Bulawayo Magistrates Court today over the #ZimbabweShutDown protest violence

Dominic Maunze was mauled by #Zimbabwe police dogs when he was arrested during the #ZimbabweShutDown protest

Appeared before Bulawayo Magistrate Lungile Ncube who ordered police to get him medical assistance due to the severity of his injuries

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(1) In many cases the #SouthAfrican #Boers carved oases (plural of oasis) out of arid terrain & turned said arid land into arable acreage.

The indigenous hunter-gatherers, pastoralists and fisherman did not have the knowledge that the Boers brought with them to develop the land
(2) Thus the real misappropriation is from the very families that developed the land over many generations.

This phenomenon echoes of #Rhodesia-#Zimbabwe

When the local squatters stripped the farms from the white settlers in Zim (who had developed the land), they crashed them.
(3) They lost their viability as profitable agriculture-for-profit ventures (which employed uneducated locals by the scores).

Rhodesia led to Zim which heralded the downfall of productive for-profit agricultural operations, developed by 5th generation white settlers
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There is a total internet shutdown in Zimbabwe. VPNs are not working. All websites are down. The techie gurus got me back on for few minutes to get this message out: Zimbabweans in the diaspora and our friends throughout the world, please keep up the campaign to #SwitchBackOnZw!
Under the cover of the internet blackout, the military have unleashed a campaign of terror. Soldiers are shooting people. bashing down doors, dragging people out of homes & beating them up, making ppl roll in the mud. No one is covering what’s happening. #shutdownZimbabwe
📷 A brave soul managed to capture this photograph of the military operation currently underway in Harare’s high-density townships. Soliders are going door-to-door beating people. They’re taking people’s phones from them and detroying them. #Zimbabwe #ShutdownZimbabwe
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Thread 🔥
1/8 The violence & looting witnessed in #Zimbabwe today was not a coincidence,neither was it "spontaneous" As late as Dec 2018, MDC Dep Treasurer Gen, Chalton Hwende announced that his party's 2019 strategy was to roll out protests intended to force out Zanu PF
2/8 And then January came and reports filtered in of some meetings being held at out of town lodges & foreign lands in preparation for the protests. Meanwhile, MDC leaders and members incited citizens to revolt, more or less declaring war
3/8 Given the MDC's documented violent history , it was not surprising that the so-called peaceful Stayaway was revealed to be a pre-planned violence orgy, as shops, service stations, Police cars and homes were burnt by the marauding protesters
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Delta #Zimbabwe ’s Defiance of Govt: The Tail Wagging the Dog?…
The move by Delta Corporation Zimbabwe Limited (Delta) to announce that it would begin to sell its products in multiple currencies with a particular emphasis on the US$ was one of the most bold actions from a private corporation in recent years.
Mainly because in its statement announcing its decision, Delta made reference to the current government's monetary policy as being inadequate and went on to audaciously listed new prices in US$ for its commodities.
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Justification for granting broadcasting license unclear at law

#broadcasting #medialaws #Zimbabwe

@NLinZimbabwe @forfreemedia @OSISA @VoteWatch263 @ZimMediaReview ⁦ ⁦@InfoMinZW⁩ ⁦⁦@OSISA⁩ ⁦@263Chat⁩ ⁦⁦@UKinZimbabwe⁩ ⁦⁦@euinzim⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦
@NLinZimbabwe @forfreemedia @OSISA @VoteWatch263 @ZimMediaReview @InfoMinZW @263Chat @UKinZimbabwe @euinzim National daily newspaper, The Herald, recently published an article in which the immediate former perm sec of Information George Charamba explained circumstances under which broadcasting licences were issued in the absence of a Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) Board.
@NLinZimbabwe @forfreemedia @OSISA @VoteWatch263 @ZimMediaReview @InfoMinZW @263Chat @UKinZimbabwe @euinzim According to Charamba, the licences issued to entities such as Powertel, Zimpapers, Alpha Media Holdings and Econet were issued as part of the clerical functions of BAZ.

#broadcasting #medialaws #Zimbabwe
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Another reporter assaulted for filming police operations

#accesstoinformation #MediaFreedom

@InfoMinZW⁩ ⁦@nickmangwana⁩ ⁦@OSISA⁩ ⁦@263Chat⁩ ⁦⁦@UKinZimbabwe⁩ ⁦@usembassyharare⁩ ⁦@euinzim⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦⁦⁦@mailandguardian⁩ ⁦@CPJAfrica
@InfoMinZW @nickmangwana @OSISA @263Chat @UKinZimbabwe @usembassyharare @euinzim @mailandguardian @CPJAfrica A plainclothes police officer assaulted Panashe Makufa a local journalist with online publication Mail & Telegraph on 18 October 2018 in Harare after asking why he was filming a police blitz against illegal foreign currency dealers.

@InfoMinZW @nickmangwana @OSISA @263Chat @UKinZimbabwe @usembassyharare @euinzim @mailandguardian @CPJAfrica Makufa was passing through the Road Port regional bus terminus when he noticed police officers arresting illegal money dealers.

#accesstoinformation #MediaFreedom
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Police arrest suspects for torching AMH newspapers

#mediafreedom #freedomofexpression
Vendors selling the NewsDay and Zimbabwe Independent published by Alpha Media Holdings (AMH) were on 11 October 2018 attacked by some youths who went on to burn the newspapers in Harare’s central business district.

#mediafreedom #freedomofexpression
Wisdom Mdzungairi- @wisdomdzungairi , @NewsDayZimbabwe editor, confirmed the incident saying 10 people had been arrested in connection with the incident.

#mediafreedom #freedomofexpression
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