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As a Virginian, it's very concerning to have @RalphNortham @LGJustinFairfax and @IbraheemSamirah in Richmond

As a Jewish Virginian, this article about Samirah's virulent #AntiSemitism is really concerning to me
Local anti-Semite hates when his #AntiSemitism is called out
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THREAD: 1/ Jew-hatred is also a problem in @TheGreenParty. Jo Fitzgerald is a prominent activist in Teesside and was candidate for Stockton South in the 2017 general election. She believes that "#antisemitism was invented by a Jewish lobby" because it was "beneficial for Israel".
2/ Unsurprisingly, Jo Fitzgerald is sceptical about allegations of antisemitism, opposes the IHRA working definition and argues that Jews appropriated the 'Semite' label without consulting the "remaining Semites" as if they were "the only valid population in the Arabian region".
3/ Jo Fitzgerald is very concerned about Jewish influence, even objecting to Facebook including "Jewish iconography" among its range of status update backgrounds. But then she remembered "the origins of Zuckerberg", which no doubt explained it all for her.
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Today in bring a Jewish woman on the internet #Antisemitism
Oh and he’s continuing to email me #Antisemitism
And another #Antisemitism
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The Nakba: the disaster, the catastrophe, and the shame #Nabka (1…
The anniversary of the Nakba is May 15.
"What kind of people promotes killing children, and then memorializes the murderers? 2) #Palestinians #JewHate #Antisemitism
And when wars and their terrorism failed they tried words. They tried to promote Israel as an apartheid state like South Africa. (3 #Terrorism #libels #smears #propaganda #Jewhate #InverseReality #IdentityTheft
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Meanwhile, here on Twitter, the number one trending topic is a fight between YouTube makeup artists

NYC's rash of violent #AntiSemitism doesn't even make the list
Not even in NYC
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.@rayakalenova , EJC Exec. VP, stresses that #antisemitism is hardly unique to Belgium, referring to the outpouring of hate online to the shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, to what she calls the “openly antisemitic” British Labour party.
„5 years ago political leaders in #Europe thought the EJC was exaggerating but now there is greater understanding of the threat. We are worried today not only for Jewish people but for our society. Attacking Jews means attacking & destabilising democratic society.” @rayakalenova
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Now at least a 5th instance of #AntiSemitism in NYC in recent days

Queens: Two Black Men Yell “KILL THE JEWS” At Yeshiva Boys Posing For Class Picture… (via @ywn)
@YWN Brooklyn: Hasidic Man Punched in Face, Anti-Semitic Slur Hurled at Him… #AntiSemitism #Judeophobia (via @ywn)
Brooklyn: Hasidic Man Punched in The Head… #AntiSemitism #Judeophobia (via @ywn)
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So, since people are going to talk about this more and more, let's run through the standard *thread* of why @MeghanMcCain, Domenech, and others get American #antisemitism wrong, and do so to the detriment of American Jews.
Meghan McCain's husband, @bdomenech, is a founder of the Federalist, a publication that has pushed the "Democrats normalize anti-Semitism" narrative while publishing overtly anti-Semitic content, e.g. "Jewish women are whiny" Bannon defense:…
A number of people have discussed the Federalist covering for right wing anti-Semites. A nice round up piece from @RobynElyse at Wonkette on the Federalist's attempt to re-frame a patently far-right extremist as "Democratic Judge's Son":…
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I’m at the police station reporting a hate crime after being escorted by police. I’m physically ok, mentally and emotionally shook up.
This lady just attacked a few Jewish women at the park, after threatening to “fuck up all them Jews”. She came over, looking straight at me — and I ran out the way — and she went on to attack other Jewish women. This is her leaving as I was talking to 911.
As I ran out of the way and she attacked other Jewish women, one said to me “Go hit her!”. I opened my eyes real wide and replied — I’m not getting in a fight. You think she needs to be hit back, go and do it yourself!
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Even more #AntiSemitism in Brooklyn and I just found this because of an article by @ArutzSheva_En

Happened 5 days ago and how typical that a social media world that loves sharing violent videos of attacks on others had no use for this

It truly gets worse for Jews every day
@ArutzSheva_En Do you know if anything happened to this guy @HikindDov @ADL_NYNJ @NYPDHateCrimes
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Will anyone in Philadelphia/ National media ask @phillymayor @JimfKenney about children in his city singing and dancing on video about killing Jews

I know the answer but talking about it makes me less likely to bash my head against a wall over this horrific #AntiSemitism
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If you want a vivid example of the gradual mainstreaming of #AntiSemitism in America, allow me to direct you to the near media blackout of the story of Muslim children in Philadelphia doing a song and dance number about beheading and otherwise killing Jews
There's so little demand of the Muslim American Society @mas_national for answers that they haven't even bothered to put their statement here on Twitter, last tweeting on May 1st
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When no one was looking, @nyuniversity's Dept of Social & Cultural Analysis passed a pledge of "non-cooperation" with @NYUTelAviv, NYU's study abroad program in #Israel.…
@nyuniversity @NYUTelAviv This is a full on academic boycott on a study abroad program in #Israel signed by @nyuniversity departments of Africana Studies, American Studies, Asian/Pacific/American Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Latino Studies, & Metropolitan Studies.
@nyuniversity @NYUTelAviv Don't forget @nyuniversity has recently come into the national spotlight as a Jewish student filed a lawsuit against the school w/ @usedgov Office of Civil Rights for the systemic #antisemitism perpetuated without consequence at the school.…
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@arielsobelle "Every time I speak up about anti-Semitism, I’m gaslit by people who deny it exists. They even go so far as to accuse me of fabricating false allegations of hate in bad faith."... (2
@arielsobelle In other words, not only is there a furious spike in hatred against Jews in this world; there is also a ferocious movement to deny that it is happening...(3
@arielsobelle ...We wouldn’t be compelled to state that “anti-Semitism is real” if people weren’t actively declaring that it wasn’t.

So many identify with this phenomenon... (4
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🛑1/ Reporting @Tkwondo_T for #antisemitism,advocates #terrorism,incites hatred & violence against Jews,Israelis,calls for their elimination,uses hate speech to demonise/equates them with German NAZIs.This isn't free speech.@TwitterSupport
@TheIHRA @CST_UK @IsraelinUK @chiefrabbi
🛑2/ Reporting @Tkwondo_T for #antisemitism,targets,demonises,incites hatred & violence against Jews,Israelis,equates them with German NAZIs, cancer,disease,parasite,animals,mentally ill,rejects #Israel's right to exist.This is hate speech.@Twittersupport
@IsraelinUK @rabbisacks
🛑3/ Reporting @Tkwondo_T for #antisemitism,targets,demonises,incites hatred & violence against Jews,Israelis,Israel,equates them with German NAZIs,makes false accusations of organ harvesting,apartheid.Libelous behaviour is unacceptable.@Twittersupport
@IsraelinUK @LTCPeterLerner
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#HolocaustRemembranceDay (Yom HaShoah) 2019 in #Israel will begin in the evening of Wednesday, 1 May and ends in the evening of Thursday, 2 May.
A quick warning. Some Images will portray the real #Nazi terror. I want to show the impact across nations.

A school teacher was hanged by the Nazis on the decapitated statue of Lenin during the #German invasion of #Novgorod, August 1941.
#Jews lighting the Chanukah candles in the Westerbork transit camp, Occupied Netherlands; 1943
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Yesterday we saw a horrendous attack on a Synagogue in San Diego in which Lori Kaye (BDE) was senselessly murdered by a gunman and 3 others wounded. This is not the first nor sadly will it be the last attack on one of our places of worship.
Shortly before y'days attack in San Diego @NudderingNudnik wrote a thread about a credible risk to his own shul here in the UK that was considered of such seriousness that the police felt the need for a high profile presence during the Shabbat service.
You might be thinking these incidents happen in isolation or that the threat to us is minimal or exaggerated.

Sadly that might have been true a few years ago, it is not now!
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Corso answers many questions which have been asked by Christian friends of Israel & Jews
When will she get her facts straight? 1) #GeorgetteMosbacher #Antisemitism
Christ died for you, traitorous Jews: #Poles attack US Ambassador for Passover wishes
The #Romans killed Christ NOT THE JEWS. But that probably won't get cleaned up until the synoptic gospels get cleaned up. For it is THAT scripture which asserts it was Jews who held a trial for Jesus and are thus the killers of Christ. It is THAT lie that needs to be debunked. 2
So I'll do it now: NEWSFLASH Poland: It's against Jewish law for a trial to be held at night, which is what Matthew, Mark and Luke assert took place. The Gospel of John at least adds Romans. #Crucifixion was a #ROMAN punishment NOT a Jewish one. 3
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1/ Just last week, as Jews gathered around their #Passover tables to recount the story of our Exodus from Egypt, we read the passage of V’hi She’amda in which we recall how in each generation there have been those who have risen up against us and sought to deny the #Jewish
2/ …people’s right to exist. Tragically, this threat remains very real in our generation today.

The murder of Lori Gilbert Kaye z”l in the #Chabad of #Poway synagogue in #SanDiego, California is but the latest in too long a list of recent antisemitic attacks on #Jews and #Jewish communities around the world.
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Thread: Do you want to understand how prevalent the #antisemitism that appeared in the NYT cartoon is? I received an oped submission a few weeks ago that implied precisely what the cartoon does. It claimed that US foreign policy is "controlled" by Netanyahu via Kushner.
This submission openly argued there was a conspiracy in which Kushner is controlled by Netanyahu and therefore Trump is somehow controlled by Netanyahu. This wasn't some wacko writing this, but someone ostensibly respectable.
The article calimed the US was a "puppet-show" and that "America is no longer in charge" and asked "who is doing the string-pulling," then claiming that Israel is. And this was not a fringe submission. They thought it was ok to write this nonsense with no evidence of course
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[MATT SHEA THREAD] So as it turns out, Sheriff Kzenovich wasn't exaggerating yesterday when he told @KHQkev that more evidence would emerge pointing to Rep. Matt Shea's deeply hateful and violent ideology. #RepMattShea
In the latest development, we learn tonight that Rep. Matt Shea's group chat, where he infamously assisted in a plot to violently intimidate his own constituents, was named "White Movement."…
For a far-right politician who just this week shared a link to a white nationalist website, the title of the group chat isn't exactly subtle.…
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@Dunebug6 @Femi_Sorry @brexitparty_uk @Fox_Claire 1/12 @Dunebug6,@Femi_Sorry,UNSC is biased.See targeted anti-#Israel resolutions(@HillelNeuer).What's Israel got to do with the #EU?Israel isn't in the #EU.What exactly is Israel 'occupying'?
The Golan Heights were rightfully won by Israel as the result of the 6-Day war.@KarenH777
@Dunebug6 @Femi_Sorry @brexitparty_uk @Fox_Claire @HillelNeuer @KarenH777 @CST_UK @COLRICHARDKEMP @antisemitism 3/12 @Dunebug6,@Femi_Sorry, There is a worrying rise in #antisemitism across the EU. For e.g.#France:
The French Home Secretary reported a 74% rise in antisemitic incidents in 2018. @eurojewcong
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THREAD: What is going on in Torbay Constituency Labour Party? The West Country CLP has been in the news this month after the party suspended three of its candidates in the local elections over concerns about alleged #antisemitism. /1
The first candidate to be suspended was Virginia Keyes, women’s officer for Torquay branch and contesting Tormohun ward, after TV celebrity and antiracism campaigner Rachel Riley exposed her history of promoting antisemitic conspiracy theories (see…). /2
Then two more were suspended: Torquay branch chair Jack Critchlow, Labour's candidate in the Cockington with Chelston ward, and Dani Passmore, its candidate in Barton with Watcombe. Once again, allegations of antisemitism are understood to have been behind the suspensions. /3
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