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Popular Front for the Liberation of #Plaestine (#PFLP) is a designated terrorist group, both in Europe and the U.S., but that didn't prevent the EU Parliament to invite PFLP leader Khaled Barakat, which is also the president of Samideon to publically speak…
Spanish MEP Manuel Pineda, a member of European United Left/Nordic Green Left g group, hosted the #PFLP terror group senior members at the EU parliament in Brussels, without any problem, with Barakat wife, the European leader of #Samidoun (#PFLP Alter ego)…
Many European Countries MEPs are asking why a terrorist was allowed to speak in the EU Parliament? Khaled Barakat was recently deported from Germany for vile #Antisemitism. WELT has also asked the administration of the European Parliament for an answer.…
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A thread:
Illuminating #Bible passages on how a #pagan deserves only deceit, dissimulation and to be taken advantage of - even when he extends help.

Even if fellow-#Abrahamics are mortal enemies, a Pagan who extends shelter to one never really wins their loyalty or trust.
The scene: David flees Israelite territory. King Saul is trying to kill him, no matter how much David tries to prove his bona fides.

David + 600 soldiers (w/ families) take shelter with Philistine King Achish of Gath - pagans the Israelites hate.…
Pagan king Achish grants David a town to settle in, hoping to win favour through hospitality. And perhaps driving a wedge in Israel.

Instead, behind his host's back, David and his men sack and massacre nearby pagan settlements - making sure that the king doesn't hear of it.
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Even after shootings at synagogues and consistent violence against Jews in this country, this story will barely make it outside of NYC and Jewish media #AntiSemitism #Judeophobia
Frustrating to know that if 4 idiots did this at a mosque, it would be all over here right now

Teaneck synagogue doesn't even auto-fill
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If they arrive, send them away.
1)#Netanyahu #Tlaib #Omar #Trump #Congress #Antisemites
Both are virulent antisemites & haters of the State of Israel. They support BDS Boycotts, dismiss & joke about the 9/11 attack that killed almost 3000 Americans in New York, & have made it very clear that they want Israel & Jews gone. 2) #BDS #terrorism #FromTheRiverToTheSea
Tlaib & Omar have shown support for Hamas, Hezbollah, and ISIS (Da'esh).
If allowed into Israel, where Israelis may think it is an opportunity to educate, these 2 Congress members will turn it into a circus & a platform 4 their anti-Israel agenda. 3 #Tlaib #Omar #terrorists
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This is horrifying and if you're a French Jew, why would you stay in France

#SarahHalimi should be a trending name and hashtag worldwide but I doubt it's even trending I'm France #AntiSemitism #Judeophobia
#SarahHalimi not in the top 25 trending topics in France
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I'm a Muslim who's angry at Dems' failure to condemn antisemite Omar -- They betrayed loyal Jewish supporters by Qanta Ahmed #Muslim #Democrats #Betray #JewishSupporters #Antisemitism #JewHate #racism (1…
➡️"Nothing in Islam Requires the Faithful to Hate Jews - Dr. Qanta Ahmed:

Rep. Ilhan Omar is quick to embrace anti-Semitic stereotypes that should be an embarrassment to all decent men and women. 2) #IlhanOmar #antisemitic #sterotypes #embarassment
Nothing in Islam requires the faithful to hate Jews or the Jewish state. In fact, the Koran documents that Jerusalem belongs to the Jews. 3) #Islam #JerusalemIsrael #Koran #Islam #NotRequireJewHate
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For people who have been involved in politics for a longtime, this is not the first documented outbreak of #LabourAntisemitism amongst the Far Left of the party but this time it is different for many reasons which I will now explain. 1/8
The last time @UKLabour had a truly Socialist leader was Neil Kinnock, who also found himself attracting a great army of undesirable members (as is always the case) under Socialism, many of whom were #AntiSemitic but he had most of them expelled from @UKLabour. 2/8
It may even have cost him the chance to become PM, but fortunately we will never know. so now fast forward to the election of #Corbyn as leader of @UKLabour a man with an extremely well documented past for siding with terrorist organisations - in particular anti-Israel ones. 3/8
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As @KamalaHarris @SenKamalaHarris prepares to address the Omega Psi Phi convention this afternoon in New Jersey, I hope someone in the MSM asks her about the @OfficialOPPF fraternity inducting Louis Farrakhan earlier this year #AntiSemitism #Judeophobia #OmegaPsiPhi
@KamalaHarris @SenKamalaHarris @OfficialOPPF And in 2017: "The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan receives the Lifetime Achievement Award from Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc."…
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Recently Ellie Reeves #Labour MP was reportedly facing a vote of "No Confidence" and "Deselection" @elliereeves received a lot of support from Jess Phillips, Tom Watson etc. No motion was tabled with her CLP so the furore over a pregnant Labour MP being deselected was nonsense.
So let us move on about 1 week from this bogus story to the equally spurious #PanoramaHatchetJob about #Labour and #Antisemitism The usual suspects showed their sham horror of the apparent problems in Labour. #TomWatson #jessphillips
Tom Watson belittled, harangued, bullied and called into question the reliability and fitness of @JennieGenSec to act as General Secretary. Some might question my point on reliability etc. But the image I have attached which Watson and Phillips promote does exactly that.
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A short thread with initial critical thoughts on #BBCPanorama’s 10 July ‘Is Labour antisemitic?’ ‘investigation’ 1/10
#BBCPanorama wasn’t an ‘investigation’. It was the case for the prosecution. Very many Jewish members of @UKLabour have vastly different and positive experience of membership from those interviewed. Shouldn’t a fair investigation have interviewed some of them too? 2/10
Polls show antisemitism is a much contested and misunderstood term among Jews and the public. There’s bitter division over whether anti-Zionism is antisemitic #BBCPanorama didn’t reflect this essential fact which is central to @UKLabour’s struggle to deal with the a/s issue 3/10
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@TripeUK @D_Raval @silverrich39 @simonmaginn @FightingGran @xpressanny @TLAVagabond @jimmy_dore @NevilleSouthall @skwawkbox @oneoflokis @21WIRE @WarmongerHodges I would also recommend watching this which addresses some of the issues as to why @DerbyChrisW may well have been suspended from #Labour 30 minutes out of 24 hours will not be wasted time!
@TripeUK @D_Raval @silverrich39 @simonmaginn @FightingGran @xpressanny @TLAVagabond @jimmy_dore @NevilleSouthall @skwawkbox @oneoflokis @21WIRE @WarmongerHodges H all thanks for the retweets, likes and follows I will try to respond and follow everyone. Just an update on my original post. I have looked into complaining to Ofcom however you have to allow the #BBC to respond first.
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As it's already started ahead of tonight's @BBCPanorama (9pm BBC1, folks!) we start the #PanoramaRage thread...

So far we have Momentum smearing the BBC, Ally Fogg of the Grauniad smearing #Antisemitism activists, and the usual Jewish conspiracy theories...

... the usual suspects are already to blame - Zionist Blairites, Blairite Zionists, and obviously Israel.

#ehrc #BeLouder

An early Special Mention goes to propagandist Ash Sarkar, 'smearing like a champion' in her defence of Labour's institutional #Antisemitism. (h/t @EuanPhilipps)

#ehrc #BeLouder
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THREAD : Today the biased BBC will attempt to defame the Labour Party and its Leader Jeremy Corbyn
This thread will present a range of Jewish voices (Left wing and Anti-Zionist Jews) all refuting the antisemitism smears
Professor Annabelle Sreberny
Alexei Sayle
"The search for Antisemitism in Labour is the WMD of our age"
Same 'Emotion vs Rational Debate"
Same People Doing It (Blair)
"Anti-racists being accused by racists of being greater ridiculousness"
Former Israeli Government Minister Shulamit Aloni on antisemitism smears
"It's a trick, we always use it"
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For a long time I've had a fairly good reason to believe that @UKLabour has double standards regarding its own staff, on everything from maternity leave to bullying. This hypocritical stance on whistleblowing on #antisemitism is very much the last nail in that coffin.
This whistleblowing is not about something trivial. Its about standing in solidarity with @JewishLabour to face down the racism that cuts to the heart of @UKLabour. Something that should never have been given the opportunity to resurface from the dark recess of history.
Over the last hundred and twenty years, literally tens of millions of people have have put their faith in @UKLabour values to look after the hard working people in our communities, no matter who they are. What is happening to Labour is a betrayal of every one of those votes.
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From Saria Eilat: Accusing Israel of "Ethnic Cleansing" & "Genocide" .. Propaganda technique whereby the victim is portrayed as the abuser & the abuser as the victim! 1) #Israel #Antisemitism #InvertedReality #EthnicCleansing #Genocide #Nazie #Holocaust #Palestinian #Propaganda
Turning the history of the Jews against them is another commonplace of antiSemitism.
2) #Antisemitism #Jews
If the Jews were victims in an actual genocide, then what better way to transfer sympathy from them to their rivals than by painting the Jews as modern Nazis perpetuating a new holocaust...this time against the poo' poo' "Palestinians" 3) #JewHate #Smears #Propaganda #bloodlibel
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What it’s like being young and Jewish ✡️in Europe?

We took a closer look drawing on our #antisemitism survey data.

Although many young Jews face #harassment, their Jewish identity remains strong 💪.

However, 45% are scared to appear Jewish in public.
🔗… Being Young and Jewish - 8 out of 10 young Jewish Europeans feel they have a strong Jewish identity
Rising #antisemitism is a fear for many young Jews.

- 90% point to the internet 🌐 and across social media #️⃣ as being particularly problematic.
- 41% consider emigrating 🛫as they do not feel safe as a Jew.

Want to know more? Read our report:
🔗… Being Young and Jewish - 4 out of 5 young Jewish Europeans say that antisemitism is a problem in their country
“Antisemitism in Europe remains a stubborn stain that refuses to go away,” says @MichaelCJT.

“We need to act fast to combat #antisemitism in Europe and join our efforts to keep our youth safe,” says @VeraJourova.

🔗… Being Young and Jewish - 4 out of 10 young Jewish Europeans have experienced antisemitic harassment
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1/5 @EURightsAgency survey shows young Jews face disturbing degree of harassment & attacks.

Europe must tackle all 3 sources of #antisemitism: radical Muslim, far-right, far-left.

@EU_Commission @EUCouncil must strengthen the position of Coordinator on Combating antisemitism.
- 45% have experienced antisemitism,12% higher than their elders
- 85% have been blamed for Israel's actions
- 4% have been physically attacked in the last year
- 80% don't report harassment
- 41% have considered emigrating because they don't feel safe
Victims of harassment described 31% of their perpetrators as "someone with a Muslim extremist view," 21% as "someone with a left-wing political view," and 14% as "someone with a right-wing political view."
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Jews cannot even pray in the synagogue without checking behind their backs for a gunman. The anti-Semites have declared war on the Jewish people. It is time for us to declare war on #Antisemitism!
Every nation must do the following to defeat Antisemitism:
1 Target Antisemitic accounts online
2 Enact legislation to require education
3 Empower law enforcement to bring Antisemites to justice
4 Remove Antisemitic politicians from office
I call on the UN to produce an annual investigative report on Antisemitism around the world, appoint a special envoy of the SG for combatting Antisemitism and add “Ending Antisemitism” to the sustainable development goals. #No2Antisemitism
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Practice makes perfect:

1/ Bob James, a Labour member suspended over online antisemitism, denies expressing antisemitic views. He claims no-one has ever explained what's racist about his statements and asks for "a perfect example of antisemitism" in his posts to be pointed out.
2/ A member of Alyn and Deeside CLP, Bob James came to public attention recently through his persistent trolling of TV mathematician Rachel Riley after she had expressed concerns about the antisemitic abuse she received from people who claimed to be Labour Party members.
3/ I hesitate to bestow the "perfect example" accolade on anything associated with antisemitism. But, sadly, there's no shortage of material on Bob James's timeline that shows hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic or racial group.
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#mustread #Jewish #Democrats #WakeUp The 24 Presidential candidates running hate you & support every #AntiSemitic statement & every #AntiIsrael initiative raised. #NeverForget #JewHate #AntiZionism
The Sludge Sisters: "A Muddy Mixture" by @JoanSwirsky…
The Sludge Sisters
"A Muddy Mixture"
By Joan Swirsky —— Throughout the ages, Jews have been the targets of genocidal forces both large and small, educated and ignorant, liberal and conservative, pagan and religious. 2)
Other small sects and religions have never inspired the particular psychotic animus that Jews have because they never threatened the larger populace as Jews have with blazing green-eyed jealousy—the most powerful emotion of the human species.
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#mustread Elected at age 35 after two years on the village council, Groisman, who is Jewish, spearheaded the passage of a local hate-crime ordinance in 2017 that took the U.S. State Department's 2010 guidelines on #Antisemitism and codified them 1)
... into a section of the village code entitled "Consideration of Anti-Semitism in Enforcing Laws."
At its core, the ordinance defines anti-Semitism using real-world examples so village police can more easily determine if a hate crime has occurred 2) #HateCrime
...against the village's flourishing Jewish community. Examples of antiSemitism outlined in the ordinance include making "stereotypical allegations about Jews … esp, but not exclusively, the myth about a world #Jewishconspiracy or of Jews controlling the media (or) economy," 3)
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@rlefraim wrote, SHABBAT SHALOM.
שבת שלום
לכל העם היהודי

1) #ShabbatShalom
In the late 19th Century & through the 20th, there was a theory of Jewish survival that came about that said that the Jewish People’s survival as an identity was due to antiSemitism. I have heard and read both Jewish and Gentile academics saying just that for many many years 2)
The problem is, that it is untrue. All Jews had to do to avoid antiSemitism is convert to Christianity or Islam. 3)
#Antisemitism #JewishSurvival
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