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@Jo_Plays @bhaines0 @IdentityHutch @WomeninID @dgwbirch @windley @IdentityWoman @Libra_ What makes digital identity (call it "ID" here) so hard?

1. There's a always been this strong drive to make ID reusable, to reduce on-boarding friction, reduce accounts & passwords, save cost, even make money. -/2
@Jo_Plays @bhaines0 @IdentityHutch @WomeninID @dgwbirch @windley @IdentityWoman @Libra_ 2. Most ID initiatives (especially Federated Identity) are based on something of a false intuition. We look in our purses and see dozens of identities that all seem the same. -/3

[I'm dropping all @'s now to avoid annoying people]
3. I have dozens of cards and accounts all labeled "Steve Wilson" and it seems redundant. Can't I boil them down to one? No, they're really not the same identity. Each is a different relationship. -/4
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0/ THREAD: Yesterday, we @ideocolab announced our new Startup Studio to accelerate the world's best blockchain startups, in partnership with over 20 leading organizations and protocols.

In this thread, I’ll share why and how we decided to do this.

1/ First I want to thank @coindesk @DanielGKuhn @pete_rizzo_ and @TheBlock__ @Yogita_Khatri5 @mdudas for covering yesterday, as well as the support from our partners and the general blockchain community.

2/ For many people in the #blockchain and #crypto community, this was the first time they've heard of @ideo, @ideocolab, or the fact that we've been working deeply in the blockchain/crypto space since early 2015 with many of the industry's leading crypto projects and people.
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#bitcoin could ossify today & still win the SoV use case based on its existing characteristics (scarcity, censorship resistance) & network effect / ubiquity.

Many “dev-centric” minds miss this b/c they only view #blockchain from a developer mindset & not a financial/social one.
“Do not try and do everything. Do one thing and do it well.” - Steve Jobs

#bitcoin is the 1st uninflatable, uncensorable, unconfiscatable asset the worlds ever known. It’s also the best tool to ever exist for each of those characteristics. It’s VERY GOOD as digital gold.
Hash rate at an ATH. Price is returning to ATH w/ a market capitalization of >$200B (6x+ its closest competitor ETH $31B).
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Organizers said no photos of the Hayes vs Roubini debate so I’ll use this stock photo of Nouriel. #ABS2019 @aba_summit
@CryptoHayes: I don’t even want to call you professsor.
Roubini: He’s just making money off of retail suckers.
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Some platforms like @Cordablockchain that have nothing to do with #Blockchain are sold as blockchain for enterprise. It's not only a misleading message, it also misses the point entirely about how technology works.
There's no iPhone for enterprise or personal computer for enterprise. Heck it's called a personal computer, not enterprise computer... the only enterprise computers are mainframes and AS400 systems.
In the early days people used blackberries. Blackberries were smartphones for enterprise. Did a great job of email in a sandboxed walled garden environment and a bad job of consumer apps. It worked for a while
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Alternative Arrangements Commission Conference - Rt Hon Stephen Barclay on the importance of trust and mutual consent for NI border solution. Something everyone can agree on before we get into the nitty gritty of the proposal #aaclondonlaunch
#aaclondonlaunch @ShankerASingham - the AAC group visited the NI region 3 times as part of their work
#aaclondonlaunch "technology exists". #blockchain mentioned less than 1h in. Look forward to hearing how to operationalise AAC recommendations later today
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#libra has a few major advantages

1. Separation of money and technology
2. An army of CS PhDs willing to work at Facebook
3. Benefit of #blockchain but freedom from the "hash pointer linked list" paradigm to explore new ideas
4. No particular need to argue with the regulators
And a few more...

1. The hacker culture of Facebook
2. A history of useful applications turned around in days rather than weeks
3. Useful apps from day 1
4. A history of good design
None of these guarantee success of the idea but the ecosystem needs all of the above.

The entry of big tech in a big way is the best thing that has happened for those who are really in it for the technology
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#Libra : Wie #bitcoin nur stabiler? – Die Berichte über die neue digitale Währung von #Facebook und anderen Tech-Unternehmen sowie Zahlungsdienstleistern sprudeln nur so über. Die #BayernLB hat sich ebenfalls durch das Whitepaper gewühlt und kam zu folgenden Ergebnissen: 👇
#Libra ist keine neue Währung, sondern an einen Währungskorb (und damit vor allem an den US-Dollar) gekoppelt. Damit importiert das Libra-System, wie bei herkömmlichen „Currency Boards“, die Geldpolitik von Fed und Co.
Das #Libra-System ist im Kern ein Zahlungssystem wie Paypal, mit dem Unterschied, dass Facebook bereits rund 2 Mrd. User und Messaging-Apps wie Whatsapp hat, in welche #Zahlungsmöglichkeiten implementiert werden können.
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1/ #Facebook released their #Libra #cryptocurrency whitepaper today. This is a stable coin governed by a Foundation that is comprised of a handful of the world’s largest corporations
2/ The currency will run on the Libra #blockchain and coins will be backed by assets consisting of bank deposits and government securities that will be issued by the Libra Reserve whose members each invested a minimum of $10M to run a validator node
3/ This pseudo #decentralization is not being brought into the world to ‘empower billions of people’ or ‘help people everywhere live better lives’ as Facebook suggest
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Amazing Hollywood whistleblower interview, uncensorable on the #blockchain for eternity...
@Tiff_FitzHenry and @OutoftheG8TE
#NXIVM #Hollywood #Qanon
watch here: 👇… #BSV
@Tiff_FitzHenry @OutoftheG8TE Wahhh, just was informed that I said something a little misleading above-Streamanity does in fact use servers, in case illegal content is uploaded (which makes sense).. So videos r not on the blockchain. But, dear @Streamanity will you ever censor content otherwise, like Youtube?
@Tiff_FitzHenry @OutoftheG8TE @Streamanity Was informed that is how to actually upload stuff 2 perhaps I will do just that with #NXIVM evidence, because now that #NXIVMtrial is trial over, some going to try and spin this story to put Raniere in better light…
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[Thread lungo]
Un po' di info interessanti su #Libra, la nuova criptovaluta di #Facebook

Prima cosa da sapere: è una cosa ENORME, e tra un anno la userà chiunque in occidente. C'è dentro Mastercard e VISA, ma pure Uber, PayPal, Spotify, eBay. C'è di mezzo pure Coinbase, società finanziaria che finora era stata famosa soprattuto perché vendeva #Bitcoin facilmente.
Il video con cui viene presentata #Libra è particolarmente interessante per la narrazione: viene presentata come la *valuta globale*, che permetterà di superare i limiti delle attuali monete e permettere a tutti (a prescindere dal luogo) di partecipare al mercato globale.
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0/ Some interesting information on the FAQ page of Calibra 👇

#Facebook #Libra #Calibra #Blockchain
1/ What do I need to get started?

When Calibra is available, you will need a government-issued ID to sign up for an account. Identity verification is important to comply with laws and prevent fraud, so you know people are who they say they are.
2/ Where will I be able to use Calibra?

Available as a standalone app in the App Store and Google Play. You'll also be able to use Calibra directly in your WhatsApp and Messenger apps, so you can send and receive money as easily as you message friends, family, and businesses.
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Tokens are an often cited solution for asset liquidity. Let's look at the concept of liquidity in a technology neutral way #blockchain
The more of an asset I can sell on a particular market without impacting its price, the more liquid it is.
If I can't sell an asset at all because there are no buyers it's illiquid
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The Chainlink / Facebook Connection
Thread including all things Facebook blockchain, GlobalCoin / Project Libra / stablecoin, and key employees (incl. dates & references) + Chainlink breadcrumbs.
#GlobalCoin #ProjectLibra #Libra #Blockchain #Crypto #Chainlink #4IR #Facebook $LINK
January 4, 2018
Mark Zuckerberg on "fixing" @Facebook and working towards decentralization…

#GlobalCoin #ProjectLibra #Libra #Blockchain #Crypto #Chainlink #4IR $FB $LINK #Facebook #Decentralization
May 8, 2018
After four years at the helm of @messenger , @davidmarcus will be leaving the team to lead a small group of @Facebook employees to explore what blockchain technologies can do for the social media giant.…

#Facebook #Blockchain #GlobalCoin
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@Johnny_Nashbro @block_one_ 2/ If you are building an vertical application (securities) and a blockchain (settlement system) at the same time you are trying to solve two problems. 1) Compliance and 2) Scalability... and everything between them.
@Johnny_Nashbro @block_one_ 3/ Compliance does not depend on scalability or vice versa. This is called a separation of concerns in development.…

Both of these problems can be solved independently.
@Johnny_Nashbro @block_one_ 4/ Here is my rough image what are business problems (a lot of phone calls with regulators and lawyers), what are engineering problems (software development) and what are hardcore pure math a science problems in #blockchain space
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Thread on the backgound of Diane Culligan, who claimed in May to control a bizarre breakaway club from #MillwallLionesses & husband Anthony, a former shirt sponsor's owner (which recently declared Insolvency at the High Court).

An off-site page of this thread unrolls at its end.
FYI @kelly_noble1 @MichelleYoung90

Anthony David Culligan, b.1963, (husband of @Diane_Culligan) owns 31.73% of SETL Developments Ltd, Co. Number 09704844

Mrs Culligan became Director of #MillwallLionesses, June 2018 & assumed Notifiable Control of @FAWC_ club, Oct.2018

#MillwallLionesses bore the one of the brand logos of Mr Culligan's #TechStartup company, namely as "SETL Blockchain" = @SETL_io


Credit : @MillWallLionesses (the real ones)
& @TheMillwallFans for the £17.5k of life.
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Dall'età della pietra esiste il "contante", fino alla #moneta (moneta legale, moneta bancaria, moneta commerciale, moneta elettronica).
Siamo sicuri, sicuri che un sistema GLOBALE #cashless sia la panacea? Or evil?

L'incubo no cash (#cashless) e il teorema di Pangloss…
24 Solutions, sbarca in Italia il sogno svedese dei pagamenti “#cashless

Il country manager Amedeo Lupinelli a CorCom: “La modernizzazione di un paese passa attraverso la modifica delle abitudini di pagamento: anche l’Italia abbandonerà il contante”…
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Verilerinizi saklamak için merkeziyetsiz platformları neden tercih etmelisiniz? Bu merkeziyetsiz bulut platformlarına örnek var mı? Ne şekilde çalışıyorlar? Bunun hakkında zamanında yazdığım bir blog yazısını #flood haline getirdim. İlgililerine duyurulur! 🥳 #blockchain
Fotoğraflarınız nasıl olsa Instagram’da duruyor diye rahat mısınız? Ya da aileniz ile geçen yaz tatilinden kalan videonuz Facebook’da duruyor nasıl olsa, seneler sonra açar izlersiniz diye mi düşünüyorsunuz? Depolama amacıyla kullandığınız bu platformlar aslında oldukça güvensiz.
Örneğin geçen aylarda gün yüzüne çıkan, 2003-2015 yılları arasındaki tüm müzik ve dosya verilerini yanlışlıkla sildiğini kamuoyuna duyuran #MySpace gibi. MySpace sadece bir sosyal ağ fakat insanlar diğer sosyal ağlarda olduğu gibi burada da merkezi yapıya güvenerek hata yaptılar.
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In the case that never sleeps, #Bitfinex filed its Reply to Vacate the April 24, 2019 Ex Parte Order. First: congrats to lawyers working on Cinco de Mayo. You know a defendant is pissed when its lawyers file stuff on the weekends!…
1) Let's get into what the lawyers had to say: Bitfinex's lawyers' first arrow is that the OAG failed to explain how tethers qualify as a security or commodity covered under the Martin Act. Ultimately, this is a TERRIBLE argument for Bitfinex. #RegulatorsAreGoingToRegulate
2) Bitfinex lawyers have gone from "we have fully cooperated" to "the OAG has asked us for #blunderbuss document demands." Wait, I thought #Blockchain was about transparency and Bitfinex was fully cooperating. #ICalledBSBeforeAndIStandByMyAssertionOfBS
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La settimana di @MegliodinienteR dal 22 al 28 Aprile 2019 inizia con
🔴 #unatazzadicaffè de @LaPravdania
Socrate contro Facebook
Continua con la musica di @LazarKaganovic1 con "i lambratesi"
🔴 Je so' pazzo
Su @MegliodinienteR
Continua @bonnie379 con il suo sguardo al futuro
🔴 #blockchain
Su #Argo e @MegliodinienteR
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1/ Bankers, politicians, noble laureates, public intellectuals and economic experts are the modern-day Luddites in suits.

Contrary to modern belief, the Luddites did not oppose to upcoming technology altogether. They were rather quite specific in their disapproval:
2/ Modern-day Luddites reject in a similar fashion to the new world of #Crypto by calling for “#Blockchain, not #bitcoin” or more generally “Digital, not Crypto”. They consider Bitcoin “a fraudulent and deceitful manner to get around standard practices.
3/ They just want blockchain projects that “make high-quality goods” and they want these “blockchain projects to be run by people, who apply with regulation and industry standards”.
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The @BBFC #AgeVerification "Certificate Standard" has been published.

This is the document which is being proffered to protect the facts & details of _YOUR_ online #Porn viewing. Let's read it together!

What could possibly go wrong?…
@BBFC Well, that was fast:

"this is the foundation of the non-statutory, voluntary age-verification certification scheme (the Scheme)"

"Only age-verification providers that meet the requirements of the Standard…will receive certification"

What happens to the ones that don't?
@BBFC [ Incidentally, I am going through this in real time with a mug of coffee, so there may be some jumping back and forth. Don't expect perfection. ]
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1/3 Odyssey hackathon was an epic journey, unbelievable what you guys @OdysseyHack pulled off! Thanks to all the participants, jedis, Rutger and Stefan, APG, @wavesplatform support and personally to @sasha35625 for making @Tradisys team participation possible! @g1zm0, u rock!
2/3 #Tradisys, of which I had the honor to be the team captain, showed incredible team spirit, coming back with a genius idea after the initial project got completely trashed after the first day and winning the Rething Retirement Track. Worth a movie one day, definitely :)
#OdysseyHack is over, #OdysseyIgnite just starting :) kick-off incubation day with APG and other stakeholders on Good-Around Project was a blast!
@odysseyhack @wavesplatform @tradisys.official #waves #wavesplatform #buildonwaves #blockchain #goodaround @APG_News @sasha35625
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La société d'analyse crypto @DataLightMe vient de sortir une étude très intéressante qui compare le bitcoin aux trois principaux autres systèmes de paiement (Visa, MasterCard et PayPal). Petit thread en chiffres 👇
1/ Si l'on prend le nombre de transactions par seconde (2018), il n'y a pas match selon @DataLightMe :

- Bitcoin : 7 transactions
- Visa : 65.000 transactions
- MasterCard : 40.000 transactions
- Paypal : 400 transactions

#crypto #blockchain
2/ Idem sur le total des montants transférés en 2018 :

- Bitcoin : 3,4 milliards $
- Visa : 11,2 milliards $
- MasterCard : 5,9 milliards $
- Paypal : 578 milliards $

#crypto #blockchain
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