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Thread on the backgound of Diane Culligan, who claimed in May to control a bizarre breakaway club from #MillwallLionesses & husband Anthony, a former shirt sponsor's owner (which recently declared Insolvency at the High Court).

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FYI @kelly_noble1 @MichelleYoung90

Anthony David Culligan, b.1963, (husband of @Diane_Culligan) owns 31.73% of SETL Developments Ltd, Co. Number 09704844

Mrs Culligan became Director of #MillwallLionesses, June 2018 & assumed Notifiable Control of @FAWC_ club, Oct.2018

#MillwallLionesses bore the one of the brand logos of Mr Culligan's #TechStartup company, namely as "SETL Blockchain" = @SETL_io


Credit : @MillWallLionesses (the real ones)
& @TheMillwallFans for the £17.5k of life.
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Dall'età della pietra esiste il "contante", fino alla #moneta (moneta legale, moneta bancaria, moneta commerciale, moneta elettronica).
Siamo sicuri, sicuri che un sistema GLOBALE #cashless sia la panacea? Or evil?

L'incubo no cash (#cashless) e il teorema di Pangloss…
24 Solutions, sbarca in Italia il sogno svedese dei pagamenti “#cashless

Il country manager Amedeo Lupinelli a CorCom: “La modernizzazione di un paese passa attraverso la modifica delle abitudini di pagamento: anche l’Italia abbandonerà il contante”…
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In the case that never sleeps, #Bitfinex filed its Reply to Vacate the April 24, 2019 Ex Parte Order. First: congrats to lawyers working on Cinco de Mayo. You know a defendant is pissed when its lawyers file stuff on the weekends!…
1) Let's get into what the lawyers had to say: Bitfinex's lawyers' first arrow is that the OAG failed to explain how tethers qualify as a security or commodity covered under the Martin Act. Ultimately, this is a TERRIBLE argument for Bitfinex. #RegulatorsAreGoingToRegulate
2) Bitfinex lawyers have gone from "we have fully cooperated" to "the OAG has asked us for #blunderbuss document demands." Wait, I thought #Blockchain was about transparency and Bitfinex was fully cooperating. #ICalledBSBeforeAndIStandByMyAssertionOfBS
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La settimana di @MegliodinienteR dal 22 al 28 Aprile 2019 inizia con
🔴 #unatazzadicaffè de @LaPravdania
Socrate contro Facebook
Continua con la musica di @LazarKaganovic1 con "i lambratesi"
🔴 Je so' pazzo
Su @MegliodinienteR
Continua @bonnie379 con il suo sguardo al futuro
🔴 #blockchain
Su #Argo e @MegliodinienteR
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The @BBFC #AgeVerification "Certificate Standard" has been published.

This is the document which is being proffered to protect the facts & details of _YOUR_ online #Porn viewing. Let's read it together!

What could possibly go wrong?…
@BBFC Well, that was fast:

"this is the foundation of the non-statutory, voluntary age-verification certification scheme (the Scheme)"

"Only age-verification providers that meet the requirements of the Standard…will receive certification"

What happens to the ones that don't?
@BBFC [ Incidentally, I am going through this in real time with a mug of coffee, so there may be some jumping back and forth. Don't expect perfection. ]
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1/3 Odyssey hackathon was an epic journey, unbelievable what you guys @OdysseyHack pulled off! Thanks to all the participants, jedis, Rutger and Stefan, APG, @wavesplatform support and personally to @sasha35625 for making @Tradisys team participation possible! @g1zm0, u rock!
2/3 #Tradisys, of which I had the honor to be the team captain, showed incredible team spirit, coming back with a genius idea after the initial project got completely trashed after the first day and winning the Rething Retirement Track. Worth a movie one day, definitely :)
#OdysseyHack is over, #OdysseyIgnite just starting :) kick-off incubation day with APG and other stakeholders on Good-Around Project was a blast!
@odysseyhack @wavesplatform @tradisys.official #waves #wavesplatform #buildonwaves #blockchain #goodaround @APG_News @sasha35625
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La société d'analyse crypto @DataLightMe vient de sortir une étude très intéressante qui compare le bitcoin aux trois principaux autres systèmes de paiement (Visa, MasterCard et PayPal). Petit thread en chiffres 👇
1/ Si l'on prend le nombre de transactions par seconde (2018), il n'y a pas match selon @DataLightMe :

- Bitcoin : 7 transactions
- Visa : 65.000 transactions
- MasterCard : 40.000 transactions
- Paypal : 400 transactions

#crypto #blockchain
2/ Idem sur le total des montants transférés en 2018 :

- Bitcoin : 3,4 milliards $
- Visa : 11,2 milliards $
- MasterCard : 5,9 milliards $
- Paypal : 578 milliards $

#crypto #blockchain
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🎉📣 Unveiling the Finalists of the 2019 UN #SDGAwards! 🔝 21 initiatives show how innovation, creativity & commitment lead to impactful SDG Action. 2000+ applications, the selection was harder than ever!
Support your favs on the People's Choice Award!
Drone-based projects, crowdsourced stories of harassment & indicators on SDG progress ➡#SDGAwards VISUALIZERS are making complex concepts more readily understandable & affecting real change.

🤳Like & RT your favourite for the People's Choice Award!
#SDGAwards STORYTELLERS are using #transmedia, immersive mediums & taking storytelling to the next level to make #inequalities, #migration, access to #water, or #climatechange impacts.

🤳Like & RT your favourite for the People's Choice Award
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I might not be making money yet myself, waiting for my #ALTs to moon, but at least I'm useful to someone(my best friend since Jr. High and college roomate).

$PINK $PIVX $ONG $MTL $LIFE (I'll mention the other good coins when I'm able to get in on them 😀). Must pump these first.
#bitcoin doing well since my "extremely bullish" proclamation to my friend about 25 minutes ago at the bottom of the most recent short-term dip.

Give the fuck up, bears! You're done for! #MuellerMayhem incoming!

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I'm listening to the @USPTO Business Method Partnership Meeting (the 16th event). Anyone interested in a live tweeting?
Go to to get all the partnership data for the various technology areas. This these all the Business Methods groups.
Social networkings, planning is included under business processing.
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Saturday morning - time for kids cartoons and ... a (ramen-free) Twitter thread on tokens and securities law! Today’s starting point: this excellent article (…) by Guillermo Jimenez in Decrypt.
2/ Jimenez looks at the concept of “consumer token offerings” through the lens of the recent sales by FOAM and Civil, companies backed by @ConsenSys. Both sales were open to the general public and not limited only to “accredited investors”.
3/ Why are these sales and how they were conducted so important? This goes to the heart of what in my view is the most exciting aspect of #valuetechnology: the ability to use the tools that comprise “#blockchain technology” to create new business models.
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1/ SEISMIC NEWS for US #blockchain law watchers--the Uniform Law Commission today asked states to refrain from enacting its model acts for virtual currencies + any competing legislation while new study commission reviews emerging tech... @ForbesCrypto…
2/ ...The announcement was at the end of 3-page response to @ForbesCrypto contributor @AndreaTinianow's response to the ULC's request that she correct errors in her piece, which she maintained were not errors:…
3/ ...and came after testimony in a Nevada Senate hearing that was heavily opposed to enacting the ULC Model Acts & recent podcasts exploring the issues on @LetsTalkBitcoin & @TheCryptoShow. A committee hearing in California on the Model Acts was teed up as early as this week...
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#நாம்தமிழர்கட்சி #நாடாளுமன்ற_தேர்தல்_ஆட்சிவரைவு2019
புதியதொரு தேசம் செய்வோம்!
புரட்சியால் அதை உறுதி செய்வோம்!

உழவை மீட்போம்! உலகை காப்போம்!
நமதுசின்னம் #விவசாயி🌾
Page 1, 104
#நாம்தமிழர்கட்சி #நாடாளுமன்ற_தேர்தல்_ஆட்சிவரைவு2019
அதிகாரம் மிக வலிமையானது,
அதை அடைந்துவிட்டால் அனைத்தும் எளிமையானது!
எமது அதிகாரம் எம் மக்களுக்கானது!
இது மாற்றத்திற்கான எளிய மக்களின் புரட்சி! வென்றே தீரும்!
நமதுசின்னம் #விவசாயி🌾
Page 2,102,103
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This is a thread on the list of #technologies #Nigeria should start taking seriously if she has the ambition of becoming number 1 in #Africa and maybe among the top 30 countries in the world as we enter the 4th Industrial Revolution.
#Industry40 #stem #tech 1/7
1. Mobile Internet fifth-generation (5G)
2. Artificial Intelligence (#ai), machine learning (#ml), deep learning (#dl)
3. Virtual and Augmented reality (#vr,#ar)
4. Cloud technology (#cloud)
5. Internet of Things (#iot)
6. Advanced robotics (#robots)
7. Biometric technology

8. 3D printing
9. Smart Spaces: Smart Cities (#SmartCities), Smart Homes (#smarthomes)
10. Blockchain (#blockchain)
11. Quantum computing
12. Autonomous things: fully autonomous vehicles
13. Nanotechnology (#nanotechnology )

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The great misunderstanding [thread]

There is no such thing as “#blockchain technology”

It does not exist!

Those pieces of technology exist: cryptography (hash, signature...), network protocols, data structures & query languages, etc.
When Uber launched, nobody said: “Uber is crap, but Geodemand technology will cure cancer & save the world”

There was indeed some hype about “Uberization”

Even if it was overhyped, people realized that Uber innovation was its *concept* -> linking unused supply with demand
People wanted to copy Uber *design* re-assembling some of its tech components (app, geoloc, etc.) for other purposes

So the real thing that’s happening now is “Bitcoinization”

People realize Bitcoin *concept* is innovative: secure P2P transactions without a single validator
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It’s not a #blockchain problem because nobody is trying to double-spend

There are 2 issues:
1. secure storage of digital proofs
2. validity of the proofs themselves
1. It is entirely possible to build a centralized secure storage

*Append-only/Persistent databases can be implemented centrally

This old paper…

This more recent report…
*Transparency is easy to achieve: simply expose the data on the internet

*Resiliency is achieved through backups, disaster recovery, etc.
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0/ 🔷 Hope everyone's week is going well! 'Twas a busy 24 hours in the world of #crypto and #blockchain, as usual. So let's take a look at what went down, shall we?
1/ 👾 @FortePlatform, a provider of blockchain-based platform technology for the games industry, and #Xpring, @Ripple's developer ecosystem initiative, announced the formation of a $100M fund to support game developers.…
2/ 🔎 In collaboration with @BitMEXResearch, @TokenAnalyst launched, a site to monitor the Ethereum network.

Per BitMEX Research's blog, "the website connects to five different Ethereum nodes and collects data every five seconds."…
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1/ Thanks for a fun discussion w/ @WallStreetBTC, @ronqman--many great ?s abt what #Wyoming's #blockchain laws mean. 3 big things for attys to dig into: (1) law of possessory security interests--lots of precedent--means #WY law may apply to #crypto lending/prime brokerage tx even
2/ if you structured it not to, (2) direct ownership + bailment = v investor-friendly #custody regime--doesn't exist in #securities custody today. Many ppl who want custodians to be just service providers, not counterparties, will love having this option (esp HNW & fiduciary
3/ investors, such as mutual & pension funds, etc) & (3) #Wyoming's long history of favorable tax & privacy laws (+culture of defending these)=powerful combination. I forgot to mention WY has 25 Opportunity Zones:…. We'll host event in WY in May-deets soon!
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0/🔺 Another hot start to the week in the crypto and blockchain space!

Today's 23-part thread features teams announcing product releases, partnerships, successful funding rounds, and more. Let's get to it!
1/ 🌩️ @ThunderProtocol announced they "launched the pre-release mainnet of the ThunderCore blockchain" at the end of February, ahead of "the public launch [they] currently estimate to be in Q3 2019."…
2/ 💅 @StellarOrg [ $XLM ] unveiled a new logo; replacing the cartoon rocketship with a "use-case neutral" logo reflects the openness of the network and serves as a currency symbol for lumens. The brand will launch alongside a redesigned in May.
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1/ HEY CRYPTO LAWYERS--@AndreaTinianow analyzes #Wyoming's commercial law for #blockchain assets & wrote a definitive guide to it for blockchain lawyers. She also compares it to @uniformlaws proposed Supplemental Act & favors WY's approach. @ForbesCrypto…
2/ Best quote: "As the founding director of the #Delaware Blockchain Initiative, I cannot stay silent about a law (the @uniformlaws Supplemental Act) that would extinguish the power of #blockchain technology to clean up problems in capital markets." So much here--will post more
3/ .@AndreaTinianow explains how #Wyoming confers "super-negotiability" to digital assets. She calls super-negotiability the "holy-grail" of commercial law (called the #UCC). I'd worked w/ Andrea before but hadn't realized she's a UCC expert from her prior work in #Delaware--wish
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0/ Huge start to the week in the #crypto/#blockchain ecosystem. Below is an 18-part thread covering events from the past day or so. Hope you learn something!
1/📱 The #smartphone-crypto integration news continues!

Indeed, @Opera announced, "after the success of our Crypto Wallet and Dapp explorer in Opera for Android, we have decided to open Opera Touch for iOS to Web 3." Was also revealed Opera is integrating @ENSdomains and IPFS!
2/ 🔌 For the eighth instalment of their #CryptoTuesday initiative, @Ledger added @TomoChainANN [ $TOMO ] and @QRLedger [ $QRL ] to the Ledger Nano S. Also, both projects' apps were integrated with the Ledger Live manager.…
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achievement unlocked: Destroy an entire financial ecosystem in one tweet-thread.

#bitcoin #btc #ltc #altcoins #blockchain #eth #ToTheMoon #reality #logic #truth
If you’ve seen GitS:Innocence, consider this yout Batou-gets-unhacked-in-the-convenience-store moment.
There are already people showing up in this thread that don’t get it.
The data *currently* being handed out en mass is (and always be) only protected by current methods. Those protections will not be able to protect today’s data from tomorrow’s tech.
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1/ IMPORTANT-I'd stayed quiet abt this until now. The below letter was just publicly released by the #Wyoming #Blockchain Task Force. It responds to 2 letters the Uniform Law Commission sent to WY “strongly urging” it to withdraw its v impt... #blockchain…
2/ bill, SF125, which is now law. I’m bringing attention to WY's response bc it addresses a debate that should be in the open, plus it should make clear #Wyoming is seriously willing to go to bat to attract #blockchain tech to the state AND defend a strong & basic principle—that
3/ laws should recognize property rights for INDIVIDUALS who own financial assets. We shouldn’t have to own them thru an intermediary in order to gain the best legal protections. The Task Force letter responded to letters dated Jan 29 & Feb 6 sent by the Uniform Law Commission to
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0/ The last day in February is here. Already over 15% through the year!

As always, there was a ton going on in the #blockchain/#crypto space today. Let's look back at some events from the past 24 hours!
1/ 🔲 Square, the payments giant led by Twitter's Jack Dorsey, reported its 4Q18 earnings. In total, users of Square's Cash App sold >$166M worth of #bitcoin in 2018 and $52.5M in 4Q. Considering the timeframe, that's some very solid QoQ growth! Graphic from @TheBlock__.
2/ 🤓 @BinanceResearch published an in-depth research report on @IOStoken [ $IOST ], a #blockchain-as-a-service platform focussed on mass adoption. Love this initiative from @Binance.…
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