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Today, Alberta's government will introduce a bill which significantly reduces the stringency of our actions on climate change, reduces the value of GHG-reducing innovations and places the burden of meeting our GHG reduction goals solely on our largest emitters. #cdnpoli #ableg
AB has, for as long as I've been here, argued that all GHG emissions matter, and that blaming the oil sands and other AB large emitters for Canada's GHG challenges is a wrong-headed approach. Today's speech from the throne will place that burden on the oil sands. #AbLeg #Cdnpoli
The Alberta that I've known for more than a decade would have stood up to an Ontario Premier who said the problem was (AB) polluters not commuters, and who looked at this graph and said, "I see where the problem is." Today, @jkenney will agree with a Premier saying that. #ableg
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(Thread) I see the extreme right's favourite Muslim cleric @Imamofpeace is trying to ingratiate himself with Canadian conservatives now. You'll want to closely examine #Tawhidi's inflammatory and discredited background and trail of fame-seeking narcissism. #cdnpoli
A sociologist studying young Australian Shiites wrote,“In #Tawhidi’s black-and-white worldview, anything other than the Shia Twelver Islam that he follows is the terrorist ideology…Tawhidi’s theological outlook places him firmly on its extremist fringes.”…
He's incited literal hatred against Sunnis—as in called for Shiites to "hate" Sunnis to love themselves (10:00) and rejects Sunni-Shiite brotherhood 12:30.…
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Thread: Spending #VictoriaDay afternoon playing with some data. Looking at different ways to describe the electorate in Canada. Here's where I've landed so far using statistical clustering. Would appreciate feedback on the description/names. #cdnpoli #elxn43 #Election2019
Data is from a national survey of 2,500 Canadians, May 7 to 13, 2019. #cdnpoli
No party can win without building a coalition of these different groups of voters. The Conservatives will look to the conservatives, right populists, and classic liberals for votes. The Liberals will look to the Cosmopolitan left, classic liberals, and green/left populists.
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Attention Halifax!

Be aware that the Northern Guard Halifax Chapter is still here, they are still recruiting, and they are still organizing. Don't be surprised if they start patrolling around #Halifax, #NovaScotia AGAIN.

Here is a list of their members
#nspoli #cdnpoli
This photo is the first big meeting a few weeks prior to starting Partols in Halifax. They have gone mostly silent since. With public confrontations, their VP Georgie Fagan quitting, and multiple negative media arcticles circulating, they stopped patrolling, for now...
"Casper Deghost" is a brand new member, who just received his NG leather vest as of mid-May.
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“I regret that it all happened. But there can’t be an apology, there can’t be a genuine apology, when I genuinely do not think that in that disagreement she [JW-R] was right and I was wrong.”… #cdnpoli
!! "Mr. Trudeau is also fighting back against his critics, for example, threatening to sue Mr. Scheer, for suggesting that he acted criminally."… #cdnpoli
For the most part, this is a fair piece. But IMO the @nytimes should have noted that its reporter is the son of @cafreeland's spokesperson… #cdnpoli #cdnmedia
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I know she says this is just her personal view, and that she is a staunch defender of abortion rights. But legit I just will never be able to trust anyone who feels this way. #AbortionRights #cdnpoli
If anyone needs a source, here is an archived article:…
When the Ghomeshi survivours came forward she tweeted: "I think Jian is wonderful. Likely TMI for an old fogey like me, but his private life is none of our beeswax" and "I have known Jian and something at work here doesn't make sense. Innocent until proven guilty."
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I listened to Scheers economic vision so you don’t have to! Key points:

1. Dudes about as inspiring as a toothbrush.

2. Typical Trudeau bashing, says Trudeau inherited a great economy from Cons and squandered it. Truth is we were in a technical recession. 😂

#cdnpoli #LPC

3. Commits to a Coast to Coast “energy corridor”. The endless pipelines are coming! Greens and NDP will hang their hat on electoral reform and allow this! 👌🏻😂

4. Cancel carbon tax (calls it a tax grab, but its revenue neutral so ya) 😂

5. End responsible shipping ban BC

6. Repeal C-69, aimed at responsible oversight and consultation for energy projects

7. Massive Regulatory reform to make it easier to pollute and degrade our environment, and people

8. End foreign imports of oil, doubling down on building massive plant and oil commerce
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📢 THREAD 📢⬇️
Anti-choice group @CampaignLife Coalition is actively working to take away women’s rights here in 🇨🇦, and they are doing so with help from @AndrewScheer’s Conservative MPs who attended their rally on Parliament Hill last week. Let’s see how the CLC rates them:
CLC rating for Harold Albrecht: Anti-choice, anti-women.

Would try to exclude abortion from the insured health services under the Canada Health Act:
CLC rating for Ted Falk: Anti-choice, anti-women.

Opposes abortion under any circumstances, including rape and incest.
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.⁦@AndrewScheer⁩ is set to speak to the Economic Club of Canada in Toronto about his economic vision for Canada #cdnpoli
Scheer’s speech invokes affordability crisis - “everything keeps getting more expensive, but earnings aren’t keeping up.”
In Canada under Trudeau “getting anything done” is impossible, Scheer says.
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Thread. Long: I'm feeling a profound sadness. A deep sadness. One that is inhabiting my very core. Why? I've lived long enough to know what life was like before women won their necessary & long overdue rights. Trust me when I say that April 17, 1982 was a day filled with
boundless joy for women all over #Canada. Our rights were enshrined into our Charter of Rights & Freedoms on that day. It was a very long road from being legally considered “persons” to finally being treated – at least on paper – as equals under the law.

Now I'm seeing our very
hard won rights under attack. Particularly our right to a safe, medical abortion. What's stunning about the anti abortion laws being passed in states like #Alabama is the total lack of understanding about why an abortion is performed. The medical reasons include problems with the
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Here's what Kevin J Johnston did:

- he defamed Mohamad Fakih with a series of videos, starting from July 2017.

- From July 23 to Aug. 1 of 2018 the defendants published 8 videos making false statements, including that Fakih was an "economic terrorist" @VestsCanada #Cdnpoli
- After being hit with a libel suit, Johnston responded with even more false information, this time claiming Fakih was funding terror groups and using his restaurants to bring in "illegal aliens."

@VestsCanada @ARCCollective @antihateca #Cdnpoli
- In addition to the videos, Johnston approached Fakih while he was at Erin Mills Town Centre mall with his three children, accusing him of being a terrorist and snapping photos of them, even following them into the parking lot as they tried to leave the mall. @VestsCanada
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Opposition is desperate to lay a faux scandal at PMJT's feet yet the CONs could have stopped this long ago.

"It isn't clear whether the Mounties or the Crown knew before laying the breach-of-trust charge that Norman had clear marching orders from the Harper government."
There's no evidence Liberals interfered in Mark Norman Prosecution

"Suspicions are not allegations. Innuendo is not evidence."…
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1) I’m so glad you asked! Turns out the @OECD Statement published on March 11 saying they are monitoring the SNC Lavalin case was issued by the OECD Working Group on Bribery, comprised of *other government* officials; and NOT by the independent OECD Secretariat. #cdnpoli
2) I know this because apart from being an ex-OECD official and looking at their website, I followed up with the OECD contact named in the Statement to clarify a number of issues for an article I’m writing on the subject. This option is open to all #cdnmedia.
3) The Statement issued by the Working Group on Bribery was issued by the other 35 OECD members plus 8 other states - Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, Russia and South Africa.… The Secretary General of the OECD didn’t approve it.
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Kevin J. Johnston is a piece of work. That’s putting it kindly.

Today, he released a 45 minute video in response to the court ruling that he pay @mohamadfakih8 $2.5M after a disgusting, defamatory attack.

Here are some highlights.


#cdnpoli #cdnmedia #onpoli
Here’s Johnston promoting a new design of a shirt for a “documentary” he produced, called “Rohingya Lies,” claiming that Rohingya muslims don’t exist and the UN is behind the deception. This documentary was part of the defamation suit. /2

#cdnpoli #cdnmedia #onpoli
One reason for the video was his planned phone call with @dugilbo of the @TorontoStar. He planned to harass him, and it began with a racist comment to his viewers. /3

#cdnpoli #cdnmedia #onpoli
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At the @SenateCA national security and defence committee meeting, where they are doing clause-by-clause of Bill #C59. #cdnpoli #cdnnatsec
Part 1 of the Act, the new National Security and Intelligence Review Agency, has passed without amendment from the committee. #C59
Part 1.1, the Avoiding Complicity in Mistreatment
by Foreign Entities Act, has also passed without amendment. #C59
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[LONG THREAD] 1/ You know what makes a mockery of Canada’s commitment to human rights? Inviting Trita Parsi (@tparsi), the Iranian regime’s chief apologist in the West, to testify before Parliament’s Subcommittee on Human Rts, as part of #IranAccountabilityWeek. #cdnpoli #cdnfp
2/ I hope the members of the subcommittee(@anitavandenbeld, @DavidSweetMP, @CHardcastleNDP, @DavidAndersonSK, @pfragiskatos, @iamIqraKhalid, @MarwanTabbaraMP) read this. And one of them can explain why Parsi was invited.
3/ Background: Parsi is the founder of NIAC (@niacouncil), a lobby group devoted to normalizing relations with Iran’s regime. They deny being a lobby group. But their internal documents show they are. (…)
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Yesterday Islamophobes Peter Salemi, Mary Forrest, Leigh Stuart, and other members of #YellowVestsCanada attempted a protest on a bridge in the GTA.

Cops told them to move off the bridge and a full on hissy fit commenced. /1

#cdnpoli #onpoli #cdnmedia
Salemi : “notice they’re Muslim cops?”

I thought Islam wasn’t a race. How can he tell they’re Muslim?

Oh. They’re brown. /2

#YellowVestsCanada #cdnpoli #cdnmedia #onpoli
Here are some of the comments on Salemi’s live feed. There are other videos, with other comments, but fuck if I’ll spend any more time on these cretins. /3

#YellowVestsCanada #cdnpoli #onpoli #cdnmedia
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We now know re the staying of charges against ViceAdmiral Mark Norman that the story below was utter nonsense and an attempt by the Trudeau government to mislead the public: Harper's approval needed to release some files requested in Norman case… #cdnpoli
At the time Harper immediately denied it, tweeting:, 'This story is false and should be corrected. I have indicated no objection to the release of any document relevant to the Norman case. This is a transparent effort to deflect attention from the current government.'
Now we know why. Not only did Harper have no objection to releasing documents, cabinet ministers from the Harper era were ready to testify IN NORMAN'S DEFENCE: Former Harper ministers MacKay, Kenney and O'Toole helped Vice-Admiral Norman's defence…
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Here is Andrew Scheer's voting record relating to life and family issues. If you want to take his word that he won’t bring these up as PM go ahead. I’m not taking his word for it look how that worked for us with Doug Ford or for our friends to the south with Trump. 1/10
A politician is what his voting record states, its what he believes in. I don’t trust his record and neither should Canadians. 2/10
Bill C36, third reading: To protect exploited persons from prostitution by criminalizing pimps and the purchase of human beings for sex.
Absent or abstained
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1) CPC desparate to pin this on PMJT, but blame is on the Harper Gov.

If political interferernce had occured, that direction must be published in the Canada Gazette. Didn't happen!

Remind you of something? JWR was not directed to interfere with the DPP either.
2) The Crown's case against VA Mark Norman began collapsing in March b/c of released info from former Conservative cabinet ministers/staffers.

The prosecution said Norman's actions were "inappropriate and secretive" but not criminal!…
3) Unless you believe the defence lawyer for VA Norman, Marie Henein & the DPP colluded with PMJT to interfere, Canadians

“should feel very proud and very happy today, because what they saw is that our justice system is truly unassailable….”

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How I see it:

Justin Trudeau has had some missteps.

Canada hasn't become a worse place to live since he became Prime Minister, not by any stretch of the imagination.

Trudeau's character and leadership abilities far outweigh those of Andrew Scheer's.

This is far from any kind of cheerleading of Trudeau btw. I really don't have anything good, nor bad for that matter, to say about him. I think he's been OK. I have no major complaints nor any ringing endorsements.
What I will say is this; the CPC and their "fanbase" have it in their best interest to make any molehill into a mountain if it makes the LPC look bad. For example, I reserve judgement on the SNC Lavalin issue until all facts are on the table!
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I know #cdnmedia are dealing with tight deadlines, demanding bosses & bleeding budgets, so to be helpful, below are some suggested questions for you to ask with respect to hot button #cdnpoli issues. Feel free to use word for word. No attribution necessary.
Q1) @AndrewScheer: five days ago you stated that PM Justin Trudeau was interfering in Mark Norman’s trial. Today, the Prosecutor and even Norman’s lawyer stated that was/is not the case. Why did you lie to Canadians?
Q2) @AndrewScheer: yesterday in Montreal you stated that the NAFTA negotiating team “turned critical trade negotiations into a parade of photo-ops, sound bites...” and is why Canada had to accept a worse deal. How do you not know that the NAFTA negotiating team...(cont’d)
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Today, the @SenateCA Standing Committee on Human Rights #RIDR is studying the #NoFlyList. You can watch live at… #cdnpoli #c59
Up now: John Davies, Director General, National Security Policy, @Safety_Canada; Andrew Lawrence, Acting Director General, Travellers Programs Directorate, @CanBorder; Wendy Nixon, Director General, Aviation Security, @Transport_gc #noflylist #c59 #cdnpoli
Q: how many cases have been resolved by the Passenger Protect Inquiries Office
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I'm attending the #DataForGood panel organized by @SFU, moderated by @drjoyjohnson w/ Sheryl Groeneweg @ISED_CA, Richard Evans @StatCan_eng, and Bohdan Noysk @SFU

#AI #partnership #bigdata #cdnsci #scipol #cdnpoli
RE - risk assessment for data security is a daunting task ➡️ so it's important to be able to communicate what is known, what can be done. Govt needs to be forthcoming to build great relationships, to build trust.

BN - the best partnerships are built on strong relationships.
BN works in sensitive patient data, which is a fantastic resource. Researchers have been accessing this kind of data for decades because of good practise to anonymized and de-identify data.
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