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Jackson Lee & Cohen trying to Save there tails.. because AG BARR has the #DECLAS with these two waste of spaces names in there. #HR40 is another FALSE FLAG distraction inserted for @JoeBiden and other Dems to use for Dems President Candidates. @Jim_Jordan @realDonaldTrump
Here is Orange teketubby.. I have black family but you are a DISGRACE to blacks. With you trying to Rewrite history #racism #Slaves #HR40 #DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica #DemocratsHateAmerica #LBJ called blacks n****s.. he said he will have blacks voting Democrat nxt 100 years
Time To Read Original History
Battle Of North and South Civil War in USA that sparked the creation of KKK done by Democrats because they hated the fact Republican 16th President Abe Lincoln freed the slaves
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1/ Check this out!

So I've been trying rack my brain for what the significance of 23 means. As in Q's old password that they purposefully exposed on the boards.

05/19/18 11:03:54 PM NowC@mesTHEP@in—-23!!!

It was a well orchestrated move against the clowns but also has
2/ some significance as everything always does with Q. So I was looking for something to do with 23 and i found this! ⬇️

23 June 1945, the day of the dress rehearsal of the first atom bomb test nowadays it is sometimes used informally to mean "Quality Day", or the first
3/ day of the calendar quarter.

Now I find that pretty interesting. For a start it's called Q-DAY! 😂 Secondly it has the number 23, it's in June which we all know is where we are now and are imminently awaiting the arrival of DECLAS any day now. It also states this is about
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1/ What do you think truly happens when DECLAS begins? None of us really know but we can make very educated guesses as to how this is going to play out.

Think of this entire spying/coup attempt on President Trump. It involves so many secret networks from so many [deep
2/ state] controlled countries and it is all about to be unravelled. Every spying collusion, every sleeper cell, all their communications laid bare in front on the world. But we talk about SPYGATE as if it's the entire story.


What you are witnessing is FULL
3/ DISCLOSURE starting to take place on Earth. The long awaited event that everyone has so long wished to see. The end of SECRECY.

Q talks about stage setting. They say 'Enjoy The Show'. What does that mean exactly?
Well.... SPYGATE is basically like the opening credits to
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Institutions like @nytimes and @BBCNews are accustomed to being treated with respect — reverence! — for their news journalism. It's definitely not deserved any more (if ever was): they have perpetrated naked fraud on the public with #Spygate; allied themselves to criminal causes.
Media lies (at least those supporting service-to-self) are a form of violence — one that enables real physical violence (e.g. human trafficking, war-for-profit). These institutions are literally the enemy of us, our families and our society. They have knowingly shielded traitors.
#Declas unleashes an unprecedented fight between the informed public and the (corrupt elements of) the mass media spreading #FakeNews. All of the tools of news gathering, research, writing, publishing & distribution are now in the hands of the public. 1A is right to "bear memes".
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I’m guessing nobody let the Haitians know about the gold mines in.....Haiti
Clinton foundation is key
Hillary's brother Tony who is linked to Gold operations in Haiti/trafficking…
They killed Tony.
See something.
Say something.
All they can do is lie!
Patriots are in control.
Over 10 connected dead.
Dead men can’t testify.
More to follow.


As Q said, “Start a List”.

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Something is wrong here. This paints quite a different picture than this 👇👀👇
@realDonaldTrump Something's wrong, here. Doesn't fit the narrative.
Wrong pigment for a FF 🤔🙏👀🚨
@realDonaldTrump WE as #QAnons and #Patriots are PISSED that Hannity Deep State special got commandeered by VA shooting coverage.
Press conference ended precisely when Hannity's hour was up…
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1/ Here we sit, on the precipus of world shattering events. Something people dreamed of but never thought possible in their lifetimes or any lifetime for that matter.

From our history books they will tell you that we are but little insignificant lifeforms in a universe
2/ otherwise filled with wonder. We are taught regurgitative information for tests designed to indoctrinate us into 'the system' of which we have no control over. We are told what is real and what is not, what is right and what is wrong. We are controlled from the very moment
3/ we are born and even more so once we begin our "education".

This 'system' sends people to wars of which they do not understand, fight people they have no quarrel with. We are fed propaganda about other countries that will not bend to the will of globalism and are then
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Attention Q patriots we have the First #Declass #DeclassifyFISA released read ... this would be targeting #JamesComey because he was head of FBI during the 2016 election and leaked info refer back to Q drops in thread.…
Q drop 1828 gives out all info on who leaked.
And in other Q drop from June 16 it gives info which news reporters were working with Hillary and rest of DC rats.
Follow thread @madmandave1011 @fedupwarrior4q
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2. #Mueller's cowardly statement is designed to keep the silent coup going to subvert our election result as his friend #Comey had helped engineer.
3. After all this time, money, and corruption of our country's clean-up, #Mueller makes outrageously an unquestioned public statement designed to insinuate that he was never empowered to incriminate the President, implying that the task falls to congress!
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1.What/Who is Five Eyes #FVEY #Q #SpyVsSpy #UK #NZ #AUS #Canada #US #FISA #Declass-Let us take a 👀 of where it started and why? What it has been used for? The connections to #Bigtech & $$$$$
Thread 1/50👇
2 .It stems from the UK USA agreement of 1946 and was expanded in 1955 #FVEY #Q

History of 5-Eyes – explainer…
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Disagree with Joe D. The foundational aspects of these investigations were fully stacked during Sessions's tenure, and all they needed was to fill gaps with missing pieces that Trump only recently put into the hands of the AG (#DECLAS). #PainIsComing…
Love me some Joe D, but he must back up his statements by explaining away the many instances over the past couple of years where we saw real activity, such as the Arkansas document collection flights, sealed indictments, etc.
Joe D is probably being honest while creating a distraction at the same time. A simple explanation is that it was never Huber going after Clinton in the first place, but another prosecutor. Same result, why do we care which long arm of the law gets her in the end?
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1. #QAnon's "Boom-time, Baker" has made for a very big 2 weeks indeed - a time to reflect on some of what we've learned in CONTEXT. "We're at a really dangerous inflection point now, D's have completely forfeited Western values. This spy thing is a big deal."
2. Completely forfeited Western values? Spy thing? How, we may ask, did we have a man who refused to be sworn on the Bible for his oath of office, a man who voted for the Communist Party candidate for President, become the head of our C⨡A? #QAnon #Q…
3. Does the President of the United States take direction from the unelected C⨡A? Does the C⨡A "stand up" to the President? Perhaps if Nixon or JFK were alive, we could ask them. #QAnon #Q
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This is the continuation of th Books Of Q Part XVI

Several new books that may be of interest to us researchers.




@beldandolo @mbees39 @PhillyQ_ @AutistMember @freenaynow @love4thegameAK @LadyStephC @TrumpyQGirl @PistolPetespony @796Qap
🍁 September 6, 2018 🍁

QDrop #2100

📚 DOITQ.jpg 📚
1 A Programmer's Guide to Java Certification: A Comprehensive Primer

By Khalid Azim Mughal, Rolf W. Rasmussen…
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1. I believe theres at least one MAJOR reason (and maybe a few secondary reasons) that POTUS circumvented DNI Coats and went straight to Barr.

Check it out...especially posts 27-32.

Fact...we hope and believe military tribunals are coming.
2. The SecDef and DHSSec will work with the Attorney General to help direct the military on tribunals. DNI Coats and Civilian Intel Agencies aren't in the Manual for Courts-Martial. Since the beginning, Q has asked us a resounding question and then reiterated yesterday.
3. "What is military intelligence?
Why go around the 3 letter agencies?
What Supreme Court case allows for the use of MI v Congressional assembled and approved agencies?"

This prediction of going around 3 letter agencies started at drop #2.
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ATTENTION PLEASE! Word is coming in of another Mosque shooting incident in BROWARD COUNTY, CLOWNWORLD, FLORIDA.
Loss of life is terrible but the CLOWNS can FO, we will NOT be distracted from #DECLAS and the vital issues affecting the PLANET (cont)…
I am certain any loss of life is genuine. But that does not mean this event could not follow a script. BROWARD COUNTY is now NOTORIOUS for being a deep state clownworld play-pen! Remember Nikolas Cruz last year? Sherrif Israel the arse coverer? DNC & Debbie Wasserman Shchultz?
Calculate the odds! In ALL of America, what is the chance that this event would occur in THIS county, JUST as DECLAS goes BOOM? Do CNN MSNBC etc not need something to talk about? THIS IS NOT A GAME: THE CABAL IS DEADLY AND WILL KILL! 9/11 YES THEY DID
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▪️GoodBye ["Theresa May"] Resigns👏👏👏👏👏👏
▪️DOJ coordination w/ UK re: DECLAS OF FISA
▪️Treason-Sedition-Corruption at the highest levels of GOV (WW)

@POTUS @GenFlynn #QAnon #WWG1GWA #FridayFeeling #MemorialDayWeekend
👉"Theresa May" resigns as #DECLAS #Spygate begins
👉Obama, Brennan, Clapper spied on @POTUS with the help of the UK to circumvent US FISA laws
👉Head of GCHQ Robert Hannigan resigned
👉May #PANIC…
@GenFlynn #QAnon #FridayFeeling #MemorialDayWeekend
Joe Biden Reportedly Involved in Controversial Early Stages of 2016 Russia Probe
Barr commented the intelligence community’s early handling of the Russia investigation was first handled at a “very senior level”…
@POTUS @GenFlynn #QAnon #MemorialDayWeekend
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1) @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon 3336...
But, U already knew.
Link 2 #FoxNews ==> #POTUS gave #AGBarr #DECLAS authority re: investigation of investigators - aka #SpyGate!
Seriously, the last thing the conspirators wanted post #MuellerReport.…
2) #QAnon 3337...
Repost of 2042 or as it comes up now - 2043. Q keeps a backup, often referred 2 & it doesn't always have the updated Nos. . Drop is about #FISA & the use of #FVEY surveillance intel.
#CarterPage's FISA warrants became open source 18th July 2018, the rest
3) #QAnon 3337 cont. ...
including #TedCruz's remain classified. That, given the new powers given to #AGBarr, may not stand for much longer.
Added link 2 #FoxNews on the #CarterPage #FISA doc release by the #DOJ.…
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#QAlert 5/23/19 this will be my thread for all #QPosts for Thursday May 23, 2019. Waterfall of proofs coming (post DECLAS). and more!

Let’s Goooo!

@POTUS #DECLAS #FactsMatter #WakeUpAmerica #WWG1WGA
#QAlert 5/23/19 Q3337

Important to remember.
Page is public.
Remainder are still classified.
@POTUS #DECLAS #FactsMatter #WakeUpAmerica #WWG1WGA
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QDrops 💐 May 23, 2019 💐

It’s Time Edition:

It’s finally here! #DECLAS IT’S HABBENING!





💐 May 23, 2019 💐

QDrop #3336

🗞… 🗞
Trump gives AG Barr authority to declassify documents related to 2016 campaign surveillance
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🔥🇺🇸🦅THE STORM 🦅🇺🇸🔥


✅Jump on, Post a comment and Follow Each other!

🚂💨💨Let's Ride all the way Through 2020 and Beyond!

When the American people see how much @realDonaldTrump has done for them, in spite of the #FakeNewsMedia and lying Democrats, they will be shocked how much they have not heard about.

The list is so BIG we needed to make a searchable website to keep track!



#D5 #Declas #TrumpArmy #DigitalSoldiers

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4 horsemen. .. The Apocalypse End of the Dem Party coming to theatre near you Fall 2020.
7 seals reference to 7 different Declass. . #Bucket5 #JESUSRETURNS BQQM BQQM WE ARE LIVING BIBLICAL TIMES. GOOD VERSES EVIL.
@madmandave1011 @fedupwarrior4q
Jesus Has Come Back..
hells opened up a Bit Wider to swallow all Evil in.
"This is No Conspiracy Theory either" It is the #truth .. no one will tell you this without expecting to get Paid. Knowledge is Free. Q drop 1295...
Careful who you Follow .
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"Bucket Five Release Within 7 to 8 Days." - John Solomon
Trolls so embarrassed that Q finally merged with mainstream news with John Solomon confirming our predictions that potus will declassify documents incriminating the Obama DOJ and FBI in treason. They are realizing the drip-feed disclosure strategy is for their benefit, not ours.
By now, impatient patriots recognize that #Declas or #ReleaseTheMemo or whatever you call it was never going to be a single crushing event, but a series of "buckets" to slowly wake the public up to everything we've been saying. Q's validation and our vindication will be staged.
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Nigel Farage will be the next UK Prime Minister.
▫️Brexit Party sweeps EU parliament
▫️Brexit deal reached
▫️#DECLAS exposes May's role in #Spygate
▫️Vote of no confidence
▫️Early General Election
▫️Full and total liberation from the 4th Reich
▫️Britain becomes great again.
May's government is collapsing. There is an open pathway now, especially with a victory for Farage in the EU parliament, for an early general election to be called in the wake of [her] resignation, Brexit Party victory, and Farage named as PM.
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#DECLAS has arrived!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!


#SpyGate: AG William Barr given power to #DECLASSIFY documents re spying on President Trump's campaign!! President Trump directed the C⨡A to quickly and fully cooperate.
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