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Thread: Spending #VictoriaDay afternoon playing with some data. Looking at different ways to describe the electorate in Canada. Here's where I've landed so far using statistical clustering. Would appreciate feedback on the description/names. #cdnpoli #elxn43 #Election2019
Data is from a national survey of 2,500 Canadians, May 7 to 13, 2019. #cdnpoli
No party can win without building a coalition of these different groups of voters. The Conservatives will look to the conservatives, right populists, and classic liberals for votes. The Liberals will look to the Cosmopolitan left, classic liberals, and green/left populists.
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#BOYCOTTS: Your Quick-Start Guide

( $BCE shareholders & #Advertisers partnering with #Bell media )…
TARGET #ADVERTISERS who fund & support #business practices of #Bell Canada #BCE #Telecom #CRTC #elxn43 #partnerships #competition BOYCOTTS are a tool for holding a company accountable for actions against workers, consumers, communities, minorities, animals or the environment. It is marketplace democracy in action. Consumers voting with their money for social and economic change. (BELL MEDIA LOGO) - Lack of public accountability, no adherence to regulations, unfair business practice. WARNING TO ADVERTISERS
Which #Business (paying #Bell Media through #Advertisements on #CTV),
do you think Canadians should #Boycott first?

Here are three that #advertise daily with #Bell_Media
Rewarding $BCE Shares by unethical business practices?
Bell answers to none of their customers. #CHANGE Partnerships and Advertisers that are willing to share their reputation with Bell Canada KIA Canada, JEEP, BluenoseRV Center Bridgewater NS and more
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Has #PNPCBC talked about #Scheer's secret meeting with oil execs to collude with them to attack #Trudeau in #Elxn43? Including Questerre CEO who funds NB Proud / NS Proud?That Jeff Ballingall gave a speech the day after?…

#cdnpoli #ScheerCollusion
It's no wonder that the #CPC raised so much what with all the free advertising they've had w #cdnmedia's nonstop coverage of SNC. Meanwhile they're ignoring #Scheer colluding with his rich oil exec buddies to attack #Trudeau. #ScheerCollusion #pnpcbc #cdnpoli
#Scheer's #CPC can pretend 2 run a "positive" campaign while they let Jeff Ballingall's #OntarioProud network do all the attack ads all while skirting election laws. Scheer met with Questerre exec who funds NB/NS Proud. NB Proud did business with Ballingall. @VassyKapelos #pnpcbc
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@CanuckTraveler People seem to forget that #CPC have a large voting base. #Canada is made up of a very centrist voting public, meaning, they lean left & right. They DO NOT lean far left. They DO NOT vote NDP, EVER! To think they will, is hubris & shows serious naivety. #cdnpoli
#Ontario #CPC government is not even trying to work with the Federal #LPC government. Why, they don’t care about the people of #Ontario this is a fact. They are so busy taking away our rights & healthcare, & forcing propaganda onto the people of Ontario. #cdnpoli #onpoli
If we don’t start fighting back, if we don’t start uniting under the #LIBERAL #LPC government WE WILL LOSE EVERYTHING CANADIANS CHERISH, OUR VERY FOUNDATIONS OF OUR RIGHTS AND DEMOCRACY WILL BE GONE! #cdnpoli #onpoli #abpoli
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1/9 #CDNpoli

It's been brought to my attention that a small handful of #NDP propagandists are attempting to discredit my #SNCLavalin - #IndigenousDirective timeline RE Jody Wilson-Raybould, Jane Philpott, PMJT, etc, to other #CDNmedia journalists
2/9 #CDNpoli

Please let it be known, without a shadow of a doubt

#NDP Leader, Jagmeet Singh, did in fact speak with the CEO of #SNCLavalin about a DPA

So did the NDP's MP for Sherbrooke, Québec, Pierre-Luc Dusseault

The record ►…

And a screencap
3/9 #CDNpoli

It's disappointing the #NDP would add to #SNCLavalinScandal by attempting to mislead #CDNmedia & #Elxn43 voters

If they're interested to learn the facts, here is everyone #SNCLavalin lobbied for a deferred prosecution agreement (aka #DPA)…
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Let's do a little #taxtimeonthe99 about pharmacare.

(I'm actually on a #43 though, and I'm going to focus today not on tax but on a key question of program design: how to do "national" pharmacare....oh and there will be gifs.)
Imagine you want to do a national universal pharmacsre program.

What does "national" mean? It could mean a made-and-run-in-Ottawa program. Or it could mean national standards or guidelines or something expressed from Ottawa.

Opinions differ on what "national" means here. 2/x
For example, the @broadbent Institute recently advocated for a program "financed regulated, and administered" by the federal government in Ottawa.…
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Who wants to hear some background on net wealth taxation on this January Thursday night?

Pull up a chair and I'll thread some tweets on this for you....
I'll base the background on this @OECDtax report which, conveniently, just came out last year!

It gives a comprehensive overview of net wealth taxation in OECD countries.…

(Ungated pdf here:… )
What is a "net wealth tax"? Let's break that down.

-->wealth is the stock of assets less debt. This is a different concept from income, which is the annual flow.

--> the 'net' here emphasizes we're subtracting debt from assets.

->'tax' means, well, the government is taxing it.
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