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A first technical impression of Libra, aka "facebook coin", compared against Eth 1 and Eth 2.

#ethereum #libra #eth2
0. data keying:
- 32 byte keys seem to be the future. Not only Ethereum 2 is using them in SSZ, Libra will use them for account keys
- static generalized indices, can't find much for "light" clients, you're either a powerful validator, or a user (to be expected)
1. Hashing/merkleization:
- SHA3-256. Not like eth1 (older SHA3), or ETH2 (SHA2-256, like bitcoin)
- No derived merkle structures ("hash tree root" in Eth 2) just bare binary trees.
- Sparse binary trees, with leafs moved upwards. Efficient, but not static enough (important too)
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New Sony and Microsoft partnership to explore new innovations could result in a shared #Ethereum-based licensing system for video games.
And evidence suggests that’s just the beginning...…
To sum up the partnership deal between Sony and Microsoft, both parties are interested in exploring research together to support their respective game and content-streaming services. Sony and Microsoft will also explore collaboration in the areas of semiconductors and AI.
On its face, this deal makes complete sense because almost every gaming platform is focussing on the future of streaming games from the cloud. But we did a little digging and Sony seems to have more in mind for Azure… But first we have to go back
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#Holochain thread: Let's learn about @H_O_L_O_ and @holochain

In the world of blockchains where everyone is fighting for a better consensus algorithm and higher TPS, Holochain brings about a new paradigm, there is no global consensus required in the Holochain architecture.
Holochain uses an Agent Centric approach rather than a Data Centric approach. Here’s why you should really pay attention. Part of a much bigger project: Metacurrency Project - ( (started in 2004) and Ceptr - ( (started in 2006)
Holochain was probably the only ICO which conducted benchmarking tests to decide what their token should be fairly priced at.

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Companies building on @AugurProject are making the same mistakes they made when building on 0x. Short term greed as opposed to long. The only one that isn’t that I’ve seen is @guesserio. And I’m not an investor in any of them atm, so this is my own viewpoint #Ethereum #Augur
Context: Veil forked Augur and released an AugurLite today with all of the main benefits of Augur removed (it enables stuff Gnosis could do 3 years ago, side note idk why they didn’t just use Gnosis). So I’m also speaking as the largest contributor/core dev to AugurLite ;)
Augur has a few value propositions: no limit, low fees, global liquidity, and being trustless is an important component of enabling that. Companies like Veil compromise on all 3. Choosing from multiple centralized oracles is like saying choosing from multiple banks is == bitcoin
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1/ Sharing slides from this morning's #Fluidity2019 talk, which for me represented the start of Blockchain Week(s) in NYC.
2/ The market is our best tool for quantifying and distilling expectation about #crypto's future.
3/ Given expectation is inherently about the *future,* it is bound to be driven by human emotion about the unknown.

(overly optimistic in bull markets, overly pessimistic in bear markets)
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0/🔹 Here's a 19-part thread covering the day's events from the crypto and blockchain ecosystem. Hope you find a thing or two worth exploring further!
1/ ✌️ @AugurProject [ $REP ] published a detailed post covering many features that will be released in v2.0, "a comprehensive suite of improvements to Augur and the first major upgrade to the platform."
2/ ⚖️ "A bid to restructure Vancouver-based QuadrigaCX has failed and the virtual company has officially entered bankruptcy proceedings," according to CBC, a local news outlet.…
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@lrettig @iam_preethi Ethereum governance is very complex, I would like to contribute to the debate with the exploration of several lines of thought. Before talking about governance I propose that we investiguate the concept of Ethereum community.
@lrettig @iam_preethi Contrary to nick szabo I believe that the word “community” is not an abuse and we can learn a lot about the different group of peoples who seems to share common interest.
@lrettig @iam_preethi 1 based on their own perspective so many people draw conclusions on an outcome who might not being fully understood without more complementary insight. Before talking about governance one must understand the complexity of the #ethereum community and his ecosystem first.
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HOT OFF THE PRESSES: #SEC Framework for #Investment Contract #Analysis of #Digital #Assets:…
here's a link to the actual doc- 13 pages long…
Here's the analysis- note that "another type of consideration" for payment prong is broad and explored further in fn9 to include non monetary consideration including #airdrops
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0/ 🔷 Given the date, 'twas tougher than normal sifting through the "news" today. Nonetheless, I managed to put together a 19-part thread on the past day's events from the crypto and blockchain space.

Hope you learn a thing or two!
1/ ⚡️ A PoC of the first lightning-enabled Bitcoin ATM was demo'd at #LightningHackDayHK on Sunday. Created by Bitcoin dev @FelixWeis, the below video shows Felix executing a Lightning-driven withdrawal using a 20 HKD bill and a mobile bitcoin wallet.
2a/ 🇨🇦 As part of the fraud investigation into blockchain service startup Vanbex, a Canadian court ordered authorities to freeze assets of the company’s two founders - Kevin Hobbs and Lisa Cheng - and seize their two Land Rovers, per court documents.…
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The @BitwiseInvest piece about fake volume is going to have far reaching effects in this space. It might take a few months to sink in, but it will soon enough. #bitcoin

Cool site that shows the fall out of volume.…
#Ethereum's volume is less than 10% of #bitcoin's, instead of 50%. That's a large difference that will affect all eth based tokens as well.
#Ripple $XRP's volume is another 70% lower than Ethereum's.
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0/ 🔷 We've got a 20-part daily recap coming in hot!

I get it. It's hard to stay in-the-know with so much happening in the crypto space. Let me help you. Here's what you ought to know - all in one place!
1/ 🔥 Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey sent #CryptoTwitter into overdrive when he tweeted "Square is hiring 3-4 crypto engineers and 1 designed to work full-time on open source contributions to the bitcoin/crypto ecosystem." @SqCrypto launched, too!
2/ 🔦 @KuCoinCom [ $KCS ] unveiled KuCoin Spotlight, an investment channel aiming "to assist blockchain projects in raising the needed funds, attracting market attention and improving industrial influence." First Spotlight project announced within a week.…
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This is kinda fake news for a few reasons. #ethereum @AugurProject

1) Almost all of these purposefully confusing markets are being created by one person, not a bunch of people. The activity on those markets is also by one person / address.…
2) The system in Augur has a built in way to combat this: a validity bond. The more markets are invalid the higher the bond goes, augur targets 1% of markets as invalid. Right now it’s 10%. Why? There’s a bug on chain in the calculation of this bond which makes it too low
This will be fixed in v2 of augur.

3) Invalid will be a separately tradable in v2. So markets where this is happening can be easily filtered out, and people trying to do the attack described in the OP would auto trigger the filter by virtue of their trading invalid.
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0/ 🔷 Hope everyone's week is going well! 'Twas a busy 24 hours in the world of #crypto and #blockchain, as usual. So let's take a look at what went down, shall we?
1/ 👾 @FortePlatform, a provider of blockchain-based platform technology for the games industry, and #Xpring, @Ripple's developer ecosystem initiative, announced the formation of a $100M fund to support game developers.…
2/ 🔎 In collaboration with @BitMEXResearch, @TokenAnalyst launched, a site to monitor the Ethereum network.

Per BitMEX Research's blog, "the website connects to five different Ethereum nodes and collects data every five seconds."…
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0/🔺 Another hot start to the week in the crypto and blockchain space!

Today's 23-part thread features teams announcing product releases, partnerships, successful funding rounds, and more. Let's get to it!
1/ 🌩️ @ThunderProtocol announced they "launched the pre-release mainnet of the ThunderCore blockchain" at the end of February, ahead of "the public launch [they] currently estimate to be in Q3 2019."…
2/ 💅 @StellarOrg [ $XLM ] unveiled a new logo; replacing the cartoon rocketship with a "use-case neutral" logo reflects the openness of the network and serves as a currency symbol for lumens. The brand will launch alongside a redesigned in May.
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0/ Huge start to the week in the #crypto/#blockchain ecosystem. Below is an 18-part thread covering events from the past day or so. Hope you learn something!
1/📱 The #smartphone-crypto integration news continues!

Indeed, @Opera announced, "after the success of our Crypto Wallet and Dapp explorer in Opera for Android, we have decided to open Opera Touch for iOS to Web 3." Was also revealed Opera is integrating @ENSdomains and IPFS!
2/ 🔌 For the eighth instalment of their #CryptoTuesday initiative, @Ledger added @TomoChainANN [ $TOMO ] and @QRLedger [ $QRL ] to the Ledger Nano S. Also, both projects' apps were integrated with the Ledger Live manager.…
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1. What kind of revolution can hApps bring about, especially in terms of storage and the limitation on code volume, when compared with dapps built on EOS and ETH blockchain?

Ethereum and EOS do not scale because they operate in a data-centric, ++
2. global consensus pattern; adding more computers to the network doesn’t add more throughput. EOS tries to address this by limiting the network to 21 nodes. One must wonder if this should even be considered decentralized, as it is really just a centralized cluster of 20 ++
3. trusted nodes with one node as a random error-checker.

The Ethereum network has tens of thousands of nodes, but EVERY node must run all of the same processing as the other nodes. Adding nodes can actually slow down the system because of the increased gossip load.

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0/ The last day in February is here. Already over 15% through the year!

As always, there was a ton going on in the #blockchain/#crypto space today. Let's look back at some events from the past 24 hours!
1/ 🔲 Square, the payments giant led by Twitter's Jack Dorsey, reported its 4Q18 earnings. In total, users of Square's Cash App sold >$166M worth of #bitcoin in 2018 and $52.5M in 4Q. Considering the timeframe, that's some very solid QoQ growth! Graphic from @TheBlock__.
2/ 🤓 @BinanceResearch published an in-depth research report on @IOStoken [ $IOST ], a #blockchain-as-a-service platform focussed on mass adoption. Love this initiative from @Binance.…
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Today we will discuss the 51% attacks, which is particularly relevant in light of the issues happened this year with #clo, #etc and #moac.
#51attacks #cryptomythbusters
Many #cryptocurrency “experts” believe that if a user has more than a 51% of the network hash rate, he can do whatever he wants, such as going on a spending spree. But in reality, it’s much different.
Let’s say a miner owns 60% of the network hash rate. This lets him “hold” his blocks and not send them to the network. Instead, he continues mining his own chain by himself. Over a certain period of time, the miner is very likely to create more blocks than the rest of the network
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0/ 🔷 Wanna know what's been going on in the #crypto/#blockchain world over the past 24 hours? Then keep scrolling! My 21-part thread will sort you out.
1/ 🛣️ @AragonProject [ $ANT ] - a project aiming to disintermediate the creation and maintenance of organizational structures by using #blockchain #technology - shared their roadmap with the public! Can be filtered by 'product' and 'development team'.…
2/ ⏱️ @Binance - via its Binance Launchpad offering - successfully ran @Fetch_AI's $FET token sale. All 69,204,152 FET were snapped up by 2,758 investors. A total of 19,860 people successfully submitted a buy order.
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What @ethereum could do to clean up recent chaos?
Building a new decentralized world could be hard. Creating successful opensource project could be even harder.
Let's talk about it.
1/ Be transparent on what you are doing. Explain it to the people in plain words. Provide roadmaps and outline expectations. And please replace old outdated - it's Ethereum tombstone it doesn't help anyone. @ethhub_io doing what official website can't.
2/ Be transparent on who is building Ethereum. Outline what doing people at EF and what volunteer contributors doing. Who is Core Devs? Are there open positions in Core Team or it's a closed club? How someone could join @EthCatHerders?
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0/ Hey hey heyyyyyyy. Hope everyone is doing well!

Below is a 20-part thread covering the latest happenings in the #crypto/#blockchain space from the past 24 hours. Enjoy!
1/ 🤯 @GetNuo unveiled @UniswapExchange- and @KyberNetwork-powered non-custodial margin trading!

Users can LONG or SHORT #bitcoin [ $BTC ], #ether [ $ETH ], Maker [ $MKR / $DAI ], 0x [ $ZRX ] and other ERC20-compliant tokens with up to 5x leverage.…
2/ 🤝 @Coinbase announced the acquisition #blockchain intelligence startup Neutrino. Their team of eight will continue to operate as a standalone business based out of Coinbase's #London office.
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0/ A scorching hot start to the week here in crypto land!

To help you stay on top of it all, I've put together a 23-part thread on what went down on Monday in the #crypto/#blockchain ecosystem.
1/ 📣 @Blockstream unveiled “MuSig” to its test cryptographic library, making it possible for devs to tinker with the Schnorr signature scheme and potentially find bugs. Hopes the code "will eventually be merged into the upstream library secp256k1 used by Bitcoin Core."
2/ 🤑 Tokyo-headquartered Recruit Co., Ltd. - an intermediate holding company of Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. - announced its investment in @BeamPrivacy [ $BEAM ] via its #blockchain-focused fund RSP Blockchain Tech Fund.…
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1) BOOOOOOOOOOOOM! 3 more #blockchain bills cleared the #Wyoming legislature today & head to @GordonGovernor's desk for signature! The special-purpose depository institution, tokenized corporate stock certificates & Secretary of State blockchain integration bills all passed today
2) The special-purpose depository institution (SPDI) is esp impt. It helps solve the #blockchain sector's prob of difficulty accessing basic US$-only #bank accounts, which v few banks offer to start-ups. Many horror stories of start-ups shutting down bc banks closed their accts
3) US businesses that lose their bank accts go out of biz (for ex. IRS requires withholding taxes to be paid electronically via a bank acct). It’s critical to success of #blockchain sector that more than just a few banks serve industry (for basic checking/payroll/cash mgmt accts)
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0/ Happy Valentine's Day to you #crypto-Twitter. I have a 14-part thread for you covering events from the space within the past day or two. Romantic, I know 💋

1/ ⚡️ The development team behind @BeamPrivacy [ $BEAM ] - a privacy #cryptocurrency implementation of Mimblewimble - revealed plans to build a Mimblewimble-compatible #LightningNetwork!

Will work with @GrinMW devs to achieve this.…
2/ 🎉 @LeapDAO - a decentralized adaptive organization delivering layer-two #Ethereum scalability as a global public utility - announced its "community is now operating a More Viable Plasma chain" on the #Ethereum mainnet.…
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