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A layman's thread about #AI and #ethics.
This morning as I was driving in to work @BBCr4today discussed a framework for ethics in AI after the £150m Schwarzman donation to Oxford Uni for a new Institute on AI and Ethics. Whoever was speaking was asked for examples... 1/9
Example given: A self driving car bombing down the road and the brakes fail - should the car go ahead killing pedestrians in its path or swerve to avoid them and instead kill the driver (such as the occupant might be). 2/9
Seriously - how may automotive engineers groaned as the classic trolley problem was brought up as an example. I really hope they don't fritter £150m trying to 'solve' the trolley problem! But there we are - it got mentioned... 3/9
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A fantastic thread on specific examples of breeding applicable interdisciplinarity.

In fact, I think we can go further, and designers can help.
There's a trend here.

In a lot of different environments, designers are realizing there's useful and powerful theories, insights, and communities from disciplines they never considered; and there happens to be a reactionary clash from the communities who live in that space.
We have an opportunity here.

Sometimes that clash is valuable, because it offers space for people to acknowledge, voice, and catalyze a community to make their knowledge known.

But sometimes, we can connect without friction, and towards a collective goal.
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1/ "If doctors and nurses #clocked out when their paid #hours were finished, the effect on patients would be calamitous. Doctors and nurses know this, which is why they don’t shirk.

The system knows it, too, and takes advantage." @danielleofri
2/ "Increasingly, though, I’ve come to the uncomfortable realization that this #ethic that I hold so dear is being cynically #manipulated.

With mergers and streamlining, it has pushed the #productivity numbers about as far as they can go."
3/ "By now, corporate medicine has milked just about all the 'efficiency' it can out of the system."

I often think about this from an educator perspective too. My residents often say 'I just don't know how I can be any more #efficient" #MedEd
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[Day5: Communicating the Dark Side of #Science]
Let's get to the nitty gritty, intersectional #STEM issues today.

What are your thoughts on #SciComm around the complex, messy, imperfect scientific process & the dark history of Science?
MUST READ Examples: dealing w/ Race & Racism in #Science.

@AngelaDSaini’s #Superior (& #Inferior on gender inequity)

@PhysAnth’s statement on Race & Racism thoughtfully written by an intersectional, diverse committee…
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1/25 #CDNpoli

I was asked to comment on this video

By @RobertFife & @VassyKapelos on @PnPCBC

RE Jody Wilson-Raybould & the #SNCLavalin affair

But it was so problematic that it requires a #THREAD to address these troubling #CDNmedia & #ethics issues

2/25 #CDNpoli #CDNmedia #SNCLavalin

In chronological order:

The @PnPCBC interview (in post #1) begins with libeling @SenDuffy, by inferring he was guilty of breach of trust charges, when in fact he was exonerated & thoroughly vindicated by the court…
3/25 #CDNpoli #CDNmedia #SNCLavalin

It's amazing that @VassyKapelos would spin the intro so dishonestly when @CBCNews covered @SenDuffy's exoneration - rebutting her own characterization to falsely boost @RobertFife's rep

Duffy's lawyer @BSB_Law will be disappointed, @ChuckTCBC
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This is a VERY LONG thread about #journalism #ethics #bias #transphobia #islamophobia and newsroom culture Please stick with it, there are some pretty alarming allegations coming up.
@thetimes @pressgazette @theguardian @privateeyenews
@thetimes @pressgazette @theguardian @PrivateEyeNews This is a story from @thetimes on Saturday. It is one of ten that have touched on trans issues this month.
@jjohnjewell @sambrook @stevenjbarnett @ladaprice @docrussjackson @briancathcart
@thetimes @pressgazette @theguardian @PrivateEyeNews @jjohnjewell @sambrook @stevenjbarnett @ladaprice @docrussjackson @BrianCathcart There was another trans court case last week – one that is still ongoing – but it has yet to make any newspaper in England or Scotland. Which is strange because it involves possibly the most famous newspaper in the world.
@transmediawatch @StopFundingHate
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#BOYCOTTS: Your Quick-Start Guide

( $BCE shareholders & #Advertisers partnering with #Bell media )…
TARGET #ADVERTISERS who fund & support #business practices of #Bell Canada #BCE #Telecom #CRTC #elxn43 #partnerships #competition BOYCOTTS are a tool for holding a company accountable for actions against workers, consumers, communities, minorities, animals or the environment. It is marketplace democracy in action. Consumers voting with their money for social and economic change. (BELL MEDIA LOGO) - Lack of public accountability, no adherence to regulations, unfair business practice. WARNING TO ADVERTISERS
Which #Business (paying #Bell Media through #Advertisements on #CTV),
do you think Canadians should #Boycott first?

Here are three that #advertise daily with #Bell_Media
Rewarding $BCE Shares by unethical business practices?
Bell answers to none of their customers. #CHANGE Partnerships and Advertisers that are willing to share their reputation with Bell Canada KIA Canada, JEEP, BluenoseRV Center Bridgewater NS and more
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Dear @Uber_India
I have observed that some Uber Drivers in Pune have the habit of speaking on mobile phones while driving.
Please stop this dangerous practice.
@Uber_Support @Uber

#Uber #Pune #Ethics
Uber must intruct its drivers not to speak on mobile phones while driving.
They have long personal conversations on mobile phone with friends/relatives throughout the journey.
Request @Uber_India to stop this dangerous practice
@Uber_Support @Uber
#Uber #Pune
It is not the duty of customers to educate Uber Drivers that they must not speak on mobile phones while driving.
Uber must ensure that Uber Drivers follow Road Safety Rules
Uber must train Uber Drivers in Road Safety and Traffic Discipline
#Uber #Pune #Ethics
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“A conspicuous knowledge gap now exists about” the safety of gadolinium-based contrast agents—Dr. Stephen Brown, Harvard Medical School, in
The Need for National Guidance Around Informed Consent About GBCA Safety…
#gadolinium #radiology #patientsafety
“The research protocol under discussion highlights where the [National Institutes of Health] Roadmap around [gadolinium-based contrast agents] falls short,” because informed consent about gadolinium deposition could be left out—Dr. Stephen Brown…
“The [Institutional Review Board] should first clarify that gadolinium deposition is NOT INCIDENTAL in this study,” [emphasis added]—Dr. Stephen Brown, Harvard Medical School, in
The Need for National Guidance Around Informed Consent About GBCA Safety…
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1/9 #CDNpoli

It's been brought to my attention that a small handful of #NDP propagandists are attempting to discredit my #SNCLavalin - #IndigenousDirective timeline RE Jody Wilson-Raybould, Jane Philpott, PMJT, etc, to other #CDNmedia journalists
2/9 #CDNpoli

Please let it be known, without a shadow of a doubt

#NDP Leader, Jagmeet Singh, did in fact speak with the CEO of #SNCLavalin about a DPA

So did the NDP's MP for Sherbrooke, Québec, Pierre-Luc Dusseault

The record ►…

And a screencap
3/9 #CDNpoli

It's disappointing the #NDP would add to #SNCLavalinScandal by attempting to mislead #CDNmedia & #Elxn43 voters

If they're interested to learn the facts, here is everyone #SNCLavalin lobbied for a deferred prosecution agreement (aka #DPA)…
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1/25 #THREAD On the #ethics of Jody Wilson-Raybould recording a convo with Michael Wernick RE #SNCLavalin

Read further to debunk the #CDNmedia & partisan spin + public's grasp of #CDNpoli #CDNlaw that's circulating social media

(Ex. of that mythology)
2/25 #SNCLavalin #CDNpoli #CDNlaw #Ethics

It's not possible for pundits & partisan actors to have their cake & eat it too

Due to the barrage of biased misinformation about Jody Wilson-Raybould's role as attorney general vs justice minister, it's necessary to explain the basics
3/25 If Jody Wilson-Raybould assumed the role of solicitor to the govt in this #SNCLavalin matter, it wouldn't be unethical to record her calls w clients & witnesses #CDNpoli

This is standard practice in #CDNlaw, so lawyers don't forget details & properly document billable hours
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Perhaps the worst cover image for one of the worst books purporting to discuss #ethics and #bigdata.
“Big data technology has no value framework.” Bullshit. Big data is inherently techno-positivist, and largely enabled by infrastructures of surveillance lacking consent or respect for individual subjects.
I now need to write a book simply to respond to how fucking horrible this book is. @OReillyMedia, you really couldn’t find anyone better to tackle this topic?
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This story illustrates the complexities of designing modern technology to augment human interaction. It's not enough that it works; potential use cases and their consequences must be considered, and guidelines established to avoid harm #techethics #ethics…
Telemedicine is a challenging subject exposing many of the #ethics, social, and technology issues we're going to be facing in the near future.
The hospital my parents worked at explored telemedicine over video link in the mid-1990s. The problem they we're designing for was how to provide access to expert and specialist treatment in remote areas without having to physically ship a doctor, often by helicopter.
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I am writing to express my profound disappointment in you. Not as a person because I have never met you, but as a so-called elected “representative” of #WeThePeople. Your recent assault and mockery of #ForThePeople HR-1 Bill finally prompted me to write.
You swore an oath to uphold the #Constitution, which states in the 15th Amendment:

1. The right of citizens of the United States to vote SHALL NOT BE DENIED OR ABRIDGED by the U.S. or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude
I know bills are complicated and may sometimes contain elements that the opposing party finds objectionable. But you’re not even interested in debating or improving the package. By not doing so, you're betraying #WeThePeople but also that God you claim to revere.
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Infosec: Nobody listens to security people! 😡

Also infosec: Your password needs to be at least 15 characters long, contain numbers, upper and lowercase letters, and at least 4 special symbols.

Oh, and you can’t write it down.

And you have to change it every 90 days.
For 25 years, we security folks insisted on giving horrible password guidance with absolutely no empirical proof that this guidance would result in better security in the real-world.

In fact, the real-world effects of our password guidance actually led to WORSE security.
Bad password guidance happened because security people focus too much on attackers and not enough on the humans we aim to protect.

If our advice creates an impossible cognitive load for real humans, then we have failed to secure them.

Empathy is just as important as entropy. 💚
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Why can't Indian Media have dedicated Defence/War Correspondents like Foreign Media...?
Most seem to be "Jack of all Trades" more adept at creating hype rather than reporting news

#Media #Journalism #MSM #MediaWatch #MediaBias #SocialMedia #Breaking #Ethics
TV News Channels
Please change your "Defence Expert" Panelists
We are fed up seeing these "Delhi-Centric" panelists
Some whip up emotions - others have nothing new to say
Please get some unbiased knowledgeable Defence/Security Analysts from outside Delhi-NCR
Media should inform and educate.
Has any TV Channel done a dispassionate professional/technical analysis of the two recent Air Force Actions (Air Strike on Terror Target and Enemy Aircraft incursion and ensuing Air-Battle)...?
We saw only jingoistic debates.
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Part 1
Why People Migrate
People migrate for multifarious reasons.
In a nutshell – the various reasons for migration can be categorized into “Push Factors” and “Pull Factors”
Read on

#Immigration #Migrants #Travel #Blog
Part 2
Flock Theory
Threshold Limits of Immigration to Maintain Demographic Equilibrium…

#Immigration #Migrants #Demography #Culture #Conflict #Violence #FlockTheory #Flock #Birds #Travel #FridayFeeling
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Defence Officers must avoid Delhi Postings
Delhi Posting makes an Armed Forces Officer lose his "Militariness" and metamorphose into a "Babu" in Uniform
Once transformed into a "Babu in Uniform" his attitude changes - to the detriment of the service
As long as you serve at sea (in field) - you remain an "idealist" who believes in Service Ethos and thinks that everything is fair and ethical
Once you serve in Delhi - and observe how things are manipulated - your illusion is shattered
#Military #Ethics #OLQ
When I joined the Navy, during my training days and for the first few years of service (at Sea) - I was an idealist who believed that merit was the main criterion and everything was done fairly
One posting in Delhi shattered this illusion and "enlightened" me
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Dear @arlenparsa, Thank you for the inspirational and comforting tweet #CovingtonCatholic #Magateen. Basic stuff is falling apart all around us and we are looking depraved on so many fronts. It’s nice to see that we have choices.
You have shown us that there is a high road, a smarter road, and we are free to take it. #Media impose a certain behavioral framework, but we can choose to engage at a higher level like you did. It takes more work and more commitment, but it’s ultimately so much more crucial.
We found the #CNN coverage disgraceful & unprofessional. What these #kids did was unquestionably reprehensible. But they are simply ignorant at this stage of their development. Are they the racist bigots of tomorrow? More than likely, but one may still hold out #hope for them.
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Jewish involvement in the Civil Rights Movement #Jews and #Blacks marched arm & arm. Jews were earliest supporters of #UrbanLeague, #ILGWU organized too. #AmericanJewishCommittee, #AmericanJewishCongress & #ADL were central in the fight (1 #MLKDay…
#Jews made substantial financial contributions to many civil rights organizations including: #NAACP, #UrbsnLeague, #CongressofRacialEquality, & #StudentNonViolentCoordinatingCommittee (2) #MLKDay #MLK #MLKJr
50% of #CivilRights attorneys were #Jews & 50% of whites who went to Mississippi in 1964 were Jews who went to challenge #JimCrowLaws. Clark's study relied upon by the USSCt in Brown v Bd of Education case was paid for by #AmericanJewishCommittee #MLKDay (3)
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As a citizen who enjoys things like planes not running into each other in the sky, safe food, etc. I support federal workers. As a journalism professor who sometimes teaches about what makes charity effective, a couple of thoughts. #Thread
I am glad that people are stepping up to help. But #ethics!
The people in line in pictures like this are doing something humiliating. Covering this? Frame the shot so you can't identify people.…
The story mentions people donating cans of soup and boxes of ramen. Donating rocks, but try to donate things YOU would want to eat. Food banks often have a list of wanted things want on a web site. Here's Capital Food Bank
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BLINDMELON @BlindMelon1967

My father was part of the greatest generation. He was 17. A Marine. He only knew he was poor and needed the money. He learned later how important his service was. He taught me how dangerous fascism is. We must fight for freedom.

Happy wife, mommy, empath, artist, cannabis activist, navy brat, spooni. Fight Like A Mother, BLM, LGBTQ Ally, Legalize It, End The Stigma, Gun Control, Team Pelosi
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(THREAD) Research ethics based on love, decoloniality and post oppositionality. Why @mildredboveda and I wrote our article. Hope you’ll read & share. #AcademicTwitter #qualitativeresearch #critqual #educolor #highered #highereducation #ethics #researchethics #decolonizing
1/ We came together in this piece because our shared history of colonization was completely erased in what started dominating the Global North’s discussion on decoloniality. That other nations also have colonizing histories with different liberatory agendas were simply absent.
2/ Buying into this discourse, reviewers aligned with this myopic grand narrative of decoloniality, and often told us that what we are talking about is just a metaphor, or critical research, but not decolonial, with zero understanding or acknowledgement of our histories.
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So you're a believer in #AI #Ethics? We all are? How come there are so many twitter arguments about it then? The answer (in a Myers/Briggs* style) is because we have different attitudes to certain key questions. Thread. 1/15
Our first disagreement is around People and process (P) vs Technology (T). Do you focus on using frameworks, or on better tech to resolve the issue? 2/15
There are great frameworks out there: @AdaLovelaceInst (…) and @Floridi, work we've done at @DataKindUK (…) with @christinelhenry, the EU (…) and more 3/15
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