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Rod Rosenstein vs James Comey. Seems like a lot of people are getting afraid of the pending inspector general's report.…
Needless to say, #FakeNewsCNN does not like Rosenstein coming out against Comey. LOL!
Rod is mad! Watch out James Comey it’s war.
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Robert Mueller has submitted his report to Attorney General Bill Barr. #RussianCollusion
The liberal MSM is going nuts! They want blood.
#FakeNewsCNN wouldn't know what Bob Mueller's report is about if it was written to them in box car letters. They and other MSM liberals will twist the report every which way but loose so as to confuse its viewers.
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1. #QAnon reading between the lines: "sometimes".
"Meet IG" ---> DECLASS

- (Pompeo's notes (5/18))

2. #QAnon
D party con, for #FakeNewsCNN to brainwash as if 'evidence' & 'proof' were different.

No proof.
No evidence.
3. #QAnon Prior night's 'stringers' were some kind of operations comms, with reference to "fire", 48 hrs from the last night's drops.

"Watch the news.
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Oops...somebody is still lying. #MichaelCohenHearing
My response to those saying Republicans spent more time attacking Cohen and not defending Trump: that's what you are supposed to do. Attack the witness and expose him for being the liar he is.
Why should the Republicans query Cohen on what he has said when you can play the tape to see that he has lied?
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No collusion. So what is the purpose of the House Oversight Hearings with a convict to give us a walk through on how a real estate mogul does business?
What truth is Cummings and the Democrats looking for? Special Counsel Robert Mueller said he couldn’t use Cohen. NY Southern District Court have said Cohen is a liar and can’t be trusted hence he got prison time. What else is there? The liberal MSM controlling the Democrats.
Cohen wasn't brought to the White House and sought to monetize his relationship with the president. Cohen is a disgruntled employee angry and mad that he wasn't invited to the White House.
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Q Thread - Saturday February 16, 2019


#QAnon #QArmy #WWG1GWA #SpyGate #PatriotsUnited @POTUS
2) Q is back on Saturday with Drop 2738

Anons have known this for a very long time. H/T to @intheMatrixxx for the Red_Castle Green_Castle decode!


Army Chief of Engineers?
How long have Anons known?

3) A photo emerged yesterday of POTUS discussing Wall plans with the Commanding General of RED_CASTLE (Army Corps Of Engineers).
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The liberal MSM all know now that Mueller will not have the smoking gun they so desperately want. So they will push Democrats to act politically with useless expensive investigations paid for by tax payers to get at the president.
#FakeNewsCNN is so full of BS! They will keep a thing going to ruin the president. It's time we start calling them and their dirty laundry out. It's time that we citizen journalists start looking at their past and airing it out to dry. ONLY FACTS. Let's do it. Start digging!
We need to find out every dirty piece of information on these fake journos and start putting it out there. Nothing make-believe or solid facts. Give it to me and I will air it! Do your research.
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A recap of the greatest State Of The Union Address. The liberal MSM can’t accept the fact Trump triumphed again.
Stop the ridiculous partisan investigations.
Say no to socialism!
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#FakeNewsCNN going bonkers over acting AG Whitaker saying Mueller’s investigation will soon be wrapped up. How dare he speak about a matter he is over without their permission. Only they are to make unverified comments.
The someone from the DOJ is over the investigation if even they don't like that person. Once Barr is confirmed they will dislike him. CNN is nothing but garbage TV on steroids and that is sad.
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New Thread
Roger Stone Falsely INDICTED
#FakeNewsCNN on the Scene
#FBI raid on Stones house in DC?
Why? Optics>>Illusion
Watch the Thread
FBI AGENTS dressed in full tactical gear as if this is #ISIS terrorist. Is DS trying to Play Games Again with us?
Who is Andrew Weissmann??
Next Q target??
Connects to HRC? Uranium1?
Now Question this isn't @seanhannity wearing a #Q pin?
Has Q really gone mainstream on Hannity & Tucker?
#QAnon #QAnon2019 #QArmy
Look at pins in Picture 2.
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I now recommend the president move forward with the #SOTU address & make his case for the wall, as well as, give a report on the state of affairs. If Congress doesn't in good faith provide funding for the wall in 21 days declare a state of emergency & build the wall. Leadership.
This is not a cave but leadership. It also knocks the Roger Stone story (or give it weekend competition).
Trump is a deal maker. Don't be fooled.
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Who on Mueller’s team tipped #FakeNewsCNN that federal agencies would storm #RogerStones agency during the wee hours of the morning? Stone was not arrested for collusion which involves an exchange of money like the Clinton campaign and the dossier.
So the Mueller team delivered a ringer of a rebuke to the #FakeNewsMedia last week over the fake BuzzFeed story, especially CNN. Now to make up for it they give them a heads up on a raid of Roger Stones house. This is why Mueller and his tactics are guestioned.
Why didn’t Mueller just give Stone the opportunity to turn himself in? Why all the theatrics? This was done by design for attention.
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When did it become ok to promote violence against a child? Is it because the child is white or catholic? We have come along way to fulfilling #MLK’s dream to suddenly lose our way. #racism #Violence
This is dangerous very dangerous. No one has checked those asking for violence against a kid. Social media was on fire attacking this kid(s). Even tomorrow when the kid gives an interview many are attacking him. When does it stop?
Now the left hates this interview. These out of control adults on the left need to get a life. I will continue to calm them and their hypocrisy out every chance I get! Please join me. #SavanahGuthrie #CovingtonCatholicHighSchool
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#RezaAslan #BakariSellerslLiberal commentators advocating violence on twitter yet #FakeNewsCNN and the liberal MSM are yet to denounce them. #CovingtonCatholicHighSchool
The #CovingtonCatholicHighSchool is closed today due to threats. Are #RezaAslan #BakariSellers and other liberals to blame? Looks like it to me. They and others were calling for harm to be brought against the students. Crickets on investigating.
Where is the outrage from the left and liberal MSM over threats to these kids and their families? Different treatment with the #MarjoryStoneman students.
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BAM!!!!’ #FakeNewsCNN busted along with #BuzzFeedFakeNews and other liberal news outlets! Read and weep!
Further proof the liberal MSM is after the president. They were all giddy earlier that the president would be impeached and defining it. Now they are trying to clean it up. Time to get them all off the air. #FakeNewsCNN #FakeNewsMedia
If this Mueller's investigation turns out to indict Clinton and Obama, I will be so happy.
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Buzz who? Buzzfeed? A 2014 Pew Research Center survey found that in the United States, BuzzFeed was viewed as an unreliable source by the majority of respondents, regardless of age or political affiliation.
Michael Cohn is a liar. You can never trust what comes out of his mouth.
Mark my word the liberal MSM are just waiting to get the first interview out of this guy. #FakeNewsCNN or some other left-leaning news rag can't wait to put him on the payroll to dissect news.
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Are you spending every day reacting crazily to every stupid and idiotic thing that #MSMNews reports? Let me say it again. Voting America does not even know who #OhCrazyGirlCortex is. They don’t watch CNN or MSDNC. I haven’t watched #MSMCableNews since October 28. I am windswept.
The next time a lunatic Dem suggests the notion of #Impeachment remind him that the election is next year. If they want to remove a duly-elected president why don’t they do with the old fashion way by running a candidate who is better and who wins. And watch their expression.
Stop responding viscerally to every stupid story the mainstream media news provides. Devote your time to, of all things, alternative media and American and world history. Recognizing history’s reemergence is critical for any sentient and American voter.
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#FakeNewsCNN idea of ringing in the New Year with debauchery and filth. Yet they claim to be real news. Not!
Just say no to #FakeNewsCNN. #Debauchery and shame.
Sin and shame.
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The liberal MSM said FLOTUS was whining. Really! POS! She has every right to protect her family just like other First Ladies.
She is a smart woman. The left and #FakeNewsMedia hate her because she is beautiful, smart and married to the president. Do not doubt she is strong and powerful. 2 jealous women and a lemon 🍋 head bigot.
#FakeNewsCNN the same network reporting approval ratings down for the Trumps. Meanwhile #FakeNewsCNN ratings are in the toilet.
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Mike Flynn's assistance with Bob Mueller has been redacted in sentencing guidelines supplied to a judge. That said Mueller is recommending no jail time. So far a nothing burger. I guess the liberal MSM didn't get their golden egg. The View's Joy Behar gets nothing.
Now the liberal MSM, especially #FakeNewsCNN, will spin this to their benefit although there is nothing there, so far.
If parts of the sentencing are redacted no one knows what is there, but #FakeNewsCNN and other liberal outlets are doing their best to spin it to their liking. When earlier this week they said this is 'it'.
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@AC360 @ChrisCuomo @donlemon @jimsciutto @Acosta @ErinBurnett @wolfblitzer @PoppyHarlowCNN just in case you aren’t watching your own #FakeNewsCNN. Per Jake Tapper.
I wonder if Jake will get tired for speaking the truth. Clearly Rep. Nadler didn’t want to hear the truth.
Time people wake up and realize Mueller and his team of henchmen are just looking for information to give to Democrats to impeach the president. This is all Jeff Sessions fault. That measly morsel of a man.
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Ahem, Bob Mueller, why hasn't James Clapper, John Brennan, and James Comey been indicted for lying to Congress? Waiting.
Comey by his own admission admits to lying. Where is the justice?
#FakeNewsCNN and #PSMSNBC both quiet, and have been for some time, on this issue. You see their job is to try and convince low informational viewers to push Congress to impeach the President based on their biased reporting. We the people and not we the media.
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Critically think.
For 240 yrs there were no written rules for the WhiteHouse Press Gallery— there was a code of professional conduct by Press.
@Acosta⁩ breached code.
Court now orders under 5thAmendment “due process”

So now WhiteHouse will set up tough rules for all.
2/ also very ironic @Acosta and @CNN court challenge to get WhiteHouse Press credentials back by pleading “lack of due process” in removing credentials under 5th Amendment

“Due process” was not of concern to #FakeNewsCnn on #BrettKavanaugh SCOTUS hearings
3/ now that court ordered there must be procedural due process with the 100s of WhiteHouse Press Gallery- the WhiteHouse will follow order create a procedural format.

100% certainty #FakeNewsMedia will report no matter what new procedures are “attack on free press”.
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Let's be honest in addition the #JimAcosta and #FakeNewsCNN lemon head #DonLemon and #AprilRyan are a disgrace to their profession and to the progress of black people. These two clowns are champions of race and bigotry. I am embarrassed by their antics.
#DonLemon and #AprilRyan dishonor our ancestors who were strong survivors and never used their circumstance to deceive other blacks.
Simply because you are blacks doesn't mean you get to say anything you want and label anyone a racist because you don't like them. Truly sad. Don and April (and a few other race baiting blacks) have set the Civil Rights Movement back 100 years.
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