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As a former admissions officer and #HigherEd researcher, the work we have been doing on the environmental context dashboard (ECD) has been very important to me. Of course, selective college admissions is flawed (#AdmissionsGate anyone?). (a thread #emchat #admissions)
The current system uses many data points, most of which are biased in some way (SAT, GPA, rec letters, essays all have flaws). Admissions officers know this & try to adjust their assessment of apps, given inequalities of opportunity & biased metrics, but this is not easy.
Holistic review at its best tries to contextualize students' performance & account for systemic disadvantage in the K12 education system. But some offices do a better job of contextualizing apps than others.
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Anyone else doing some weekend reading of the #Gutenberg #accessibility audit report?…

#WordPress #a11y A screenshot of the cover page for the Gutenberg Accessibility Audit Report. Gutenberg is the new WordPress editor.
I’m going through and taking notes. The report is fascinating.

Seriously taken aback at page 5 of the UX report.
Time for the last document, and main event: the 329 page long-form technical report describing the logged issues in detail.
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The career landscape for anyone specializing in higher education pedagogy is ... weird. The work of faculty development, the work of teaching teachers, is too often perceived as instrumental.
As I’ve waxed poetic (and not so poetic) before, higher education pedagogy is (at most institutions in the U.S. and beyond) not perceived as a discipline. And the folks in this field are too often seen as doing service work — not research, not teaching.
The people who do the work of teaching and learning development are too often relegated to staff roles at institutions where the faculty / staff divide is persistent (and sometimes cruel).
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1/Spent #CollegeSigningDay today at rural Pa. HS. This is first year it had an @AdvisingCorps adviser. Excitement about what was “next” was palpable among seniors, something they said was missing in past when counselors focused solely on social/emotional.…
2/This is a school where the median household income is $31K. Average SAT score for those who actually take it is 935. And only about 50% of students have historically gone on to post-secondary education. In other words, not much of a college-going culture.
3/Students wore shirts declaring college choice. Yet several told me they’re worried they ended up with too little aid. A few are going to regional Pa. publics, where on-campus expenses are $25K. Leaves some with a gap of $10K. That’s 1/3 of their family income. @dan_greenstein
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@EriqFelix I am so excited to respond to this thread, but it's gonna have to wait til I'm sitting at a computer to really dive into all of these...

One response I can give right now, we're really lucky to have communities of support in @TheRPGroup & @CAIR_Org in CA.
@EriqFelix @TheRPGroup @CAIR_Org Some of the most generous and supportive folks I know in #highered/#comm_college are IR/#institutionaleffectiveness practitioners. They grasp the scale of issues that our students face & know it takes a community to make changes happen to truly move the needle.
@EriqFelix @TheRPGroup @CAIR_Org The #institutionalresearch practitioners who we desperately need are those who care about education, understand our ed. institutions, work well w/ others, & can help translate complex data & findings in ways that help foster dialogue & move #studentsuccess & #edequity forward.
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Last week I tweeted a thread about #utulsa’s drastic “True Commitment” plan, unveiled on 4/11. This led to an outpouring of support from those in #highered who have seen similar debacles unfold at their own institutions. Time for a thread about the campus response so far. 1/12
National and local news have included mix of support & opposition to the plan. I’ll focus here on circumstances actually happening on campus rather than PR battle unfolding in the media. Obviously, admin has resources & consultants to help them gain upper hand in PR battle. 2/12
FRI. 4/12: College of Law faculty pass voice vote resolution to delay implementation of #TUreorganization pending faculty task force. Resolution had roughly 12-15 yays, just one nay, and a couple abstentions. Lone dissenting vote was from member of the provost’s committee. 3/12
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Short thread on #Catholicism (lapsed, in my case), #highered, #divorce, & what it means to allow grace into our lives on Holy Thursday & always.

#HolyThursday is my favorite day of the Catholic year: It's a day to reflect not only on serving others, but on letting them serve us.
As a child in the Catholic Church, I knew service represented the core of my family's faith. How can we use our gifts to enrich others? How can we make ourselves humble before the tasks of service? How can we bless others via care?

Turns out, this is the EASY part of service.
It is EASY to serve my students, my friends, and my family by loving them. By showing mercy when mistakes are made. By offering space and by offering closeness. By loving others in ways that work for THEM, not just ways that would work for ME.

Being a servant this way is easy.
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Academics w disabilities so often face such ludicrous misconceptions re equal opps in their work environment (conferences, job market, teaching etc) it makes me want to attach this pic to my email signature. It shouldn't need explaining! @cat_oakley @AcademicAbleism @acaprecariat
And let me be clear: the situation is not very dissimilar for academics with children, those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds etc.
So much time&money is spent on outreach telling these groups academia is for them-only to be made not to work for them when they're there
The narrative of those with disabilities "seeking an unfair advantage" by insisting on the support they are not only legally entitled to, but that indeed creates a level playing field in the first place (and often not even that) absolutely needs to stop!
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There is more education innovation happening at my local YMCA than in this class of YC…
The education community needs to make a “call for startups” that articulates the many real problems that need solving. Who will join me in co-creating this?
Ok, since you asked, here are my current top 10 #edtech problems awaiting solutions. Please amend!
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Confessions of a bipolar professor (1/5): #hypomania sounds like it is a wonderful thing - increased energy fueling creativity and good times! What's not to like? But for me, I'm in the midst of dysmorphic hypomania. And it just plain sucks.

#bipolar #highered #AcademicTwitter
(2/5) my brain, which has been rigorously trained for decades, suddenly believes that 1 + 1 = blue. I know I am not thinking rationally, but my head is also telling me to do all sorts of crazy things!

#bipolar #hypomania #AcademicTwitter
(3/5) brain: let's destroy relationships! Let's yell at everybody and go down in the flames of angry glory! Let's run away and purchase a house in Spain! Let's be the worst version of ourself!

Rational brain: wait a second....

#bipolar #hypomania #AcademicTwitter
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@chronicle has published another piece arguing that #highered is out of touch with regular Americans and disliked by them. It stages the eternal battle between a dynamic society and backward educators. The conclusion is always the same: colleges must "change how they do business"
The frame is compiled from Republican talking points, particularly that college means liberal brainwashing.
@karinfischer puts this out there as though it were a common opinion, not a refutable falsehood (start w @AaronRHanlon /2
The culture wars discussion goes on for a long time, hitting themes we've heard since the 1980s. They are all about how #highered has been bad--has failed the reasonable expectations of the economy and society. Us must repent and conform to the surrounding society. /3
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In honor of this week’s #disability and #accessibility lecture series, here are few things I wished I knew ahead of beginning work on campus accessibility. #highered
1) When your college/ university talks about #ADA are they talking about more than just facilities? (Facilities are huge but they aren't everything)
2) Incorporate disabled people’s experiences. Incorporate student perspectives. Incorporate staff perspectives. Incorporate faculty perspectives. Get a lot of different voices into the room and try to listen to each other. #AccessIsLove
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Why we should walk away from using terms like "giving or capturing voice," in qualitative research. I hope you will read and share. #qualitativeresearch #highered #highereducation #critqual #educolor #decolonial #phdadvice #phdchat #phdlife #languagematters
1. First, the lineage and practices of qualitative research are grounded in western, global north sensibilities. Look at what is being used as dominant texts and who the authors are. Creswell and others rarely ever wrote a word thinking about people who look like me.
2. I've had to unlearn what was understood to be status quo, including the overwhelming amount of agency presumed by the researcher. I wrote about this in a book chapter titled, "Othering Research, Researching the Other (full text in ResearchGate).
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I like @AlexUsherHESA's work and read his newsletter more or less every day. So I was surprised by his patronizing take on Stefan Collini I like Collini personally and professionally, I should say up front. But Usher gets the UK highered crisis wrong /1
He says,"certainly the UK policy debate is driven by third-rate econ-talk" that is "pretty thin stuff." True, but this thin stuff eliminated public funding for UK #highered in most subjects, allowed the instant tripling of fees, and undermined the nonelite end of the sector. /2
the thin stuff is a particularly clear version of #neoliberalism via Thatcher as @davies_will has analyzed, fused with Tory austerity ideology as described by @leninology and imposed by the UK's centralized state. The coalition gov used market economics common in the West. /3
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A couple notes from my @ECAASU keynote from Friday night: Education is something that society tells us is required to be seen as being valued
and worthy. And at the same time, it enacts violence on many of the people who adhere to this narrative.
On Asian Americans being used as a pawn in anti-Affirmative Action cases: “The call to each of you is: get our
people! Get our people and educate them about what affirmative action is and isn’t and how admissions works.”
To be clear, Asian American people benefit from Affirmative Action. The majority of Asian American people support Affirmative Action. White people are using AA people to continue to subjugate other people of color. If this pisses you off, then I say again: get your people.
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Here’s the thing about the faculty/staff divide at many #edu institutions. Or the tenure-track/adjunct faculty divide. Or the admin/faculty divide. Students are the ones most harmed by the hierarchical problems created further up the chain.
Much of the focus of my career has been on developing, championing, and advocating for the work of teachers in higher education. This work starts from my concern for (and marveling at) the work of students. And the potential for learning communities of teachers and students.
The labor crisis at most #highered institutions frustrates this discussion. With 70% of the work force adjunct or otherwise contingent, institutions are scrambling.
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THREAD - Here are my thoughts on generating themes in qual research & why they don't emerge. I've included my BAE notes to situate myself. I hope you will read and share. #AcademicTwitter #qualitativeresearch #critqual #highered #highereducation #educolor #dataanalysis #phdchat
1. First, generating theme is only ONE type of inductive analysis in qual research. It shouldn't be confused as THE path to data analysis in qual research. Thematizing is quite intuitive, despite being presented as a form of systematic approach to data analysis in qual.
2. Also, while some disciplines privilege a systematic approach to qual analysis, because identifying codes, categories, themes can be an extremely intuitive process to which we try to put language, a lot remains unexpressed even after articulation.
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New Course Announcement: Summer 2019 online course titled: Native American/Indigenous Student Affairs and Success (EPS599, Class # 2606, 3 credits). Availability: Open to all interested parties including @NAU students, faculty, and staff, and those from other campuses
Dates: May 13-July 2 (Online)
Instructors: Sharon Doctor (Navajo), Director, Office of Indigenous Student Success; Andrea Sequaptewa (Hopi), Assistant Director, Office of Indigenous Student Success; Dian Squire, Assistant Professor, Counseling-Student Affairs
Contact: Dian Squire, for more information
Those from other campuses can enroll:…
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Thinking of doing a thread to defog some of the ideas around “generating themes in qualitative research” and how themes do not “emerge.” #AcademicTwitter #qualitativeresearch #critqual #highered #higheredication #quallove #EduColor
Thread coming tomorrow, Jan 23rd.
Day ran away from me. Will post thread tomorrow.
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I’ve nearly doubled my followers recently so for everyone who’s new to me: Hello! Welcome! I’m a fat black queer femme nondisabled cis woman, an academic & a writer. Here’s what you’ll generally see from me on Twitter:
-Lots of racial, #gender, #sexuality & #disability justice stuff
-Updates on my lecture travel schedule (aka where to see me speak)
-Promotion of my book #BodymindsReimagined (@dukeup 2018) & other things I write
-My daily work #goals during the semester
-Thoughts on #teaching in #highered
-Appreciation for @Beyonce, @JanelleMonae, @rgay, @nicolebyer & other fabulous #blackwomen
-#Clapbacks at randomly selected folks who come for me when I’m in no mood
-Occasional rants or outfit pics
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Lots of fuzz flying at @LambdaSchool. So here's a little insight on Lambda, aligning incentives, student loans/debt, ISA's, widening participation & access to education.

@AustenAllred in much like @elonmusk did for the electric vehicle, has vastly improved the model of tech ed.
1. @LambdaSchool have a single focus. They want to build the world's leading vocational school. They did not invent coding bootcamps, online CS education, Income Share Agreements (ISA) or career coaching/mentoring.

They execute 10x better than most. Evolution not Revolution.
2. "Taxes, duh." Is a spectacularly naive response being trolled by very bright people, so perhaps we should just leave this one without any further response.
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1/When @johnshopkins said it would go need-blind permanently after the $1.8B Bloomberg gift, @JonBoeckenstedt noted they already had the money to do that from their surplus. That figure piqued my curiosity.
2/So I spent the last few weeks trying to answer this question: What are the annual surpluses of the top 25 national universities? If I didn’t stop looking, you’d never see me again. Turns out there is no single answer.
3/Here are the surpluses of the top 25 privates (in USN&WR rankings) from the IRS Form 990. The number includes realized investment gains/losses, which inflate the numbers. Still, the total sum outstrips the endowments at all but a dozen colleges.
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(THREAD) Research ethics based on love, decoloniality and post oppositionality. Why @mildredboveda and I wrote our article. Hope you’ll read & share. #AcademicTwitter #qualitativeresearch #critqual #educolor #highered #highereducation #ethics #researchethics #decolonizing
1/ We came together in this piece because our shared history of colonization was completely erased in what started dominating the Global North’s discussion on decoloniality. That other nations also have colonizing histories with different liberatory agendas were simply absent.
2/ Buying into this discourse, reviewers aligned with this myopic grand narrative of decoloniality, and often told us that what we are talking about is just a metaphor, or critical research, but not decolonial, with zero understanding or acknowledgement of our histories.
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