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The ICJ has announced Verdict in #KalbhushanJadhav case and the verdict strikes balance between #India and #Pakistan. Full Text of Verdict here…
#India's claims.
1. #Pakistan violated Vienna Convention (Approved)
2. #Pakistan's Military Court verdict violated Vienna Convention. (Failed)
3. Annul Pakistani court's sentence. (Failed)
4. Release Jadhav to #India. (Failed)
5. Trial Jadhav in a Civilian Court. (Failed)
Details of the single #Indian Claim approved.

Pakistan violated article 36 of Vienna Convention by:
a. Not informing Jadhav of his rights.
b. Not informing #India of Jadhav's detention.
c. Not giving consular access to #India to Jadhav.

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Folks - Let's talk about race, privilege, identity, and what constitutes a legitimate claim to knowledge in the study of Indian history. THREAD #AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter #history #India
I've been accused in the last day or so of being a white women talking about Indian history. This mistakes a key point: My authority to speak about specific aspects of the Indian past does not rest on the color of my skin or on my gender.
I speak about Indian history as a trained scholar. We've been over this ad nauseam - I read Sanskrit, Indo-Persian, Braj Bhasha, Hindi & Urdu. I hold a PhD in South Asian Studies. I'm an Assistant Professor of History at a research university. I publish peer-reviewed scholarship.
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Recently, the National Crime Records Bureau of India published a tender for the Automated Facial Recognition System (AFRS). Some background (B), and key takeaways (T). #AI #FacialRecognition #ML #India 1/n
B1. The AFRS is conceptualised to modernize the police force, for “criminal identification, verification and its dissemination among various police organizations and units across the country.” 2/n
B2. The rationale: face recognition will help with “facilitating easy recording, analysis, retrieval and sharing of Information” and help in identification of: criminals, missing children/persons, unidentified dead bodies and unknown traced children/persons. 3/n
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#Missing1Point7Trillion #India #Budget2019, #EconomicSurvey2019
Keen followers of India #Budget #Shenanigans would have followed, or tried to follow the complex arguments made by 3 non-Govt commentators in this @NDTV programme: 1/n
Jayati Ghosh, Pronab Sen and Nitin Sethi pointed out that figures that appeared in @SubramanianKri's Economic Survey did not read across into @nsitharaman's glossy #Budget2019 presentation. They based their arguments on reading the small print in both these weighty documents. 2/n
@kaul_vivek, that great explainer of complicated financial smoke-and-mirrors made the same point about a missing 1.7 lakh crores (LC for short, 1 LC = 1 trillion) from the 2018-19 budgeted revenue and expenditure. See his excellent write up here:… 3/n
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@dravirmani @NITIAayog @PMOIndia @hofftechpolicy @IntelIndia @nsitharaman 1/8 Gr8 pts, I am not an expert in tax & cross border trade. I can add a Tech PoV. Agree that it’s a gr8 oppty & comes at a very opportune time, as we start our journey to a $5T GDP, the eternal optimist in me would like to think, this is when we make it count!!
@dravirmani @NITIAayog @PMOIndia @hofftechpolicy @IntelIndia @nsitharaman 2/8 Road-shows to create awareness of the “new India” when it comes to manufacturing capabilities are low hanging fruits that we should start ASAP.
@dravirmani @NITIAayog @PMOIndia @hofftechpolicy @IntelIndia @nsitharaman 3/8 Target boards of global corp. While we known 4 our SW & design capabilities, there is very little knowledge abt tremendous progress in last few years from a mfg readiness perspective (Tech readiness, Infra, EoDB)
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While we go about our business today, just a quick reminder that #Nigeria is about to replace #India as the country with the largest number of people practising #OpenDefecation in the Whole Wide World. #Thread…
Yup, we are suffering from a chronic defecation problem. @UNICEFNigeria says 47 million of us still prefer open fields, bushes, stadium,motor parks, water bodies, gutter and other open spaces to do our 💩 business. Special hailings to commuters that travel the highways. 🙌
The Public Health impact of this menace is quite alarming. 122,000 Nigerians, including 87,000 children under the age of five die every year from diarrhoea, intestinal worm infections, cholera, hepatitis, typhoid and other preventable sanitation-related illnesses.
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#CPEC is the backbone of #Pakistan's Grand Strategy. Enemies are keen to foment trouble in #Balochistan to sabotage the project.
A hike in terror attacks has been witnessed in the past months in Balochistan especially in areas in proximity to #Gwadar which is part of #Sabotage.
Killings of #Hazara Shias in Balochistan helps the enemy kill two birds with a stone.
1. It causes trouble in Balochistan,
2. It decreses confidence of Shias in the state of #Pakistan and leads to anger and frustration in Gilgit Baltistan, The Critical province in #CPEC.
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Longer Thread Alert: This thread is about Male Privilege and its manifestations in #India. This is a collaborative thread by @deepsealioness and @batutaah. We are also both acutely aware that we can’t cover every aspect in this thread. (1/n)
@batutaah We’ll be speaking in our own voices. Just look out for our twitter handles to identify who’s the speaker.
@batutaah: This is @batutaah speaking!
@deepsealioness: This is @deepsealioness speaking! (2/n)
@batutaah @batutaah: I’ve long wanted to do a thread on Male Privilege, but resisted the temptation. I am male and it would be beyond ironic. @deepsealioness suggested we do a collaborative thread and that I guess makes it somehow okay. (3/n)
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It's not just in India then. But #India under #ModiSarkar2 may be even further along on the trial-to-rollout pathway. @MahuaMoitra has done us a service by putting it on the #LokSabha record.…
Now read this paragraph from Fintan O'Toole's essay and tell me you do not recognise recent events in #India.
Then, I invite you to read this paragraph. Again tell me you do not recognise recent or even ongoing events in India.
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#Fear is the #WeaponOfTyranny.
When slave owners in America wanted to control any desire their black slaves might have to escape or rebel they did not need to break every slave's legs. That would have been to lose an asset. They #lynched the odd slave to send a chilling message.
When the Taliban in #Afghanistan wanted girls out of school, and women in #burqa, they did not beat up or terrorise all women. They merely brutalised - in public - the odd woman to send a chilling message.
When #India's #RightWing fascists wanted to keep the minorities (muslims, dalits, women) in their place in the heirarchy they merely had to send out the #LynchMobs on the odd occasion, video the atrocity and share it on #WhatsApp to send a chilling message
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A curious student asked his #Maths teacher...

If Zero was invented by #Aryabhatt and he was born in the #Kaliyuga... Then...

In the past in #Dwapara & #Tretha yugas who counted 100 #Kavravas and #Ravana's 10 heads and thousands of armies and weapons etc...

Teacher resigned and went back to #Vedic education but is still not able to find the answer... 😁😂

Jokes apart... the point leads to immense wisdom ahead...

Let me start with just 1 reference from #Vedas and 1 from #Puranas

@Payal_Rohatgi @Prof_Hariom @AdvaitaKala @OGSaffron
(to keep this answer short - we will not have enough space if we want to document all such references).

1. #Vedic Reference (#Yajur #veda):
The #Rishi #Medhātithi, after preparing bricks for a Vedic ritual, prays to the Lord of fire, #Agni.

@SaffronBurrows_ @vedicmc
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Thread: #India rejigs plans for conflict with #Pakistan, #China - Greater mobility and firepower are key to India’s war fighting capabilities against its traditional rivals 👍 Excellent analysis 👍…
India is undertaking major military reforms to enhance its capability to fight possible wars with Pakistan & China as PM Modi settles into his 2nd term. The reforms are redrawing military concepts & junking plans that prevailed for over 80 years in slow to reform institutions.
They are also moving forces up much closer to the front lines for quicker mobilization. Previously, this used to happen only when war was imminent.
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Nehru did not create IITs. Dr BC Roy, CM of West Bengal, set up first IIT in Cal in 1950; it later moved to Kharagpur. IIT Kharagpur Act came in 1956. Soviet Union set up IIT Powai; US set up IIT Kanpur; Germans set up IIT Madras (all of them with trade surplus and aid).
We learned this in junior school as compulsory GK. I guess General Knowledge is dangerously Right Wing shyt now, so declared by our Left Liberals. What to do? #IIT #Nehru
Just in case @madversity is interested, the idea of setting up Indian institutes of technology took shape in 1946 with Humayun Kabir leading the way and Nalini Ranjan Sarkar Committee preparing a report. Extant records do not mention any role played by Nehru. So.
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#FB will soon learn that its vaunted plans for #Libra are going nowhere
#FB’s #Libra is like when the Gates Foundation spent $8mm on an “ewallet” for #Haiti after 2011. The app designers didn’t talk to 1 ordinary Haitian merchant,school, or remittance sender. They ended up begging Western Union + local banks to trade credits for cash. 1/n
#FB’s #Libra is just another “engineer-driven” app. #FB is not exactly belovef these days, having hacked democracy, + trust is everything in payments. The world’s central banks+ anti-money laundering agencies are not going to roll over + give up control to Zuckerburg. 2/n
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Continuing my series on India's trade with the world. Data from
In 2018-19, #India exported 330 billion US Dollars worth of goods to 240 countries of the world. This is how the countries stack up.
In 2018-19 #India imported 514 billion US Dollars worth of stuff from 233 countries. This is how the countries from which India imports stack up.
#India ran a trade surplus of 74.36 billion USD with 131 countries. i.e exports to these countries exceeded imports from them by 74.36 bn.
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#LanguageTrivia: A common catchphrase in English language for speech or text being indecipherable to a person is - "It's all Greek to me!" [1/n]
The genesis of this phrase is often cited as dating back to 1599 when Shakespeare's Casca conspiring against Julius Caesar said, “Those that understood him smiled at one another and shook their heads, but, for mine own part, it was Greek to me.” [2/n]
However, prior to its usage by Shakespeare, English poet Gascoigne, circa 1566, while interpreting an Italian comedy into english wrote, "This geare (talk) is Greeke to me; either it hangs not well together, or I am very dull of understanding: speak plaine, I pray you.” [3/n]
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No, this is not a genuine photo of #Pakistani cricket players being frisked ahead of a match against #India
#CWC19 #worldcup2019
via ~ @AFPFactCheck…
An image purporting to show Pakistani cricket players undergoing airport security-like checks has been shared in multiple Facebook posts that claim the Pakistani players are being "frisked" ahead of a match against India. The claim is false; the image originated as satire;
3) part of it has been doctored from a 2018 AFP photograph.
Fake pic 1)
Real pic 2)
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On this day in 1975 Mrs Indira Gandhi stripped citizens of #India of their fundamental rights and made chutney of the #Constitution. Our #democracy became a totaliterian state. Darkness descended at noon. The free were enslaved or thrown into jail. #Emergency
Abu Abraham's scathing critique of the #Emergency
What happened during Mrs Indira Gandhi's Emergency? I drew on personal memories to write this piece:…
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During assessment of young kids (upto 7-8 years old) i instruct parents to participate in child's play in my play-room. Observation of child parent play is often all that you need for a diagnosis.
There is a strange observation -
I have been doing this since beginning of my practice in 1999.
Over years, child-parent play has deteriorated significantly.
This may be population in my clinic.
I see less and less parents being able to "play" with the child.
Participating and partnering the child in free play is one of the joys of parenthood.
And most young Indians seem to be blind and skill less in this area.
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1/ The US Commission on International Religious Freedom (#USCIRF)is a federal Govt commission created by the International Religious Freedom Act (IRFA) of 1998. Commissioners are appointed by the President and the leaders of both political parties in the Senate and the House.
2/ It is mandated by the Act to produce an Annual Report on the State of Religious Freedom around the world. It names the most egregious violator countries as 'Countries of Particular Concern' (#CPC). The 2019 Report does not look good for #India, 5 years after a @BJP4India Govt.
3/ India is not a CPC-a Country of Particular Concern. It is a tier-2 country. Other than Cuba and Laos, it is the only non-Muslim-majority country in the list of tier-2 countries (Afghanistan, Malaysia, Iraq, Indonesia, Tajikstan, Bahrein, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Turkey)
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Should #India allow #Huawei a role in building the country’s #5G network? @AKanisetti and I have tried to provide a roadmap for the government in our new discussion document.…
We argue that India’s decision on Huawei in the context of 5G has strategic implications and should not be looked at only from the prism of economic benefits.
India needs to think about Huawei’s checkered history and linkages with the #Chinese Party-state, the potential of and threats from 5G and the country's position in the world of tech geopolitics.
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#India 2018: A guy named Syed was arrested, as he was accused by a woman in Sexual Molestation case. His face was shown on public media before even the court declared him guilty. He was immediately arrested. What happened afterward was gruesome.
He was dragged out of jail was paraded naked and was beaten to death by the relatives of the girl and mob and GUESS WHAT? After three weeks of his death, the judgment came that he isn’t guilty. He was innocent. The girl admitted in front of the judge that she was lying.
What’s heartbreaking in this is, when he was beaten to death, media all over the country applauded it as a brave effort, but none of them bothered to ask for the apology, once he was declared innocent by the court.
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Today is World Day to Combat Desertification which is observed every June 17th to promote public awareness of international efforts to combat desertification.

Read more from our press release below:
#Israel, one of the worlds’ leading nations in desert technologies and methods of dealing with desertification, is at the helm of these international efforts.
With over 60% of its territory being a desert & another 20% semi-arid land, #Israel has developed a myriad of solutions to desertification & living in the desert including: desert agriculture, irrigation, desalination, aquaculture, afforestation and management of water resources.
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