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😱🤢>> Trump’s New Favorite Propaganda Channel Employs Kremlin-Paid "Journalist" Also Working For Russia's Sputnik Propaganda Network. Yup, the one that attacked our election w/ disinformation pumping up Trump & demonizing Hillary… #Maddow
OAN completes the merger between Russian state-run propaganda & US conservative media. Kremlin propaganda sneaks into segments, dropped in by Sputnik writer as offhand background information—on Soros, Antifa, White Helmets—all favorite foils for Russia's disinformation warriors.
@thedailybeast @kpoulsen I remember Trump called on a "reporter" from “One America News" at a news conference with Poland's President Duda in Sept 2018. OAN is a fringe right-wing pro-Trump & pro-Kremlin propaganda network. Now we know they even employ the same people. https://…
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"Mueller is not bound by assertions of presidential privilege, but he is known as a rule-follower who is unlikely to defy the administration’s direction."
NEW: DOJ tells Mueller to limit testimony to his report, arguing that anything beyond that is covered by 'presidential privilege' that hasn’t been waived [it has]. As a private citizen, Mueller is not bound by assertions of presidential privilege.
"Though Trump & his aides are projecting a hands-off approach, they’ve signaled that they expect Mueller to closely guard the voluminous evidence he gathered re the inner workings of the Trump White House."

Mueller doesn't work for Trump or Barr.
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SCOOP: George Nader, who served as an informal advisor to Trump, has been hit with NEW federal charges of child pornography and sex trafficking –– separate from the child-porn charges brought against him last month.
via @ErinBanco @thedailybeast #Maddow…
Last month, prosecutors told a court that FBI agents found dozens of child-porn videos on George Nader’s phone, some depicting children as young as 3 years old. Several videos were transmitted from Nader’s phone to other individuals
via @ErinBanco #Maddow
MORE via @rachelweinerwp: According to the 3-count indictment, in Feb 2000 George Nader, who served as an informal advisor to Trump's campaign and White House, brought a 14-year-old boy from Europe to his home in Washington, DC for sexual activity.
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In Oct 2016, Michael Cohen, Trump, and Hope Hicks discussed ways to keep Trump's former lover, Stormy Daniels, from going public about their affair.

Didn't Hope Hicks claim – under oath – that she wasn't part of discussions re Stormy Daniels prior to the story becoming public?
BREAKING: Newly released Michael Cohen files implicate Trump, Hope Hicks, and David Pecker.
via @KlasfeldReports @CourthouseNews #Maddow…
Recall: In Dec 2018, Trump pressed his acting AG on why more wasn't being done to "control" SDNY prosecutors on the Cohen case. Then, just weeks after Barr became AG, the lead Cohen case prosecutor was out and communication between SDNY & Trump Org ended.
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BREAKING: Did Jeffrey Epstein offer prosecutors anything in return for his sweetheart deal? Bruce Reinhart went from prosecuting Epstein to representing Epstein’s accomplices who then also received immunity for trafficking underage girls.
by @jkbjournalist…
“The government admits that it has information about a personal or business relationship between Jeffrey Epstein and another Florida prosecutor involved in the Epstein case, Matthew Menchel.’’
When police raided Epstein’s Palm Beach estate, they found all his computers had been removed, suggesting that someone in Krischer’s office had tipped off Epstein about the search warrants.
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GOP & @VP saw this at border in Texas: 400 dirty hungry men in squalid fenced cages. Stench so intense, guards wore masks. When reporters arrived, the men reached out in desperation.

Crisis & dysfunction results when govt prioritizes political propaganda over solving problems.
@VP Since this was a PR trip to the border, Pence manages to gaslight like we've come to expect from this Orwellian regime. The images were shocking—400 migrants kept in squalid smelly overcrowded cages, many for 40 days. VP paints THAT as "humane and compassionate care"! 😲😢#inners
Pence's gaslighting about squalid detention camps turns my stomach:

"What we saw today is encouraging… They're getting healthcare, hygiene. We have to put the lie to this 'concentration camp' slander… The Nazis killed people. Our CPB are saving lives."

#Inners #Maddow #AC360
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NEW: Jeffrey Epstein, convicted child rapist now facing sex-trafficking charges in New York, was accused of witness tampering on Friday by federal prosecutors, who say Epstein wired $350,000 to 2 potential witnesses against him.
by @BenWeiserNYT #Maddow
After @MiamiHerald's story broke in 2018, Epstein tried to “influence co-conspirators” who might provide evidence against him. He wired $250K to an employee and $100K to a 2nd person. Both were named by the government as possible co-conspirators.
Epstein associate to one of Epstein's victims in 2006: "Those who help [Epstein] will be compensated and those who hurt him will be dealt with."

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Kamala discusses her campaign moves: hiring staff, lots of campaign events, but slow and steady. Lots of work left to do! #Kamala2020 #KamalaMaddow #TRMS
Kamala discussing the racist attacks...she says she was not surprised and found it "rather uninteresting". Unbothered and tough...not whiny about attacks. #TRMS #Kamala2020 #KamalaMaddow
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"Buried deep in this compilation, is a brief video, taken on a cell phone, showing Mr. Trump kissing Ms. Johnson inside a Campaign RV on AUG 24, 2016—just as Ms. Johnson alleged [an unwanted kiss from Trump]."

"It is now undisputable that Mr. Trump in fact kissed Ms. Johnson."
NEW Court Filing: "Notwithstanding Defendants' efforts to mischaracterize the video to the Court, the VIDEO shows exactly what Ms. Johnson alleged happened to her: an unwanted kiss from Defendant Trump...inside a Campaign RV on August 24, 2016."
"It now appears that counsel purposefully avoided entering into an ESI protocol so counsel could alter a video of Defendant Trump kissing Ms Johnson, hide it in unrelated footage, and sandbag Ms Johnson with the video at her deposition."
#Maddow @Lawrence
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Migrant children held in Yuma, Arizona, report sex assault and retaliation for protests in addition to unsanitary conditions and overcrowding.

@jacobsoboroff will be on with Rachel #Maddow tonight for more on this:
Full video of tonight's A Block:…
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Past recent #Maddow Epstein coverage:

3/20/19: New reporting bolsters case Epstein prosecutors misled judge…

3/18/19: Age of victim in Epstein deal eased sex offender penalties: WaPo…
2/22/19: Acosta deal for Epstein treated victims as 'throw-away girls'…

2/22/19: 'Potentially hundreds' of victims seek federal prison for Epstein…
2/22/19: Acosta broke law keeping lenient Epstein deal from victims: judge…

12/3/18: Trump cabinet member's leniency toward sex offender stirs outrage…
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BREAKING: Trump pal and billionaire pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, was arrested on Saturday for allegedly sex trafficking dozens of minors in New York and Florida between 2002 and 2005 and will appear in court in New York on Monday.
via @thedailybeast #Maddow
The new indictment, which will be unsealed Mon in Manhattan federal court, will allege that Jeffrey Epstein exploited dozens of underage girls by paying them cash for "massages" then molesting or raping them in his Manhattan or Palm Beach mansions.
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For Trump’s July Fourth extravaganza, National Park Service diverts $2.5 million in fees meant for infrastructure improvement projects nationwide…
Hijacking Independence Day is quite a metaphor for Trump's fascist hijacking of America generally. Let's not forget who else is responsible for ongoing assaults on democratic norms & values: Republicans & Russia, where some GOP spent last July 4th #maddow
🚨Dividing the Military🚨#AsteriskPresident strikes again >> Military chiefs have concerns about politicizing #July4th. Several won’t attend Trump event.

✅✅✅🚨Trump keeps ticking off Putin’s bucket list agenda to weaken USA🚨
🇺🇸All wrapped in USA flag🇺🇸
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Prompted by a reporter’s question about whether Trump would warn Putin against future election meddling, Trump *jokingly* said to Putin: “Don’t meddle in the election.”

Then they all shared a big laugh about it. Appalling.
NEW: Trump smirked as he surrendered western values to Putin at the #G20Summit in Osaka. Trump and Putin delighted in their shared belief that they have permanently eroded the liberal, democratic consensus.
by @csdickey @thedailybeast #Maddow
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!!!! Per @RepAdamSchiff and @RepJerryNadler: Robert Mueller is scheduled to testify in **open** session on July 17th.
BREAKING: In response to subpoenas, Robert Mueller has agreed to testify PUBLICLY before Congress on Wednesday, July 17, @RepAdamSchiff and @RepJerryNadler announce.
MORE: Robert Mueller is expected to sit before both the House Judiciary AND the House Intelligence committee in two separate open hearings on July 17, with the possibility that some testimony will occur in closed session.
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#BREAKING Robert #MUELLER Agrees to Testify in Public on July 17 to House Intelligence Committee. (Wow, on the anniversary of Trump’s Helsinki Summit debacle with Putin!) via @mkraju @CNN #MuellerReport
MUELLER will testify before joint hearing of House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees. That’s PUBLIC testimony on JULY 17. @mkraju reports the agreement comes pursuant to subpoena.

No doubt Trump’s GOP lackeys will try to put on a propaganda circus. That’s what guilty ppl do.
Correction: July 17 #Mueller will appear in 2 separate back-to-back open sessions before Judiciary & Intel Cmtes, followed by closed session, to discuss investigation into Russia’s attack, what Trump campaign did, counterintel issues, @RepAdamSchiff tells Rachel @Maddow. #Maddow.
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NEW: House Oversight Committee chairman @RepCummings demands an explanation by Jul 8 from Mulvaney on why the White House failed to answer his questions re its preservation of records related to Trump’s meetings with Putin.
by @rebeccaballhaus @WSJ #Maddow
Cummings also requested a interview with the director of the WH Office of Records Management. “The Presidential Records Act makes clear that presidential records belong to the American people and that Trump is required to preserve those records.”
"In early 2017, Omarosa walked Michael Cohen, then Trump’s personal lawyer, into the Oval Office for a meeting with Trump — and saw Trump chewing up a piece of paper while Cohen was leaving the office."
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Chat logs between Paul Manafort and Sean Hannity? Do go on, @jonswaine.
NEW via @dsamuelsohn: 50-plus pages of Paul Manafort and Sean Hannity's text messages from 2017-2018, which includes the time period when Manafort was under gag order whilst offering to pass Hannity court documents.…
Manafort's lawyer violated the judge's gag order.

Manafort: "Sean, per our conversation this morning, my attorney – Kevin Downing – will call you at 11:30 am tomorrow. He will update you on what we are doing and how it connects to your reporting.”
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E. Jean Carroll recounts how Trump, who brags about forcibly grabbing women's genitals, raped her in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room: “forcing his fingers around my private area, thrusts his penis halfway—or completely, I’m not certain—inside me.”
After they reach the dressing rooms, events turn violent. Trump shoves E. Jean Carroll against a wall, pulls down her tights...

@NYMag verified that Carroll disclosed the assault to 2 friends at the time, one of whom told her to go to the police.
E. Jean Carroll: “Trump became violent, lunges at me, pushes me against the wall, hitting my head quite badly, puts his mouth against my lips...seizes both my arms, holds me against the wall with his shoulder and jams his hand under my coat dress.”
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Talk about collusion & obstruction! WH lawyers won't let Hope Hicks answer congressional questions about her time in the White House. She is a major eyewitness to multiple of Trump's obstruction crimes—documented in the #MuellerReport. It's beyond absurd. It's a criminal coverup.
FYI #HopeHicks is mentioned over 180 times in the #MuellerReport. WH legal spox Mark Corallo recently spoke about the time she suggested destroying evidence of the infamous #TrumpTowerMeeting w/ Russians. It made his "throat dry up." Then he quit. #ObstructionOfJustice #Maddow
Judiciary Chair @RepJerryNadler is rightly furious abt absurd WH "immunity" claim to prevent Hope Hicks from answering questions. Even Corallo knew convo wasn't privileged b/c no lawyer was present as they schemed to cover up Trump Tower Meeting w/ Russians. #Maddow #Obstruction
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NEW: Trump still owes D.C. $7M in inauguration costs as he plans July 4th rally. As a result, the District has been forced to dip into a special fund that covers annual security costs for protecting the city from terrorist threats.
by @PeteJamison #Maddow…
While the Obama White House reimbursed the city’s extra costs, the Trump administration has not done so. To make up the shortfall, the District tapped its Emergency Planning and Security Fund, which is now on track to enter the red by this fall.
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Top WMD official Guy Roberts quietly leaves Pentagon. His abrupt exit comes amid a long exodus of senior officials under acting Secretary Shanahan, including Owen West, asst Sec of Defense for special ops & low-intensity conflict.
by @laraseligman #Maddow…
Roberts, DOD’s top civilian in charge of nuclear, chemical, and biological defense programs, quietly stepped down in April for reasons that remain murky, one of the latest in a series of high-profile exits from the Pentagon over the past 6 months.
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🚨'I think I’d take it”—Trump says he’d take help from a foreign govt offering dirt on 2020 election opponents. This is an admission he was in 2016 & continues to be aligned w/ adversaries like Russia who criminally attack our country. #ImpeachTrumpNOW‼️
‼️“I’ve never called the FBI in my whole life. That’s not what you do.” Trump says he wouldn’t even call FBI if Russia or any hostile foreign power called offering dirt.

Sorry. This isn’t “norm-busting.” This is a criminal screwing his country. #Maddow
‼️Trump is so lawless, he just openly admits collusion! Accepting help from Russia now is clearly willful & thus criminal. WORSE, he just INVITED Putin—who works to subvert democratic elections around the world—to subvert ours—AGAIN! And look at his pathetic excuses. JFC #Maddow
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EXCLUSIVE: Trump tells @GStephanopoulos he wouldn't necessarily alert the FBI if approached by foreigners -- from China or Russia -- offering dirt on his 2020 opponents: "It’s not an interference. They have information. I think I’d take it."

“The FBI director said [the FBI should be alerted],” Stephanopoulos replied, referring to FBI Director Wray's comments that “the FBI would want to know about” any foreign election meddling.

TRUMP: “The FBI director is wrong.”

This is insane.
McConnell, of course, is also down for election interference by the Russians or Chinese in 2020.
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