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Just got a #Step1 question wrong and I want to talk about it. The question asked about a pediatric patient who came in with RBC casts, facial puffiness, after having had a scabby-pustular rash a month prior...
I knew that this was likely post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis (facial puffiness = Na and H2O retention, casts = damage from immune deposition). I knew the rash was probably impetigo, which is mostly caused by staph aureus, but can occasionally be caused by strep...
I knew all of that and figured the most likely culprit was group A strep (s. pyogenes), which was correct. But that wasn't the question... The question was what characteristic the culprit bug would exhibit:...
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#mentalillness #mentalhealth
Ein Thread über kritische Psychotherapie und kritischen Umgang mit Psychotherapie.
Psychotherapie ist kein Allheilmittel, welches ich 2 Wochen nehme und dann ist alles gut. Sie muss reflektiert werden, so wie unser Umgang mit psych. Krankheiten auch.
#mentalillness #mentalhealth
Was klar sein MUSS: Jede psychische Erkrankung ist anders. Meine Depression ist nicht wie deine Depression. Keine PTBS ist wie eine Andere. PUNKT.
Zweiter Fakt: Therapeut*innen sind Menschen. Ergo: Potential zum scheiße sein.
#mentalillness #mentalhealth
Bevor hier 1 Mensch ankommt und meint, ich hätte keine Ahnung: Ich bin langjährig psychisch krank, kenne Therapie und Klinikaufenthalte und - anders als Viele - höre ich anderen psychisch Kranken zu.

Denn: Zuhören ist Gold wert! ♥
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So first I'll disclose to be absolutely transparent. For the handful of my twitter peeps that personally know me, y'all already know that I have a million jobs. I always have and I'm not sure if or when that will change. At this point I'm convinced its just a part of who I am 🤷🏾‍♀️
I started working at 14 and have worked consistently since. It hasn't always been traditional work but it was important to me to stay busy and have multiple streams of income to support my expensive shopping habits and later as a young adult to SAVE.
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TW: Suicide

I strongly recommend you watch the documentary, #Avicii: True Stories. The documentary tells the story of DJ, musician and songwriter Tim Bergling better known as Avicii. Charts his meteoric rise but quickly shows...
the extreme stress and pressure he was under. The touring took its toll physically and mentally and at various points he said the touring would kill him. He said he felt like he was very unwell. Fast forward 6 months after documentary released and he was lost to suicide. (...)
This pressure is leading to extreme stress and burnout, with far too many young musicians being lost due to the celebration of a culture steeped in alcohol, drugs etc. where they are expected to tour all year round. (...)
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#BOYCOTTS: Your Quick-Start Guide

( $BCE shareholders & #Advertisers partnering with #Bell media )…
TARGET #ADVERTISERS who fund & support #business practices of #Bell Canada #BCE #Telecom #CRTC #elxn43 #partnerships #competition BOYCOTTS are a tool for holding a company accountable for actions against workers, consumers, communities, minorities, animals or the environment. It is marketplace democracy in action. Consumers voting with their money for social and economic change. (BELL MEDIA LOGO) - Lack of public accountability, no adherence to regulations, unfair business practice. WARNING TO ADVERTISERS
Which #Business (paying #Bell Media through #Advertisements on #CTV),
do you think Canadians should #Boycott first?

Here are three that #advertise daily with #Bell_Media
Rewarding $BCE Shares by unethical business practices?
Bell answers to none of their customers. #CHANGE Partnerships and Advertisers that are willing to share their reputation with Bell Canada KIA Canada, JEEP, BluenoseRV Center Bridgewater NS and more
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@Priyanka_Dayal What is confirmed here is that @UHC “put the bottom line above [Kate Weissman] as a patient.” @Priyanka_Dayal, you have helped place health payers on notice. Denials for proton therapy and violations of ERISA will not stand. The status quo is unsustainable and #change is coming.
@Priyanka_Dayal @UHC Very smart person right here 👇🏻
@Priyanka_Dayal @UHC Most painful abt certain aspects of the piece is attempt to provide legitimacy to insurance practices that violate the law & deny millions of valid health claims. Lending credence to hackneyed industry arguments is, to quote a federal judge, “immoral and barbaric.” #protontherapy
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I am extremely proud to have had a hand in creating these new #RealConvo Guides from @afspnational for #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth. They each offer practical information anyone can use. Links in the replies.
How to Start (and Continue!) a Conversation About #MentalHealth…
If Someone Tells You They’re Thinking About #Suicide…
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2nd attempt at spelling! I’ve pulled out of a new job, as the employer demanded I saw their doctor re: MH and past drug and alcohol issues; following two phone consultations and an online assessment. Being honest has never been a problem before and I genuinely feel stigmatised.
Context. I’ve been sober for nearly 4 years and drug free almost a decade. My MH is well-managed, with lots of strategies in place at home and at work. I know it’s due-diligence and I work with children, so accept and understand why this has happened.
However, I’ve always been honest with all employers and they’ve all been supportive. It would seem that professional integrity, skills, qualifications and experience mean little, if you’ve a history of instability. #stigma #mentalhealth
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I am a #SocialScientist but I can 100% relate. The #OCD episode that led 2 my diagnosis was centred on ethics protocols 4 working w human subjects. Strict adherence is a necessary part of research but my OCD took "making sure everything is done right" next level in a bad way. 1/4
I became consumed with details and risk scenarios to an extent that was counter productive. Completing an ethics application was so triggering it was near impossible. That's when I took medical leave from my #PhD program. #OCD #MentalHealth #PhDLife #SickNotWeak #PhDChat 2/4
#OCD is esp good at playing on strengths & turning them against us. It capitalizes on assets like responsibility, meticulousness, diligence- traits rewarded in #academia. I believe this is why I didn't recognise my struggle 4 so long. OCD masqueraded as being a good academic. 3/4
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1/ I would like to share my story of my #mentalillness (Bipolar Disorder II) and how I deal with it, to show that mental illness is everywhere, and that someone can have a mental illness and be successful. I hope this story can empower someone and help reduce the stigma.
2/ I am a successful PhD student in Chemistry. I am happy, I have travelled the world, I have lived abroad for a year, I am a varsity Squash athlete, I have a BSc in Biochemistry and a MSc in Chemistry. But my biggest success: doing all this while managing a mental illness.
3/ A few weeks ago, I woke up and it took me over an hour to get out of bed. After a day of achieving little at work, I went straight home. I did not feel like my usual after-work walk, I did not want to play squash, I did not want to read a book. I had no energy.
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Halo sobat #brosismks Gangguan kepribadian adalah suatu kondisi yang menyebabkan pengidapnya memiliki pola pikir dan perilaku yang tidak sehat dan berbeda dari rata-rata orang biasanya.
#personalitydisorder #mentalhealth
Pengidapnya juga sulit untuk merasakan, memahami, atau berinteraksi dengan orang lain.
Banyak orang tidak menyadari telah mengalami gangguan kepribadian.

Untuk mencegah diri sendiri dari gangguan kepribadian, kenali jenis-jenis gangguan kepribadian tersebut, yuk di simak sobat
#Mentalhealth #personalitydisorder
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Yesterday during an Open Space at ServerlessDays Atlanta on tech and mental health, I said to the group that I suffered from burnout and suffer from Generalised Anxiety Disorder. I had just been on stage and delivered a keynote in front of hundreds of people. #mentalHealth
I'm still recovering from burnout (I'm not sure when you know when you've recovered) and only knew I had GAD last year after leaving AWS. I've been suffering with GAD probably since I was under 10. I'm 42.
It was probably the first time I acknowledged to a group of strangers that I had a mental health issue, as in many ways I don't see myself as having one. But it struck me that I do, and that my story would be helpful to at least one other, so I shared it.
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ICYMI: I’m delighted that we are welcoming the brilliant @matthewsgould as CEO of @NHSX!

We’ve also shared a few new details about NHSX...

First up... we need a CTO for @NHSX. This person and their team will get to define and deliver the technical architecture for the NHS and social care.

The new CTO will also oversee @NHSX’s engineering, skunkworks and infrastructure work.

From July, @NHSX will mandate internationally recognised technology & data standards across the NHS—so that all systems can talk to each other.

This initially includes SNOMED-CT, ICD-10, HTML5 & WCAG 2.1 AA

Every project developed in the NHS will be released as #opensource

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What would National #SuicidePrevention Strategy for India look like:
1. We need to believe it is possible. With concerted effort China has dramatically reduced their suicide rates.
2. We need to implement evidence-based, low cost scalable solutions. They exist.
...contd 1/n
3. Need different strategies for sub-groups. Same solution won't work for students, young women, rural/urban, farmers etc.
4. #suicideprevention is an #intersectoral issue. All solutions do not lie in #health sector; #education #employment, #media #agriculture also imp....2/n
5. Recognise India's suicide epidemiology is different from the West. M:F ratio is 1.5:1 here while it's 4:1 in West. So more women relatively. 50% of suicides impulsive with no mental illness 🇮🇳 while 80% have mental illness in West...3/n
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1.THREAD: IMP for India's #mentalhealth sector. Info in tweet below ("Due to lack of objective method to establish presence & extent of #mentalillness")raises Q of validity of Indian Psychiatry & Qs for MCI BOG. Also bad in Law. Hope @ProfBhargava will read & initiate action..!
2. Some Background: persons with #mentalillness are entitled to disability quota in medical admissions as per Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act. MCI BOG has now issued a Gazette notification stating that persons with #mentalillness will not be allowed this benefit because..
according to MCI BOG " due to lack of objective method to establish presence & extent of #mentalillness " @drsitu claims this was opinion of AIIMS Delhi psychiatrist who advised the BOG. This raises important Qs
i) For Indian psychiatry: do we accept this assertion?...contd
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Articles from @nayadaurpk for your weekend reading pleasure.

1. Searching for an executioner — @NadeemfParacha on the execution of Z A Bhutto and the case that was used to eliminate him.…
2. @Tariq_Bashir on how NAB law directly contradicts the fundamental principle of ‘innocent unless proven guilty’ granted under Pakistan’s constitution. And it needs to be repealed.…
3. @MuhammadZiauddi explains Pakistan’s 70-year-old dilemma of choosing between an overvalued rupee and a free floating exchange rate. It is a #mustread on Pakistan’s economic history and #policy choices it made.
#nayadaur #reading
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@realDonaldTrump #Tuesdaythoughts on #healthcare (tangent style):

You, President Trump, have clearly made some progress in understanding some of the issues with the ACA (despite your failure to realize it was originally a plan devised by the Federalist Society ie Barr/Kavanaugh types). 1/
@realDonaldTrump Nonetheless, you have correctly identified (a) #premiums (b) #deductibles and (c) coverage for pre existing conditions as key issues to address. Indeed.
@realDonaldTrump Plus, the kicker for me at least is to make #PPO plans available to everyone not just for those who get their health plans through their employer (in sum, #HMO/EPO/POS = 👎; PPO = 👍 ....
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Natasha Devon a Mental Health Ambassador calls #Socialists #Weird #cultists & calls on #Jewish people to rid the Labour party of them. Many socialist support Labour's policies on the #NHS & some have #mentalhealth issues but its OK to demean them! @simonmaginn @JVoiceLabour
I called Devon out on a tweet that smears people who consider themselves socialists. She calls me #AntiSemitic for my tweet. Perhaps I misinterpreted her tweets but she seems to call socialists: Weirdos, Cultists and pond life. @RespectIsVital
My challenge was simple. I felt she was smearing a whole group of people some of whom may have the very health problems she is meant to be an ambassador for! So my question stands is she fit to be a mental health ambassador @MichaelRosenYes @mojos55 @skwawkbox @mikecoulson48
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To those of you who say people with autism don't feel emotions I say this:
The past few days have been very difficult for me. My mam has been very upset and although I know why, I have no idea how to correct it. This has a consequence of making me more upset. I know that it's
not my responsibility to make her happy, but when the only person I have ever known that would do anything for me is upset, it bothers me greatly. Added to this that I am unable to express or even understand my feelings makes me even more frustrated. I get angry at myself for not
being able to help my mam. I spent a long time with my mam and emotion cards as a boy, so when my mam is sat on her sofa crying because of something someone has said, I know that she has been deeply hurt. Yet the only way I know how to help her is by making her a cup of tea,
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Once during our Psychiatry posting.

Me : "Bang, abg tahu macam mana abg dpt jadi nabi?"

This 30-ish years old patient was admitted after having a quarrel with his family members and was later diagnosed with substance-induced psychosis. Lupa dia ambik street drugs apa.
During my interview, dia kata dia dpt 'petunjuk' yg some of his family members ni munafik and he has to kill them.
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A little thread, which I may come back to, for all those #technophobes who blame rise in #suicide on #socialmedia.

First: legit, what rise?
Second: The actual experts do not agree with you, and your fear-mongering is likely causing more harm than good.
cf. Thomas, K, and Gunnell, D. (2010). Suicide in England and Wales 1861–2007: a time-trends analysis. International Journal of Epidemiology, Volume 39, Issue 6, December 2010, Pages 1464–1475.
So, first the data, from #UK (above) and elsewhere (below).

Clearly if this epidemic was *caused* by a *single* factor it would permeate all societies with social media.

[Suicide Rates for Teens Aged 15–19 Years, by Sex — United States, 1975–2015, #USA]
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I almost quit a year ago, exactly today, then my company got acquired. A story (with pictures!)
This is what I looked like last March 27.

One month prior...
My dad passed away. I wasn't having a good month. But that wasn't what happened on March 27. I took a photo on March 27 because it was probably the worst I had felt in the last 5 years. Even worse than my dad's death. (We had a complicated relationship).
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"Alah, ni mesti jenis yang sembahyang tak cukup la ni"

"Hmm. Entah2 memang tak solat pon. Huhu"

Kata sekumpulan remaja selepas menonton video cubaan membunuh diri di Youtube.
"Seorang yg kuat iman,TAKKAN mengalami masalah kemurungan. Kerana dia yakin Allah sentiasa bersamanya.

Firman Allah SWT dalam surah Ar-Ra'd ayat 28,"Orang yg beriman hati mereka menjadi tenteram dengan mengingati Allah. Ingatlah, hanya dgn mengingati Allah,hati menjadi tenteram"
Kata seorang ustaz di atas mimbar. Kita mungkin faham context yang ingin di bawa oleh khatib di atas mimbar itu, namun kita tidak tahu, mungkin dalam kalangan jemaah itu, ada yang sedang bertarung dengan minda dan emosi mereka.
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Apakah kamu tahu bahwa lebih banyak orang meninggal bunuh diri dari pada yang meninggal dibunuh?

Pada tahun 2016 hampir 800.000 orang bunuh diri diseluruh dunia, yang berarti ada satu orang bunuh diri setiap 40 detiknya.
Bunuh diri menjadi penyebab kematian nomor dua pada kelompok usia 10-34 tahun.
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