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Sanghi Twitter is having an (expected) meltdown over #Netflix's latest dystopian drama #Leila.
Filmmaker @IamDeepaMehta serves as Director & Executive Producer for the series.

Incidentally, Mehta has had horrifying experiences with extremist Hindutva groups in the past too. 1/n
In 1996, Mehta's film 'Fire' released to much critical acclaim. However, the subject matter of the film - an unexpected lesbian romance between 2 women married to brothers in a middle-class Delhi home, was enough to kick the proverbial hornet's nest. 2/n
Fire's protagonists (played by @nanditadas & @AzmiShabana) were named Sita & Radha, respectively.

Bajrang Dal, Shiv Sena, & BJP workers, claiming the film was "immoral & blasphemous", started a violent nationwide protest & vandalised theatres.

'Fire' ended up being banned. 3/n
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I don’t know if any of you caught President Trump’s speech to National Association Realtors last week, but he stated the Dems are doing the biggest socialist take over of America in history. President Trump is always right - that’s why he mentioned #NeverSocialism at SOTU.
Allied with socialism, is one of biggest mass takeovers of our country’s history of Islam. As you know, we have them in our government. Obama let them in - he is the #TrojanHorse and actively organizing/recruiting behind the scenes through his nonprofit organization OFA.
Whoever doesn’t want to believe this is going to be sadly disappointed. It’s common knowledge - if you do a little research, that it’s being furthed by his “deals” with #Netflix Propaganda film one was a documentary regarding socialist #AOC. Then of course we have Ilhan/Rashida
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I finally forced myself to watch @ava’s #13th on @netflix. I know I am massively tardy to the party, but racial documentaries are hard for me. It was, of course, devastating, so I’m glad I’m grading at home today so I can process, seethe, mourn & completely avoid wypipo.
My first reaction was “Fuck, this [the systemic oppression of black people & destruction of black lives] is never going to end. Not until we upend every last piece of the existing systems.” Then I sat overwhelmed & crying bc the earth/humanity may not last long enough for that.
And let’s be clear, I read The New Jim Crow years ago (which is why I felt like I didn’t *need* to watch 13th), but watching the documentary tie these legacies to images/audio of #NotMyPresident brought it home in a new way emotionally for me rather than just intellectually.
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ON APRIL 16th @EricHolder SAID HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE GOAT 🤔Still Standing By the Flame I see?
MORE False Flag attacks Coming?
@realDonaldTrump @SecretService @FBI #QAnon #CIA/#MOS #Dogs
2/ REMEMBER Last Years Assassination @realDonaldTrump Attempt? Are todays @EricHolder Tweets a possible 187 @POTUS attempt?
NOTE: The day that I noticed Eric Holder at JFK’s Grave Site, his latest Tweet was about The
👉🏻Mueller Report!!!! 👈🏻 #Qanon
3/ There are No-Coincidences... Goats B-Day? April 16th?
POPE BENEDICT WAS BORN ON APRIL 16th... #NotreDame 🔥#FightingIrish ☘️ 187? NotreDame Coach Dies at 81 🤔
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#Breaking: Just in - #Netflix HQ in Los Gatos, in Californië, on LOCKDOWN amid reports of a man with a gun
#Update: #Netflix HQ in Los Gatos, in Californië, has been evacuated and the suspect is in custody police reports says! Police are now clearing every floor and room of the building.
#Update: Video of the scene at #Netflix HQ in Los Gatos, in Californië, has been evacuated and the suspect is in custody police reports says! Police are now clearing every floor and rooms of the building. Video Credit: @faubs
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Getting early reports that there is an active shooter at #Netflix office in Los Angeles.
Police are on the scene, area is on lockdown. Unclear whether shots have been fired.
Message from colleague at #Netflix.
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1. It is time for the #epilepsy community to get mad, to organize, the fight back. We remain the second-most stigmatized people with a disease. (Mental illness is first.) Even with control, we have three times the average unemployment rate. We are driven from schools, we lose...
2...our friends, we are called cruel nicknames. We are afraid to reveal our disease because we know it can easily result in termination or expulsion - "for our own good." The head of HR-Disability for a major corporation told me largest numbers of calls from managers.....
3...about people with disabilities is that they have discovered someone they hired has epilepsy, and asking if they can be fired or at least moved to where customers won't see them. And then...and then there is Hollywood, that thinks we're funny or worth ignoring, as if....
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Recordamos que en #Netflix teneis Ip Man The Final Fight con Anthony Wong como Ip-Man y un cast de lujo: Eric Tsang, Gillian Chung y Jordan Chan.
La leyenda del maestro de Bruce Lee continúa
Tambien en Enero se añadio #Revenger a #Netflix una cinta de acción coreana con ostias de las que duelen,
Desde Corea nos llega también A Special Lady a #Netflix, acción mafias y una protagonista de armas tomar.
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Cómo sacar partido de los recursos que ofrece Netflix para las clases de Lengua y Literatura en secundaria.

En el hilo os dejo algunas ideas...

@NetflixES #netflix
#Élite aporta esa atmósfera envolvente de misterio que tanto gusta a los adolescentes.
Sobre el plano real del instituto, pueden situar la escena de un crimen, imaginar culpables y elaborar una noticia con las 6 preguntas básicas del periodismo
#SexEducation es fresca y tiene una temática atractiva por razones obvias.
En pequeños grupos, pueden exponer sus dudas sobre sexo, preparar un cuestionario, investigar sobre dichos temas y, a modo de entrevista, recrear un consultorio juvenil como en la serie.
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watching my thread discuss #marikondo is close to my research heart: the global circulation of cultural artifacts and practices, a thread
The thing is that clutter and decluttering seems like an almost "human nature" phenomenon in late capitalism. We all have stuff and some of us are feeling overwhelmed by our stuff. Hence the long history of best-selling books about decluttering
Now #marikondo: her approach to "things" and objects points to a particular Japanese ideological and cultural construct of the emotional life of things.
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So #Facebook & #Instagram (second time in 3 weeks) deleted my accounts. For sharing information about #Kashmir. No explanations or replies to my questions are given. Of course this is not about Facebook, nor about me, but the much more dangerous path SM is taking.
It is all about Justice & about what is happening to many people living under oppression & facing severe surveillance & suppression on the ground and even online.
It is about principals & rights. Human rights. Enshrined in statues & bragged about. Said to be universal. Said to be
I don't know ONE Kashmiri who hasn't been subjected to some form of censorship. On the ground there are far worse consequences than removed posts. Journalists (and MANY civilians) have been trashed, arrested & targeted when covering human rights violations by India.
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Win/win for us.
Lose/lose for (((them))).

This is a brilliant play. Let me explain why.…
We know TDO has the goods. The #FBI acknowledged a theft of 18,000 documents and are investigating.…
And we know TDO has a successful history of getting the goods and making good on their threats.

Remember their encounter with #Netflix?…
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Per ragionare dell'impatto di #Bandersnach sul mondo dell'intrattenimento bisogna risalire a Bolter e al concetto di "rimediazione" applicato ai media digitali. Nel passaggio a un nuovo media si tende, soprattutto inizialemnte, a riutilizzare i contenuti ->
-> del media precedente "adattati" al nuovo media(il quale quasi mai soccombe). E' successo per l'ampio utilizzo iniziale da parte della tv di format teatrali e radiofonici semplicemente trasposti, è successo negli altri casi. In un certo senso
-> il vecchio media è l'"argomento" del nuovo (parafrasando McLuhan), secondo la logica dell'immediatezza. In una concomitante e contraddittoria fase, il nuovo media comincia a sviluppare contenuti propri paradossalmente rendendo l'esperienza più evoluta
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Lots of talk the past couple days about how #BirdBox gained 45M viewers and what mean for #Netflix & the movie industry. I'm most curious as to *why* Netflix released the viewership number. I have some theories! 1/6…
Theory 1: Sandra Bullock is a huge movie star and wants to remain one. So she & her reps wanted everyone to know that she wasn't taking a step down from studio moviemaking to do #BirdBox on #Netflix. Releasing the 45M # lets everyone know she can still deliver a big audience. 2/6
Theory 2: #Netflix is trying to attract as much movie talent as possible. "Hey A-list producers, directors and actors, forget about your 2018 box office rebound. We're the future of movies, and the future has arrived. Come sign with us and reach a much bigger audience." 3/6
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So in honor of all the fallen #Netflix #Marvel series, here's a thread about the fanfiction MCU show that my buddy Francois (@francoisvigneault on IG) & I have been talking about off and on for like 3+ damn years. It's set in 1973 and it's called FURY: Agent Of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Now, when I say we've been talking about this for years, I mean we started talking about it before Avengers 2. Plot beats, themes, & everything. We kept coming back to it-every time a new movie came out we'd be like "we should draw this up & post about it" but we never did.
So we came up with a lot of this stuff before characters got cast or explored in the real MCU. We set it in the past before Agent Carter came out & folded that into our plans. Ant Man etc hadn't come out. I'll note who we cast in our Young Nick Fury show. (3/?)
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.@netflix, which has been in India since 2016, scored big last summer with its massive hit "Sacred Games," its first piece of Indian original content with a mix of Hindi and English. #Netflix has said it would consider cheaper pricing tiers to lure more subscriptions in India.
.@amazon, meanwhile "has no fewer than 30 Indian originals in different stages of production and recently developed a dedicated Hindi-language version of its platform for India," according to the Hollywood Reporter.

.@Spotify, a Swedish company, is expected to launch in India within the next 6 months, per Bloomberg's Lucas Shaw. But it may face challenges: "Streaming services have about 100 million users in India, but a tiny fraction pay for the services."
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[DOBLAJE] #SaintSeiya

Si no lo viste te dejamos el trailer del remake de #Netflix que aún no salió y ya generó tan grande controversia

Por lo que viste:
¿Que opinas de esta adaptación de los #CaballerosDelZodiaco?

(En el Hilo los ADD👇)

El Caballero de Pegaso (anteriormente doblado por Jesus Barrero❤) será interpretado por Darío Bernal

Un joven actor y productor que creció en una familia dedicada al espectáculo, famoso por su participación en la serie de Netflix La Casa de Las Flores:


La 2da sorpresa es que el Caballero de Andromeda pasará de ser un personaje masculino a uno femenino (chascarrillos abstenerse😅)

Será interpretado por la gran actriz de doblaje y comediante Isabel Martiñon: @Isabel_Martinon
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This thread is for my own personal record. When I stopped watching #Netflix, I started using #Audible #Audiobooks to read. I 'read' all the time now. This is the first free book i purchased when I signed up for the 30-day trial. It's 28 hours long.…
When I stopped watching #Netflix I started using #YouTube. I found some interviews and lectures of @jordanbpeterson and thought his intellect fascinating. I bought #MapsOfMeaning first because it was more expensive and the first book is free. This was 2nd:…
After reading both of Dr. Peterson's books I was convinced that I would benefit gaining the wisdom he has by reading what he reads. Most of his books reference many of the same authors so I went looking for a list. Of course he has one. Recommended
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This is a re-thinking thread. Entertainment vs Education edition.
I cancelled #Netflix a while ago. I urge you to consider doing the same. #CancelNetflix. Obama has a 2-year content production contract with Netflix since Soros/Susan Rice took over.…
Yes I know you want to be entertained, you want to binge watch, but your dollars are going straight to the #EnemyOfThePeople. You give your money to #Soros/#Bezos. You are donating to the enemies of @POTUS. #BoycottAmazon #BoycottWAPO #BoycottNetflix #Trump2020
I started reading about the #C_A a few months ago. #ThisIsNotAGame. This civilian '#Intelligence"agency is at the heart of the #ShadowGovernement (#DeepStateSwamp). The #C_A was run by #JohnBrennan during the Obama years. Think of the damage done with a man like him in power.
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The Satanic Temple is suing Netflix. I don't believe the premise of the suit or statements of faith described by the Temple for a second. This advertising ploy is a damned good reason to #BoycottNetflix, before we all are.…
This article gives a short history of the deal between Obama and Netflix and the original statements surrounding the venture, which now turns out to be all about bringing down Trump:
I am not so sure the Satanic content on #Netflix and Obama's recent involvement with the multi-media company is a coincidence. Obama has an affinity for dressing up as Baphomet.…
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OK this means either the rumors that they were looking to cast a non-white girl as Ciri were wrong, or the fan pushback steered them away from pursuing that idea:…

#Witcher #Netflix #Witchernetflix
Freya Allan will portray Ciri in Netflix's upcoming "The Witcher" series.
Henry Cavill has already been cast as Geralt. Now other cast members are being revealed.
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🔥 10.10.2018 🌋

i have no idea just trying to connect the .......

#everyThingbubbLe excepT #Bitcoin 🚀
Stocks dump Today.. Trump.. Fed.. Interest rates.. wTF..

🙄 just connecting da ... 🧐
😯 everything is fine 🤪

#Bitcoin 🚀 #Dollar 💩 $BTC $USD #USdebt
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[Thread] A photo journey through an island in the Outer Hebrides off the coast of #Scotland, Lewis and Harris, with a small bit of #tech/#Amazon/#Netflix thrown in for good measure 🤓
Lewis and Harris is about a 3-hour ferry ride from Ullapool, which is already probably further up into Scotland than the vast majority of people will ever go. The view as you leave the Ullapool harbor is 😗
Once you get to Lewis and Harris (pop. 22,000), you've got a pretty wide open landscape in front of you.
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