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THREAD: Amazing orgs like @RAICESTEXAS @UNITEDWEDREAM @ACLU have become household names & common (excellent!) fundraiser targets.

This is a thread to lift up lesser-known orgs doing amazing immigration rights work. Please follow them, donate, fundraise! Add to list in comments!
1) .@NeverAgainActn is a newly established coalition of Jews and allies who are actively shutting ICE and their camps down. When they say #neveragain, they f'ing mean it. Take action with them:
2) @LasAmericasIAC is in the courts at the border every day getting ppl out of concentration camps, getting families reunited. They are tireless. They need money. Please follow and donate.
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@realDonaldTrump 1/5 Mr. @realDonaldTrump campaigned on American Exceptionalism. From Day 1 he was slandered & libeled. For 15+ yrs @SpeakerPelosi ‘s party has fomented hate via #IdentityPolitics.

It’s now the party of #OpenBorders & #SanctuaryCities

@IlhanMN says ‘white nationalism’? Wrong....
@realDonaldTrump @SpeakerPelosi @IlhanMN 2/5 No. There are many black, brown, yellow & red Americans who oppose illegal immigration.

This is abt law & why we’re great.

Last century my family came here legally. Housed in slums. Names changed. Spat on in NYC. They learned English and assimilated. They flew OUR flag....
@realDonaldTrump @SpeakerPelosi @IlhanMN 3/5 I’m darker than @AOC or @RashidaTlaib. The nerve of calling people like me white nationalists is infuriating.

It’s reprehensible for elected officials to use emotionally charged labels like racist, bigot, sexist w/o proof. I’ll never vote Democrat again.

#WalkAway #Blexit
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Well, holla at ya girl in the southern district of NY!

We are here

No hate.


Immigrants are welcome here.
no caption needed
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Happening NOW: Immigrant families separated under the Trump, Obama, & Bush administrations have stormed @JoeBiden's campaign building, demanding #DignityNotDeportation.

Why are we protesting Biden and not Trump? A thread.
For the past 2 decades, undocumented immigrants have been living a crisis: raids, family separation, millions of deportations.

Now, the Trump administration’s cruel treatment of immigrants at the border & across the country has finally exposed the inhumanity of our whole system.
Thousands of people are taking the streets to protest these atrocities. Americans are refusing to look away from the crisis and are saying: #NeverAgain, #CloseTheCamps, and #AbolishICE.
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Earlier today I was arrested with 17 other Jews and allies in the Cannon congressional building in Washington, DC, as part of a #NeverAgainIsNow protest against the US government's detention and abuse of immigrants in American-run concentration camps around the country.
As an American Jew, I grew up hearing NEVER AGAIN. Never again can we allow the horrors of the Holocaust. Never again to death camps and forced labor. Never again to ripping children from their parents. Never again to weaponizing abuse, indignity, and dehumanization.
As an American Jew, I also grew up hearing where the world fell short; where humanity failed to live up to that rallying cry of NEVER AGAIN: Cambodia. Bosnia. Rwanda. Darfur. I learned that NEVER AGAIN is both a call to action and a reminder of the cost of inaction.
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It’s a day that ends in -y, so #JewsAgainstICE and allies are taking action!

Today we’re in DC, targeting ICE’s enablers: Congress, both Republicans and Democrats, who continue to fund roundups and camps and prisons around the country.

Take action:
BREAKING: #JewsAgainstICE are sitting in at Congress, targeting ICE’s enablers who continue to write them blank checks for roundups, concentration camps, and prisons around the country. #NeverAgainIsNow!

#NeverAgainIsNow! We will not sit by while Congress, R’s and D's, keep giving billions of dollars to run concentration camps, harass our neighbors and separate families.

When we say #NeverAgain, we mean it! We will not stop #ShutDownICE

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.@T_S_P_O_O_K_Y’s post is itself dangerous propaganda. And it won’t work.

As explained by @NeverAgainActn, “We were raised to see the warning signs, and we’re here to say that #NeverAgain means taking action now, before it’s too late.” 1/
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81 years ago today, the Évian Conference was convened (6–15 July 1938) at Évian-les-Bains, France, to discuss the Jewish refugee problem & the plight of the increasing numbers of Jewish refugees fleeing the Nazis.
In other words: the world giving a green light to Hitler.
New Zealand 🇳🇿 has expressed willingness to consider only individual requests of Jewish refugees. Colombia 🇨🇴 has announced that it can absorb only wealthy Jewish agricultural workers, as did Uruguay 🇺🇾
The Australian 🇦🇺 representative refused to put his country people, who are known for their ‘fragile souls’, in the face of unnecessary ethical dilemmas: "So far we have not had a race problem in Australia and we are not prepared to risk changing it with the arrival of Jews."
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LIVE: #NeverAgainIsNow marching through the streets of San Francisco! #JewsAgainstICE and allies are calling out @SpeakerPelosi and other Dems who continue to fund ICE’s reign of terror. No more appeasement!

@SpeakerPelosi The sad truth is, Republicans and Democrats have worked together to create ICE, to build the camps, to deport millions of our neighbors. We can’t change the past, but #NeverAgainMeans we WILL NOT ALLOW the Democrats to continue to vote for more ICE and more camps.
@SpeakerPelosi BREAKING: #JewsAgainstICE and allies are blocking @SpeakerPelosi’s office in San Francisco, demanding an immediate end to funding concentration camps & roundups of our neighors. Speaker, #NeverAgainIsNow and we need you to act like it.

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If you’re more outraged by Nike canceling a shoe than by your government locking babies, children, and adults up in cages and telling them to drink out of the toilet if they want water, then it’s time to worry less about your soles and more about your soul. #WalkAwayFromNike
These photos are real, no matter how much you try to deny it. These concentration camps are real. The deaths in these dens of hell are real.
As horror stories about our treatment of adults, children, and babies at America’s border concentration camps continue to emerge, I’m reminded of this quote from Elie Wiesel, a Jewish Holocaust survivor who spent years in Nazi concentration camps. (1/6)
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If you're reading this, I have just been arrested with 17 other Jews and allies outside of the ICE Detention Facility in Boston, protesting the US government's detention and dehumanizing abuse of immigrants in concentration camps at the border and around the country.
Growing up Jewish, I heard the message over and over from my elders: NEVER AGAIN. Honestly, I heard it so often, I got a little impatient, as kids sometimes do. I thought: I get it, I get it, you don't have to keep saying it. Obviously the Holocaust should never happen again.
Surely everyone understands this now.

I am heartbroken to have grown to understand what they already knew. We are now a country locking children in cages, forcing grown women to drink from toilets, forcing men to live in cells so cramped they can't lie down to sleep.
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LIVE: Hundreds of #JewsAgainstICE and allies are marching in Boston from the Holocaust Memorial to shut down the South Bay ICE Detention Center.

#NeverAgainMeans never again for ANYONE. #NeverAgainIsNow. #ItEndsNow.


“When my ancestors were being taken to the camps, I wish that thousands of Germans had flooded into the streets to stop what was happening. There is always a choice! We can always choose to act! Look at the workers from Wayfair who walked out last week.”…
Camilla talks about her experience as a Colombian Jew: “I struggled to feel close to my Jewish roots. But the other day I found myself surrounded by my Jewish siblings, organizing this action, and I felt that I was with family. We understand migration is about life and death."
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As horror stories about our treatment of adults, children, and babies at America’s border concentration camps continue to emerge, I’m reminded of this quote from Elie Wiesel, a Jewish Holocaust survivor who spent years in Nazi concentration camps. (1/6)
Just as so many Americans now look away from the wicked human rights abuses that are being carried out in our name, so, too, did Germans in the 1930s—and that enabled the escalation of the Nazi atrocities, which began with separating families and concentration camps,... (2/6)
...but ended with death camps in which millions of innocent human beings were gassed, marched to the ovens, and otherwise murdered through neglect, malnourishment, and the spread of disease. (3/6)
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#DeathbyPrescription - Doctors murder an estimated 150,000 Americans each year, simply by lacking the most basic understanding of drug interactions. It’s our 4th leading cause of death. And it’s about to get a whole lot worse.
These are not ODs caused by mistaken instructions, nor pharmacy errors, but people taking meds as intentionally prescribed. As a cause of death, #DeathbyPrescription ranks far above Alzheimer's, diabetes, the flu, intentional murders and suicide.
When MSM talks “Overdose Tragedy in the US”, I wait to hear to the main story. It’s not narcotics, legally prescribed or not, nor other illegal drugs. Because more than twice as many suffer #DeathbyPrescription. There are ‘burying the lead’, In fact, it’s never mentioned.
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Thank you for amplifying our campaign! If anyone's wondering, every dollar that isn't needed to pay legal fees will go to @CosechaMovement, a group lead by immigrant organizers fighting for dignity and permanent protection for all 11 million undocumented Americans!
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Before we kick off our action, several Rabbis here with us have invited protestors to do maariv together. #NeverAgainMeans
Our Jewish faith and practice is why we are here today. It’s what drives us to take action. #JewsAgainstICE #NeverAgainMeans
As we gather on a beautiful day in New Jersey, we know we're just minutes away from a detention center where immigrant families are trapped inside without access to outdoor space in dusty, maggot-infested conditions 😰

That's why we're here.…
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Man, has the @HolocaustMuseum twisted itself into a nonsensical, dangerous position -- a position it probably doesn't even believe in -- with its "don't compare the Shoah to anything else" statement. Here's the twisted history of how USHMM pwned itself to appease RWNJs:
@HolocaustMuseum 2/
@AOC, for a long time now: "Hey everyone, refugees are being held in concentration camps!"

RWNJs: "She said ICE Nazis are gassing children in death camps!"

@AOC: "Actually, that's not what I sa..."
@HolocaustMuseum @AOC 3/
@HolocaustMuseum historian @EdnaFriedberg, sensibly: "just, please don't resort to CARELESS Holocaust analogies," because: Godwin."…

(@sfmnemonic -- generically, not in response to this: "tho if a thing's ACTUALLY like Nazis it's OK to say so.")
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Under scrutiny from journalists like @KimZetter, ES&S will stop selling paperless voting machines. But we must maintain the scrutiny because its barcoded machine-marked “paper ballot” systems use summary text that, per NASEM, is “virtually unusable for verifying voter intent”! 1/
Here’s a quote from the NASEM report: 2/
Here’s a link to the NASEM report:… 3/
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There are many dubious arguments in regards to gun control and blatant red herrings. I thought I would capture the most common and write appropriate responses (read through)…. #guncontrolnow #neveragain #nra #gunsense #Guncontrol #2A
“The government wants to take my guns.”

No.. no.. no they don’t. Besides, have you even thought about the logistics of such an operation? Who’s coming? Police? Military? No, they wouldn’t give up their guns. Maybe Obama will come knock on your door and ask nicely.
“I don’t want to register my guns because the government will know what I have.”

You are paranoid. Switzerland has one of the highest gun ownership rates in Europe and they register. Registering will create greater accountability and provide better tracking to solve crimes.
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On a midnight like this,38 years ago,the #Jaffna Public Library,onetime Asia's finest library with thousands of books and rare documents on #Tamil culture made of ola leaves were burned to ashes by Govt forces. #cultural #genocide #NoJustice
The women who is seated here on a partly burned wooden chair with empty looks in her face is Mrs Nadaraja who was then Chief Librarian of #Jaffna Public library when it was burned down. No one brought before justice for this act of cultural genocide against #Tamil community.
Following the burning of #Jaffna Public library,Mrs Nadarajah left the country. Her new book titled “#Jaffna Public Library-Then & Now” on witnessing this worst cultural genocidal act committed against #Tamil community by Govt sponsored forces to be released in UK tomorrow.
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Here we go. I'm starting a thread of antisemitic incidents in NYC that specifically target Orthodox/visible Jews. This happens CONSTANTLY and rarely gets any attention. I'm not saying that no other group had it worse. I am saying that no one seems to care is heartbreaking,
Here is another article about the same incident:…
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I’m a 43 year old Jewish female. Born in Israel to parents who fled Riga almost 50 years ago. I come from a fairly small family. My dad died when I was a teenager & my grandparents died when I was young as well. When I was growing up my family never spoke about the Holocaust.
Since my dad, my grandparents & my aunt died when I was young, we never had a real discussion about the Holocaust, so I assumed they were left fairly unharmed during WWII. I was wrong. This morning my sister told me she’s been researching our family through Yad Vashem.
Turns out my father, grandparents, aunt and other relatives are listed as Holocaust survivors. We also learned we weren’t from a small family. It was small after the Holocaust. I learned this morning that my great grandfather was murdered in the Holocaust.
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