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The ICJ has announced Verdict in #KalbhushanJadhav case and the verdict strikes balance between #India and #Pakistan. Full Text of Verdict here…
#India's claims.
1. #Pakistan violated Vienna Convention (Approved)
2. #Pakistan's Military Court verdict violated Vienna Convention. (Failed)
3. Annul Pakistani court's sentence. (Failed)
4. Release Jadhav to #India. (Failed)
5. Trial Jadhav in a Civilian Court. (Failed)
Details of the single #Indian Claim approved.

Pakistan violated article 36 of Vienna Convention by:
a. Not informing Jadhav of his rights.
b. Not informing #India of Jadhav's detention.
c. Not giving consular access to #India to Jadhav.

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Pakistan among Muslim countries in support of China
22 countries came together to condemn #China's treatment of #Uighur Muslims
“Faced with grave challenge of terrorism & extremism, #China has undertaken a series of counter-terrorism and deradicalization measures in #Xinjiang"
say 37 nations including #SaudiArabia #Syria #Pakistan #Oman #Kuwait #Qatar #UAE #Bahrain #Russia #Myanmar…
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#UN Launches All-out War on #FreeSpeech
In other words, forget everything about the free exchange of ideas: the UN feels that its 'values' are being threatened and those who criticize those values must therefore be shut down.…
Naturally, #UN assures everyone that, "Addressing hate speech doesn’t mean limiting/prohibiting freedom of speech. It means keeping hate speech from escalating into smth more dangerous, particularly incitement to discrimination, hostility & violence 🙄
Except the #UN most definitely seeks to #ProhibitFreedomOfSpeech, especially the kind that challenges the #UNAgendas.
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Now a days, throughout the world Pakistan is the only country having less than 1% electricity production from coal despite of the fact that we've ranked 7th in the world 7th for coal reserves. The total coal reserves of #Pakistan is estimated to be about 186bn tons
And the estimated annual coal consumption is about 5800 million tons, of which major chunk (75%) is used for electricity production. This means that the coal reserves of only Pakistan is solely enough for the world for about 30-35 years.
The indiginous coal are widely used for electricity production because of their low cost and wide reserves. If we look into world's energy production, USA and other western countries are producing more than 40 wt% and China and India are producing greater than 70 wt% of
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#CPEC is the backbone of #Pakistan's Grand Strategy. Enemies are keen to foment trouble in #Balochistan to sabotage the project.
A hike in terror attacks has been witnessed in the past months in Balochistan especially in areas in proximity to #Gwadar which is part of #Sabotage.
Killings of #Hazara Shias in Balochistan helps the enemy kill two birds with a stone.
1. It causes trouble in Balochistan,
2. It decreses confidence of Shias in the state of #Pakistan and leads to anger and frustration in Gilgit Baltistan, The Critical province in #CPEC.
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Thread: #India rejigs plans for conflict with #Pakistan, #China - Greater mobility and firepower are key to India’s war fighting capabilities against its traditional rivals 👍 Excellent analysis 👍…
India is undertaking major military reforms to enhance its capability to fight possible wars with Pakistan & China as PM Modi settles into his 2nd term. The reforms are redrawing military concepts & junking plans that prevailed for over 80 years in slow to reform institutions.
They are also moving forces up much closer to the front lines for quicker mobilization. Previously, this used to happen only when war was imminent.
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“A Muslim with a beard without mustache is tell-tale sign of an Islamist who has potential of becoming a jihadi terrorist” (@TarekFatah)
Now please follow this Thread
This #Pakistani guy #Fawad_Khan who’s supported by the Terrorist Army of #Pakistan has All the potential of becoming another #ISIS another #Jihadist as he goes around swearing at people in #Bradford_UK, his style is exactly like that of a person whom Mr @TarekFatah has described
#Fawad_Khan from #Pakistan has potentials of becoming a #Jihadist, he lives in #UnitedKingdom but he doesn’t support Tolerance and Freedom of Expression
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Congress leader @adhirrcinc gave a point by point rebuttal of President’s address to LS drafted by Modi Govt & also slapped those who say what Congress did in 70 yrs !
@adhirrcinc @INCIndia #Dams
May I ask to Hon.PM how PSU’s how you established ?
@adhirrcinc @INCIndia #NuclearEnergy
#Indo-US 2008 Agreement, BJP opposed it !
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Robust ties with #Qatar are part of #Pakistan's overall close strategic relationship with #Gulf/#GCC states. The internal Gulf crisis had little impact on #Islamabad's relations with Gulf states, and there's no juggling act, unlike the common perception. Ties are not zero-sum.
#Qatar's pledge to invest up to $22B in #Pakistan in coming years, on the heels of multibillion-dollar #KSA/#UAE/#Kuwait investments confirms #Gulf is of paramount economic/political/security importance for Pak, and #Islamabad is rightly involved in Gulf security arrangements.
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#Pakistan informed #Iran at highest levels in the past few weeks that #Tehran needs to do as much to ease tensions as other parties should. For example, easing of #US sanctions should come with Iran reducing support to proxies in #Yemen/#Syria. #Iranian officials asked #Islamabad openly hold the #US responsible for current tensions in #Gulf. #Pakistan said tensions are a shared responsibility & all parties can do more to reduce hostilities. Pakistan has assumed responsibilities to secure international navigation in Northern Arabian Sea
just at the mouth of Strait of #Hormuz. #Pakistani naval vessels are patrolling the region and cooperating closely with #Oman #UAE #US and other allies. Pakistan is still reeling from the daring attack of May 11 on #Gwadar which was followed by #Fujairah next day & then #Saudi
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24. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey,Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Jordan, Nato in Syria

#RegimeChange #FakeNews #FalseFlag #terrorism #SyriaInvasion #WarCrimes #CrimesAgainstChildren #CrimesAgainstHumanity
1 to 20. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Jordan, Nato in Syria 🤨👇🏼…
21. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey,Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Jordan, Nato in Syria🤨👇🏼…
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In #Jammu Vaishyas were consisted of mostly trading classes & cultivating castes. The two important trading castes in #Jammu were #Mahajans & #Khatris who were sub divided into many gots & sub castes. #Mahajan community had adopted the generic name #Gupta.
Earlier #Mahajans went by d name of #Karar which had become a proverbial term for #misery, money lending shopkeepers.Their commercial activities stretched 2 even rural areas, where they were the chief moneylenders of the rural peasantry.
Like other Castes of #Hindus the #Mahajans too were divided into several exogamous sub-sections. Unlike the Brahmans & Rajputs,they had no restrictions on inter marriage among them. They had two geographical groups-Mirpuri #Mahajans and #Dogra #Mahajans.
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Faakkkk, its actually happening. 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️

GOAT rockin' salt and pepper look 🤣
Buddah kaisan ho ra bhai
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#SaturdayThoughts #SundayThoughts

How can we as #Americans accept that our government is responsible for the #genocide of #Yemeni civilians? How can we as a society not demand by every means necessary for the world's greatest #Humanitarian #Crisis to end?

#Yemen before #War
#Yemen a beautiful country full of beautiful #Yemeni who simply want to be left in peace. A country that's only fault is it's location in the world. A location that for the #US is strategically located close to #SaudiArabia, #Iran, and #Israel.
The #UnitedStates #Indoctrination and #Propaganda machine #FakeNews would have the American people believe we are helping to ensure peace and stability in the region. This is a claim that by now ALL AMERICANS should know is false!

Photos of Beautiful #Yemen before the #War
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Two biggest problems with the progressive, socialist and liberal intelligentsia of #Pakistan due to which they don't enjoy a very considerable support among the masses.

1. They are mostly rich people often detached from masses who want 2 shape #progressive movements in their own right while remaining politically 'correct'. Appeal 2 masses doesn't always require political 'correctness' wch is actually an innuendo word for cowardice among masses.
2.They are more interested in just preaching progressive #politics & wait for the people 2 adopt them the way the rich intelligentsia want. This often leads the rich #progressives 2 actually view indigenous progressive movements, with leaders from lower classes, with suspicion.
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#Rouhani invites #Japan to invest in #Chabahar. Interesting how #Iran is bringing countries that have policy issues with #China to get in the port to counter #CPEC/#Gwadar.
This should not surprise anyone. This is a consistent policy of involving states with issues with #China like #India/#US/#Japan to counter #CPEC/#Gwadar.
This is why it is important that #Pakistan engages #Trump Admin and convinces it that waiver on #Chabahar to #India/#Iran not in #US interest. It strengthens lobbies in #Afghanistan opposed to Trump peace plan.
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Few hours ago, the account of @SrBachchan with his 37.4M followers has been hacked. There is a high probability that the hacker is @NoyanAyt2002 1/
First, he tweeted the profile of @SrBachchan without the profile picture and a 🤫
The hack has been heavily commented on Twitter. Then, he bragged about been on the top hashtags.
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Let's know few missing persons.

Zakir Majeed belongs to Khuzdar was a close aide of terrorist commander Allah Nizar. His father was not at good terms with Mengal Sardars. Got killed.

Surprise! another brother Babar Majeed @ Fareed got killed in Afg along Aslam achoo.(1)
After China Counslate attack, an audio was issued by #BLA in which Aslam achoo was giving live directions to the attackers.
During his convo, the guy present along with him (whom he asks to release the pix of attackers to the media) was Babar Majeed.

Herez the SS from that audio
Zakir was very close to top terrorist leadership under the garb of student leader.

Propaganda of him being missing person by 'usual suspects' is there but no1 would ask or tell U what Zakir Majeed is doing (probably in Afghanistan) along with Allah Nizar's son in pic below.
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The Trump Regime approved the transfer of #nuclear technology to #SaudiArabia seven times!

Trump is risking #War with #Iran because he states, “we just don’t want them to have nuclear weapons - not too much to ask.” 

How can Americans believe this lie?
2015 Hillary Clinton's email.

What Israel military leaders really worry about -- but cannot talk about is loosing their nuclear monopoly!

The Yinon Plan, a strategy intended to ensure Israel’s regional superiority in the Middle East that involves breaking apart the Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia & Egypt into smaller & weaker sectarian states.…
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Eid al-Fitr chez l’#EI en #Irak, #Égypte, #Yémen & #Afghanistan
Willaya Afrique centrale [#RDC & #Mozambique non précisé]
Eid al-Fitr chez l’#EI en Asie de l’Est [#Philippines] & au #Pakistan
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I watched the entire proceedings of #OICMakkahSummit for about 8 hrs, and live tweeted at @Office_AQPk interesting tidbits & observations. Here's some observations on PM #ImranKhan's speech. /1

#AhmedQuraishi @AQpk
PM #Pakistan #ImranKhan was well received at #OICMakkahSummit. #MBS, King of #Bahrain, Pres of #Iraq, PM #Bangladesh, informally interacted with him. #Saudi hosts opened doors at holy sites for only two leaders this time: President Al-Sisi of #Egypt & PM Khan of Pakistan. /2
PM #ImranKhan speech was among the long ones at #OICMakkahSummit. It was extempore. Many Muslim leaders didn't get to speak due to paucity of time. Immediately after PM's speech, Secretariat asked leaders to keep remarks short. PM's speech was among the well delivered speeches./3
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My live update on the opening statements of the #OICMakkahSummit underway now.

#AhmedQuraishi @AQpk
King Salman: I thank President Erdogan for his leadership in previous session of the OIC Summit.

King Salman: #Palestinian issue remains the central question at the heart of OIC's work. We reject any illegal change in the status of Al-Quds/Jerusalem. The Palestinian people will receive our full support to achieve their legitimate rights.

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پاکستان خطے میں پشتون حقوق کا علمبردار ہے۔ پاکستان کو 15 سالوں سے افغانستان کی حکومت میں حصہ دینے کی بات کرنے پر سزا دی گئی۔ پشتون تشخص پاکستانی طاقت اور ریاست کا حصہ ہے اور پاکستان پشتون قوم کا حامی ہے، دوسروں نے استعمال کیا ہے۔ دیکھئے احمد قریشی کیا کہا۔
#PTM #MohsinDawar
پشتون قوم کو سیاست اور جنگ میں استعمال روس بھارت ایران اور امریکہ نے کیا۔ پاکستان نے پشتون قوم کی سیاسی wعسکری حمایت کی ۔ یہ پاکستان ہے جس نے پشتون قوم اور افغانستان میں افغان قوم کے حقوق کو زندہ رکھنے میں مدد کی ورنہ دنیا مٹانے پر تلی ہوئی تھی۔
#PTM #PashtunRejectStateTerrorism
پاکستان میں کوئی پشتون حقوق کا مسئلہ نہیں صرف بیانیہ کا مسئلہ ہے جس میں ریاست کمزور ہے۔ پاکستانی ریاست میں بیانیہ کا بحران ہے۔ اتنا بڑا بحران ہے کہ اس کے حل کیلئے بھی فوج کے ترجمان کو میدان میں آنے پڑا، تب جاکر ریاست کا بیانیہ اپنے پیر پر کھڑا ہوا۔
#PTM #MohsinDawar @AQpk
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