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1 Fellow patriots, while it's fun to celebrate the arrests of these sick people, for the sake of TRULY healing the planet, it's IMPERATIVE we go further to unlock the energetic WHYS of their behavior. Understanding the reasons gives us the power to change it...

2 Realize these people have been operating for countless centuries like dis-eased busy worker bees, day in and day out, focusing their frantic energy only on lowering us energetically in every way they can think of. Why?
They do this because...

3 ...because, in their core, they are weak beyond measure, needing to harvest the light of others to sustain themselves. Because they have no light of their own. Because LOVE is the greatest power there is and WITHOUT LOVE they have nothing. And...

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Thread of all 19 notables from Q Research General #9111 on 07/21/19.
#QAnon #WWG1WGA…
Notable 1/19 of #9111.

"Q proof NYC blackout"
Notable 2/19 of #9111.

"Facial, Speech and Virtual Polygraph Analysis Shows Ilhan Omar Exhibits Many Indications of a Compulsive Fibber"
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1) #BibleStudy #CoffeeTime continues, July 21, 2019.

Parshas Balak: Num. 22:2–25:9
Haftorah (Supplemental): Micah 5:6-6:8

Note: Today is17 Tammuz (would have been yesterday, but we don't fast on Sabbath)

Previous threads:
2) Today we will get into the final confrontation between the Moabites (who started it) and the Israelites, the revenge they took, and how the resulting crimes are being corrected today.
3) But as before, before we start, a bit of backstory, and context.
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1)Donald Trump, Família Bolsonaro e sua Cruzada contra o mal...

Aqui irei trazer a vcs um pouco mais de luz sobre os fatos obscuros que estão por trás de tudo,Satanismo/Globalistas esquerdistas que envolvem as altas cúpulas dos Govs.

É o Bem contra o Mal.
Segue a thread
2)Tudo começou a ser revelado após a eleição de Trump,mais precisamente no dia 28/10/18 Quando surgiu um perfil anônimo na Deep Web com o codinome de "Q",onde através de mensagens codificadas ele ia expondo Todo o DEEP STATE)e as raízes de uma Seita Satânica nos altos escalões
3)O que é Q/anon?
"Q" seria um alto func.da Casa Branca de nível máx, onde muitos suspeitam que seja o próprio Trump (eu tbm)
"Anon"= anônimos
Militares de alta patente, Patriotas e cristãos que estariam ajudando "Q"a vazar info.ultra Confidenciais
Para derrubar o DEEP STATE
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Thread of all 11 notables from Q Research General #9107 on 07/21/19. #QAnon #WWG1WGA…
@jack Notable 2/11 of #9107.

"Ray Chandler n frenz digs"
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We wish this was a dream.
We, are in The Matrix in real life. They have being doing this for 50 years and know they tell us.
STAND-IN UTERUS Fifty years on, we may finally be on the cusp of using artificial wombs to support human preemie babies
Hiding the truth from the people.
Today another 50 years celebration.
#QAnon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #MAGA
- Events Celebrating Apollo's 50th Anniversary -…
Apollo 50th: First Crew Launches on Apollo 7
@realDonaldTrump Playing GOD?
We are crops for them.
Is this why so many babies and people are missing WW?
#WakeUpAmerica #KAG
Extreme preemie babies could be saved using Matrix-like artificial wombs
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The Sex Abuse of Deaf Orphans in Pope Francis' Backyard…
Germany’s Catholic Church Admits Over 1,670 Clergy Involved in Child Sex Abuse…
Pope Francis’ role in Argentina’s most famous case of priestly sex abuse is coming under renewed scrutiny as he faces the greatest crisis of his papacy over the Catholic Church’s troubled legacy of cover-up & allegations he himself sided w the accused.…
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Thread of all 19 notables from Q Research General #9106 on 07/21/19. #QAnon #WWG1WGA…
Notable 1/19 of #9106.

Notable 2/19 of #9106.

"Indian Intel Officer Arrest (?)"

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So Epsteins helicopter/Plane was using the same Identification as a government aircraft.
Someone HAD TO APPROVE THIS, tsk tsk..its not looking good for the elite! Two years of slow moving through all of this info is finally speeding up and coming to light!
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1. #Epstein and all the news of #pedophiles and sex trafficking of children needs to be seen as something that has been promoted and accepted by certain elite.
Case in point: A movie that by many Hollywood standards is a cult favorite- Woody Allen’s 1979 classic Manhattan.
2. In the movie, Allen’s 44 year old character is dating Mariel Hemmingway’s 17 year old character who is STILL IN HIGH SCHOOL. In case you’re wondering, Mariel was actually 16 years old at the time of filming, and had her official “first kiss” with Woody in one of their scenes.
3. Imagine a child of 16 years old and being terrified of having her first kiss with a man of 44 who “attacked me like I was a linebacker.” Her own words:
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Thread of all 9 notables from Q Research General #9105 on 07/20/19. #QAnon #WWG1WGA…
Notable 1/9 of #9105.

"Planefag reports"
Notable 2/9 of #9105.

"Aledged NASA tech"
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Thread of all 6 notables from Q Research General #9104 on 07/20/19. #QAnon #WWG1WGA…
Notable 1/6 of #9104.

"Ghislaine Maxwell + Disney, Friday 13, 1985"
Notable 2/6 of #9104.

"Bronfman hired DC consulting firm, Command Consulting Group in search of Qaddafi’s missing $200B"……
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Jane Coaston weighs in with an ill-informed editorial about why the internet and phones are the source of all power and influence in our world. Does she realize we are the ones built the network? We are the ones who know how they spy.…
Conspiracy Theory was coined. Documented by John Ayto 2002 "20th Century Words" According to John Ayto, the ..

phrase conspiracy theory was originally a neutral term and acquired a pejorative connotation only in the 1960s, with an implication that the theorist is paranoid.
-This was a direct response to the radio show 'Dialogue Conspiracy' with Mae Brussell whose subject matter was the assassination of Kennedy.-
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The Epstein case has the potential to be HUGE, & for me it was the #Keystone to putting a lot of crumbs together. Here's a thread of some of my write ups & some supporting stuff.
1st write up cont. (Fbook post link 👇)
Epstein's protection by & ties to "intelligence" is the key. He was running a blackmail op for the shadow gov.
This is the 2nd write up putting the Epstein case/op into context with the Weinstein case/op (#Mossad) & the #NXIVM case/op. The take down of these 3 crews/cells/ops is historical! This will show the public that the clowns were working w/UK intel and mossad running ops in US.
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1. #News ~ Crazed Antifa Terrorist Who Attempted to Bomb ICE Center and Was Shot Dead

— Left an Audio MANIFESTO - Was saying Goodbye To His Comrades, Planned To Die & Take People w/ Him. #DomesticTerrorism


#Trump @realDonaldTrump #Qanon #WWG1WGA
2. #News ~ REMINDER: An AOC-Inspired Terror Attack Against ICE Was Committed by ANTIFA Last Saturday…

#Trump @realDonaldTrump #Qanon #WWG1WGA
#DomesticTerrorism #Terrorist #Terrorist
3. #News ~ New York Times Exploits Children to Demonize ICE and Border Enforcement - This is the type of propaganda that led to the ANTIFA terrorist attack this past weekend.

#Trump @realDonaldTrump #Qanon #WWG1WGA #CRISIS #DomesticTerrorism #EnemyOfThePeople
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Massive amount of underground ventilation ducts on Epstein island.

These are used a lot for underground bunkers. One has to assume there is a dungeon and or network of tunnels.

#Qanon #EpsteinIsland
Great footage!
Im curious why the author changed the way they were naming the footage.

This is NOT video 0017.

DJI, Drone James Island?
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(1) Kate Quigley is an American comedian, actress and model. She hosted Playboy TVs Undercover. Per her wiki bio "While living in Chicago she had a chance encounter with an old man who inspired her to move to Los Angeles and begin her acting career." WTH. The rest is #QANON
(2) history. The comedy circuit is brutal and one of the hardest areas to infiltrate. Comedy club owners/agents are intimately connected to Satan.
(3) Very, very few have been able to go around the evil and survive on their own. And they have still paid some sort of price on their way.
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1. Many of you ask who I "trust" in #QAnon to get it right, who's dependable? Here's a list. Let me say, I believe 99% of us are just ordinary people doing our best to understand a coded plan that took military intelligence and NSA specialists years to create. It's complicated.
2. That being said, every single one of us have "gotten it wrong" more than once, especially me. BUT, I have to come to see the mind and the heart behind some Anons who are truly in this for their God, their country, and their family. Our integrity often supersedes our ability.
3. This list does NOT include everyone I follow or look to. It's a short list to get your started. And, remember, we're all just regular people doing our best here. Hold us accountable but also know that we're going to make mistakes...and try to correct them. Here's your list:
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Vice article on the initiation of #Opdeatheaters in 2014 (following OpGabon in 2012) interview with Heather Marsh.…
The objective of #OpDeathEaters is to "establish independent, internationally linked, victim-led inquiries into high-level complicity, obstruction of justice, and cover-ups in the pedosadism and child-trafficking industries." MSM attention to this issue is "ridiculously low."
"What media coverage there is from the more prominent outlets is a diversion instead of investigation." #OpDeathEaters
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In what officials have called perhaps the biggest breach of U.S. classified information on record, Martin was accused of stealing from the NSA, CIA, U.S. Cyber Command and National Reconnaissance Office starting in 1996.…

“Instead of respecting the trust given to him by the American people, Martin violated that trust & put our nation’s security at risk. This sentence will hold Mr. Martin accountable for his dangerous and unlawful actions.”…

The suspect, Harold Martin, was a contractor for the National Security Agency. His arrest followed news of a devastating disclosure of government hacking tools by a mysterious internet group calling itself the Shadow Brokers.

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At some point, Trump will confirm Q, and DECLAS will bring down the HOUSE (Congress). This thread explains the EXTRAORDINARY POWERS that Trump will have during this CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS to make rapid legal changes to our GOVERNMENT.

Article II, Section 3: The President shall have the power on EXTRAORDINARY OCCASIONS (DECLAS) to convene both Houses, or either of them, and in case of a DISAGREEMENT BETWEEN THEM WITH RESPECT TO TIME OF ADJOURNMENT, he may adjourn them.

Why is this important? If Congress is adjourned, the President can IMMEDIATELY make BINDING recess appointments to EVERY open judicial & cabinet nomination including any SCOTUS seats that happened to open up at that time (RBG & Roberts).
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Thread of all 5 notables from Q Research General #9091 on 07/19/19. #QAnon #WWG1WGA…
Notable 1/5 of #9091.

"Were Renaissance 'cherubs' remade into naked children by/for pedo elite?"…………
Notable 2/5 of #9091.

"dig on the island temple Juan Pablo Molyneux "
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Thread of all 15 notables from Q Research General #9090 on 07/19/19. #QAnon #WWG1WGA…
Notable 1/15 of #9090.

"First Lady Tweets on Apollo 11 Anniversary"

Notable 2/15 of #9090.

"Bernie Won't pay his Staff $15.00 hr wage!"…

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