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I have reached a whole new level of #PISSEDOFF.

I didnt think such a #dark and #scary state, or level, could be reached. It may top 12-14-17's causation. It's. That. Bad. So, I've prepared a statement...…

#PascoSheriff #HaveYouAllNoShame @CigarCityBeer
Dear @FBI,
I must implore you ask your colleauges in @FBITampa to help research this new level of #PISSEDOFFNESS. As locals, they may offer a special indepth knowledge of this new level I have reached. This is not fair & law enforcement must #investigate. No one deserves this.
This is my #apogee of #Pissedoffness.
If #motherfuckers & #tears werent a noticable level.
If #HUSH or #INTIMIDATION tactics being deployed didnt strike a chord.
If #EVIDENCE, PROOF, or 30k Bonds didnt #WOW YOU.
If posting mom with no shred of investigatable value wasnt enough...
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We didn't hear as much about constitutional law(yers) even a few years ago because we had relative stability. That was a good thing. Constitutional law is not meant to be a spectacle: it's stodgy and you don't ordinarily look at it closely except when things go wrong.

It's been in focus in recent years. Not just in India but across vast swathes of the world. Not coz we're negotiating the creation of a better world. But coz we're exploring the limits of power. We're testing whether checks and balances work; we're finding they don't always.

So many of us had faith or hope that institutions backed by constitutions would uphold law and establish fairness. So that we'd not be saying #neveragain once more. That hope has largely failed us.

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#ModiOnceMore team was on ground speaking to people in Kashi about Modiji's leadership, transformation in Kashi and opposition. Check out this thread on what a common man in Kashi has to say about @narendramodi (some new, some reposting) (1/n) @Shubhrastha @RajatSethi86
Balkrishna Yadav runs a coffee shop in BHU campus has this to say on the work done by @narendramodi ji in Kashi in the last 4.5 years #ModiOnceMore #KashiforNaMo @Shubhrastha @RajatSethi86
Shubham , a student of BHU shares his views on @narendramodi 's #SwacchaBharat Abhiyan #ModiOnceMore @Shubhrastha @RajatSethi86 @swachhbharat
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The #Democrats are building their own wall, a growing wall of #BigGovernment statism, endless war, globalism & higher taxes that race toward #socialism.
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It's a wall that blocks us from our liberties including our right to own a gun & the right to engage in free speech. It’s a wall that censors & controls minds by means of lying, fake news corporate media.
#2 of #5
It’s a wall that protects a massively corrupt Deep State from receiving justice.

@SpeakerPelosi, tear down your despicable, fascist, blue wall & allow our @POTUS to construct a legitimate one along our southern border.
#3 of #5
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kalo kamu udah disakitin, dikhianatin tapi ndak mau ninggalin karna alasan :

1. pacaran udah lama
2. keluarga udah saling kenal
3. udah berkorban banyak
4. males memulai lg

ini hanya karna ego mu aja, artinya kamu ndak bs berdamai sama diri sendiri.
kalo udah mengeluarkan alasan-alasan ini, maka argumen ku setelahnya ndak akan pernah bisa mashoookkk.. kamu akan balik lagi ke pemakluman2 memakai alasan2 tadi.
tinggalkan, lepasin.. berdamai sama diri sendiri.. kamu boleh sesayang apapun sama orang, tapi jika dikhianati, itu bukan salah kamu.. kamu ndak bisa menuntut orang harus berbuat hal yg sama persis seperti yg kamu lakuin.
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I read this post by Danielle Doby and instantly resonated!! I agree!! AMEN!!! So much so I wanted to share it with you! What do u think of this powerful sentiment?? Thank you for these amazing words Danielle Doby can’t wait to read more of what u write! #repost
"this year i choose to burn my good candles on a tuesday at noon, just because. i choose to use the expensive lotion, the one i keep tucked safe up on the counter. not ration any of my most cherished belongings, because i am worth investing in — right now."
"this year i choose to wear that thing. you know, the one i told myself i would slip on when i looked a certain way? i choose to love my body. this vessel i have been given. and her seasons as they shift."
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Look out it's the #FunPolice coming to ruin Christmas songs & Children shows near you!
In the #MeToo era, any remote suggestion of men “taking advantage” of innocent women must be wiped away from history.
“Baby, its Cold Outside,” a classic Christmas song of over 50 years must be banned! It doesn’t matter that 94% of the radio stations listeners said no to the ban, the radio station caved to the 6% that voted the song as inappropriate.
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On Sunday between five hundred and a thousand caravan migrants carrying their country’s flag bull rushed the border. They screamed profanities and hurled rocks and bottles at the brave Border Patrol men and women protecting our nation. #2
The Border Patrol was correct to use non-lethal tear gas to break up the horde of invaders. They are defending our nation’s border from an invading force, complete with weapons, (however crude) and flying a foreign nation’s flag. #3
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1. Vaginal discharge is normal.

2. Wearing panty liners 24/7 is not necessary.

3. Vaginas are acidic enough to BLEACH fabric, hence the discoloration of underwear.

4. Longer labias are more normal than smaller ones (but both are fine).
5. A mans sperm CAN throw off your ph balance and also change the smell of your vagina

6. It is not safe for vaginas to smell like sunshine and flowers so quit expecting it to.
7. STOP fucking douching and washing your vagina with bath&body works, and Victoria secret. Shits not healthy for the vagina.

8. The vagina cleans itself you little idiots.

9. Having sex has no correlation of how "tight" your vagina is.
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This right here is a *masterpiece* of processing by none other than Jason Major: Rhea and Epithemeus in front of Saturn 😍

#Repost @jpmajor (@get_repost)
Rhea (l) and Epimetheus (r) in front of Saturn and its rings made from #Cassini images captu…
Although you're probably already like "duh it's gorgeous, yeah it's a masterpiece!", it's more than that: those are moons, and moons are in constant motion. Color images are produced by combining images taken in the red, green, and blue filters.
Each image is taken at slightly different times, so the moons will be in different positions in each shot. If you just superimpose them, you'll get something that doesn't have sharp edges like you see here.
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Krim timbang kilo. #threadTK
Cc - Khairul Yoi
#Repost balik pasal pertanyaan korang yang asyik2 tanya bnda sama, aku taktau la tanya sebab betul2 tak tau atau sebab nak ngorat aku. Hebebebe..

Sini aku ajar teknik mudah nak kesan produk sampah.
1) kau pergi kedai jamu dalam mall tu. Tak pon memana toko jamu. Segala skincare dalam kotak, ada satu set, bekas kecik2, warna warni di aidilfitri, itu la produk sampah.
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Trump Hotels' website still lists Trump SoHo New York among its properties in the Our Hotels menu. Select its name though to access its page and there's a message about it being renamed
National politics correspondent for Newsweek, Nina Burleigh, with a fun find on a TV above the bar at the Trump Hotel DC
Two errors in the 2nd graf of Breitbart's Trump Hotel DC article:
-holdings aren't out of @realDonaldTrump's hands: trust isn't blind & he can profit from it
-Trump Org told Congress it was estimating foreign receipts—not auto donating in full
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