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1. Question for @MSNBC legal experts: Does anyone know if any comments by Judge Pauley or #SDNY are inconsistent with pending sealed indictments in the #SDNY or elsewhere regarding Trump campaign financing investigation? I see recent sealed cases in SDNY.
2. Rule 6(e) ends with charge except the uncharged targets and Judge Pauley mentioned a footnote in his order where he said that one uncharged identity could remain redacted. I think that's how Rule 6(e) is supposed to work after indictment. So could other people in the
3. un-redacted documents be targets who have been indicted? I'll copy my betters for them to ponder and perhaps appear to address it. Unless I'm totally off the mark. Won't be the first time. 😎 @maddow @BarbMcQuade @Mimirocah1 @glennkirschner2
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On #JeffreyEpstein bail application, #SDNY Judge Berman is starting - "the government application for continued remand is hereby granted" that is, Epstein stays in jail - thread to follow, and see @SDNYLIVE and…
@sdnylive @MatthewLeeICP @kylegriffin1 @AdamShawNY @kristina_wong Judge Berman: I find that the government has established danger to the community by clear and convincing evidence, and risk of flight [as well.] Bail package is irretrievably inadequate - doubts any bail package overcomes danger to community
@sdnylive @MatthewLeeICP @kylegriffin1 @AdamShawNY @kristina_wong Judge Berman cites testimony on July 15 of victims Annie Farmer and Courtney Wild. (Inner City Press note: US Attorney just cut cooperation deal with sex trafficker with at least 5 victims:…
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Link to full unredacted Cohen Records from the #SDNY. Big files. I’ll put them together in a large searchable file. Check back.…
The total number of page of the exhibits is 897.
Just watching the pages zip by in my OCR scan and there is still a lot of redaction. It that is what it appears to be, judge Pauley may need to issue an order to show cause or just file them in the clear.
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6 pm & #SDNY Magistrates Court is full of FBI agents awaiting warrants, white shoe CJAs awaiting defendants, & one media...
Federal Defender Weinstein enter 6:20, into cell block to speak with client in the pipelines. This could go late @SDNYLIVE
First up is US v Ahmed (arrrested yesterday 7 pm) and Mohammed (self-surrendered today 3:25 pm, has Arabic interpreter).
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#SDNY Judge Preska is told that #Auburn removed nearly all Chuck Person memorabilia. But he came today in orange & blue tie
Chuck Person's lawyer proposes probation and 200 hours community service through Atlanta-based program. Now Person reading
Person describes his 12 year old daughter seeing him taken away in shackles. Says, I love Auburn, hope they let me come back
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1. I continue to believe @POTUS Trump's most recent and most vile racists attacks are driven by the #JeffreyEpsteinCase and a desperate attempt to divert media from it. What's likely coming July 25th when #SDNY district court may unseal Epstein records will be earth-shattering.
2. I reported Trump pedophilia during the election and was shocked when the dismissal of a case with sworn evidence Trump sexually assaulted a minor was unreported. That dismissal was four days before the election and it just vanished. I have suspected Cohen's refusal to disclose
3. his role in that case is why he got the longer sentence. I also reported that, based on my legal research, 1990's trolling of Port Authority for victims gives prosecutors Mann Act jurisdiction and makes the President still chargeable because there is no statute of limitations.
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1. I respect senator Murkowski but need to make one thing clear. She ran outside of @GOP RNC funding ecosystem in 2016 and was not likely as infected by Russian money that flooded both the Trump and @SenateGOP campaigns. Her ability to speak is more evidence of Kremlin funding.
2. Here are the 2016 GOP Senate class. The ones in yellow went to Moscow to further the conspiracy over July 4th 2018 holiday. I think this is what is about to drop.
3. Along with #JeffreyEpstein giving up videos of Trump assaulting children. That is what I witnessed today. Total rage. Barr is telling him what's coming and it's the end of the world. If judge Berman keeps Epstein locked up, he'll give up Trump to stay out of the joint.
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Here in #SDNY Magistrates Court at 7 pm, six FDNY have gone into the holding cell. Thise emerging use the word seizure
Now 4 more EMS Paramedics into #SDNY Mag Court holding cell. A person might get medical treatment starting here than in MCC
With US Marshal following with shackles, a man was just wheeled out of #SDNY Mag Court cell block "to Downtown," EMS-er said
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Now in #SDNY Magistrates Court, talk of USDC for Southern District of Florida, Def lives in $13,000 a month apartment there
US Attorney says Defendant has 3 passports; US Attorney's Office hasn't publicized this Presentment, nor has #SDNY District
This defendant is being released on $500,000 bond, curfew 7 am - 9:30 pm, cannot be employed in transportation industry
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In #SDNY an hour after "too full" #JeffreyEpstein hearing, Inner City Press is only media at sex trafficking trial US v Kidd
Issue is if Kidd had reasonable opportunity to know victim was under-age. Judge Marrero barred Press…
Judge Marrero proposes jury reading of 2d Circuit decision on victim's age under Sec 1591c. Kidd's lawyer opposes. @SDNYLIVE
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In #SDNY, Judge Berman in Courtroom 17B begins by saying he will NOT be making a decision on #JeffreyEpstein's bond application - says he will deliver his decision Thurs July 18 at 9:30 am. Still, hearing going forward today, victims are in court @SDNYLIVE - 1/x thread
On Epstein, Judge Berman says he'll give both sides 20 minutes if they want it. He's beginning with his own set of questions; burden is on government to show no set of conditions could reasonably be expected to bring Epstein back to court. Risk of flight 2/x
Judge Berman Question 1 for defense: how have you rebutted the presumption? To government: how have you been able to prove remand is appropriate. Question 2 (of 5) - since Epstein's had to register as sex offender in NY, FLA, Virgin Is. Q: What about New Mexico?
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#SDNY presentment of David L. Smith for conspiracy, 07-cr-453, supposed to be 3:30. Now Judge Stein on bench; lacking AUSA
Now AUSA arrives saying he was before Judge Marrero when a jury note came- in case Press barred from…
Late AUSA seeks detention. Federal Defender wants bail. Judge Stein calls for Marshals in case he orders detention @SDNYLIVE
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COURTROOM CONFIDENTIAL? In #SDNY child sex trafficking trial US v Kidd, Inner City Press was barred from jury charge - thread
Doors to Courtroom 15B were locked. Plastic printed sign said "Judge Charging Jury: No Admittance," with #SDNY Clerk's name
Alongside the Epstein presentment, Inner City Press has alone covered US v Kidd, 18-cr-872. Exhibits were shown only to jury
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1) @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse
#QAnon 3315...
[PP] in the news being defunded by $60mil that they'd been receiving thru the #TitleX family planning program.
The entire 9th circuit appeals court voted 7-4 2allow defunding this #Globalist enterprise.
2) #QAnon 3316...
#Q, drops a nod 2an Anon's thoughts on how the #QResearch Board is run.
If you have worked 8chan, you know what this says, as relates to how the "Breads" are running at this time.
The Anon, & apparently Q, agree, it should remain as is.
3) #QAnon 3417...
Image of prior drops on #AllisonMack.
@kim_sax1 ==> #NXIVM connections 2$

#IngramAngel - see @ 12:05min in...

#NYTimes ==> #ClareBronfman Pleads Guilty in Nxivm ‘Sex Cult’ Case…
#Q notes
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1. Case to watch is Giuffre v. Maxwell #SDNY case that may soon unseal names of the motherload of Jeffrey Epstein associates. Link to the 2nd Cir. opinion. @jkbjournalist intervened. @KlasfeldReports…
@jkbjournalist @KlasfeldReports 2. From the opinion:
"These petitioners included in their filings not only descriptions of sexual abuse by Epstein, but also new allegations of sexual abuse by several other  prominent individuals, “including numerous prominent American politicians, powerful  business
3. executives, foreign presidents, a well known Prime Minister, and other world leaders,” as well as Dershowitz (a long‐time member of the Harvard Law School faculty who had worked on Epstein’s legal defense) and Defendant‐Appellee Ghislaine Maxwell (“Maxwell”).
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1.We know the Trump @WhiteHouse has violated norms regarding @FBIWFO background checks so I would simply look at Acosta's homes over the period from when he did the deal for Epstein. I'd guess he'd sit tight for a few years. If really smart, six years to beat IRS' normal criminal
2. statute. Then start enjoying the fruits of his bribery. Was he ever at Mar-a-Lago? The guy looks creepy. I could imagine him in the dictionary under the definition of "smarmy." Trump may be keeping him on because he's got stuff on Trump. If #SDNY can tie him to the conspiracy.
3. and assuming NY can charge for the child trafficking conspiracy too, he'll roll to stay out of the joint. And if Trump appointed him in furtherance of the conspiracy, he likely refreshed his own statutes of limitations. At least it's an issue. 😎
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1. Speculation: How could the #Epstein case be tied to the counterintelligence investigation? Remember the #SteeleDossier and its report of #Putin having Trump sexual #Kompromat? First, I never bought that it was the material reported. Trump is a #pedophile and Putin knows it.
2. Remember the recent amplification of "deep-fakes?" That is the problem with dropping a Trump sex video. It will be attacked as a fake and #counterintelligence folks can read the papers and see that there are efforts to distort the evidence that may know is coming. What to do?
3. Epstein travels a lot and I presume he is often caught by 702 and other intelligence services' intercepts. Has he ever used a code for Trump? Has he ever used a code for #Kompromat? The #NSA infrastructure can spot that. So if they knew that he has something on Trump the 702
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#BREAKING: Jeffrey Epstein has pleaded not guilty on all charges in the initial hearing in New York. #epstein #sdny #pedogate
Attorneys representing the United States prosecution has stated in opening remarks in New York that there is "damning record evidence," on Epstein. There is currently an argument to keep him in federal custody pending trial quote "poses an extraordinary risk of flight". #Epstein
UPDATE: According to record, Epstein had private investigators harass an alleged victim's father in Florida and force him off the road. More details coming out makes this man even more sickening. #epstein #sdny
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At #SDNY, Epstein processing continues: now in 23B for presentment before Mag Judge Pitman. Then to Judge Berman in 17B
Three lawyers for Epstein have come into #SDNY 23B. Still no Epstein. @SDNYLIVE
As Epstein lawyers read report, speculation they'll ask for release to private guards like UN briber Ng Lap Seng @SDNYLIVE
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Link to #SDNY Jeffrey Epstein Indictment on Sex Trafficking Conspiracy.…
"From at least in or about 2002" is language throughout the indictment that could reach the Trump 1994 Tiffany Doe case allegations. Statute of Limitation runs from time of last act. Possible in Trump did more than just conceal the crime. Hush money would refresh the statute IMO.
Plus, when I first saw this just before the 2016 election I thought the trolling of the Port Authority Bus Station was a Mann Act Violation and there was no statute for that in 1994 if the targets of the traffickers were children.
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1. Here is the complaint and sworn evidence in the Doe v Trump & Epstein SDNY civil suit dismissed 4 days before election. WARNING GRAPHIC – OVER 18…
2. I'm pretty sure these alleged rapes occurred in the 90's before they changed the statute of limitations so it's unlikely they can be charge. But if Hobbs Act violations and witness intimidation to force the dismissal in 2016, that could be charged. But here's the key:
3. Remember, Michael Cohen got a larger sentence because he wouldn't give it all up? That's the #SDNY rule. For Epstein to avoid what appears to be at least 10 years of hard time, he's got to give up The Donald. 😎
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💰FBME Bank 👉🏼Cyprus👉🏼Russia
👉🏼Aaron Banks 👉🏼Trump👉🏼Manafort

Ongoing Probe:

"Money laundering, terrorist financing, transnational organized crime, fraud schemes, sanctions evasion, weapons proliferation, corruption by politically exposed persons, & other financial crimes”.
Officers from the NCA, in collaboration with MI5 and US intelligence agencies, are examining previously undisclosed links between Aaron Banks and Russia, amid fears Moscow may have played a potentially sinister role in the #Brexit referendum. #AaronBanks…
May 2019 Cypriot police raided the premises of FBME Bank in Nicosia and in Limassol, looking for evidence of money laundering…
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1.Professor: I am fairly certain #Putin covered @realDonaldTrump sizable flanks by putting money in most, of not all, of the 2016 @SenateGOP campaigns. Take a look at the original criminal complaint filed in the #FinCEN employee Natalie Sour Edwards SAR @BuzzFeed leak case
2. pending in #SDNY. Putin holding #Kompromat on these Senators (NB some no longer Senators) gives Trump the impeachment protection that is keeping him in power. When you start looking at this case as a coup and not just dirty tricks you will be able to analyze how to fix it.
3. IMO only the states can. Here are some pages from the Edwards complaint. NB Geoffrey Berman should have been recused due to the obvious Mueller connection but, as you can see from the letter, he is running the case.
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1. It's now clear @realDonaldTrump and @WhiteHouse are using the July 4th for a 2020 campaign event. The @TheDemocrats must force the @GOP #RNC and @Trump campaigns to pay for the costs of it including military equipment and personnel. If we do it right we can bankrupt them.
2, This is critical because the #SDNY civil case has a chance of taking a huge judgment against the Trump campaign before the 2020 election. It looks to me that the same entity that is the defendant is the current campaign entity. Pretty dumb.
3. Let's get our Deal Leader a new parade uniform. He might have outgrown the old one. If only I was good at @Photoshop. We could see what the Orange Menace would look like in that get up. 😎@hogangidley45
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