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False @jerseycornelia
People are imprisoned & killed for being gay.
I don't have the same rights you have. I have been fired from jobs, denied housing, thrown out of public accommodations, expelled from HS, put in a mental hospital for #conversiontherapy for being a #lesbian.
You dismissing the impact of #homophobia on the lives of millions, @jerseycornelia, is saying that you really couldn't care less about the oppression and violence that #LGBTQ people suffer.
You might want to read up.
I wrote this for #Stonewall50…

Also @jerseycornelia, attitudes like yours contribute to circumstances like this, which I reported on this week:

REPORT: Almost half of #LGBTQ youth consider #suicide…
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THREAD. Let me tell you abt some myths around #suicide & how you can save lives. #suicideprevention
MYTH 1: Talking about suicide is a bad idea, as it may be seen as encouragement
FALSE. Rather than encouraging suicide, talking openly helps prevent suicide. 1/n
MYTH 2: A person who is suicidal is determined to die
FALSE. Au contraire, suicidal persons are often ambivalent about dying. Emotional support at the right time can help prevent suicide 2/n
MYTH 3: Most suicides happen without warning.
FALSE. Most suicides are preceded by warning signs, either verbal or behavioural. Many will talk to friends & relatives or doctors about wanting to die. Don't ignore it. That brings us to...3/n
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1. #News ~ China’s President Xi in Russia: President Trump Is My “Friend”
– China, US Too Intertwined to Break Up Over Trade War…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
2. #News ~ Far-Left Vice News Celebrates Prepubescent Boys Dressed in Drag, “Next Generation of Drag Queens” (VIDEO)…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #ChildSexAbuse
3. #News ~ Protesters Who Dumped Glitter-Lube Concoction On Police Receive Jail Sentences…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
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From the below write-up, I can CAPITALLY say 'NO' to the above question. Read what Ifa says about suicide 👇👇👇

Ifá ní;Tí o bá ní tì ẹ pọ̀ lápọ̀jù,
Tí ó bá gbọ́ tọmọ ẹlòmíràn wa dúpẹ́ dúpẹ́,
Adífá fún Àràǹdẹ̀dẹ̀ tí ń lọ sí mọ̀run Àìkú,
Ẹbọ làwo ní kó ṣé,
Ó sì gbẹ́bọ níbẹ̀ ó rúbọ,
Ǹjẹ́ Àràǹdẹ̀dẹ̀ mọ́mọ̀ so!
Àràǹdẹ̀dẹ̀ mọ́mọ̀ so!!
Iré kù níwájú ó, Ire kù lẹ́yìn,
Àràǹdẹ̀dẹ̀ mọ́mọ̀ so.

Ifá says:If you say your life situation is too much to bear,
If you hear about others' you will surely be grateful cast divination for Àràǹdẹ̀dẹ̀ who wanted to kill himself(simply because of his life situation).
He was asked to make Ẹbọ which he did.
He says "Àràǹdẹ̀dẹ̀, do not commit suicide!"
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"people in #Germany at the time they were not all evil people; they were a people who believed in the #government, and that was the crucial mistake..the ideology is not the core trigger, is not the reason why people were behind those views; it's the #propaganda. It's not that ..
.. everyone was racist, it's not that everyone was evil; it's the fact that the government was so adamant about spreading those views that everyone just got behind them (without questioning them), and it's the same with #socialism that came afterwards [well, international
.. #socialism (and in particular, the institution of #concentrationcamps) came BEFORE National Socialism, not only afterwards; to wit, institutionalized socialism (within modern history) started with Soviet Union, from 1922 onwards, 11 years before Hitler came to power.
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Dennis Mashue now talking about his experience of being a late diagnosed autistic adult - “nothing made sense ... I learnt nothing in school ... years later I saw my son experiencing the same issues ... I now know I experienced autistic burnout” ...
Alison Morantz now speaking as an academic and a parent of an autistic person who experiences severe co-occurring mental health difficulties (schizophrenia)
Alison had extreme difficulty in finding appropriate treatment for her son. No traditional treatment worked, “there was nowhere else for Mika to go” “we spent the next 2 yrs following Mika around the country” ... lots of instability, and vulnerability to abuse from staff ...
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India (Bhārat), aka Republic of India (Bhārat Gaṇarājya) constitutes a mosaic of paradoxes and contradictions starting with the existence of gigantic socio-economic disparities which are in sharp contrast with the spectacular technological development in most productive sectors.
Such contradictions reflect significant measurement discrepancies which, in India's case, could be on the order of hundreds of millions of people.
Furthermore, there is the problem of Islamic terrorists, who are trained abroad and find easy fuel in the contradictions within it.
Finally, there’s agriculture which, by some estimates, accounts for 90% of India’s water consumption. Farmers meet irrigation demands by indiscriminately extracting groundwater, which some say accounts for a quarter of the world’s groundwater usage.
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1. Let me drop my views about #Suicide.
Personally, I feel hurt whenever I hear or read about it. What comes to my heart is that "something is not right somewhere". And that "something need to be done". However, I'm sure the victim can overcome it. #Suicide
2. But what exactly is #Suicide? What is it all about? "Suicide simply means taking one's life intentionally." Of course, there are factors that leads to it. Such as depression, disappointments, sickness, loss of job, hopelessness and some related factors. #Suicide
3. There are other psychological factors too that can lead to #Suicide. But I have to say this, no matter the factor in which one is being entangled with, such can surly overcome. Taking one's life shouldn't be an option. #Suicide
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Today, @DrMcCance_Katz shares California data compared to national data on prevalence of substance use disorder and mental health issues at the 2019 CMHACY conference.
SAMHSA will focus on nation no longer just on grantees.
56.8M Americans have a mental or substance use disorder in the country.
California looks very similar to the nation.
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If you are among those who do not understand what depression entails, please read this!
Depression is an extremely complex disease. It can occur for a variety of reasons.
Think about it as a state of "being Drunk"
I personally see it as being "Drunk in sadness"!
I have had a lot of arguments with people online and offline on mental sicknesses in Nigeria. Usually, i attribute many behaviours to mental issues a lot.
I have argued countless times that people are wired differently, with different personality which..
...predisposes their response to things differently.

An individual’s predisposition to social perception influences self-identification.
To appreciate individual differences, let's look at temperament theory, which is proto-psychological theory of four fundamental personality...
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1/ @NAMICommunicate Hi. This month I would like to do three things: 1) open the 60K word book file that I failed to hand in to the publisher about "strength and death (at least open). Anyone would be angry with me: after all, 60K words, the book is done. But the story is not.
2) Start to tell the new things I learned as a scientist and from the 2nd accidentally survived attempt. I was wrong and so is most of the research on suicide, which is the reason it is taking such a drastic turn in terms of #suicide etiology
3) Change the narrative. While keep on confronting guilt trips and debunking harmful popular assumptions, I think there is a way to share the suicidal "condition" experience and how it is never over. I truly believe this is important.
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I am extremely proud to have had a hand in creating these new #RealConvo Guides from @afspnational for #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth. They each offer practical information anyone can use. Links in the replies.
How to Start (and Continue!) a Conversation About #MentalHealth…
If Someone Tells You They’re Thinking About #Suicide…
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She had just gotten home after a long day at the office, her mind was in a clutter, her relationship had just ended because she refused to have #sex before marriage.

She could feel her chest tighten everytime she thought about him.

She still loved him deeply.

As she stepped into her apartment, #phcn struck, the heat built up so fast she dove into the bathroom, relaxing only when the cold shower drenched her.

She could hear her phone ringing but she wasn't about to interrupt the only peaceful moment she had experienced today.

When she was done, she wiped herself dry, picked up her phone & saw it was a missed call from him, her heart lurched again, her mouth went dry, her whole body screamed in desperate need of his company, why was this no-sex thing such an issue, she mulled.

Should she give in?

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Autistic people, #suicide, #depression. Thread, Important.
Are you involved in testing for depression in #autistic people? Perhaps as a researcher, or a medical professional? Please be aware of the perils of using some of the standard tests. An example. Here we go.../… This example is freshly published. A team gave a suicidal autistic person a questionnaire re depression and said, "Cor, you're not depressed, mate - this must be just one of them obsessive autistic things" (or words to that effect...)/
Unfortunately for the researchers, they decided to use the Beck's Depression Inventory. Here it is if you want a link to a version.… It asks questions, and the person chooses the response that is most accurate. It's not designed for autistic people./
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"Ach, du hast Depressionen? Tut doch einfach mal dies und das und dann geht's dir besser!"

Der Teufelskreis der #Depression.
Über Körper, Geist, Motivation, Emotion und das Sozialleben.
Ein Thread.
Es geht hier vor Allem um den Teufelskreis der Depression. Darum, wieso wir nicht einfach etwas dagegen tun können, damit es in einer Woche weg ist wie eine Erkältung.
Nachfolgend #depression #mentalillness #suicide (1/16)
Das umfasst nicht nur den Kopf, sondern auch den Körper und unser Leben. Dazu gehören nicht nur innere Prozesse, sondern auch äußere Prozesse. In die anhaltende Depression spielt Alles mit rein. Also fasse ich meine subjektiven Erlebnisse damit zusammen: (2/16)
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@realDonaldTrump ⚡️TELL IT LIKE IT IS:
Dems are holding out for an amendment to include a handful of additional provisions, including requiring the Dept of Housing & Urban Development to release block-grant funding & money to help #PuertoRico repair damaged water systems.…
@realDonaldTrump 🚨Listen up America:

The Dem-led House is passing bills that advance voting rights, protect our #healthcare & defend against #ClimateChange.

McConnell & the GOP are BLOCKING ALL OF THEM in the Senate, so who's obstructing? #FlipTheSenate #ProtectOurCare
@realDonaldTrump 🚨Listen up America:

❗️Our President has lied to you ABOUT THE AIR WE BREATHE❗️

Yes, the FALSE HEADLINE was ADDED to a real World Health Org map. In this one metric, the USA comes in 7th, not the cleanest.

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A little thread, which I may come back to, for all those #technophobes who blame rise in #suicide on #socialmedia.

First: legit, what rise?
Second: The actual experts do not agree with you, and your fear-mongering is likely causing more harm than good.
cf. Thomas, K, and Gunnell, D. (2010). Suicide in England and Wales 1861–2007: a time-trends analysis. International Journal of Epidemiology, Volume 39, Issue 6, December 2010, Pages 1464–1475.
So, first the data, from #UK (above) and elsewhere (below).

Clearly if this epidemic was *caused* by a *single* factor it would permeate all societies with social media.

[Suicide Rates for Teens Aged 15–19 Years, by Sex — United States, 1975–2015, #USA]
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I almost quit a year ago, exactly today, then my company got acquired. A story (with pictures!)
This is what I looked like last March 27.

One month prior...
My dad passed away. I wasn't having a good month. But that wasn't what happened on March 27. I took a photo on March 27 because it was probably the worst I had felt in the last 5 years. Even worse than my dad's death. (We had a complicated relationship).
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The #suicide #thread

So 17years ago we were woken by police at our door. My elder bro (1yr diff) had committed suicide. I rang his house to find police at the other end of the line

I was in disbelief. Suicide? The worst way to go. That too from a 6'1" 20 stone beast, nah 1/
it had to b murder. He wouldn't go like that.

Few hours later we drive to London in 2 cars to check out the scene, 1 car is needed to bring back his belongings

We arrive & his flatmate is a complete wreck. I had been ready to bang him out, suspecting foul play. But when 2/
I saw him I knew there was no chance in the world he did it. He was in complete shock, couldn't stop crying, shaking etc He had found the body hanging & ran & sat in the middle of the road.

So we go to the house, find a suicide note & a 1st attempt note in the bin. Note read,3/
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Former Obama White House Counsel and Clinton-linked attorney Greg Craig may soon be charged by the Justice Department.…
The attempted 'COUP' [TREASON] opens the 'public' door to more serious……
The PILL must be easy to swallow.
The 'LEAD-IN'.
The PUBLIC must be prepared for what is about to come.
"THE CLINTON FOUNDATION" +++++++++++++++++++++++++
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Hello & Happy Spring! (Thread) If you haven’t been on here til 1am EST, I’m going to unpack recently announced #opioid bill S-724 (named for John McCain). For reax check out threads by @erinbiba and @AnaMardoll (call @gillibrandNY ASAP to protest bill.) Onto the breakdown:
Sen. Gillibrand introduced this bill with a flip referral to dental work and a misunderstanding of the term “acute pain”. #AcutePain does not mean ‘severe’ in medical terms, it means pain lasting up to/less than 6mos. If you’ve ever had a gunshot wound,
been in/had a serious accident, needed extensive surgery, had #fibromyalgia #arthritis #endometriosis or #pelvicpain #backpain -just to name a few-you may know that sometimes one needs more than 7 days of pain meds.
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USA: Research indicates one quarter of 12-14 year olds who died by suicide were LGBT, which is very alarming.

Suicide disparity was shown to be greater for LGBT youth at younger ages.

What can we do to reduce risk?
#LGBTQ #Youth #Suicide #Prevention
LGBT youth who died by suicide were more likely to have mental health concerns, prior suicidality, and family problems contributing to their death.

These risk factors are often related to minority stress, which show how homophobia & transphobia create hostile environments.
Lack of social support can increase LGBT youth feeling that others do not care about them.

Homophobic & transphobic victimization can make LGBT youth feel like a burden to those around them.
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Very sad to hear about the #suicide of #KeithFlint (#TheProdigy ). If you're in the UK - you can find a list of #MentalHealth resources and support in this thread.

So first up - 1. #Mind - Mind Infoline – Phone: 0300 123 3393, Text: 86463
2. Elefriends - a peer to peer community forum

3. Samaritans (you do not need to be suicidal to call them) 116 123 (UK)
116 123 (ROI) (UK) (ROI)
4. Rethink Mental Illness - broad array of services + part tackling mental health #stigma --- along with 5. #TimeToChange and 6. SANE which also has a helpline 0300 304 7000 from 4.30pm – 10.30pm daily
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1/ #MentalHealth #Suicide #ParentPerspective #TeenSuicidality Just hung up phone with a family member of a teen girl who is suicidal. It’s a parent’s worst nightmare & it evokes pure terror. No one talks about it and parents often have no literal idea what to do.
2/ This thread is simply parent to parent support I wish I’d had. I share with full permission of my kids who share the belief that we want to comfort others with the comfort God gave us. (2 Cor)
3/ First, parent, you will feel terrified. The most important thing is to project love & nurture like never before. UBER NURTURE. And, be CALM & CONFIDENT with your child. “Sweetheart, we’re going to get you the help you need & we’ll be right there with you all the way.”
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