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In Colombia...

In elevator of my Airbnb spot headed out..

Door closed...

Elevator started going down...

Lights started flickering in Twilight Zone fashion...

Elevator started free-falling...

My heart dropped...


We stopped...

Suspended in mid-air in an elevator shaft
The lights are still flickering...

None of the buttons are working...

The "phone" isn't functional...

Estamos en la costa, marika!

My buddy and I are breathing heavy...

The elevator is small...

And we're stuck...

Basically in mid-air.
We start trying to push the ceiling up...

Doesn't work.

We start trying to pry the door open...

There's a little light.

I'm yoked as hell at the time...

Benching 315 for reps.

So I slide my fingers in between the crack in the doors...

And damn near give myself a hernia...
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Sharing #MyStory as an #international #immigrant a part of @IWS_Network #Voices without #Frontiers initiative! As a #scientist and an advocate for #workplaceequality, I believe in the power of stories. #IWS #VoicesIWS #SayItForward #WomenInspire #WomeninScience #WomenInSTEM
As a child, how would you have liked moving schools in new cities with different cultures every 2-4 years?

Growing up in the #IndianArmy, I absolutely loved it! By the time I was 18, we had moved over 9 times across 9 states! #Diversity #India #TravelTuesday #IWS #VoicesIWS
My #memories of #India include sunny days, welcoming people, rich heritage, vibrant colors, abundant fruits and mouth-watering street food! #IWS #VoicesIWS
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Dominican Republic is one of my favorite countries on God's green earth.

People have always treated me damn good - minus Chapidoras ;(

And it's truly a tropical paradise.

But the spot isn't for the faint of heart...

I like a lil' rough around the edges shit every now & then.
DR fotos.

Las Terrenas.

These campo kids from outside Las Terrenas thought it was cool my buddy and I were cruising around on ATVs on the beach.

All the kids called the one kid, "El Gordo" - which cracked me up
DR fotos.

Las Terrenas.

The campo kids took a pic of me and my buddy.

Legit chilled with these little dudes all afternoon.

They took us to a swimming spot in the river that we would have never found otherwise.
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Fell behind on #1001November because I was living life.

But getting back on track...

Here's 3003 words for anyone looking to visit #Colombia.

I'm talking:

- Cost of Living
- Language Barrier
- Safety
- Nightlife
- Dating

Check it:

Pretty pumped, as I channeled my inner @SCHM7DT and properly used a:

"You must be smokin' dicks."

In this here article.
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This is the second time I've posted this particular tweet. The results were very different the first time - it received 26 replies in a very short span of time, none of which are visible. Best guess is that (possibly automated?) protected accounts reacted to the hashtag.
(previous incarnation of the hashtag-laden bait tweet)
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~ Thread ~

Recovering from surgery gave me time to reminisce…

On a past filled with enough memories to last a lifetime.

With that in mind, here’s a few off-the-beaten path cities in Latin America that I recommend.

And a few that blow.


~ Ibague, Colombia ~

I’d live here. All year.

Just loved the place.

It’s small, in the mountains, and there’s no tourism.

But the people are friendly, it’s cheap, and I felt insanely healthy here.

You could get a massive piece of baby beef for $6.

Not ideal for nightlife.
Plus, the city is close to Bogota, Armenia, Pereira, and Manizales.

All within a 1-4 hour bus ride away.

Lots of easy travel opportunities while living in Ibague.
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~ Quick Thread ~

→ How to Stay Healthy While Traveling the World...

In 11 Quick Tips for Nomads/Expats.



Always. Be. Walking.

The more you walk the better you feel.

Well, at least that’s true for me.

Not only does walking around a city ensure you get to know it better, but it’s ideal for recharging the batteries and getting rid of a hangover.

Just Join a Gym.

If you’re going to be in the city for more than a couple weeks, just join a damned gym already.

Sure, it’ll cost some money in certain places, but not lifting for weeks or a month is simply unacceptable when trying to stay healthy on the road.
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I keep hearing 7.1+ & seeing Oaxaca
Just putting this here^…
I seem to have missed this one:…
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