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@ReidunKerner @RadiologyBiz in case you were looking for validation of patients’ complaints suspecting #Gadolinium causing debilitating pain and other side effects, try asking us & listening. Many of us found each other.I showed my neurologist a diagram of Scars which accumulated white chunks.
@ReidunKerner @RadiologyBiz We all have indescribable pain.
Many of us have Normal kidney function. My excellent Doctors are very skeptical. Told me GDD only observed in Renal Failure Patients. I told them, if they see someone like me to keep their mind open. Manufacturers say “it’s safe “.
@ReidunKerner @RadiologyBiz Did anyone ever look at quality, purity standards?
Did anyone follow up on patients with frequent MRI with Gad contrast like myself, on the CombiRx Study?
My pain symptoms and Temporal Lobe Seizures conveniently blamed on #MultipleSclerosis
Even a questionnaire screening?
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@kryes @threadreaderapp please make it in thread form in order to share with many people #threadreaderapp
@kryes @threadreaderapp Not able to find the thread😭
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there are two realities right now in terms of american politics. one reality thinks we're in good hands and that trump is doing great things for us all and that everything is going great! the other is terrified and appalled and very fearful for the future he's taking us into 1/x
if we were really in good hands and nobody needed to worry, the people who believed that would be interested in trying to convince the others. they would want to help the others see the truth & not be afraid. they would want to share their joy & positivity. . 2/x
But in fact what we see from that version of reality is this tiresome charade of "loving liberal tears" and the depiction of everyone who disagrees with The Agenda as literally evil, satanistic people out to destroy america. "everything but trump is lies! love it or leave!" 3/x
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No @CBP @USBPChief you can't repair your reputation. Almost 10,000 members of what @propublica described as a "secret Facebook group...just as Ocasio-Cortez and other Democrats were headed to tour border facilities." The group boasts 9,500 members sharing "graphic..
...doctored images of @AOC, including one that shows a smiling President @realDonaldTrump (@FLOTUS #BeBest husband @POTUS) forcing her head toward his crotch...Other comments refer to @RepAOC & fellow Democratic Rep. @vgescobar of Texas as "hoes," & one member encouraged agents
to throw a "burrito at these bitches." Revolting/racist/vile/abusive/ unconscionable USG empl conduct! #Discrimation101 #IntegrityMatters Agencies need urgent Congressional oversight Hon @speakerpelosi @ChuckGrassley @GrassleyPress… #unroll @threadreaderapp
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#Breaking #News #QAnons

I now have @BarackObama connected to Jeffrey Epstein and his child finder Ghislaine Maxwell.
I have start back abit first for those who may be new to Q.

Q posts a pic(1) w a little girl, Maggie Nixon.

Maggie comes from a #Hollywood family.
Her father a director and grandmother a soap opera writer.

1st movie Maggie was in was Mission Blue.
An ocean documentary that coerced @obama into putting hundreds of millions and perhaps even billions into saving the ocean.
Backstory complete now,
#qanon researchers already know everything mentioned.
Nothing new there.

New info next page…
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@Rowdy68140400 @Herbert_L_Reed @DebHaslam 1) RED/GREEN ALLIANCE COMMIES & ISLAMONAZIS #CROSSOVER now referred to as #INTERSECTIONALITY political groups hostile to each other form an alliance in order to achieve a political alliance of Islamists and the progressive left,
@Rowdy68140400 @Herbert_L_Reed @DebHaslam 2)Red-Black Alliance referred to the alliance of communism & fascism... Soviet Union &Nazi Germany..included Stalin’s support for the rise to power of the Nazi Party,2 & on the eve of the Nazi invasion, the activation of the Communist Party of France to support domestic defeatism
@Rowdy68140400 @Herbert_L_Reed @DebHaslam 3) No matter how unlikely it may seem, radical Leftists& Islamists have come closer in recent years. Drawing on substantial ideological interchange operating at both state &non-state levels, the two movements are building a Common Front against the United States and its allies.
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1. #Xenophobia is the fear of foreigners. @SpeakerPelosi @RepAlGreenTX @thehill @jaketapper @ShepNewsTeam Since all 4 #Congresswomen of color (@AOC @IlhanMN @RepPressley @RashidaTlaib) are #AmericanCitizens, they are NOT foreigners. Rather, #45, in his umpteenth demonstration of
2. his own woeful ignorance, is foolishly equating non-white #European descent w foreignness. Therefore, his #tweet was #racist.
BTW, @realDonaldTrump #MAGA, ur campaign slogan, is itself a criticism of America: If you honestly think America is already "the greatest and most
3. powerful Nation on earth," why do you need to make it great again?
#IllogicalPOTUS #unfitPOTUS #impeachNOW…
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@realDonaldTrump Go back to selling whatever equivalent u can find to used cars because a lot of Jewish people with family in Israel - who your broke ass knows rather well - are really offended by your use of Israel & Jews in slandering Muslim women for anti-semitism.Stop selling Jesus to psychos
@realDonaldTrump I forgot the hashtag #protip
@realDonaldTrump Sands can disappoint and threaten as you know.
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Did a reporter just debase herself and ask for a response to the Al Queda and communist comment as though it was a legitimate question?

Answer: Yes.

Who was the reporter?

👏👏👏@IlhanMN don’t signify that shit.
Seriously, that question was incredibly insidious and disgusting.
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(1) Within an hour or two of sending out #FOIA requests, the federal #TwatWaffles geared up their attack.

First a DM from a French "Honey Pot," addressing me in French, claiming to be a "single" mother with a child.

She immediately asked me how old I was & where I was located.
(2) She also let me know that "Long distance relationships made her nervous."

Zero followers. Zero tweets. Zero retweets.

She was following quite a few people, who are being extra traditionally targeted by the US government, through #ThreatFusionCenters.
(3) Then a few hours ago, I received this request, from someone who is not showing any Twitter activity for more than a year.
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(1) The whole "#Deportation" phenomenon by #ICE is a farce, facilitated by the present administration.

I am pro-#ICE and pro-#CBP, but they do not have enough manpower to deport illegals to the extent we need.

This is a "Wag The Dog," scenario, being utilized to distract ....
(2) from at least four major issues: the flood of 300,000-400,000 inbound illegals per month, the failure to build a wall and/or deploy troops, and the failure to address any of these issues through legislation.

Our country is falling and falling fast, via the ....
(3) #ClowardPiven take-down strategy (see attached).

It's the ultimate, modern-day Trojan Horse.

Hey #MAGA crowd, we aren't "winning."

We're losing and in 2024, the #IslamoMarxist government will be ushered in, whether under acknowledged socialist #IvankaTrump ....
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@um_Talhah Per verse 2:196 We can ascertain that there are three types of people with regards to Tamattu'
1- those that travel to Mecca from outside of the Miqat.
2- those that travel to Mecca from inside the Miqat.
3- those that live within Mecca and it's vicinity.
@um_Talhah Category 1: Whoever travels to makka from outside the Miqat for umra in the sacred months then remains there until Hajj is considered Mutamati' & must sacrifice. Why? Because they entered into Ihram, came out of it, & will enter into it again without passing the miqat.
@um_Talhah Category 2: The same ruling as category 1 applies according to the majority of scholars. If a person from this category were to leave Mecca more than the distance of travel (Qasr) they would not be considered Mutamati' and would return with a Ifrād Hajj.
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“Stroppy Me” YouTubeQQQQ 🚨 Find link to F B I documents in the body of the YouTube video. SHOCKING WHAT BUSH SENIOR WAS DOING! 🤔 Imagine how bad it must be now? #WWG1WGA #QArmy


More to come....
💭 Didn’t he, Tom, mysteriously die too?
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I believe it's time that @SpeakerPelosi take a moment from her low-key attacks on the freshmen members of the House, and perhaps take a moment to refresh her memory of her Constitutional mandate.
Pretending that the House should not yet begin impeachment proceedings formally is nothing short of dereliction of duty, Madam Speaker. And I believe you know it. @AOC certainly does. @SenWarren does. And the American taxpayers do.
Ask Prof. @tribelaw -- whose expertise in these matters holds more weight than yours, because he isn't one to play political games. And just as a short refresher, you were not given that role to do so either.
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@NeumarkDN @3firsts @SeanBragen27 @USCBO @kevinrinz @john_voorheis @AnnaGody1 Finding anti-poverty or raising bottom family income:
Card & Krueger 95
Addison and Blackburn 99
DeFina 08
Morgan & Kickhan 01
Stevans & Sessions 01
Dube 18
Rinz and Voorheis 18
Godoy and Reich 19…
@NeumarkDN @3firsts @SeanBragen27 @USCBO @kevinrinz @john_voorheis @AnnaGody1 I show estimates using a variety of counterfactuals including a simple TWFE model that you have advocated for at times.

Clear long run reductions in poverty across all spec's.
@NeumarkDN @3firsts @SeanBragen27 @USCBO @kevinrinz @john_voorheis @AnnaGody1 Your own 2016 response to my work shows all poverty reducing MW elasticities for various subgroups, some significant others not, many sizable.

If I had a table with those #'s for MW emp elasticities and said "nothin to see here move along" I'd be justifiably excoriated!
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In this article, we express our critical position towards using #CRISPR to engineer #pigs so that do not reach puberty. #Livestock farming should be designed with animal sentience at its core, we should not modify #animals to fit inhumane systems.…
One aspect that the article does not mention and that we clearly indicated as being problematic is animal suffering during #experiments involving #CRISPR: painful #malformations, #abortions, are common "side effects" of such experiments.
Our original statement said "#CRISPR has a high potential for causing severe #animal #suffering during the research phases (such as abortions, perinatal mortality, malformations)
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Mossad and CIA the pedophile elite used Epstein as their point man as far back as the 1980s, it wasn’t until a Florida stepmother contacted Palm Beach Police in 2005 reporting that her 14-year old daughter had been forced to have sex with the 52-year old financier
before sparking a yearlong investigation culminating in his 2006 indictment.Under the auspices of providing massages, Epstein was paying teenage procurers to drive underage girls to his Palm Beach mansion where he ordered them to strip down to their panties while giving him his..
three daily massages. The majority of girls reported that while they massaged him, he would regularly masturbate, and some maintain he penetrated them with his penis, fingers and/or vibrator. In spite of the devious Epstein prior to even being investigated making frequent...
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@asadabukhalil @jaketapper 1. In reference to ur pinned tweet, u do get a bit testy, like u'r doing now, in reaction 2 criticism against Israel.
& ur report in the @jpost article didn't mention the fact that US is a big supporter of Saudi Arabia, whose bombing raids r threatening millions of Yeminis w/
@asadabukhalil @jaketapper @Jpost 2. starvation & largely contributed to the cholera outbreak. While it's already well known, as a influencial news personality, it would be nice if u reminded ppl that US is party to the Syrian civil war & that despite the ongoing genocide of the Rohingya, US (under @BarackObama)
@asadabukhalil @jaketapper @Jpost @BarackObama 3. decided to allow US business investments in the country. And of course, US was part of the Korean war. Given how much we have messed w/other countries' politics for our own interests, it's not surprising that they would get in a dig when they can. Besides, if ur really going
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1. Given China's #recenthistory, did anyone truly think "#OneCountryTwoSystems" would work?
This is another legacy of #colonialism, where the #colonizers, enriched by its #extractivemethods, left its colonized with false promises of hope encased in #emptyidealisticrehtoric while
2. #extricatingitself from its responsibility of both #equalapplication as well as protection.
Though operationally different, this reminds me of the #divisionofIndia post #Britishretreat.
Though I'd urge #China, #HongKong and #Taiwan to learn from the destructive and
3. regionally destabilizing results of India's (and Pakistan's subsequent) division, I'm afraid that #politicalselfinterest will dominate over #thegreatergood and the thoughtful and peaceful overcoming of #EastAsia's #coloniallegacy.
If only #humanrights had the magnetism of
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(1) Anyone who believes the "we will soon begin deportation line" being circulated around DC is delusional.

We are being taken down by the #ClowardPiven Strategy and will soon go the way of France & Germany.

(see attached)
(2) There are 300,000+ illegal immigrants entering the USA per month. Despite what the delusional twit-of-a-bartender .@AOC states, they are clothed, fed, & given free medical care (24/7 access) before being bused into the US Heartland.
(3) What good does deportation do, when we r allowing them in at a much, much faster rate than we can deport them?

By the way, #POTUS has deployed some US Military to the border. Their role?

Cooking food for illegal immigrants while homeless vets die hungry on our streets ....
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1. #Spoilersahead: As much as I love the potential for #minorityandfemalerepresentation in future #MarvelCinematicUniverse films, I still think the way that #Falcon (@AnthonyMackie) got the #CaptainAmericashield is a #copout by @Marvel /@MarvelStudios, since its previous
2. representations of him (including #EndGame) have been less than ideal (a secondary character who got knocked out of fights all the time, paving the way for the observation / reservation that this #passingofthetorch was not earned). And the fact that #SteveRogers (@ChrisEvans)
3. only gave up his shield for his love (#PeggyCarter / #HayleyAtwell), though a nice sentiment in itself, leaves room for his return in the future. Thus, giving @Marvel / @MarvelStudios the option to #swaywiththepoliticalwinds. While #TonyStarks (@RobertDowneyJr) sacrifice was a
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Jeffrey Epstein arrested again on sex trafficking minors and will face up to 45 years in prison.

Credit to @jkbjournalist Julie K. Brown, who was (I believe) the first to report on #Epstein the billionaire Pedo.…
#QAnon research has brought to surface many disturbing elements in regards to #Epstein his friends, private island, private her, temple of sacrifice and even who supplies these sick ppl with #Children
We have been expecting the arrest of Jeffrey for along time.
Attached are Q posts relating to his sick world.
Feel free to ask any questions.
There is a lot to go into.

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(1) From what I have heard - but not verified, Kushner is in Michael Moore's new movie “Fahrenheit 11/9,” pushing for socialized medicine.

He is also Trump's primary advisor for the Southern Border immigration policy, as well as a the "new" ME "Peace" deal for the Palestinians.
(2) All of conservative America is going to rue the fact that #POTUS brought this inexperienced and arrogant twit into his administration.

Regardless of the party - this is hard-core Nepotism, and its wrong.

Doubly so b/c Kushner is an accident waiting to happen.
(3) He met with the Saudi Crown Prince in secret (the ambassador was uncharacteristically not invited), and within a month or so, #POTUS vetoed the DEMOCRAT'S bill to stop providing weapons to the Saudis, given what is occurring in Yemen.

He then met Netanyahu in private.
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@narendramodi , we all voted 4u4 good governance! Remember u promised ki main jaan bujhke koi Galat kaam nahin karunga?80%r suffering!Y shd one hard working community pay for a rowdy community who’s doesn’t want 2 improve ? Until when? 72 years of appeasement is 2 long time! & Y?
So that they can kick us out of our own homes?852 Hindu gals hv been raped since elections! Hindus forced to flee for safety selling their homes for peanuts! Hindu Temples broken! Hindus can’t take out wedding or funeral processions in their own country!
They can’t sing bhajans or do paath in Muslim populated areas! The Namajis stop emergency services Cos they can do namaj in the middle of the road, train, bus, public places wherever they wish?! This is not even allowed in Muslim countries! Isn’t this all taking too far?
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