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1/This is a lengthy thread describing in detail the Federal Government Executive Branch Departments & Agencies Reformation & Reorganization Plan (R&R Plan), entitled “Delivering Govt Solutions in the 21st Century.”…
2/h/t to @ThomasWictor who tweeted about the R&R Plan yesterday as I was still reading it, for highlights he described & particularly for his insight regarding it—& its transformative content—which may in pt be behind the Dem’s escalation/opposition to @POTUS @realDonaldTrump
3/For a thread w/a list of highlights from the R&R Plan, see:
4/Why reorganize such a massive leviathan as the Federal Govt? The benefits are succinctly described on pg. 4 of the R&R Plan.
5/“Govt in the 21stC is fundamentally a services business, & modern IT shld be at the heart/the U.S. Govt service delivery model. & yet, today’s Exec Branch is still aligned to the stove-piped org’l constructs/the 20thC, which in many cases have grown inefficient & out/date...
6/“... Consequently, the public and our workforce are frustrated with Government’s ability to deliver its mission in an effective, efficient, and secure way.” (pg.4, R&R Plan). Can anyone, anywhere honestly disagree with this?
7/Here is a timeline/comprehensive reform (pg6), from the prez’s 3/3/17 EO directing the OMP to “propose a comprehensive plan to reform & reorg Exec Branch depts & agencies.”
8/The FY 2019 President’s Budget, which was released on 2/12/18, already includes many of the R&R Plan recommendations.…
9/A unifying quote is on pg9/the Plan: “The disappointment surrounding recent presidents is not due mainly 2 defects in their leadership qualities but 2 their failure 2 address the structural paralysis/modern govt. George Washington couldn’t run the govt today.”-Phillip K. Howard
10/While you may agree w/me that there are other, massive failures in leadership, the virtue/this approach 4 DJT’s admin is that there’s no 1 party 2 blame 4 past failures to fix govt. We could, @ least in theory, fix it together. DJT will offer & voters will see how Ds respond.
11/The Plan’s org’l reform principles (p9) target opportunities to enhance mission, service, & stewardship. Any1 who has ever been on a successful service-oriented nonprofit or church board, as I have, will recognize these principles.
12/There is essentially nothing in the Plan that addresses the preferences/the govt unions or other employees. Perhaps this is 1aspect/the Plan that, at least subliminally, upsets its Dem detractors. It’s all about the citizen-customers, & not about the entrenched bureaucracy.
14/Those with experience in business, in particular, will appreciate the focus on the customer (citizens who need to interact with the govt) & the org constructs, integrating “business processes” to create “new capabilities & data.” (pg10).
15/While not quoted in the President’s Reform & Reorganization Plan, a quote from @POTUS comes to mind: “In business, I've discovered that my purpose is to do my best to my utmost ability every day. That's my standard.”
17/The next graphic below in the thread highlights another way/looking at reform principles: as mission/service gains in effectiveness in tandem w/stewardship, the organization (govt) will become aligned to the Plan.
18/As an aside: Stewardship is defined as “conducting, supervising, or managing carefully & w/responsible management/something entrusted to 1’s care.” So, you may want to think “careful management” when reading “stewardship” in the Plan, if you’re less familiar w/the later.
20/And here’s yet another way of looking at these Plan principles. Clearly, the Plan creators wanted to break up many pages (128!) of the Plan with engaging infographics.😅
21/& thus we come to the end of sections I. Mandate for Reform, and II. Organizational Reform Principles. Why didn’t I just skip all this stuff & get to the juicy Reorganization Proposals? Because these explanations confirm much of what supporters of @POTUS have long believed...
22/DJT’s skill set as an incredibly successful businessman is uniquely valuable as he leads his administration to Reform & Reorganize the entire Executive Branch of the USA. And as we look at the existing chaos and proposed improvements, it’s long overdue!
23/“I have made the tough decisions, always with an eye toward the bottom line. Perhaps it's time America was run like a business.”—Donald J. Trump
24/Winding down tonight, but will return tomorrow 2 Pt III/ @POTUS ‘s R&R Plan, Overview/Org’l Alignment Priorities (pgs. 14-19).This summ highlights most/the big, & controversial proposed changes described in more detail in Part IV/Plan, Govt-wide Reorg Proposals (pgs. 22-121).
25/I will leave you tonight with a DJT quote mostly likely to charm supporters but strike fear in the hearts/detractors: “In business, when things aren't working it's time to mix it up.”—Donald J. Trump @POTUS In that spirit, tomorrow we wil move on to the proposed Realignments!
26/Continuing now w/ @POTUS ‘s proposed Reform & Reorganization Plan, titled “Delivering Govt Solutions in the 21st Century.” Will be covering sections III Overview & V Govt-wide Reorg Proposals together, as the Overview (pgs. 14-19) summarizes the Proposals (pgs. 22-121).
27/Here’s the @POTUS ‘s Reform & Reorg Plan in PDF format again, if you missed it up the thread:…
28/“1. Merge the Departs/Ed & Labor into a single Cabinet agency, the Depart/Ed & the Workforce (DEW), charged w/meeting the needs/American students & workers from education & skill development to workplace protection to retirement security....”
29/“... As part of the merger [/depts/Ed & Labor] the Administration also proposes significant Govt-wide workforce development program consolidations, streamlining separate programs in order to increase efficiencies & better serve American workers.”
30/@POTUS ‘s proposal to merge Ed & Labor is not intended to gut ed nor snub organized labor, I believe. Rather, the merger reduces overlapping programs in training, adult re-Ed, & apprenticeships (note the recurring theme/consolidation). Also,...
31/Merging the Depts/Ed & Labor into the new Dept/Ed & Workforce (DEW) would expand the view from niches (students, unions) to all Americans in school and/or the workforce, which is a much larger number of “customers” for the Govt to serve.
32/Current @usedgov Secretary @BetsyDeVosED confirms at least some of these motivations in her press release in response to the proposed merger.
33/This org chart shows the 2 current depts, Ed & Labor (on the left & right, respectively), & how they would be reorganized into the one DEW (center).
34/The second proposed reorg is to “Move the non-commodity nutrition assistance programs currently in the U.S. Depart/Agriculture’s (USDA) Food & Nutrition Service into the Department/Health & Human Services—which will be renamed the Department of Health & Public Welfare (DHPH).”
That would be DHPW*. 35/The more detailed Reorg of these asstance programs is described on pages 27-29. Note there is no suggested organizational chart yet. This is another examples in the R&R Plan/consolidating repetitive & overlapping programs.
36/If the total dollar amount that is issued to recipients is not reduced, Dems have no legitimate argument against streamlining programs, which can provide less confusing & more coordinated services to those in need, presumably at a significantly reduced cost/overhead.
37/Current Ed & Labor employees who find themselves redundant may be reassigned, seek employment elsewhere in the govt or private sector (where there are now more jobs than workers), or retire (under an enhanced severance program DJT is currently asking Congress 2 approve).
38/The third major reorg is: “Move the Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) Civil Works out/the Depart/Defense (DOD) to the Depart of Transportation (DOT) & Depart of the Interior (DOI) to consolidate & align the Corps’ civil works missions with these agencies.”
39/This proposed shift/Army Corps/Engineers’ (ACE) civil works projects out/the DOD & to civilian depts (DOT & DOI) is an excellent realignment that wld allow ACE to focus on work outside/US/more military significance & consolidate responsibility w/in US for waterways, for ex.
40/Next is “4. Reorganize the USDA’s Food Safety & Inspection Service & the food safety functions of HHS’s Food & Drug Administration (FDA) into a single agency within USDA that would cover virtually all the foods Americans eat.”
41/When explaining the fedl govt’s crazy quilt/overlapping & confusing responsibilities, some/the best examples can be found in food. @USDA @US_FDA
42/“6. Merge the Department/Commerce’s (Commerce) National Marine Fisheries Service w/DOI’s Fish & Wildlife Service. This merger would consolidate the administration/the Endangered Species Act & Marine Mammal Protection Act in one agency...”
43/“... & combine [fish & wildlife] Services’ science & management capacity, resulting in more consistent Fedl fisheries & wildlife policy & improved serv 2 stakeholders & public, particularly on infrastructure permitting.” Plan even mentions “stakeholders,” like enviro groups.
44/I seem 2 have skipped reorg #5, altho I am at least keeping my thread’s numbers in order—so far! “5. Move USDA’s rural housing loan guarantee & rental assist programs 2 HUD, allowing both agencies 2 focus on core missions &...further align Fedl Govt’s role in housing policy.”
45/Having all the fed’l housing programs under 1 roof seems like a no-brainer to me, particularly as there are currently more FHA loans in rural areas than USDA, anyway!
46/“7. Consolidate...DOI’s Central Hazardous Materials Program & USDA’s Hazard Mat’ls Management program in2 the EPA’s Superfund program. This...would allow EPA 2 address environ’l cleanup under the CERCLA on Fedl land regardless/which/these agencies manages the land...”
47/“... while DOI & USDA would maintain existing environmental compliance, bonding, & reclamation programs for non-CERCLA sites.” So, let’s put all the big hazardous enviro cleanup projects under the EPA’s superfund, bc they have the experience. Makes sense—& more consolidation.
48/“8. Optimize Depart/State & U.S. Agency for Intern’l Development (USAID) humanitarian assistance 2 eliminate duplication/efforts & fragmentation/decision-making. A specific reorganization proposal will be submitted by State & USAID to OMB as pt/their FY 2020 Budget request...”
49/“... to improve the efficiency & effectiveness/the Fedl Govt’s humanitarian assistance across State & USAID, establish unity/voice & policy, & optimize outreach 2 other donors 2 increase burden-sharing & drive reform at the UN & in multilateral humanitarian policy.”
50/This proposal hasn’t gotten much coverage yet, but once it’s understood by the Left, expect howls. Moving any control over USAID 2 State wld be 2 acknowledge that aid is pt/US’s diplomatic leverage, +we’d be likely 2 increase oversight/all that $ going 2 nonprofits.🤔
51/From pg. 41/ the @POTUS ‘s proposed R& R Plan⬇️
52/“9. Consolidate the U.S. Govt’s development finance tools, such as the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) & the Development Credit Authority (DCA) of USAID, into a new Development Finance Institution...”
53/“... in a reformed & modernized way to leverage more private-sector investment, provide strong alternatives to state-directed initiatives, create more innovative vehicles to open & expand markets for U.S. firms, & enhance protections for U.S. taxpayers.”
54/In other words, no longer will the US govt throw good money after bad, via USAID. Aid will need to be diplomatic leverage, ideally helpful to US businesses abroad, & whenever possible, be accompanied by private funds.
55/“10.Transform USAID through an extensive, agency-driven structural reorg/HQ’s Bureaus & Independent Offices as a found’l component/USAID’s...plans 2 better advance partner countries’ self-reliance, support U.S. natsec, & ensure...effectiveness & efficiency/foreign assistance.”
56. So, my guess is something’s been going on—or nothing’s been going on—at USAID, for multiple reorg proposal to be centered on it. Kind/makes me want to do a deep dive when I’m done with this thread on the Plan. If anyone has more info on USAID, plz give links in the replies.
57/One of the Plan’s USAID-related proposals.⬇️
58/“11. Move policy function/Office/Personnel Manage (OPM) into Exec Office/Pres & elevate its core strategic mission while devolving certain operational activities 2 other Fedl entities better aligned 2 provide non-strategic trans processing services that meet 21stC needs...”
59/These non-core functions include delivery/various fee-for-service human resources, IT services, & background investigations. “This new structure would better accommodate an overhaul of the Fedl civil service statutory & regulatory framework.”
60/In other words, in the proposed R&R Plan, the OPM’s policy work needs to be moved closer to the @POTUS , but it’s more mundane functions can be handled elsewhere. Makes sense to me.
61/The OPM Reorg Plan summarized.⬇️
62/More on the proposed OPM Reorganization.
63/The Office of Personnel Management proposed restructuring.⬇️
64/“12.Transfer responsibility 4 care & op/...military & vet cemeteries located on DOD installations 2 VA’s Natl Cemetery Admin.This...assures cemeteries will be maintained 2 natl shrine stds 2 cont recog/service/those interred therein, gains efficiencies&limits mission overlap.”
65/Other than for sentimental reasons, I can’t imagine why anyone would object to the transfer/cemetery care & maintenance to the VA service that already has this mission. It would, however, free up the active military from this non-core mission responsibility.
66/The Cemetery reorganization proposal in the @POTUS ‘s R&R Plan.⬇️
67/“13. Reorganize the U.S. Census Bureau, the Bureau/Economic Analysis, & the Bureau/Labor Statistics under Commerce to increase cost-effectiveness & improve data quality while simultaneously reducing respondent burden on businesses and the public....”
68/“Together, these 3 agencies account for 53% of the U.S. Statistical System’s annual budget of $2.26 billion & share unique synergies in their collection/economic & demographic data & analysis of key national indicators.”
69/In other words, they could share info and perhaps number crunching staff (which may be hard to find and/or keep).
70/“14. Consolidate the Depart of Energy’s (DOE) applied energy programs into a new Office of Energy Innovation in order to maximize the benefits of energy research and development and to enable quicker adaptation to the Nation’s changing energy technology needs.”
71/Here’s a more complete summary of the proposed DOE reorg.⬇️
72/So far, so good—this thread has been reviewing @POTUS ‘s Reform & Reorg Plan & mostly it’s consolidation & moving around/assignments to better fit depart’l missions. There will be turf disputes & concerns over funding, but w/few exceptions,nothing like what’s coming up....
73/Privatization. Yes, I’ve said it. While Libertarians may cheer & conservatives will want 2 dig deep in2 the details 2 confirm each deal is OK, the Left will explode bc this cuts 2 the very heart/their view/government—the bigger the better, controlling more & more/our lives.
74/Of course, privatization isn’t what the Plan calls it. “Devolution of Activities from the Federal Government.” Some May cause grumbles even on the right, but if you go back to the start/this thread & read all those tweets on mission, service, & Stewardship, you’ll realize...
75/...why the @POTUS ‘s R&R Plan is revolutionary. He wants the government, our government, to do its core missions better AND to sell off those assets which have increasingly become liabilities that eat up tax dollars & could be made productive if privatized.
76/I’ll start us off w/1 I hope won’t stir up 2 many people. Vast majority/US electricity needs are met by for-profit investor-owned utilities the govt regulates, w/govt only controlling 14%. But this amounts to>50k miles/elec lines relquiring operation & maintenance.
77/If the govt sold these electric assets, we would net $9.5 billion in the 1st 10 yrs. As there’s nothing in the constitution abt the US govt being a power company, & as we know we can protect this vital infrastructure w/reg (as we do w/86% now), I find this 1st “devolution” OK.
78/Now we come to the US Postal Service, & the Left is already loudly opposing any change, on behalf/all those postal workers...who have a union and, I would expect, substantial pension liabilities. Why don’t we look at what’s actually proposed, & leave the panic to the Left?
79/R&R Plan’s proposed restructuring of the USPS & possible sale.
80/The USPS is broke, w/unfounded liabilities of $100B, a decade of losses, & a large & expensive infrastructure & employment base. On it’s current path, it will only get worse. Something’s got to give.
81/While @POTUS ‘s Reform & Reorg Plan refers to many European & other privatized mail services as examples, I have a feeling this is one area Am Leftists won’t want to imitate global models. References to “freeing USPS to negotiate pay & benefits” may bc a Leftist rally cry.
82/ “A privatized Post Service could be structured as an investor-owned utility & continue to be regulated.” Yes, it could. I can see that working. & yes, I recognize the modern alternatives/electronic & private mailing services already available. But will>500k em’ees cooperate?
83/The possible privatization of the USPS is further complicated bc it has about 105,000 ex-military employees, making it the largest single employer of vets. That’s a constituency the Right cares deeply about & will listen to. It’s only a matter/time bf the Left recognizes this.
84/I see that something has to be done abt the USPS, its debt is unsustainable & if any1 has a will for change, it’s @POTUS . But perhaps this battle can wait till after the mid-terms? “Remember, there's no such thing as an unrealistic goal-just unrealistic time frames."—DJT
85/& I will be taking a break here for the night. Tomorrow I hope to pick up the thread, w/highlights including more reorg s & “devolutions”—including the suggested sale/a whole lot/real estate. As DJT said in a diff context, “Well, Donald Trump has a lot of real estate to sell.”
86/Now, 4 the next installment/the Reform & Reorg Thread. &w/today’s great news regarding SCt Justice Kennedy’s impending retirement & the Janus case (essentially creating natl #RightToWork even 4 public em’ees), there is great hope that @POTUS will be able 2 attain these goals!
87/The Dept/Transportation (DOT) is not in need/comprehensive reorg, but it current has 3 missions, with the 3rd (ops/air traffic control (ATC) & the St. Lawrence Seaway) which cost the most & req the majority/FTEs. By spinning these off,DOT it can i,prove on its other missions.
88/R&R Plan (pg. 71): In 2017, DOT had a budget/$78B & employed 54,676FTEs. DOT’s 3 missions:
1. Financial Assist. Approx 70%/DOT’s budget=grants 2 States & localities, primarily for highway, transit, & airport infrastructure, & [smaller amts 4] passenger rail. These wld cont.
89/2. Safety Regulation. DOT ensures safety/the aviation system (including aircraft, air traffic control, & emerging tech, such as drones or commercial space), motor vehicles, motor carriers, railroads, transit systems, pipelines, & movement/hazard materials. this wld also cont.
90/DOT’s 3rd current mission is Operations. Air traffic control op is the single biggest operational budget item & also comprise a majority/DOT’s workforce. +DOT operates a lock on the St. Lawrence Seaway. This is the mission the R&R Plan proposes changing, moving the Seaway...
91/w/other navigable waterway operations, & more controversially, spinning off all air traffic operations to a regulated nonprofit.
92/The next R&R Plan proposed “devolution” is a biggie, & I admit I haven’t begun to wrap my mind around the implications/ending the conservatorships/the privately owned Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac & what might happen to the housing market.
93/Now, the R&R Plan explains that #FannieMae & #FreddieMac wld bc fully private but other competitive entrants wld also have access to an explicit Federal guarantee for mortgage-backed securities (MBS) that...would be on-budget & fully paid-for.
94/This would also ensure that the Govt’s role in the housing mortgage mkt “is more transparent & accountable to taxpayers, minimize the risk/taxpayer-funded bailouts, & ensure that mortgage credit continues to be available in times of market stress for creditworthy borrowers.”
95/If anyone can make this proposed transition from the #FannieMae / #FreddieMac duopoly in mortgage lending into a more transparent market (but still w/fedl guarantees), it’s real estate mogul @POTUS @realDonaldTrump .
96/The R&R Plan also addresses privatizing #GinnieMae , a fedl entity operated by HUD, which guarantees FHA, Va, & USDA (rural) mortgage insurance programs. Fedl regulatory oversight would cont along w/capitalization requirements & other protections insuring the funds. (Pg. 76).
97/This next proposal establishes a Bureau/Economic Growth in DOC, consolidating existing econ dev programs to provide a central place for grants & technical assistance to communities and entrepreneurs focused on job creation, business growth, & strengthening local economies.
98/The proposed new Bureau/Econ Growth (w/the unfortunate acronym BEG!) would consolidate programs in the Dept/Commerce such as HUD’s Comm Dev Block Grant program, the Econ Dev Admin’s Econ Dev Assistance Programs, & rural business & community facility grants from the Depart/Ag.
99/Where have I been? I didn’t even know the US govt had a Public Health uniformed service (PHS) that responds to pub health emergencies, & that it is 1/the 7 uniformed services/the US.… Well, the Plan makes recommendations to transform it.
100/We have reached the end/Reform & Reorg Plan’s “devolution” proposals, which I admit is a relief. I have also reached the 100th tweet in this thread! Going 2 take a break & return tomorrow w/a look at the next section, covering proposals for NASA, real estate sell off, & more.
101/And now, for the next installment/ @POTUS ‘s Reform & Reorg Plan, as we dig in2 the next section, which has the < thrilling title “Management Improvement & Efficiency Opportunities.” Fortunately, it’s far more interesting (@ least 2 me!)than it sounds.…
102/“The new Natl Space Strategy & Natl Space Policy Directive 1 require the full agility/NASA, in concert w/its commercial & international partners, in order to realize the Pres’s goals to return American astronauts to the moon & follow with human missions to Mars. “
103/Conversion/another/NASA’s 10 main centers in2 a Federally Funded Research & Dev Center (FFRDC), like the 1 @ CalTech, wld reduce costs being run by contractors, & create opportunities 2 attract & gain expertise from those who wouldn’t necessarily go to work for the fedl govt.
104/This consolidation of smaller graduate research fellowships under the large and well-managed @NSAGov umbrella seems like an obvious opportunity to reduce costs & simplify the application process for potential grantees—the customer-citizens at the heart of the Plan.
105/This shouldn’t surprise any1, but the US fedl govt is the largest single employer & real estate owner in the country. At a time when we have more jobs than eligible people, it no longer makes sense to hold onto unused & under-utilized properties just 2 make work.
106/“The US govt owns more real estate...more land than anybody else...,”Trump campaign adviser Barry Bennett said on MSNBC. “We can get rid/govt buildings we’re not using...we can lease govt lands, we can do all kinds of things 2 extract value from the assets that we hold.”
107/If anyone knows real estate & how to manage a portfolio/properties, it’s our @POTUS , & he has a spectacular track record so far/meeting his campaign promises.…
108/“In a wide-ranging interview w/The Washington Post, Trump said he would get rid of the $19 trillion national debt ‘over a period of eight years.’” At the time, many derided this campaign promise, but perhaps it’s not so crazy—if given congress’l votes.…
109/“Fedl govt’s assets totaled $3.2 trillion as/Sept 2015, according to the U.S. Government Accountability Office,” not even include including stewardship assets or natural resources. While we want natl parks & need military installations, there are also empty office buildings.
110/As early as April 2016, @realDonaldTrump was saying in campaign interviews that he could “eliminate US debt by the end/his 2nd term,” w/renegotiated trade deals as well as the leasing or sell off/unused & under used govt assets. If any1 can do it...…
111/On a far more modest scale, @POTUS ‘s R&R Plan states:”>20 Fedl agencies have some form/financial ed or literacy program. To ensure effective allocation/Fedl financial literacy resources & avoid unneeded overlap & duplication, this proposal consolidates...these programs.”
112/“This proposal would require the Department of the Treasury to develop recommendations for Federal financial literacy and education activities that will be shared with the Office of Management & Budget before October 1, 2018.” More consolidation.✔️
113/You guessed it, more consolidation—this time, of a variety of small business programs. The goal is to have a central fedl govt program that can help its customer-citizens start & fund small businesses.
114/Yet more consolidation proposed in @POTUS ‘s Reform & Reorg Plan, this time of various protective details under the US Marshalls, w/ assistance as needed by the Secret Service.
115/More consolidation, this time incorporating USAID grants (see further up the thread for much more on the USAID proposed changes), among others.
116/Here are the proposed foreign aid grants to be consolidated under the R&R Plan. It’s sad that the $55M total proposed for FY 2019 seems so small compared to the size/other proposals in the Plan, but that’s just evidence of how crazy big the federal govt has become.
117/We have finished 25/ @POTUS ‘s Reform &Reorg Plan’s 32 proposals so far, including the “devolutions” (sell offs) &the bulk/the consolidations. Tomorrow I am hoping to finish the remaining 7 which span new programs, mostly/concerning new tech, research, & cyber security.
118/We’re in the home stretch, gang. Tonight I plan to cover the remaining 7 proposals of @POTUS ‘s Reform & Reorganization Plan. The remaining recommendations are primarily new efforts at modernization, to meet the Plan’s goal of “Delivering Govt Solutions in the 21st Century.”
119/The upside of being able to apply for all manner of govt services, benefits, & jobs entirely online are obvious.2 areas that are already making progress in this area are immigration (cutting certain phases/processing from up to months to only days), and Social Security.
120/The Reform & Reorg Plan also explicitly promises that fedl govt responses to FOIA requests will be greatly sped up & improved when everything is paperless.
121/While I believe there are legitimate concerns regarding securing a paperless govt, those would presumably be covered in one of the subsequent proposals, such as cyber security. But first, on to customer experience.
122/Customer Experience (CX) is an important concept in the nongovernmental business world, & this proposal would bring it into the govt realm—at last. Imagine, no more complaining about govt bureaucracy’s often frustrating customer service!
123/Continuing the theme of improved CX in the enormous Fedl Student Aid Processing system, this Plan proposal also introduces the IT concept Agile.
124/In the next Reform & Reorg Plan recommendation, DHS & OMB are tasked w/making more consistent & centralizing the Fedl Exec Branch recruitment, training (& retraining), & assignment of IT professionals specializing in cybersecurity, in response to the existing shortage.
125/“In the past, each Fedl dept & agency was responsible 4...its own cybersec workforce gaps...[leading] 2...redundant Fedl programs. As a result, the Govt lacks a comprehensive...understanding/which cybersec skills the Fed... needs...& which positions are most critical.”
126/“Moreover, variance between agencies to recruit, hire, train, retain, & compensate cybersec personnel...has created internal competition 4 talent, which...creates disparities & discontinuities that degrade agencies’ ability 2 defend networks...& respond 2 cyber incidents.”
127/Note the above Reform & Reorg Plan paraphrased quote implicitly admits inter-agency competition for cybersec staff that must be counter-productive to meeting the @POTUS ‘s goals of improved efficiency & CX.
128/”Finally, there have not been continuous, strategic investments made in U.S. ed programs 2 strengthen a pipeline 4 future cybersec talent.” The Plan recommends consolidating & improving these efforts, along w/retraining existing govt employees to fill this hiring gap.
129/The proposed GEAR Center would attempt to leverage a public-private partnership to get cutting edge tech & business processes into the Fedl govt early, rather than having it lag behind the private sector.
130/With the pending transfer of all/the DOD’s background checks to the DOD anyway, the Plan suggests just moving all such checks to keep them consolidated and secure.
131/Last but not least, we have come 2 the final catch-all recommendation/ @POTUS ‘s Reform & Reorg Plan, which calls 4 a systemic improvement in fedl govt self-evaluation. Given the rampant breaches/duty exposed seemingly daily, this proposal is clearly essential & overdue.
132/Let us end as @POTUS ‘s Reform & Reorg Plan ends, w/a quote from a citizen who was part of the public response to the Plan: “Let President Trump reorganize the government like a business.”—Michelle from DE.
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