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Trump rally. Several live stream links here👇👇👇. Not sure how much live tweeting I'll be doing tonight after live tweeting the stupid Dem stalkers at the hearing today. Anyhow, this will be the thread for whatever tweets I do tonight. Enjoy. MAGA on.

Trump should be on stage soon. Big crowd. Have no idea how many but it's a sea of people
Okay, Trump taking the stage now. Perfect timing he looks good, fit. No worries on that face.
He is shaking hands with the crowd. SS probably going crazy right now. He hugged a guy.
He thanks the crowd. Chants of USA break out.

Runway is slippery probably put in by Democrats....lol
Says if he fell the press would have a field day.......

Chants of 4 more years.
Talks about the hurricane and past election and rallies.

Pumping up the crowd, reminds the crowd of his hurricane support. $10 billion to FL.
Announces $448 million in HUD funds dor FL.
Reviewed air Force Base. Lost no aircraft from hurricane. 7 badly damaged. He made calls to keep air Base open instead of building a new one. F-35 fighter jets to be based there.
Tyndall air Force will have MORE people than before now.
Community showed their unbreakable spirit afrer the storm.
Panama City Beach is open for business again after cat 5 storm. Federal gov will pay for 90% of costs due to strengrg of storm.
Dems are holding it up like the wall.

Build that Wall chants break out.. .
PR got $91 billion (yet Dems say it's not enough)

Oh charts. Little 8x10 paper...lol can everyone see that.
FL is getting their money.

Thanks FEMA for all the hard work over the last couple hurricane season. Dems are trying to stop aid to those states but wants more for PR.
No collusion no obstruction, no anything.

2 years ,20 trump haters, $40 million. They found nothing.

Now they are going after AG Barr.
No more he says. We need to focus on American needs.
Time to stop this nonsense. Quotes Al green....delusion is the only way they think they can beat him...but his poll nimbers tell a different story. He is just the messenger but he's a good one...lol
Says they call themselves the elite. They aren't the elite we are the elite.
Fine let them be the elite. We are the super elite. Introduces FL politicians. Gov and FloFL. Sen Rubio,

Talks about Venezuela. Was wealthy now living badly.
Venezuela people great people.

Introduces Sen. Scott

Members of congress. Lt. Gov. AG.of FL. Thanks us attorney.

FL CFO. FL GOP chair. RNC chairwoman...
Talking about MI in 2016. He goes off on tangents......

Let's get back to business he says.

America is working and respected again.

Talks about Biden.
Says leaders want Biden so they can rip off the USA again. Of course they do.....then crazy Bernie.

Bittigeig. ...edge...edge....

Talks about china....they broke the deal....they can't do that...

Nothing wrong with taking $100 billion a year in tariffs.

Worst deal NAFTA
Says if they want to hold up USMCA. he has alternatives. Lol he doesn't give AF.
Policies can be summed up in three simple words...

Jobs, jobs, jobs.

263,000 jobs, 3.2% crushing expectations. He wasn't surprised. Almost 6million new job since election.
Says fake media is going to be out of business.

If he wants to drive them crazy he will say he is staying for 10 years....no 14...lol
He does great with women.....blows a woman a kiss. Lol
Talking about unemployment of minorities...lowest rate in history....more people working today than ever before. .more than 1 million African Americans working now than before election. Wages raisig fastest for blue collar workers. Driving whole afenda is a jobs boom.
Jobs gains has a lot to do with cutting regulations.

Chants of trump trump trump break out.....

Tax cuts and reforms largest in history. ... individual mandate....one more away.....doesn't name McCain but we all know.
Sometimes when you don't get the deal you try harder and get a better one...healthcare.

Death tax gone.

If you love your kids good if not don't leave the farm to your family but now you have the choice.
Hire American workers

Chants of USA USA break out....stage is like ice....worse damn stage he has ever seen. Stupid people build this stage......lol....
Everyone is doing well. Main Street and wall Street.

Tells about avg guy getting 40% returns.... He says he tells it it a lot but what the hell.

Talks about getting foreign leaders to pay.kore for protection. They got to pay.
No one ever ask them to pay more...he says that's because we had stupid people running the country. ..
Previous admin allowed china to rob us blind. Trump for the USA. Whatever happens tomorrow happens don't worry about china.
Calls for camera to spin and show crowd. Rsbn does....massive crowd.

Texas rally el paso 9,000 +30,000 outside.......Beto had 502 people. Fake media says crowds where equal. Idiots.
He doesn't get the media. What's wrong with high wages, good education, good economy. Why do they hate.
Mentions Hillary. Says she is still going on about stolen election .

Lock her up chants....Trump's says no, no....crowd keeps chanting it..... LOL

Mentions pence says Hillary should have listened to her husband on WI ...lol.
It's incredible how time flies. Can't believe the election is only 1.5 years.

Not backing down from China until tjey stop stealing our jobs.

Era of economic surrender is over.

Obama and hikkary gave South Korea gave 250,000 jobs not the us.

Redid sourh Korea deal
Pulled out of TPP

Talks about Lordstown in OH. GM is selling plant to workhouse who makes electric trucks.

With all the jobs the Dems was using Lordstown against him not mentioning any of the other jobs...well can't do that now.
Scrapped nafta. Have USMCA now. Dems trying to return us to failure of yesterday.

Dems are only hurting themselves. Their investigations are helping him they are stupid people those Dems.
Their immigration policies of open borders are crazy.
Build that Wall chants.

Despite the fact of the crap he has to put up with will have 400 miles of wall by end of next year.

Laws need changed. Catch and release, chain migration, visa lottery. They aren't giving us their best people.
Dems say they care about the poor but open borders drive down wages and sucks up social services. Adds crime. Laws abd borders will be enforced by the GOP.

He is going with the we believe...detailing what the GOP believes in.
Merit immigration
Won great court case last night. Thet go back to Mexico until hearing.

Will close border if Mexico doesn't keep sending people back.

Need loopholes closed.

Asylum is a joke. Dems need to change or we have to vote them out of office.
Shouldn't be allowed to run for office if you don't pledge to defend and see our borders.

It's an invasion of people and drugs.

Dems better be careful. People are wise to this crap now. Our eyes are open.
Mexico made $100 billion took 30% od our auto industry.

USMCA will handle that.

Dems like sanctuary cities for illegals. Gop believe the country should be one for it's citizens. Congress must act.
Spending a lot of time on immigration. Good.

On issie after issue the Dems are oitside the mainstream. He can't wait for the race to start. Green new deal, socialism.

Gop believes in freedom. We need the votes.

Dems pushing late term abortion.
Dems party of open borders sanctuary cities, socialism witch hunts and delusions

Gop is the party that wants to make America great .
Gop party of American worker, family and dream.

Promises made.promises kept.
EO for free speech on college campus. Monitoring social media...taking steps to addeess judical overreach. Activitist judges undermine democracy.

Appointing orginalist judges. 100th judge confirmed.
Last year prescription drugs went down first time in 50 years. Now they have to list prices. Alternatives to Obamacare. Protecr patients/people with pre existing conditions.

Veterans Trump passed VA choice.
VA accountability. We cane fire the VA people.nkw if need too.
Number one producing oil and gas in the world.

Highways can now be built in a couple years instead of 20 years.

Permitting process shortened.

$500 million to fix FL lake.
Rally past an hour now.

$$ for red ride

Rebuilding military.

Changed foreign policy.

Defeated ISIS. Doesn't mean they won't have some attack somewhere but they have no land anymore.

Isis are crazy sick mental condition. Keep your eyes open.

Putting America 1st.
$100 billion extra for NATO

EU trade beig worked on.

Unsigning UN arms treaty. Never allow foreign leaders ton trample the Constitution.

Pulled out of Iran deal

Slapped more sanction on Iran

Moved embassy in Israel
And reconized Golan heights.
Damn lots of accomplishments.
United my common values.

We believe in...he listed several common beliefs the GOP/avg Americans believe in including 2nd amendment.

Getting rid of a lot of the rigging rapidly.

We finally have a POTUS who is loyal to us.

Chants of Trump Trump Trump
Not going to get tired of winning.....

Does his please we are winning too much please we.cant stand it....😂😂😂😂
Speech is wrapping up I think. We are foing to make our stand. For justice for faith family and freedom and rights given by God.
We will make wealthy again........we will make American great again.....

That's all folks.

Speech about 1 hour and 30 minutes.
Thanks to all for following along. Appreciate your time. And don't forget the Obama administration SPIED on Trump's campaign, family, and transition team

Those bastards.
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